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mayo up next

Posted by Bobby Bass on July 23, 2016 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Two bad storms the past two weeks here at Lake Iwanttobethere. No sooner do we get one clean up then we get hit with an even bigger one with 70 mph winds that took out trees and power. RESORT is in bad shape as road is blocked and I just got out in time to make it home. Sunday night I head down to the Mayo Clinic for my appointment, I have no idea how long I will be down there. I will post when I get back and hopefully the RESORT will be back open and the forecasted storm of tonight will not be bad. Health wise for me nothing has changed, still have clot in my leg which limits my movement and numbness in my hands which makes these posts shorter and shorter. Still hoping to get some fishing in this fall, throwing a sucker off the dock does not count here at Lake Iwanttobethere..

Day after the 4th

Posted by Bobby Bass on July 5, 2016 at 7:45 PM Comments comments (0)

MOST OF THE time I have a hard time starting an opening paragraph for a update here at Lake Iwanttobethere, that is not the case here this past 4th of July as I have many. So I am just going to throw some out there in random order.


4th of July is of course is a time for celebration but it is also a time for bright lights and fireworks and also the time for blowing things up under the cover of fireworks. I received a call from the wife there is one less woodchuck in the garden at the cabin as it was shot by her using my twenty gage. I will need to clean the shotgun when I get home and she told me the body was tossed off the dock into the waters of Lake Iwanttobethere. I started to complain about that asking why she did not just bury it till she told me a big northern scooped up the wood chuck almost as soon as it hit the water. I guess I need to start fishing off the dock with a bigger sucker minnow.


At the RESORT there is no longer a curve in the driveway as Hammering Hank and Skinny blew out the big maple stump that was in the way.


A few beaver dams have been removed from the trout stream (Arlo) and there is a pool that has been deepen (Arlo)


Remember when you were young like twelve or thirteen and you had these great ideas but you lacked finical backing? Well when you get to be fifty or sixty that is no longer a problem. You can use cash, savings, borrow or barter, wheel and deal or share your ideas with others. On the fourth of July this year a number of things were tried that were first thought of in our youth. First off I do want to say that a gathering of men without kids or wife's are usually done at deer camp and now we have the RESORT where kids and wife's don't belong on the 4th. Early in the day the FELLOWS tied several of their kid's GI Joe miniature solders to bottle rockets duck taped together and then shot them skyward to watch them float back to the ground using their parachutes


Next estes rocket engines were placed inside their shipping tubes with a cherry bomb as a nose cone and launched off into the sky. They gave a satisfying explosion about five hundred feet into the sky. We had to stop that when somehow we shot out a passing drone. The drone sank in the waters of the bay before we could get to it. Funny because Vic had gone out to the mailbox that morning and put up the big sign that said explosives were going to be used that day and it had the skull and bones painted on it. We had borrowed the sign from the mine and will return it tomorrow, funny how people just can't read warning signs.


The night before we had taken the outboards off the wood rowboats and had a bottle rocket and Roman candle war was held on the bay. I will add at this time the disclaimer that there was no drinking involved by any of the participants, just like it would have been if we were twelve.


4th of July night was a lot of fun as we did something we had been planning for months. We were going to try and out do Nytelyters Fireworks display down on Root Beer Island. I heard on KCUM radio that 43 % of al Americans go to a public fireworks display, the rest stay at home and shoot off their own or do nothing, we had a plan. Some where somehow the FELLOWS picked up what is suppose to be a civil war motar. It is big enough to shoot a bowling ball and of course that is what we started off with at dusk. So does a bowling ball make noise when it lands in the woods on the other side of the bay if we hope no one is there? Does a bowling ball make noise when ten bowling pins are in front of it when they all land on the other side of the bay?" I might add it was a perfect strike about halfway across.


