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Posted by Bobby Bass on April 22, 2014 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (0)

A GOOD DAY and a bad day yesterday. The good part was it was a good day for melting and my big garden has appeared from beneath the snow. Can't walk in it because it is way too soft but if we were to get some drying weather I might be able to walk on it here next week. Some more good news finally got around to replacing the leaking power steering hose on the Tahoe. Now for the bad news. One of those freak kind of deals I was getting out of the son's car who I rode in down to Dan's parts store. I was getting out of the car with my hand on the door and the old hose in my hand when the door started to close on its own. The hose came back in a arc and the end of the hose with the metal fitting hit me square on my eyeball.


There are only a few places on a grown man that can stop you in your tracks, getting hit square in your eye ball I have discovered is one of them. Spent the rest of the afternoon hiding out in a darken room with an ice pack. Today finds me with a watering sore eye and very sensitive to light still. Even sitting here at the keyboard I have to take frequently rests. Sunshine Ray is forecasting that rain and maybe some snow is in our future and this will be one time I am going to welcome some cloudy skies. At least till the swelling on my eye goes down and I can go outside with out having to wear sunglasses and my hat pulled down low. My granddaughter was here last night to pick up dog beds and when she heard I was hurting she came into the room to check on me. Being seven years old she seems to have a lot of answers to things and the first thing she asked me about getting hit in the eye was "Didn't I see it coming?"


So I am going to take some time off writing and let my eye mend itself with out straining it any more then I have to. I got a couple of audio books for Christmas and now I am going to go ahead and listen to them. Of course I have always said baseball was a game made to be listened to so I will tune in a few games and just kick back and try and take it easy. I did watch the hockey game last night which might now have been the smartest thing to do but hey it is the playoffs. Lucky for me the next game is not till Thursday night and I hope to be on the mend by then. So just a short story from here at Lake Iwanttobethere

CATS & DOGS and muddy grounds

Posted by Bobby Bass on April 21, 2014 at 3:00 PM Comments comments (0)

CATS & DOGS and muddy ground, Easter came to the lake and it was the warmest day in six months I heard on the radio today. Any family gathering always bring a wealth of things to write about so I will just touch on a few things here. After a long long winter when the family gets together it is time to catch up and a telephone call made during the winter does not do justice to stories that are better told with hands and smiles with weird noises. I arrived late as the wife went ahead of me. I was at the cabin waiting for the daughter to come and pick up her two dogs that I had been watching over the weekend. With the dogs gone I drove over to the mother in law's house and managed to sneak in the back door to the kitchen where I had my plate just about filled before I was noticed. Everyone had already eaten and there was no waiting to fill my plate from a table that was piled so high with food it was unsteady on its legs.


Ham and turkey, tatters and gravy, corn and stuffing, Sliced bread and of course cranberry sauce. I made my way into the dinning room and exchanged HIYA's with the relatives and found an empty chair at the long table. I sat and ate and listened to conversations going on around me. Little girls with white Easter dresses and chocolate covered fingers chased by mothers ran by me. There was an arguement of which is better Brachs or Jolly Rancher jelly beans. Russell Stover bunny's still rule as proven by the few chocolate bunnies I saw on the table with their heads bitten off. As I ate I moved my head from side to side and ease dropped on different conversations. Talk of E-85 and old problems with new trucks and new problems with old trucks. Snow still in yards but mud is appearing. Garden talk and Butterfly weed planting, cruise missiles and sinking ferries. Price of heating the house this past winter and changing to propane might not have been such a great idea.


Smokers were outside on the front porch and I could hear them through the open window. A few sister in laws talking that once smokes get to ten dollars a pack they will quit for sure this time. Kids yelled at by parents to get away from the root beer colored waters of the creek and teenagers sitting in their parents trucks texting each other. Dessert had already been served and adults sat back with empty plates and half full coffee cups. As I finished up my meal the table realigned and men moved to one end while the ladies moved to the other. Now talk was about spring sales and up coming graduations on one end while at the other end talk of turkey hunting and ice out was mixed in with the idea of everyone getting together for a fishing trip.


