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You Could Be Here

Posted by Bobby Bass on November 20, 2014 at 3:25 PM Comments comments (0)

NO DEER IF you are wondering have been harvested here at the HOTEL, we are now writing on the scoreboard blackboard when we see a deer. The board is supposed to be used to document when we take a deer. It could be worse, that might be hard to believe but this morning I was in town getting supplies for the upcoming and last weekend of hunting and I ran into a buddy of mine who lives on the other side of Lake Iwanttobethere. We got about eleven inches of snow this deer season out at the shack. He told me they got over sixty inches of snow for there short deer season in just a couple of days. Hunting was a couple of levels below bad because they could not even get to their stands let alone to their shacks.


He told me the snow was so deep that even if you got into the woods there was no tracks as the deer had already made tunnels and were walking under the snow out of sight and safe from hunters. He knows this because he fell through into a tunnel and starting walking around. Granted he is a short guy so he did not have to bend over much but he said it was like a super highway under there. I listen to him talk and nodded my head from time but I found it hard to believe his story. I mean really, if we can't get money for a highway here where did the deer get funding?


So anyway I was in town making the rounds and checking up on the guys. Being retired does have its advantages, one of which is not having to work or spend vacation time on deer season. First stop was down at the General Store and I was kind of surprised not to see Big Earl standing outside the front door welcoming customers. I went inside to ask Barb where he was at and she said he was back at the loading dock with Junior. I made my way past the Christmas displays and blinking lights to the Employee Only door and made my way through. Chilly back there as the big door was wide open and Hammering Hank's work truck was backed up to the dock with a load of Christmas trees. HIYA's were exchanged and I was told I was welcomed to help off load the trees but I mentioned my bad back and I had things to do and...


In one stop I had confirmed that Big Earl, Junior, Hammering Hank and Skinny would all be up for the last weekend of hunting. Smoke and Magazine Shop was the next stop and I walked into the aroma of tobacco and ink. Well maybe you can't really smell the ink but I always think I can. Elmer and Marv were standing or I should say leaning over the glass counter inspecting a shipment of cigars that had arrived. They turned when they saw me and two small clouds of smoke drifted upwards over their heads like them balloons in cartoons where the writer puts in their conversation.


HIYA's were exchanged and small talk was made over the upcoming weekend of deer hunting and how Sunshine Ray is calling for temperatures to rise into the thirties, like they should have been for opener. I left with a cigar burning between my lips and two more of the guys for sure will be up at the HOTEL. I walked over to Reed the Realtors Shop and had both my hands deep in my pockets. It may warm up this weekend but with the wind today it was cold and I should have grabbed my hat that I left on the front seat of the Tahoe.


I came up on the Shop which serves as a office for all of Reeds ventures which includes real estate, a travel agency, tax preparations and a used car business. I saw Reed sitting at his desk, feet up and hands together forming a church with a steeple. I walked in and we exchanged HIYA's then Reed told me you know you can't smoke in here, I pulled a cigar out of my pocket and said "Well I guess you don't want this then" Reed got up from behind the desk took the cigar from my hand and reaching around me he flipped the sign on the door to "At Lunch" We both sat back down and Reed lit up his cigar and we both leaned back and chit chatted some. The heat was on high and the ceiling fan was slowly ticking over. A gentle warm breeze washed over me and I was almost caught up in one of Reed's sales tricks as the green leaves of the potted palm plant seemed to dance under the breeze from the fan and right in front of me was a big poster of a white sand beach and deep blue water. A colorful umbrella and the tan legs of some young thing lounging with the rest of her just off the edge of the picture. Printed in bold letters across the top it said " You Could Be Here." Reed looking at me looking at the poster said "Nice Eh" I nodded and said "I wonder how the fishing is there" from Lake Iwanttobethere

Grand Ball Room

Posted by Bobby Bass on November 18, 2014 at 3:05 PM Comments comments (0)

I GET TO play the winner of the cribbage game going on here this afternoon. Dock Burriem and Vic are sitting at the round table here in the main room of the HOTEL, actually it is the only room here at the HOTEL. We sometimes refer to it as the "Grand Ball Room" I did go out and sit on the stand this morning, not the swamp stand but I took the trail and went up to the ridge to sit on that stand. As you might have guessed I was feeling pretty good this morning so I thought I could handle the hike up the hill. The best part about the walk up to the ridge stand is it is all down hill coming back.