Awhile back I wrote about how the FELLOW had brought back a crane to the RESORT. Well we have found many uses for the crane all the way from a very very high deer stand to moving picnic tables and outhouses around the RESORT. Well it also works very well in moving a civil war mortar to the edge of the bog where the FELLOWS dug it in and used the bog as a cushion. We also moved all of our fire extinguishers to that location and the old boat was filled with water and suspended over the motar just in case it was needed. Now I hear the first shot that was fired was perfectly timed between some shots Nytelyter and fired off and a few people down at the boat landing took notice of the cloud in the sky. Second shot was noticed a little more but our third shot was kind of special. I will take credit as it was something from my youth that I wanted to recreated


When I was maybe twelve or so A couple of my buddies saved our money and we bought about ten boxes of paper book matches from a very young Ma and Ma grocery store and we clipped off all the match heads and put them into a glass freeze dried coffee container that was shaped like a motar..We than ran a cord or something I don't remember and lit off about 10,000 match heads at the same time. A roar of flame maybe ten feet high went skyward and it was the hottest est coolest thing we had ever done up to that point. Now being 756 months old I wanted to recreate that using the civil war motar. The last several months we have been secretly buying up paper book matches we cut off the heads, and now we put in a bowling ball and filled the motar with thousands of match heads, well maybe tens of thousands of match heads, actually I don't really know, it filled the area in front of the bowling ball and I guess we forgot about the charge we had placed in behind the bowling ball.


Now all of us being hopefully a little older and smarter we also had brought up the back hoe to hide behind and with Nytelyters fireworks display coming to an end we had Elmer on his cell phone giving us the thumbs up to fire our motar off. It was not what we expected. It was way more!!! I only got to see a brief moment as the flame shot out of the motor and I was blinded by the light. It shot out in an arc across the bay and Elmer said from his vantage point it looked like a second sunset had appeared in the sky. The boom echoed through the bay and seemed to get louder each time. The crowd at the boat landed gave out a collective awe. And when it was done and we could see again we gagged at the sulfur cloud in the air. We all looked at each other with twelve year old grins and as we shook our heads back and forth saying no we said out loud we have to do this again ! Not this year though as the motor was gone. The explosion had driven it into the bog and steam was rising were it had been a moment before. Tiny tripped the release and the boat hanging from the crane dumped its load of water into the hole and the bog closed up around the mortar. We all agreed that later in the summer we would dig it back up, it would be safer that way here at Lake Iwanttobethere


Posted by Bobby Bass on July 1, 2016 at 9:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Have a good 4th I am off to the RESORT for a loong weekend, looks to be a great weekend weatherwise and I plan on kicking back some and just do nothing.. Here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Good n bad

Posted by Bobby Bass on June 28, 2016 at 9:30 PM Comments comments (0)

COOL, CLOUDY BUT not raining out this morning. The forecasted storm pretty much missed us here at Hidden Bay but we did get enough rain that the gardens did not need to get watered. Last night a light rain fell that was not forecasted but was welcomed. Most of the garden has been planted with seed so watering is important till things pop up. Early strawberries are appearing but we have a problem there as the last few days when the wife has gone out to pick them she has found a woodchuck already picking the best ones ahead of her. She told me this and I now have the .22 by the deck door and a shell in my pocket. She made the comment that the woodchuck is so cute then I reminder her of the chuck that ate all her cauliflower one night. She then asked if one shell was going to be enough.


The chuck has been showing up in the middle of the afternoon so I have plenty of time to set up on the deck, of course my luck today will be the day he changes up his routine. I did put call to Elmer who hates woodchucks and told him about the berries. He said he will come down from the RESORT and check his garden, The wood chuck must be having breakfast somewhere close. Some good news though, we did get the attic fan back working, was as simple as blowing it off with air and a good shot of WD-40, we let it sit and soak for a few days and last night we hit the switch and she purred right up. Was not looking forward to replacing it.


Skip ahead a day here as yesterday afternoon my best bud and neighbor Chuck came over in the afternoon to bring me a jug of Maple Syrup and we sat for a spell in the torn up kitchen. Talk came around to the new dishwasher sitting in its box in the corner and when I was going to get around installing it. Well Chuck said it was a little warm for working outside but not to warm to work inside and well he went ahead and installed the dishwasher for me and the new kitchen facet. I didn't know when I was going to get around to it with my bad leg so I can't tell you how happy I was to get it done. We ended up doing some bartering as I had my old trolling motor in the basement that I did not toss when I upgraded a few years back and it ended up being a good trade for both of us.