Toddlers wander around being watched by the ladies and comments about how much the kids have grown. The mother in law fussed around making sure everyone's coffee cup was full and with out asking she took my plate away and set a healthy size piece of apple pie in its place. I got a pat on my shoulder and a kiss on my cheek and the wife smiled at me in approval from the other end of the table. With the pie gone I wiped my lips with a Easter egg covered paper napkin and thought about wading in on a couple of the conversations. My youngest grandson climbed into my lap and proceed to leave chocolate covered hand prints all over the new shirt that my wife had bought for me to wear. I bounced him on my knee and smiled at my wife who finally looked in my direction and just smiled. What could she say? Here at Lake Iwanttobethere


Posted by Bobby Bass on April 19, 2014 at 3:25 PM Comments comments (0)

OVERCAST DAY HERE at the Lodge, some sprinkles of rain falling and the wind is blowing a tad. The women of the Ladies Auxiliary are in the side meeting room and they came in looking none too happy. It being Easter tomorrow the ladies were sporting their latest Easter weekend fashions. A few of them had what appeared to be shower caps over their colorful sun hats. I have learned from Gus that when the ladies come in I just move to the far end of the bar and try to avoid eye contact. I brought Duncan with me to the Lodge mainly because I did not have much choice. No sooner did I open the door then Duncan was outside and heading to the Tahoe. Mia the daughter's dog has been chasing Duncan for the past twenty hours. Mia is just a little more then a year old and I think Duncan has decided that he needs a break from her. No sooner did I open the Tahoe door then Duncan was in the truck and in the back seat. I swear he was ducking down so Mia could not see him.


Ride into the Lodge was uneventful, still snow in the woods and water in the ditches. I had the window down but the heater on high. The fresh air of spring was flowing in but it was still cool enough to need some heat added to it. I did see my first turkey buzzard doing lazy circles overhead, about that time when the big birds returned to Lake Iwanttobethere. Some rain fell early in the morning and the potholes were full of water. I took my time driving through them as you don't know what surprises are being hid under the dirty water. Big Earl was standing outside of his store, red apron on and corn broom in his hand. I gave him a wave and he returned one. I drove by Del's Sub and Pizza Shop and he was outside with some of his employees. I pulled over and watched from a safe distance as they were practicing flying the new drone that he had ordered.


The sub shop as you know is known for its special way of delivering pizza in the summer using the pizza cannon. The pizzas are placed in a double sided pan and then flung out the back door of the pizza shop with a modified trap thrower to skip across the water to waiting fishing or pontoon boats. The personal size pizza are just shot out across the water using the pizza cannon, something the Fellows designed. Now trying to stay ahead in the pizza game Del is going to use a drone to deliver pizza's with this summer. With the drone he will be able to get to make delivers to the trailer park and the campground. From the looks of things flying the drone is not all that easy to do. There was a problem that has been fixed when it was discovered that Little Louie's Licorice and Liquor Shop was on the same frequency with their beer delivery drone. Seems orders were getting mixed up and for awhile there the pizzas were going to Louie's and the beer to Del's.


Seagulls are down at the softball field, not finding anything to eat as the field is still covered in snow. Crows are sitting on the light poles watching to see if the seagulls find anything. Orange barrels sit in neat rows stacked along the backside of the park. County has not yet come and picked them up yet as with the snow no road projects have started yet. Picnic tables are not out yet and only a couple of garbage barrels are in their places. The landing is pretty quiet with only the occasional truck driving down to the edge to get close enough to get a good look at the lake. The pink fish cleaning house is about the only thing standing out on the shoreline. I was just looking out the big deck windows. I had a white bar towel draped over my shoulder and a baseball game on the radio playing softly in the background. A few drops of rain hit the glass and started chasing each other down to the sill. I just shrugged some and returned to the bar, at least it is not snow here at Lake Iwanttobethere