Was cold out but no wind which makes a difference and the sun did come out every few minutes or so. Another thing is today my hands were warm and that sure helps keeping me sitting longer. I did see one deer down the ridge but it was so far away I could not tell if it was a buck or a doe. I waited to see if it would turn and come my way but instead it followed the trail and went into the swamp. Seeing the deer was a good thing having it go down the trail to the swamp that I could see from my swamp stand was the bad.


I have some spaghetti sauce simmering away in a pot on the pot belly stove and a loaf of French bread wrapped in tin foil alongside. The sauce I brought from home and sometime this afternoon I will go ahead and cook some noodles and we will eat. For now I just keep breaking off chucks of the French bread and dipping it in the sauce. I tell Vic and Dock it is not quite ready yet but I happen to like French bread and sauce and if I am not careful by dinner time there may not be any bread left. I have been spending some time peeking out the widows of the HOTEL, never can tell when a deer may walk by.


So far I have won two and lost one game of cribbage at the table. Ever notice when someone else is playing cribbage how long a game can take and when you are sitting down losing a game how quickly your turn is up. The old guys may be slow but when it comes to playing cribbage they have been doing it for more the fifty years and the don't count cards they just lay their hands down and announce their score and start pegging. I am quick but not that quick and sometimes I count their hands just to make sure they are not pulling a fast one on me. Reed is due back at the HOTEL this afternoon and everyone is going to be here Friday night for the last weekend of the season. Someone has to get lucky here and get us a taste of venison, otherwise it is going to go down in the log book as a skunked year.


We got that one good snow fall right away and since then we have just gotten a dusting of snow a few times. Has been cold the entire time here and we have gone through a lot of firewood but we still have plenty. There has been a little bit of talk about the first week when we ran an old fashion camp and some growing support that maybe we should put some money into the HOTEL over the summer and remodel. The thought of an addition with an indoor bathroom is very popular and Big Earl can order us one of them fancy waterless toilets and get us a deal. I must admit I do like a bench with a cushion on it and a porch with a screen would be nice to sit out on. We figure if we made some improvements maybe it, the HOTEL would get more guys using it during the summer. It does seem like a waste just using it for a couple of week's deer hunting and maybe a few stops when grouse hunting in the area. Vic just put his hands up in defeat and it is my turn to take on Dock who has won three straight. I stir the sauce with the wood spoon before sitting down and Vic heads out the door to stand watch on the porch for awhile. Really not a bad way to spend some time here at the HOTEL at Lake Iwanttobethere

Lighthouse Duty

Posted by Bobby Bass on November 17, 2014 at 3:25 PM Comments comments (0)

GOING THROUGH THE firewood like someone else cut it here at the HOTEL. Yet another morning of waking up to a single number above zero here at deer camp. Bad morning in the stand as I was cold when I walked to the stand, cold on the stand and cold when I got back to the HOTEL from the stand. One of the problems of getting old like we all do is the circulation starts to go. Wish they made something like a radiator flush that you can use on old guys. Over the last several years I have been having circulation problems and if my hands start off cold they usually stay cold. Makes it tuff during deer season and especially during late fall fishing. But then again some days my hands are so warm I can't bare to wear gloves, go figure.



Didn't spend a lot of time on the stand this morning, too cold and way to windy. There were gusts moving the tree and sneaking cold air anywhere I didn't have my skin covered in several layers. I figured after awhile it was just better to head back to the HOTEL and hope for the wind to die and some sunshine to appear. Chuck's son in law who is not hunting with us shot a nine pointer on Saturday. I hear it was a pretty decent deer and glad I am not going to have to hear about the deer every day for the next several months like Chuck is. Chuck is not at camp, he had some jobs to do so he is not here for me to give any grief about his son in law's deer.


Some snow in the forecast, mostly just flurries to fall according to Sunshine Ray. I am thinking we might get enough snow to fill in tracks enough so you can tell the difference between an old one and a new one. I did hear one shot this morning, not close but not real far away either. Hard to tell really as in the cold air sound seems to travel a ways. Not like in the city where you have a hard time hearing a metal trash can lid from a half a block away. Out in the woods a noise that does not belong seems to be loud and stands out. The sound of a four wheeler stuck and it's rider yelling can be heard from quite a ways a way. The outhouse door slamming is something else that is pretty loud, ours was till we put them springs on the door.