Had some Drs. visits to go to today but when I got back to the cabin the water of Hidden Bay was like glass and the leaves on the trees were still. I made it down to the dock and tossed a sucker out on to the water and sat on the dock and caught some sunshine. Duncan was making the rounds and did find some chipmunks to chase. Duncan knowing there is a woodchuck working the garden was always making a passing round by the strawberries to see if he could hook up with the Woodchuck. Would have been a nice night to be out in the Puddle Humper cruising the shoreline in search of some bass but the Puddle Humper remands under her tarp and it is looking more and more I will not be uncovering her to go fishing this season. It sounds like the blood clot I am carrying in my leg is not going to be going away and it is something I am going to be living with. I am not real happy about this as it looks like the quality of my life is going to be what it is right now. This would explain when I ask my doctors when I am going to get better and none of them have an answer. To say I am a little depressed right now is an understatement. But this is Lake Iwanttobethere so there is always some kind of hope for a change. Maybe this will be a case where me being "That Guy" means I will break the rule and pass the clot safely here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Change of plans

Posted by Bobby Bass on June 24, 2016 at 5:00 PM Comments comments (0)

CHANGE OF PLANS Sunshine Ray is forecasting heavy rains and thunder a lot like what we had last Sunday to start again tonight. He has been right two times in a row so maybe he is on a roll! That and Stormy Clearweather is forecasting the same thing. So I think I am going to wait till Saturday to head on up to the RESORT. Grandson number two is here for the day and I have been working on keeping him busy. So far he has been in the garden picking strawberries which I of course helped him eat. Weed whacked the yard and even got the leaf blower started and cleared the sidewalks. The wife wanted to steal him but before she could number two son got him to help fix the broken brake line on the Dodge. The excuse to crawl under the truck and get dirty is much more appealing then baking cookies to a eleven old boy.


I was going to have him start mixing potting soil up for the five gallon buckets but with rain on the way I think we will wait for the weekend and the forecasted nice week a head. Now here is where I think Sunshine Rays streak of forecasting will run out. Son is fixing the brakes because he needs the truck to haul some scrap to Mike's salvage yard. Sounds like a fair trade to me and I have a few things that can go go bye bye here to. Nice day here right now, upper seventies a little breeze and I have a bobber floating off the dock. The wind is pulling the bobber out so I don't have to go down and toss it out. The one shot was good enough and guess what it has a sucker that I just happen to fine in Elmers minnow bucket.


Speaking of Elmer he was over talking to the boys under the Dodge. I asked what he was up to and he said he was looking for someone to do some mowing, the grandsons services are in demand. Over at Chucks place he is working on getting his rubber roof secured before the forecasted storm arrives. I did hear from one of the Lodge members Dew that he may have a foot pedal for Chucks trolling motor but I forgot to tell him. I will get back over there later today and see what he is going to do. He was talking to the wife about making a purchase so he just might go ahead and make an upgrade. So I might go out shopping and do my favorite thing, help spend someone else's money.


Took a break just now, the bobber was bouncing some. Called the grandson to check it out, minnow is OK must have gotten spooked by something. I sat on the deck and kept an eye on the bobber for awhile but it settle down so I just came back in the cabin now to finish this up. Duncan brought me the mail and the wife headed into town to Ma and Pa's Grocery. Going to pick up some cold cuts and fixings just in case the storm comes and we lose power. Have to think ahead of these storms out here. I of course had a few cravings and added them to the list. Kit Kats and a six pack of Hamms were added to the bottom of the list and a bag of apples. Maybe she will bake some pie tonight. A couple of days into summer and we are almost where we should be as far as having some time to relax and enjoy time on the deck here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Just a nice day

Posted by Bobby Bass on June 23, 2016 at 6:55 PM Comments comments (0)

A NICE GARDEN rain fell after dark last night so for once Sunshine Ray hit a forecast. This morning my sister who was in town from California came to visit and we caught up. My older sister shares the same date for her birthday as I do and my younger sister was born one day earlier. With a title better timing my mother would have had three kids born on the same date. Two days I is not too uncommon but three I wood say is unusual. After she left I took a nap on the couch because I can, having the garden in does leave me with some free time now.