Posted by Bobby Bass on April 18, 2014 at 3:05 PM Comments comments (0)

TWENTY-ONE DAYS till opener and looking at the piles of snow and water dripping off the eves I am just a little skeptical at what opener is going to be like. Bluebird sky overhead but not really warm out. Bass thermometer in the shade is saying it is forty-four out and I am thinking of moving the thermometer into the sun to raise the temperature some. Snow has melted from the deck so that is good but I still am not going to walk out on it in my bare feet. Cabin is busy today as this morning the daughter dropped off her two dogs. Four labs and an Austrian herding dog running around. Well actual it is Duncan and Mia doing all the running around. Bud, Barney and Buster are just laying in the sun covered floor of the living room doing what old guys do best, nothing.


Daughter and her husband along with the two granddaughters have gone for a weekend getaway. Some place with pools and a hot tub and room service. It is not around Lake Iwanttobethere because the only hot tub I know around here the Fellows have, and it involves fire. The kids will be away till Sunday night and I have the dogs. They all get along so it should not be a problem. Will be Mia's first sleep over so tonight might be interesting when the two black tom cats come out of their day sleeping hiding places. My daughter has a black tom to so Mia has been trained by a cat already. Might be a surprise for her when she comes up against two cats at the same time, both of which are black and might be confusing for her.


I can hear hammers pounding over at Chuck's, he is working on the roof of the Love Shack as I call it. With snow melting the tarps have been removed and he is back at working on the shell of the building. Roof tresses are up and the walls have been covered in sheathing. Working with one of his a son in laws they are looking to get the roof sheathed today and some ice shield on. Stormy Clearweather is calling for rain tomorrow so there is a little hurry in getting the roof covered. I have not heard if there is any snow in the forecast so maybe just maybe it will just be rain in our future. I should get out and clean the greenhouse up, with no snow I may finally get the plants from inside out into the greenhouse where they all should be. Yard is a mess and as the snow melts I keep seeing more work appear. With the long winter things that should have gotten done in a dry spring are now going to have to get done in a few weeks instead of a couple of months.


Snow has melted a lot in the main garden revealing a pile of branches that I trimmed from some trees and just tossed in there. I had forgotten all about them till the branches started to emerge from the snow. Going to have to get Duncan to drag them down to the fire pit so they can get broken down to size and burnt. Poor Duncan has a lot of work to do around the cabin, I need him to haul some firewood down from the pile today and I wonder if I can teach him how to wash windows.


I have so much work to do and get caught up on here at the cabin and at the Resort that I just don't know where to start. I seem to spend all my time just making up lists of things to do. Right now I have a list going for what parts of Lake Iwanttobethere am I going to fish when opener gets here. Of course the list has another list depending on what the weather is that day and leading up to opening day. Matter of fact I have another list for the week after opener and then there is the list of lakes to fish around Lake Iwanttobethere. I have rain day fishing spots and windy spots and sunny spot and secret spots. I also have another list that is encrypted and stored under taxes on my computer, that is the list of excuses I have thought up to use on the wife for getting out of work and going fishing here at Lake Iwanttobethere

The Robins

Posted by Bobby Bass on April 17, 2014 at 12:40 PM Comments comments (0)

STORM IS DONE, at least this one is. Another eight inches of heavy wet sticky snow covers everything in sight. The bare ground of the garden is gone back to sleep under yet another blanket of snow. The driving wind of the past twenty-four hours has taken the snow and covered the South wall of the cabin from the peak to the foundation. I wish it would be that easy to stain the wall. Overcast sky but the sun is up there, somewhere. There has been times in years gone past that by this time of the year I could go outside on the deck in bare feet, That is not going to happen today or tomorrow for that matter. I did shovel some, but only enough so the storm doors would open and a clear spot to rest the shovel back up against the wall, I am going to let the sun melt this last batch of snow, I hope.