So I am siting at the old wood round table here inside the HOTEL, I am close to the pot belly stove and there is a healthy fire going inside. My fingers are cold and the keys on the laptop feel cold to the touch. Was thinking there for a little bit about heating the laptop up but that would not be a good idea. I do have a mug of hot cider close and I am trading hands holding the mug trying to get my fingers warm. Eyeing a bottle of Old Granddad and thinking about adding a splash or two to the cider but if I do that there will be no afternoon hunting for me. Looking out the widow over the sink the wind is still blowing strong and I see branches swaying back and forth. Occasionally I will see a few snow flakes go sailing by, don't know if they are new ones or just something the wind picked up.



I am on lighthouse duty as we call it. No one else is here at camp but me. Chuck had some jobs to do and Big Earl and Junior are back working at the General Store till the weekend. Marv and Elmer are back to work at the smoke and book shop, they closed it all of last week. Tye also is back at work along with Skinny and Hammering Hank. Reed was going to come up but someone actually wanted to check out a cabin he has for sale. Dock Burriem is coming back tonight and Vic is going to come along for the ride. Until then someone has to stay around and keep the pot belly stove burning and the coffee hot. I must admit it is a job I am good at. I don't have much problem sitting here by the fire smoking one of Dock's cigars and soon I will be sipping on some of Elmer's bourbon. Now if I could only get my fingers warm here at the HOTEL on Lake Iwanttobethere

Update to the Update

Posted by Bobby Bass on November 15, 2014 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (0)

UPDATE : THE HOTEL as of today there are still no deer hanging from the cross pole here at the HOTEL. I have seen two does and Tye has seen one, no one else in camp has seen anything at all. Not even a grouse or a rabbit but I have seen some tracks. Elmer and Marv have been threatening to put a scope on the pellet gun and go big mouse hunting in the cabin. Trouble with that is we don't have a scope for the pellet gun and if we did I am afraid my hunting boots through a scope would look a lot like a mouse to them guys.


This morning it was seven above zero but it could have been seven below because seven above in November is still more then cold enough to be sitting in the snow on a stand down in the swamp. At least the wind is not so bad and there was some sunshine to make you feel like you are warmer then you are. On Wednesday I was in town for the afternoon and evening. Chuck needed a ride back to his cabin and when he arrived he found he had some work to do. Getting the old county dump truck with the snowplow out of his garden was first on the list. The ladies, his wife and my wife had decided they would take on clearing the nine inches of snow we got. My wife at one time was a Lake Iwanttobethere bus driver and as you may or may not know the buses here have snow plows on them. Chuck's wife has seen him fiddle with enough engines and between the two of them they figured they could get the trucked started and surprise us with clean driveways. It could have been a success story if the trees had not gotten in the way and the brakes worked when you put pressure on them.


After digging the dump truck out with the tractor we hooked up the Tahoe with some chains and made our own commercial. That went as well as expected right up to the part where the chain snapped but we were prepared for that and we had a sheet of plywood between the two trucks. The chain came back and hit that plywood hard enough to break a couple of links through. We stopped and inspected the damage, fixed the chain and of course we went and tried it again. Dump truck is now parked over at Elmer's house behind his garage and out of sight of the ladies. With the truck out of the garden I took the time to head in to town to pick up a few things. With hunting so poor and the guys spending a lot of time in the HOTEL we needed to restock some of our foodstuffs.


I made a quick stop at the Lodge to give Gus an ear full about sending my Pie of the Month selection to my cabin but I found out he didn't do it. Seems Vinnie was trying to make some brownie points with Mister B as he calls me. He knew how much I like my pie and figured he would make sure I didn't miss this month's delivery. I took Vinnie into the kitchen and had a heart to heart talk to him. I thanked him for the pie and then told him never ever forward any mail or package that comes to a Lodge member at this address. There are a lot of lockers in the basement with stuff that members do not want their wife's to know about. If it is sent here it stays here. " Gotcha Mister B" Vinnie said and gave me a big thumbs up.


Next stop was Ma and Pa's grocery, I had a list with me and I was surprised when I drove up and had to park down the street a ways. No parking in front of the store and as I entered I saw several guys wearing their blaze orange hats just standing around sipping soda's or chewing on jerky sticks. I asked Ma where Pa was and she told me he was back by the walk in cooler. I found Pa back there holding on to a coffee can and guarding the cooler door. I was just about to ask Pa what was going on when a couple of guys came out of the cooler and nodded in my direction and gave Pa the thumbs up sign. I asked Pa what was going on and he told me he had two really nice bucks hanging in the cooler. Seems we are not the only camp not seeing any deer and guys hearing about the bucks in the cooler were stopping by just to see what a deer looks like this year. Sounded like a good idea to me and I asked Pa if I could go in and take a peek. Pa held the coffee can out in front of him and said "One buck to see two bucks" and I looked in to see dollar bills smashed down inside the coffee can. I am not going to tell you if I paid to see the bucks, you will just have to wonder, but remember I did see two does!