I am hoping for the number two grandson to come over tomorrow, the grass needs mowing and we will work on the gutter garden as he knows the super secret recipe for the potting mix we use. Hollering Days going on in town and if the wind is blowing just right I can hear it here at the cabin. Chuck did not go into town as I can hear him working on the roof next door. He was over here a little while ago as he was working on his trolling motor that is giving him some problems. I up graded my motor and few years ago and told him he is welcomed to the old one that I did not toss but put in storage. I think it just needs a new foot pedal so we shall see if he can get it going. Worst thing that can happen is I get rid of the old motor for free and he gets a working one for far cheaper then buying a replacement. Then again the FELLOWS will take anything so that might be another option.


Cleaning off my desk of a lot of stuff that just does not to be on here. Was getting kind of deep here with mail and stuff that should be put a way in folders. Good thing it is a big desk top. That and I need the room if I am going to roll some cigars. I thought about doing that yesterday but ran out of time as the young grand kids were here and I got busy with them. Hardly any wind blowing right now and I am thinking maybe I should try and get down to the dock and maybe pitch a minnow off the dock under a float and see if I can get something to hit. Not really fishing but still is better then trying to catch something from the deck as that would be one long cast.


With my birthday out of the way I am thinking I might go spend some time at the RESORT. Vic said it would be no problem keeping an eye on me and it would give the wife some time away from me. She has been watching me for the past five months and I am sure she would like a spell away from me. Might be able to get some fishing time out on the pontoon boat and maybe even a few trolling trips on the mail boat. FELLOWS have been working on a way to get me in the boat I have heard.


No doctor appointments for a week or so and I would like a change of view to. Week with the boys might be just the thing the doctors have not ordered but would make me feel a little better. Of course a few cigars and an occasional beer and bacon sandwich might go well to help speed my recoverer or at the very least make me feel that I am getting better. Who know maybe I could get in dip in the healing waters of Lake Iwanttobethere


Posted by Bobby Bass on June 22, 2016 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)

SLEPT IN LATE but it is after all my 756th birthday today. I was still in bed at noon just getting ready to roll over and start an afternoon nap when the kitchen door open and Duncan who was already comfortable in my bed jumped up and left to check out the visitor. The mother in law was soon standing in my doorway cake and card in hand. I open one eye and just said "You are a tad early.put the card on the night stand and give me a fork for the cake" She laughed at me and told me if I wanted either I needed to get out of bed and come to the kitchen, and so that is how my day started.


In my defense I was up past my bedtime last night. At bedtime we usual turn on the whole house fan for awhile and cool things off. Last night it would not turn on and I have a feeling that it has seized up, you would think something would last longer then thirty years. Plan this morning was to get the compressor out and blow it off and see if it is just dirty, maybe see if there are some oil points but I don't remember any. Middle of the night I woke up in search of a quilt as it was cold in the cabin. The predicted lows in the fifties and wind had done its job cooling the place down. So I figured I would sleep in and look at the fan later.


I did hear some Hollering coming from my neighbor's Chuck place which reminded me that today is the beginning of Hollering Days here at Lake Iwanttobethere. There was also a few curse words in there so that made me think twice. I was just about out of bed when the wife followed by Duncan came in with scramble eggs and toast, almost breakfast in bed. I ate half and let Duncan clean the plate, a little secret we keep between us. Went to the kitchen thanked the mother in law and went over to Chuck's riding the garden tractor. Chuck was putting a rolled rubber roof up on a damaged section of steel roof and after getting it up there and spreading it out he discover he had it upside down, The Howling was for the work it was going to take to start back over. Back in town Howling Days will go on for the next few days then we will have a week of Hush as town folks try and get their voices back.


Wife out did herself yesterday as the big garden is finally planted and now we can just water and watch. Of course I read stories of people being south of us with three foot corn and flowering soybeans and we are just happy that we have our garden all in my mid June. This of course means I have some time on my hands to work on other projects and I can take my time. Normally I would start fishing now but the Puddle Humper is still under her tarp and it will be while before I get her out this season if I do at all. Some fishing will be done off the dock and since I caught a walleye off the dock who knows what I just might catch off there this season. I do see some home grown cigars in my future to be rolled and smoked. Kids will be over later tonight to eat the Mother in laws cake and the fire pit will be lit as long as the wind stays down. It is forecasted by Sunshine Ray to rain this evening so I will not have to water the garden, my only chore for the day on the calendar. Of course this also means I will get back to writing and bring you the news of what is happening here at Lake Iwanttobethere