I walked down to the mailbox, was that time of the morning and as I got there Frank the plow driver was bring Khan the grader around the bend. He pulled up alongside of me and turned the motor off and open the glass cab door and gave me a hearty HIYA. I gave him a HIYA back and we chatted some. Frank was in good spirits and I soon found out why. With this last snow storm he figured he would have enough overtime between this years and last year's snow falls that he was going to be able and buy himself a new boat! He actually said he was hoping that we would get one more good snow fall so he could upgrade the trolling motor on a boat he has his eyes on. With a grin on his face he starter the grader up and slammed the cab door closed, He even lifted the blade when he drove past my drive.


I watched the grader go around the next bend and thought well at least someone is still happy about all of this snow when Mark the mailman came around the same bend. I waited as he stuck mail in Chuck's box and then came to a stop alongside me. HiYA's were exchanged and some small talk. Mark gave me some bills and a large box that I have been waiting on. I watched as he drove out of sight and quiet returned to my stretch of road. I turned and followed my footsteps up the long drive back to the cabin. Bud and Barney sat together at the top of the hill, watching me. Somehow I get the feeling they are blaming me for the snow as no sooner do I reach the top then they both get up and turn to walk slowly to the cabin. The cold and snow of the long winter can not be feeling good on the two old dogs.


The wife opens the door and Duncan comes flying out of the cabin, jumps off the deck to sail out into the snow and runs past the old dogs to race past me before losing his rear legs trying to make a turn and wipes out in the snow. He is back up and at my side with his tongue hanging out and giving me the look of "I meant to do that" What can I say Duncan just cracks me up and I reach down to rub one of his ears and call him a crazy pup. The wife lets the old dogs into the cabin and I stop at the stairs to take a breather. A couple of robins are singing and I look for them. On the garden fence post I see a couple. I know they are a couple because one robin is singing away and the other one is looking away but no doubt has to be listening. The wife is telling her mate " I told you so, we should have stayed down south longer, we could have been warm and dry at my sisters in Atlanta" I know this because I speak robin.


The box in my hand holds a fishing tackle order, Several of the guys got together and we made an order sharing in the discount by buying in quantity. Chuck has been asking about the order as he has a mess of spinnerbaits and trailers. I put the box on the deck and with Duncan I head to the wood pile. That is where I was headed when I first came outside. The wood pile is on its last row, winter had better end here soon or I will be out of this year's wood and will have to dig into next years pile. I don't really want to do that, it is just plain depressing. I grab and arm load and Duncan helps by bring a stick with. I walk back to the cabin and lookout over the lake, I am really hoping I won't have to shovel the dock off for fishing opener here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Mr. President

Posted by Bobby Bass on April 16, 2014 at 12:45 PM Comments comments (0)

THE TIRED SNOW shovels lean up against the cedar siding of the cabin, alongside rest a couple of leaf rakes waiting their turn to go to work. Not going to happen today for them as I am looking out the den window at falling snow. Some wind moves the long tubes of the wind chimes just enough for them to bang softly together, they sound like a distant Buddhist gong. If Stormy Clearweather is correct with her forecast the soft wind chimes are going to soon sound like the first day of band practice at middle school. Just when parts of the big garden are starting to show dirt more snow is going to fall. I can't tell you how old this is getting, not just this year but the same thing happen last year to. A little token snow is fine come spring, I can live with that, but the forecast is calling for as much as twelve inches and you know sometimes the weather people actually get it right.


Yesterday I was down at Big Earl's General Store, had a list of things I needed to buy. Lots of little projects that are just piling up and I needed to start on them. There was some grumbling about the weather from customers who stood blocking the aisles but then there always is. Thing is we can't do a thing about it but having yet another winter storm in spring is going to make summer feel that much shorter, and it is short enough already. I had enough stuff on my list to buy that I pulled out a shopping cart and started pushing it down the aisle. I took a left to the outdoors section as I was looking for some new outdoor furniture for the deck at home. The stuff we have is showing its age and I have been kind of looking the past few years on replacing it. Trouble is I am looking at buying some wood chairs and no one seems to make anything in wood anymore. Even here at the General Store it is just a bunch of thin metal or plastic weave that looks like it will rust or rot through after a few seasons outdoors.