Now this is Saturday and you might be wondering how and why I am posting a story from deer camp. Well all the guys who voted that we have an old fashion deer camp are not here this weekend, so we turned the power on. We may be old but we are not that dumb all the time here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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MONDAY AFTERNOON FOUND me in the old wood rocking chair on the porch of the HOTEL not rocking. To much snow had fallen and the floor under the rockers was hard packed. When I did try to rock I would kind of go back and forth and sideways at the same time, kind of like a cheap ride at the county fair. Big Earl had hitched a ride with Reed in the bio-diesel back to town. Big Earl being a big guy preferred the ride of the RV vrs Juniors SUV but he will be back later in the week. Marv and Elmer looking at the falling snow decided to spent their afternoon in the HOTEL playing partner cribbage against Tye and Chuck. Two old coffee pots were sitting on the rack on top of the pot belly stove, one holding coffee and the other hot cider. I was thinking about making hot chocolate but the first sip of hot apple cider hit the spot and I used one of them big insulated mugs and set it down on the railing of the porch, steam rose up from the sippie hole and I could smell the apple in the cool air.


Snow was falling, sometimes hard but often just enough was coming down to say it was snowing. Wind was blowing so some of the snow might be coming of the tall trees that surround the HOTEL and just made it look worse then what it was. I could take a walk down to one of the stands but I was comfortable in the rocking chair and it was starting to get dark out. I had finished my cider and I was smacking my lips thinking about getting up and getting a refill when the door creaked behind me and Elmer's hand with the pot in it appeared. I turned in the rocker and stretching out I made it close enough so that the two of us could do a midair refueling. I nodded my head and the pot dipped in return and the hand and arm and pot retracted back into the HOTEL and the door clicked closed softly.


I took a few sips, the new stuff was a lot hotter then the last cold sip I had in the mug. I reached out to set the mug on the snow less spot on the rail and as I sat it down I looked up over the mug and focus on a deer standing at the edge of the woods looking in my direction. Snow was falling a little harder and there was a few gusts of wind making it swirl so it took me a few seconds to see it was a doe. I froze with my arm sticking out and the rocker tipped forward. I was looking hard behind the doe looking for more deer and maybe just maybe a buck. I took a few heart beats to slowly pull my arm back and let the rocker settle back down into the ruts. The snow underneath the rockers suddenly sounded pretty crunchy. Leaning up against the post was my 30-30 and I slowly reached for it and brought it into my lap, my eyes still searching around the doe who now had her head down and was slowly walking along the edge. We did this for a couple of minutes, the snow fell and she would disappear only to emerge again from the falling snow a few yards down from where I last saw her.


I watched and something about her kept me looking behind her, I got that feeling she was being followed and I was waiting to see who it was. I of course was thinking buck so I was disappointed when a small doe followed her tracks. I didn't give up though I was still holding out for a buck but after awhile the small doe hooked up with what I was thinking was her mama and the two of them disappeared into the swirling snow and I lost them. I brushed off some of the snow that had fallen into my beard and took a few sips from the apple cider mug that had cooled. Guess I was watching for longer then I thought. Still I thought to myself at least I saw a deer, as a matter of fact I saw two, that is one step better then being skunked here at the HOTEL at Lake Iwanttobethere




TODAY NO SOONER did Chuck and I riding in the Tahoe hit the blacktop and the sun came out! Of course we were not in our stands but we were heading home as today is Chuck's wedding anniversary and even though it is deer season he had promised to be back to celebrate. I of course having been through thirty-seven of these events would rather have just stayed in camp but I did spent some time jabbing Chuck some on the ride back giving him some grief. I actually was looking forward to a hot shower and maybe a nap on a bed instead of inside a sleeping bag on a two inch flat mattresses resting on a sheet of plywood hanging off a cold log wall that I shared with a mouse named Ralph.