Posted by Bobby Bass on June 21, 2016 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (0)

I JUST HAD a box of Cracker Jack’s without a single peanut in it ! What is this world coming to? I know this is a fact because I bought the box just for the peanuts. Cracker Jacks has always brought back fond memories of when I was a kid and would go to the minor league baseball games, that and nickel hot dogs and dime cokes ice cold pulled out from a cooler filled with ice water that a guy would carry right up to your seat and pop the top off with a flourish and hand to you in exchange for your quarter. Young kids just don’t know what they are missing these days. Popcorn was a nickel and a sack of peanuts in the shell were a dime. You could go on a date for a dollar, try and do that today. Guess I am thinking about the old days since tomorrow is my birthday. The girlfriend I had back in the days is nothing but a memory and if I remember she ate most of the peanuts and usually my hot dog to!





The oldest daughter will be bring over pizza tomorrow for my birthday dinner. It will cost her twenty-five bucks for it, Times and prices sure have changed. Nice day today and it would be a good day to go fishing except for the wind that is strong and coming out of the East. Trees are swaging and the swing is moving on its own on the deck. Wife is out planting and the big garden except for being late will finally be all planted. Of course the stuff that I like is in the ground already so I don’t care about what she is finally getting in the ground. On Friday the number two grandson will be here and we will plant the thirty some five gallon buckets that will rest in the gutter gardens. They will quickly catch up to the plants in the garden and we will harvest from them long before the bed gardens produce.




What I am looking forward to is the container sweet corn that I bought and will plant in bags and then keep in a small swimming pool. I tried this with sweet corn last season and they grew small ears but were very tasty. The container corn is supposed to produce regular size ears on small stalks so we shall see. Sweet corn might just be my favorite thing that comes out of the garden, can’t beat it along side a nice grilled steak and a beer or some crispy fish and tatters. I better change the topic here I am getting hungry.




I was actually doing some work this morning, had the electric chain saw out and I was cutting off small limbs from the loads of tree branches that Hammering Hank dropped off yesterday. I can do the cutting but I will have the grand kids do the picking up and stacking next time they come over. There were some dead branches in the pile so they will get burned up in the fire pit tomorrow night as I am sure I will have a fire going for my birthday. My neighbor Chuck was over and he offered to cut up the bigger wood for me and I of course accepted his offer. Just something I can’t do as I have to lean up against something to stay up right.






I did try and hit a couple of golf balls yesterday over at his golf course, I can forget driving that is not going to happen. The best thing I was at was chipping only because I can lean against the mower so I have some kind of balance. The best way for me to get the ball down the fairway was to ride in the mower and hit the ball like I was playing polo. The game of golf between the two of us quickly became a game of trying to hit the other one’s mowers with golf balls with a lot of shouting, laughing and close calls, but that is pretty much the way everything ends here at Lake Iwanttobethere.



Posted by Bobby Bass on June 21, 2016 at 1:45 AM Comments comments (0)

TWELVE HOURS LATER and the lake is almost calm again. Last night I did make it up to the RESORT where I pulled up an easy chair and tried to watch the game seven NBA final game. Of course about every minute or so a weather warning scrolled across the top of the screen and a weather box open up showing us the advancing weather system. We did not really need it as all we had to do was look out at the waters of Lake Iwanttobethere and the trees bending downward under the force of the gusts of wind. Like most of the guys I enjoy a good storm just as long as it does no damage that we have to fix. A call to the wife back at the cabin was made and she was getting some wind and light rain but it looks like the storm was going to split and go right around Hidden Bay.


I decided to stay at the RESORT for the night and was treated to a pretty good light show and a few gusts of wind that had to be well into the sixties. The old guys Elmer and Vic agreed that we were getting some serious wind. Sunshine Ray was on TV talking of tornadoes and straight line winds. Hail was from ping pong size to grapefruit size. Grapefruit size, insurance guys are going to be busy today, don't know how a car windshield is going to stop a chunk of ice that big. One gust of wind made all of us look at each other as it shook the Clubhouse. I happen to be looking out the window at the time and it was like scene from the Wizard of Oz as I watched the umbrella that was in the glass deck table get lifted right out of the table and go airborne. Elmer made mention at that time that someone should go check on the umbrella and I just took a sip from my Hamms and said "We will find it tomorrow"