I didn't notice them when I came in but this time of year the big water tanks are usually by the front door filled with baby chicks. I found a couple of the tanks back by the patio furniture and the heat lamps were only on over one tank that had a few ducklings in it. Even the baby chicks are behind schedule it would appear. I wandered around the rows of garden tractors and pull behind mowers. I looked at priced tags and shook my head some. I then weaved my way through the fishing tackle and even though the shelf's were stocked and the pegboard hooks full I didn't see anything that I needed. Finally getting past the distractions I made by way to the paint department and got a can of flat black and then over too electrical to buy a new flood light bulb. House wash was on sale and I picked up some, sooner or later this summer I am going to stain the cabin and I will need to clean the siding off. Looking at my list I headed back to the paint department. Stain brushes were on sale so I got a few of them along with some roller covers for an indoor project. Next stop was clothing, I needed a few replacement tee shirts but I had to stop to answer my phone.


I have a cell phone and it rarely goes off, I feel that the fewer people I tell my number to the less calls I will receive. I always seem to get looks when I do answer my phone as I always just say out loudly "Yes Mr. President" and for a few second's people around me get real quiet. This call was from my grand daughter, so it was an important call that I had to take. After a few yes yes yes from me I ended the call and then walked back to the ducklings where I took a picture and then forwarded it to my daughters phone so the grand daughter could see the ducklings. I then went back to shopping.


As I sit at my desk here in the den the snow has picked up some, the deck is now white and the handles on the shovels and rakes are resting places for snow flakes. I can hear the wind blowing through the trees and the wind chimes have a little more sway into them. Duncan walked over to the deck door looked out and then made his way back to me. He bumped his head against my knee and I moved so he could climb under the desk and lay at my feet. His head is resting on my foot and he just gave me a heavy sigh, Winter can come to an end anytime here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Lunar Eclipse I mostly missed

Posted by Bobby Bass on April 15, 2014 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (0)

I WOKE UP at three this morning, I didn't do it on purpose but I knew there was going to be a lunar eclipse and when you get old you have an internal clock that just goes off by itself. I woke up and went to the bathroom and as long as I was up I headed to the kitchen. For some reason I had a craving for a soda. A couple of black cats crossed by path but that is OK, they are mine. I got to the kitchen and no sooner did I open the door to the fridge when I heard the stereo meowing of my two black tom cats Buff and Smokie. I got out a piece of sliced cheese and gave them each half, a blatant bribe to keep them quiet so the wife would not hear me in the fridge. I took a can of soda to the living room and tried to open the can quietly in the still of the night. It took but three long sips to finish the can and in-between sips I looked out the window at the moon. I thought about getting out the camera but I figured I could just go on the computer and see pictures shot with better equipment then what I have. A satisfying burp later and I was headed back to bed, the black cats leading the way like mine sweepers in the darkness.


With the wind blowing and snow in the forecast for tomorrow I needed to go find some warmth. I was out in my greenhouse but it is barren in there. It has been too cold to move the little seedling out there as I normally do by this time of the year. I still need to do a cleaning in there but it did smell pretty good as I gathered up some small pots to bring in the cabin to do some transplanting. A few old cherry tomato plants are still in their pots and a couple of shriveled up and dried out pepper plants add to the earthly smell. Warm but not warm enough to leave plants out there overnight yet. I drove into town and headed over to Diggers Garden Center. He has a big greenhouse there and I walked in the front doors of the store and then made my way back to the greenhouse entrance. My daughter works there so I can come and go as I please in the greenhouse.