Ride back home is always quicker then the ride out to deer camp, ditches were full of snow and it looked like more snow had fallen around the lake then back at camp. Chuck was looking forward to making the last few fixes on the old county snowplow and he promised he would have me all plowed out before it was time for me to head back to deer camp. We arrived at Chuck's driveway to find the snow cleared and a couple of trees down. Chuck speaking out loud said he had a bad feeling and when we drove up to the garage we saw the snowplow truck resting in his garden. It would appear the new wife had decided to plow with the county truck and I guess Chuck did not tell her about not having gotten around to fixing the brakes and the pump for the plow blade was leaking. I let him out of the Tahoe and told him to have a happy anniversary and I turned around and drove up my snow covered drive and parked in my space, the wife's jeep was gone but I did find a note on the fridge after I got past Duncan and Barney who greeted me like I was never coming back, I don't know what the wife had told them while I was gone..



Dear Husband

I hope this letter finds you in good health and safe in the elements. I have tried on several occasions to get in contact with you at the hour we agreed on that you would have your cell phone on but with no success. All is fine here at the cabin, what snow that fell in the driveway I just drove through with the Jeep. I have been parking where you normally park the Tahoe as there are no ruts there.

Your dogs are fine and Barney has taken to fluffing your down pillows on your bed before laying down to take his afternoon naps. Duncan prefers just laying on your bed and just scratching your blankets onto the floor. I have given up on making your bed and am just letting the dogs do what they want.

Last night I found some porterhouse steaks in the freezer hidden under some pizza's. I figured you were saving them for something and must have forgotten them so I cooked them up, The dogs agree they were delicious as Barney and Duncan shared yours.

When I was in the garage looking for a snow shovel I found a cardboard box with old shirts and some pants. I assumed that you were helping me out cleaning your closet and the box was meant for the garbage man. Not to worry he got them along with a few other things you must have forgotten. Since you now have some hanger space in your closet I moved a few of my seasonal things in there.

Mark the mailman was here yesterday, he made a trip up the drive with a box for you. Gus at the Lodge told him that you were at the hotel/hunting camp so the box was brought here. Imagine my surprise when I open it to find out that you are a member in the Pie Of The Month Club. Not to worry about it going bad as my mother stopped by and we had a delightful tea and shared the pie for dessert.

I am posting this letter here for you to read as I don't know how else to get a hold of you. I did have a reason for trying to get a hold of you but it escapes me right now, Your Loving Wife


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SITTING HERE AT the HOTEL I am reminded of them old war movies where the guys are writings letters to be sent back home with nothing but a stub of a pencil and the flickering light from the nub of a discarded old candle. Here at the HOTEL we are following through with the no electricity old fashion deer camp. We might have picked a better year though as I looked back through the log book and the past two deer seasons found us with temperatures in the fifties for opening weekend and we are going to be lucky if we top out any day over thirty this week. The main room of the HOTEL takes a long time to heat when we don't have the ceiling fan to move the warm air that rises from the old pot belly stove.


I figured if I conserve my battery on the laptop I will make it till midweek when I have to bring Chuck back to his place. He has to be back for his wedding anniversary on the twelfth and there is no way the wife will let him not be with her for the first anniversary. Since I will be driving him back I figure it will be a good time for me to take a shower and charge the cell and laptop. Our trip up to the HOTEL was a wet one as we had some rain that turned into snow and the two wheel rut into the HOTEL was a couple of inches deep in slush. I was thinking it would at least make the leaves wet and it would be quiet but that was not the case. Overnight it all froze and the walk to the swamp stand was loud all the way in and slippery in spots.


Not a single shot was heard either yesterday or today (Sunday) matter of fact as I sat on the swamp stand it was very quiet, almost painfully quiet. Other then some crows that flew over head in the late afternoon the woods were empty of any life that I could see. No grouse, no mice no pesky ground squirrels to give away my position. There was movement, the wind blew both days and it was cold, a few snow showers fell but not enough to cover anything. I hear that is going to change on Monday as the little transistor radio we have is warning about a coming cold snap and for sure some tracking snow. Snow would be nice but it is cold enough already, thank you.


The no cell phone has not been much of an issue, we don't get very good coverage out here even with the new tower. Your best bet is to climb the big pine but I don't have to call anyone that bad. Chuck's wife wanted him to bring up a couple of her carrier pigeons but he reminder her we tried that a couple of seasons back and most of the birds headed to Iowa and didn't return till spring. Her replied was O Yea and left it at that.


We had steaks for supper on Friday night and there was no problem keeping anything cold. Matter of fact there for the longest time the Wild Turkey was served at room temperature which was about fifty. The Hamms were so cold we had to warm them up by the fire to drink. Now after a few days of a fire burning in the stove we have the HOTEL warmed up and you no longer can you see your breath. We played cards last night and cigar smoke filled the upper couple of feet of the HOTEL and a couple of the guys who wanted to turn in early could not as their bunks were in the smog zone. Of course Elmer and Marv spoke of hunting back in the old days, Elmer recalling his days of hunting from white canvas tents with three feet of snow and Marv hunting out of a Bed and Breakfast back east. To Elmer this was a step up but to Marv it was a step backwards.