Most of the storm had past us by eleven so we moved outside to enjoy the light show as it moved out over the lake. Still some wind and by midnight I was in bed with the window cracked open. It was good sleeping weather and I slept until seven. Vic made pancakes for breakfast between answering the phone and relaying messages to Hammering Hank who was already gone. Lot of broken tree limbs down and a few trees to had toppled from the storm. I was asked if I wanted wood and I of course said I would take any hardwood. Wife came up and brought me back to the cabin and Hammering Hank had already dropped a few loads off by the wood pile. Nothing like free firewood I always say.


A slow walk around the yard produced just a few branches but no missing shingles on any of the out buildings so I was happy. I took a seat on the deck and listen to the echo of chain saws working across the lake. Duncan who had been following me jumped up on the swing and was soon fast asleep. Wife told me he was up most of the night keeping track of the storm. Jumping bass thermometer hanging on the cabin wall said it was seventy in the shade which is better then the ninety it was yesterday. I think I am going to just sit back and enjoy the weather and watch Hammering Hank bring me wood. Wife is making lunch and we will feed him and send a big bag lunch back to Skinny who is doing the cutting while Hank is hauling the wood away. It is the least we an do for the free firewood here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Fathers Day

Posted by Bobby Bass on June 19, 2016 at 5:05 PM Comments comments (0)

BUSY, BUSY, BUSY normally this time of year is always busy but with my current health issues it seems that I need an extra six hours added to every day. It was pointed out to me that I have not written for over a week. I have been meaning to but something comes up and I never make it to the desk and put words down. Several storms have hit us here at Lake Iwanttobethere and just as many have missed us. Lawn has been mowed a few times and number two grandson has declared that it is his job, I bought him a small gas powered mower and he won't let anyone else touch it let alone use it.


Number two granddaughter is in Texas on a big family get together. Back in the day we might travel thirty miles for a get together now it is no big deal to fly across the country. She is ten and has seen both the East coast and the West coast and can now add the Gulf. Funny thing is she has yet to make it to Canada which is just a few hundred miles away. The wife celebrated her birthday on Friday. Her sisters came over and I just made an appearance to sample the goodies that were brought over. I am a couple of days away from my own birthday. I will be sixty-three and as you all know I will also be celebrating my monthly birthday which will be 756 and still counting.


Yesterday I got a huge present from my number one daughter who told me she is pregnant with what will be number four. She already has three girls and her and her husband want a boy, I don't care I will spoil a boy or a girl. This will make number eight and I made a point of pointing out to the wife that it was a good thing that I built that playhouse a few years ago, it looks like it is going to need an expansion here soon! Woke up this morning early with a smile on face, already had a dream about having eight grand kids running around the lake here.


In other news I did get the cement mixer put together and have put it to work mixing potting soil. I should have know there was going to be some problems when the lettering on the box said " Some assembly required "Then the directions consisted of nine small black and white photos of what it should look like but not on how you got it to look like the pictures. After putting it together four times we finale found the right combo. Today it is ninety in the shade and strong winds coming off the lake. The wife is outside thinking abut doing some work and I am hiding out in the den doing as little as I can. A couple of the grand kids are here and I got a quick hi and then a minute late could hear them screaming as they leaped from the dock to hit the water. As long as I don't move I am just fine where I am here at the desk. I am smoking some of my home grown tobacco in one of my pipes and now that it has aged for a year it is actually not bad at all.


Am going up to the RESORT later this evening, Have a beer or two and visit with the guys in the Bait Room. Might go out on the pontoon but might just enjoy the A/C and chill. Forecast is calling for rain but for some reason where ever I go the rain does not follow. Wish I could say that for the wind as that is always with me. Matter of fact last Sunday they had to call the church league softball game as it was so windy the pitcher was tossing the ball to home and the wind would take the slow high pitch and deposit the ball behind the pitcher. Hard to hit it if you can't even get it to home plate. Lot's projects getting somewhat done around here I hope to spend more time in town and also at the Lodge in the next few weeks so I can get ya all back up to speed here .Fishing has been kind of slow but the town has been busy with tourists. Hope you are all having a great Fathers Day I know I am here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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