I opened the door to the greenhouse and was greeted with warm moist air and the aroma of tomato and pepper plants. A delivery of flowers had arrived and they were spread out on the big center table. The daughter greeted me and then went to wait on a customer. I noised around the flowers some and then went out to get the cart that the daughter had set a side for me. I have been putting it off but it was time to get my cart of onion sets and tatters. No sooner do you put something in a cart and put a name on it then people think it is something special and want to buy what is in the cart. An old trick of the greenhouse is to take plants and mark them as being SAVED and sure enough someone will come and want to buy what is in the cart. Works really good when the sign says it is for the town or county. Big Earl uses the same trick when he hangs them little yellow tags on stuff saying that it is the last one he has in stock.


With spuds and onions I added a couple of bags of soil and some seeds, I had added some Butterfly Weed seeds to my order and they went in the cart. I pushed out to the checkout and paid for everything getting the daughters discount along with my HIYA discount. Out to the Tahoe and I opened the doors and emptied the cart. A few small bags of tatters were going to my place but the rest were going to the RESORT where we are going to expand the garden and add these seed tatters to some we saved from last year's garden. The dirt was going home to be used for transplanting cherry tomatoes and my tobacco plants. The Tahoe was at least starting to smell a little spring like inside. The smell of tatters, onions and black dirt mixed in well with the mud that Duncan has been tracking in.


I went to the RESORT where I unload the tatters and onion sets into the BAIT ROOM. Good as place as any to store them till we can get around to tilling the garden and planting. They were not sitting in the corner for more then thirty minutes when Arlo came by to chat and saw them sitting there. He asked Vic how much we were selling the tatters for. Vic told Arlo they were not for sale then asked me if he should put a sign on them saying they are not for sale. I told him no I will find some other place to store them. Soon as we put a sign on them then someone will come and make Vic a offer he can't refuse, that is how it works, here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Sunday Drive

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HAD AN ITCH to take a drive yesterday so I grabbed a stogie from my stash and me and Duncan climbed into the Tahoe and we did a road trip. I think back in the old days they use to call it a Sunday drive. I can remember a few of them Sunday drives back in the day. Usually it was into the big city to go to Dairy Queen. Always thought it was interesting that the country folk would drive into town and the town folk would drive out to the country. Now a days a lot of people live out in the country but work in the city. Can't say the same for to many people working out in the country and living in the city, if that makes any sense.


So with the window just cracked to let smoke out for me but open wide enough in the back for Duncan to stick his head out we took a drive. Ditches that were just a few weeks ago piled high and deep with snow just have water in them. Pretty cold looking water at that I thought as I drove down the road. I spotted a couple of deer and a rabbit running across the road. A raccoon who did not make it across was on the shoulder. Some geese flying low looking for a place to land, the pond they were by was still froze and you could see the tracks that snow mobiles had made during the winter. A few horses were out and they would look up from the snow they were nuzzling and give us that horse look.


Not a lot of people out I noticed. You would think people would be out working in the gardens or mending fences. Getting lawn tractors up and running. Might be all the snow on the ground and the blowing wind was keeping them in. Sunshine Ray is forecasting a chance of more snow come midweek. Enough that it will stick to the ground and shovels may be needed. Pretty tuff to work in a garden still buried in snow and too cold to paint a fence because the paint will freeze before it will dry. There is water to be seen, the rivers are open and flowing near the top of their banks. Everything is black and white along the river, no color to be seen. No green grass or green leaves on trees. No colorful rowboats or canoes on the water. No bright red coolers or daisy printed sun hats. Just cold dark water with snow on the banks and an occasional ice chuck floating down river to go under a white colored concrete bridge. Winter is still holding on and she has a firm grip.


I pulled the Tahoe off the road and went down a narrow track that ends up at the lake. Just enough room in the summer to park a couple of trucks with trailers. It has not been plowed but the snow has melted enough where other people have driven down and made the turn to come back up. I figure if the tracks went down and came back up then I should be able to do the same. I follow the tracks and drive slowly, Duncan has his head out the window and I can hear him snorting in the air taking in all the smells that he can. I drive right up to the edge of the lake and I stop in the same spot where others have before me. I get out and Duncan climbs from the back set to the front and out the door to the snow covered ground. Head down he goes to work sniffing and inventorying smells.