I was on the swamp stand Monday morning when the snow started. The forecast was saying ten inches of wet heart attack stuff was going to fall but it started off with the small pellets that make noise when they bounce of the branches and your gun barrel. Didn't take long and a few inches was on the ground and I was covered in it. As the snow fell I could not see far in it but yet I could see more if that makes any sense to you. Snow was covering up the brown ground and now trails jumped up at you and if anything moved I was going to see it, nothing moved.


At noon I headed back to the HOTEL and I dragged my feet along the trail, I was trying to move some of the snow out of the way and also some of the leaves. I arrived back at the camp to find Reeds bio-diesel RV running. Reed had decided to call his hunt a little short and was going to drive back to town and come back up later in the week in his pickup. Last thing he wanted to do is get stuck in the woods with the RV and the radio was now calling for as much as ten inches to fall maybe more out here in the woods. I made him a copy of this and asked if he would swing by the Lodge and have Gus post it for me. If you are reading this then Reed made it out of the woods and back to town.


My plan for the rest of the afternoon is to wait till things quiet down and then I am going to brush the snow off the rocking chair on the porch and sit out there with a cup of hot chocolate and my 30-30 Figure I can do just as well there as I can in the swamp in the middle of a snowstorm here at Lake Iwanttobethere

On The Road

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RAIN AND SNOW is in the forecast from Sunshine Ray today. Matter of fact the thirty-eight degrees might be the warmest it is going to be for the next ten days and a good chance it will be the warmest for all of deer season. Does not look like any tee shirt hunting will be done this year. I have some time on my hands as Chuck is going to be riding up to the HOTEL with me but he had to run into town with the wife for a few last minute things. No big deal I always plan on leaving well before I actually do. Matter of fact I took a look at the weather and saw that some rain is on its way with a good chance of snow. Still had some gas in the lawn tractor so I fired it up and ran across the yard a few times mulching up the last of the maple leaves that had fallen. The trees are bare around here, not a single leaf on the big maple and I am pretty sure every one of them fell on my side of the fence this year.


Got the leaf blower out and there was some gas in that so I started it up and blew off the deck and down the sidewalk. Mostly just make work but when it snows it is nice not to have to deal with any leaves. My knee feels a lot better today then yesterday, I was worried there for awhile. The other day I was coming up on the big deck and Duncan raced out the door to greet me. He was moving a little quicker then he thought he was and when he went to stop on the deck he just slid right into my leg and buckled my knee. Knee ain't supposed to go that way and when you start getting a little older and have a bad one already I thought the worse. Yesterday I woke up and sure enough the knee was talking to me and I hobbled around the cabin. This morning though it feels just fine but I am staying away from stairs, don't want to test it till I have to climb up into my stand.


Tahoe is packed and check list has been checked twice or is it four times? Even the wife went over the list and could not find anything that I had forgotten. Duncan knows something is up but the wife said she will bake some cookies and Duncan will forget all about me once the first cookie accidentally falls to the kitchen floor. My other list is all checked off to, stuff put away outside. Garden hose rolled up and planters in storage. Not only is deer season a vacation for me but it is for the wife also. She has her own list of things she wants to do while I am gone and I know when I come back all the furniture will be rearranged in the cabin and my closet will be cleaned. I had it on my list to hide some of my favorite work shirts in the garage as we disagree on when a shirt is to worn to be worn. I call them broken in and she calls them dusting rags.


My cell phone charger is sitting on the shelf and she held it in her hand and told me I had forgotten it. I told her about the old fashion deer camp we are having this year and she held the charger in her hand and said something about not being to get a hold of me when ever she wants to. I nodded my head and told her that I knew it might be a problem but you know, the guys voted on it and I have to go along with the majority. She asked how I voted and I told her of course I wanted to keep cell phones but... A little while later she came into the den and told me she just gotten off the phone with Chuck's wife and they were talking about the cell phone restriction. Funny thing Chuck's wife said he voted for the phones to. I just nodded and told her I think everybody else voted against them.


Well, I just got off the phone, Chuck is about thirty minutes away from getting home and we should be on the road here in the next hour or so. Gives me enough time to post this story and give Duncan and Barney some back rubbing ear petting time. A few drops of rain are on the deck so it looks like it is going to be a wet ride up to the HOTEL. You may see us heading north in the Tahoe we will be the one with gear piled up to the ceiling in back and two guys smoking cigars wearing flannels with the windows down and the radio on loud, we are heading to deer camp here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Tick Tock

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CLOCK IS TICKING so to speak as we are just a few days away from the firearm deer season here at Lake Iwanttobethere. Most of the guys made it to supper at the Dew Drop Inn on Tuesday evening. Lasagna was the special and I think everyone had a serving if not two. French bread and a salad washed down with some smuggled in Hamms made it almost feel like we were at deer camp already. The reason for dinner was to vote on the idea that we should be an old time hunting camp and electronics should stay at home. No laptops or cell phones or GPS units would be allowed. TV was no big deal as the home football team was not playing this weekend so no one was going to miss a game. After much talking it came down to the old guys against the young guys and the middle age guys in the middle not caring either way so a compromise was made. One hour, that is how long you will be able to use your cell phone or in my case lap top. Now this is not an hour of use but you can only use it during one hour. Say from six to seven in the evening. We figured this way the young ones could get all caught up with their texting and calls could be made home if needed.


No one is going to police the decision as we all agree it would be on the honor system. I may or may not post some stories as I am leaning toward the quiet of an old fashion hunting camp. Since the cell phones are going to be OK'd the power for the camp will be turned off. Not even an hour a day will we run the power as we are going to have an old fashion hunting camp where propane will be king and coffee will be made on top of the potbelly stove and not in a mister coffee. Batteries will be allowed so radios can be used and cell phones till they go dead, no power so no chargers that goes for my laptop and my e-reader. Will have to pack along a few books to read and I think guys will be heading to bed early.


Today I am just killing time looking around the cabin for things that need to be packed. Most of my gear is already laid out in the extra bedroom or hanging out in the boathouse. Gun has been cleaned yet again and my knapsack has been checked for hand warmers and my compass. Skinning knife and drag rope and extra gloves and a bag of lemon drops to keep the cough away when sitting on the stand. Duncan has been following me around he knows something is up and the wife pointed that out to me. I think he smells the gun oil on my pants and figures we are going bird hunting, he is just waiting to see when.


Have not even looked at the weather forecast, can't do anything about it so I figured why bother listening to it. Will pack for snow and hope for no rain. Always cold on the stand so dress warmly, walk in light and carry your warm layers in. Wind is the only thing you can't really control. Wind with a little rain gets anyone cold especially the older ya get and I am getting old, makes me wonder how Elmer and Marv do it, cuz they are really old !


Will be leaving for deer camp tomorrow, I go up early in the day as it is really not that far from the cabin here and I have to haul up groceries from Ma and Pa's. That and I like to have the first parking spot close to the door at camp. Hammering Hank and Skinny were up to the camp yesterday and it is a good thing they had the chain saw with, a couple of birch were down across the trail leading in and would have been a problem if you were coming in alone. Trees were cut up and the trunks were dragged into the parking clearing, young guys can cut them up into firewood when they are bored. May or may not get another story out, if I don't for those of you who are out in the woods this weekend be safe and be smart. If you know where the deer camp is better known as the HOTEL stop on by, Bring your flashlight as we are not going to have any lights on here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Boat Nap

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PUDDLE HUMPER IS all tucked away for the next six months. On Monday the son came over with his boat and parked it along the garage. It was covered in a tarp and I heard a comment about picking it back up in the spring. I figured it was time for me to put the Puddle Humper away so I got out the check list and started working my way down the page. I had already been to the car wash so it was pretty clean and I just put some gas in the leaf blower and it was handy so I fired it up and cleared away the maple leaves that had fallen into the boat. Not spotless but good enough I thought as I picked out a few leaves that resisted the leaf blower. Cardboard boxes came out and the plastic tackle boxes found their way to the correct cardboard box along with all the little things that I have in the boat that I never think about till I need them.


Storage under the seats was emptied and with the boat empty I open the screws and drained the lower unit. Next was a search for all the bungee cords that hold on the winter tarp and were used during the summer for other things. I found some of them hanging on the fence and a few more in the wood shop and yet a few more in the garden. With the lower unit oil changed I fogged the motor and wiped it down. Next up was removing the trolling motor and the two batteries and they found there way down to the basement and the empty shelf in the wood room that is reserved for them. Framework went up inside the Puddle Humper and I put the tarp on and secured it from the snow and wind that should be here soon. Sounds pretty easy, actually only took a couple of hours with a few breaks, wish putting the boat back together come spring would be so easy.