I follow in the footsteps of someone who has been here before me. They lead to the waters edge where just a little sliver of water separates the shore from the ice of the lake. I stand and look out at the ice the same way I am guessing someone else did before me. Less then a month till fishing opener, things are going to have to speed up I am thinking. I turn and head back to the Tahoe, I give Duncan a Whoop Whoop and he runs back to the truck before skidding to a stop and sniffing something that somehow he missed. I give him a minute because I know he needs it. He is satisfied and bounces the last few yards to me and hops into the truck and into the back seat. I wipe the snow off the seat that he left me and climb in myself. I turn around in the small space and drive up slowly back to the road.


I just reach the road when a pick up comes slowly to a stop. We exchange head nods and I pull out onto the road as he pulls into my tracks and heads down the narrow track to the lake. No doubt he is going to check on the ice just like I did, here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Resort Day

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AT THE RESORT today, a tackle order came in and we have it spread across the great table in the main room. Pretty good timing I was thinking as the weather has changed and outside right now the wind is blowing strongly and the trees are swaying back and forth. Some rain is falling but not a lot. Just enough to get ya wet if you stood in the same place long enough. I was planning on doing some work outside here but with the rain that plan has changed. Duncan came up with me and he has already made a tour of the grounds and checked out all the rooms that are open to him inside. He is now laying on the floor stretched out to take up as much space as he can. Vic with his eye glasses low on his nose is tending the tomato seedlings that are sitting on the wide window sills of the main room. Watering and poking and prodding the little green plants.


The deck is clear of snow, yesterday day Hammering Hank and Skinny spent time with the ice choppers and broke the piles of snow and ice up and then pushed the mess out off the edge of the deck to melt. Today's rain has the deck clear of any snow that was left and I was thinking of taking a broom out but I think I would be better off using a hose, that is if it was not raining. With that job tabled I went back to check on Elmer and Marv who were working in the Bait Room. The shelves have been cleaned and rearranged along with some new pegboard hung. They were spending more time walking around with their coffee mugs then really working but we are not in any real hurry. The sound of water bubbling can be heard as one of the minnow tanks has a few minnows swimming around in it. The bait room outside door is on the lee side of the wind and they had the inside door open. The screen door kept the rain out but let the noise and the smells in. I walked over to the door and holding my own coffee cup I stood and looked out at the little ice covered bay.


The bottoms of the turn over row boats can be seen. The metal attracting the sun shine when it is out and heating up to melt snow away from the boats in a widening circle. Yesterday Vic told me a couple of geese were hiking around the shoreline but he has not seen them today. Vic's ice shanty rests on the shoreline, Hank has already promised to build him a better one for next season. Vic has a white board where he has been writing down what he wants in the new shack, it seems to change every couple of days. Hammering Hank seems to think he can recycle the old ice shack and turn it into a chicken coop. The idea of having fresh eggs up at the resort is a good one and we are going to see if Chuck will take on a few extra chicks till we can get a coop ready up here. With the pegboard clean I start to bring in tackle from the table and we start filling hooks and rearranging things. No hurry we just hang one item on a hook so we can see how everything is going to fit.


I was hoping to do some work in the wood shop this afternoon. Was going to start a fire in the potbelly stove and tune in the baseball game this afternoon. The long wire that we hung last summer for an antenna is still up, I thought for sure the wind or snow would have pulled it down over the winter. I am having second thoughts about going out there now as the wind is going to steal all my heat from inside the shop. I sat down in the first booth and watched Duncan as he lay on the floor and watches me with one eye. I think he has the right idea, it might just be that kind of day to just sit back and watch other people work here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Wolf River Cam / Pete's Pond

Posted by Bobby Bass on April 11, 2014 at 2:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Pete's Pond has also been added to join the Wolf River cam in Wisconsin. Pete's Pond is coming to you from New Zealand!

You can find the cams by clicking on the links.


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