Boxes with the boat gear was put back on the high shelf's going down to the basement and reel drags were loosen and the rods put in the holders along the wall. I sat down at the deck and checked everything off the list and made a few notes for next spring. Trolling motor plate was a little loose so I made a note to tighten that next year along with painting the trailer with a big ? behind it. Lower unit oil was dumped out inside the oil barrel and the oil pan put back in the garage. During the whole time I was doing this Duncan was close by, for the most part sitting and watching me work except when I had to get down on the ground and put the lower unit oil in. Then he decided to crawl under the trailer and make his way up close so he could watch and not miss anything.


With the boat check list complete I sat back in the wood chair on the deck and took in the view. Sun was low in the sky and it takes a little getting use to the lost of an hour of afternoon light. The only trees with any green leaves left on them are the apple trees and everything else is naked. Was thinking of getting the rider out and mulching up some leaves but I figured just sitting for a spell and enjoying what might be the last fifty degree day for awhile was a better choice. Duncan flopped down on the deck alongside of me and decided it was nap time, I guess watching me work was just too hard on him. I pulled my collar up around my neck and tucked my hands deep inside my pockets. Sitting out of the sun and not moving around it was getting to feel a little cool. Not that many days from now and I will find myself sitting in a deer stand and I was thinking, a fifty degree day and long underwear will feel good here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Pumpkin Chunking

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THE WINTER TEASE looks to be over, at least for a few days. We had a little snow and woke up to a couple of mornings where the water was froze in the dog bowl outside. Halloween came and went and nothing to report on that other then there are fewer and fewer kids making the trek up the driveway to ring the bell for candy. Once again this year Old McDonnell loaded up his hay wagon with kids and made the run down our road so the kids would not have to walk between cabins. You could hear the horses coming as their hoofs rang out as they walked along on the newly paved road. The kids would come up Chuck's drive then take the path to my place and then get back on the path to Elmer's where they would then follow his driveway back down to the road where Old McDonnell would have the wagon waiting. Other then my own grand kids that came with their parents that one group was the only group that knocked on the door. Elmer was saying he got all dressed up in his bibs and pitchfork for nothing till I pointed out that is how he dresses everyday.


Saturday afternoon I was at the Resort, went to watch the pumpkin chunking. The FELLOWS have a small catapult that they built for one of the FELLOWS kids school projects. After breaking a few windows and putting a hole in a garage roof it was deemed unsafe for the kids and the FELLOWS and removed by their wives. Somehow the FELLOWS located it and it was brought to the Resort for safe keeping. The FELLOWS had other ideas and come Saturday afternoon they were busy tossing pumpkins and gourds they had collected from home, recycling they called it. As an added twist after the first few were launched they decided they would use the pumpkins as target practice for their goose guns. As I sat on the deck I watched the FELLOWS take turns missing the pumpkins with their ten gage shotguns. It was almost as much fun as watching Tiny trying to catch a pumpkin and it explained why the FELLOWS never shoot any geese.


Back at home I am still working on the fall to do list and for some reason this year it seems I am making no headway on it. Might be because I am spending more time sitting and adding to the list then actually working and checking any thing off of it. Deer season is almost on us and I have been making the rounds talking on the phone to the guys and planning our stay at the deer shack. It was suggested that this season we should go back and try a good old fashion deer season at camp. This means no cell phones, no GPS no laptops no TV just beans, beer and brats. As the years have gone by we have gotten away from ruffing it so to speak and have been bring to many of the conveyances of home along to camp. We talked about it some last deer camp and I am for it, some of the younger guys think it would be a real adventure while some of the older guys are welcoming the idea of not having to listen to stray music from ear buds turned up to loud or the sound of phones ringing with calls and text messages from wives and girlfriends.


I told Elmer if that is the case then he and Marv will have to take their hearing aids out, he told me that is not a problem because half the time he has them turned off anyway. No electric generator, light will be from the stove and from the propane lanterns. For me it means no laptop so if I want to write anything it will have to be in a journal with a pencil. Might be pretty quiet on here as I don't write well wearing choppers in a deer stand. Everyone is supposed to get together on Tuesday night down at the Dew Drop Inn for supper and we will decide then if we are going to have an old fashion hunt. I didn't say Good Old Fashion because a lot can happen in a dark deer shack in the back woods here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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