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Posted by Bobby Bass on January 19, 2017 at 1:55 AM Comments comments (0)

29 IN THE BOAT HERE ON HIDDEN BAY today. The sun is out, no clouds and I am betting a lot of ice and snow will be sliding off the cabin and the Lodges roofs today. I would say that at least half of the snow on the greenhouse disappeared yesterday and that was with a cloud filled sky. Tomorrow I have to be in the big city for a day of testing. Have to do a cat scan and a couple of ultra sounds and then my favorite, a full body skeletal x-ray. Then off to lab to give away a half dozen vials of blood and turn in a 24 hour urine sample. Then I wait a week to see my DOC and hope that not to much damage has been done in the past year that I was dealing with cancer. The waiting to hear the results may be the hardest thing to do.


So this afternoon I am going to go to the Resort and spend the afternoon doing nothing. I may do some reading or maybe I'll do some ice fishing but work is not on my do list. The plan is I will come back home after dark, eat a late supper and go to bed. I can't eat or drink anything after midnight so I will have to do it all before then. Right now I am sitting at my desk in the den and the warm sunshine is pouring through the windows. It feels good and I have already stopped typing a couple of times and just took the time to lean back in my chair and let the sunshine take me. Guess I am in full vitamin D exposure.


Have spent some time this morning looking over seed catalogs and planning this next seasons garden. Called the daughter who bought the new house if they are planning on putting in a garden or are just going to plant in the couple of raised beds they have. She told me they want to add a garden besides the beds. I will grow some extra plants for them to plant so we will talk later on what she and the girls want. I already am going to plant a couple of apple trees on the property. One for me and one for the wife so when we are gone they will still think of us at apple picking time. As for me I am going to build another greenhouse in the garden. Wife was quick to point out that I already have a greenhouse and I countered with OK not a greenhouse but a "Hothouse" for peppers and tomatoes and I plan on growing some tobacco for cigars. Soon as I mentioned that she just rolled her eyes at me an threw up her hands and walked away. She didn't even let me tell her that I have just about everything here for another greenhouse er I mean hothouse including the special plastic. No sense in letting it go to waste I was going to say.


I should mention that we could use the early tomatoes and lettuce at the Resort where we actually make some money on it. Speaking of money that is something else I could do today and that is start on the Resorts tackle order for this season. Spending money has always had that calming feeling on me. Especially if it is on fishing lures, terminal tackle, sinkers and bobbers and plastic worms. Geeze I feel a little better already. Did I mention hooks? and spoons and nets, OK I'll stop now


Noise in the kitchen so I rolled out there to find Ranger Rick. He was moving kind of slow today from his accident and his hip is looking like one of the expensive dyed shirts that the tourist buy in California. Hearing what I have planned for the day he thought it was something two could do and so now I have a ride to the Resort but Ranger Rick will not go to the hospital tomorrow with me and donate blood. So as I finish this it I now 34 in the boat here at Lake Iwanttobethere

January Melt

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23 IN THE BOAT HERE ON HIDDEN BAY again today. Sunshine Ray's extended forecast is calling for rising temps and sunshine every other day. This would give us a warm melt for the snow that has gathered on roofs and the Lodge should get busy. I can see a lot of fishermen out on the ice and more then a few will be taking off time from work to get out there. As a mater of fact I am at the Lodge this morning. Was feeling pretty good with lots of energy so I thought I would come in and do some ordering and touch base with some of our suppliers who make daytime deliveries.


First thing I noticed when the wife dropped me off was a couple of old lawn mowers outside. When I came in I found Tiny working on a small carburetor. I had to talk to him and I found out that somehow we, the Lodge have become a drop off spot for old, gently used lawn mowers. I then remembered the tongue in cheek commercial I had made a few weeks ago. Looks like someone was listening and dumped their junk on us. Tiny did say he thinks he can take the parts from the two and get one running. The Lodge needs a push mower so maybe this will work out afterwards. Tiny also mentioned that someone dropped off a case of thirty weight oil, Gus took that he said.


Luge run is up and running, with all the snow we received last week and the use of Nytelyter front end loader a run was built. With a sunny day followed by a cloudy day we should be able to ice it down and it will last the rest of winter. Well Skinny and Hammering Hank will be doing that. I did get word from Ranger Rick that he had an accident yesterday and will be laid up a few days. He was out checking on the trails at Samantha Lake when he slid the Ranger he was driving down a hill and hit a tree. He cracked the windshield with his head and hit the tree with his hip or part of the Ranger. He is suppose to go see Dock Berrium today but is dragging his feet and everything else trying to get out of bed. The pine tree is still down on Trappers Trail but a detour has been put in around it. Ranger Rick was headed to the tree and the chain saw and other stuff might have been part of the balance problem with the Ranger.


Christmas tree drive is done here at the Lodge. Not as many trees collected as last year but they have all been taken to the Resort to be disposed of. Actually they will be tied in bundles, weighted down and dropped into the bay come spring melt out. Elmer and DOC and Vic will do it and will keep their new crappie spots a secret. Of course if you want to find out where they are all you need do is take a ride in Vic's mail boat and check the seats. He writes down all his good fishing spots in pencil on his wood bench seats because he does not know how to read them on his handheld GPS unit. The idea of drifting over some of the brush piles sounds like a good idea about now.


Forty may happen on Thursday which is a lot better then minus 20 I will have a day spent at the hospital doing tests. Last years tests are now all bench marks and I have to repeat them now a year latter to see how much damage has been done. Hoping I come out pretty good but I have a lot of work to do before fishing season comes this year. Launching a boat by myself may not be something I can do till late in the season but I sure would like to ride along with Chuck come June. So from a cloudy day here at the Lodge at Lake Iwanttobethere

Falcon Dive Drive

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23 IN THE BOAT HERE ON HIDDEN BAY today. Yesterday was "Robbie's Day" here at Lake Iwanttobethere. Robbi was a friend of my older brother who joined the marines and never came back to Lake Iwanttobethere in the late sixties. Yesterday morning I found the two Tenners at the kitchen table working on plates of pancakes with sausage from Ma and Pa's Grocery covered in syrup from my neighbor Maple Syrup Chuck. They were starting the day late as they had slept in late. When they sleep over they are always trying to beat their late night stay up record. I was in the living room at six-thirty yesterday morning turning off the TV and pulling covers up under chins. Just another thing their parents really don't need to know about.


I sat down at the kitchen table with a flat file and a story as I do every Sunday. The story not the flat file. So back to Robbie's Day. Robbie like I said was a friend of my brothers and I knew of Robbie but I was like six years younger then him. Anyway Robbie's dad was in the volunteer fire dept. and one day Robbie "Borrowed" his big wrench and he and a few of the buddies went to Falcon Dive Drive. Now a couple of things makes Falcon Dive Drive special. It is a very steep hill and it had a fire hydrant at the top. The Tenners ate pancakes and listen to me, I had their attention. Well Robby open the hydrant up and water poured out spreading out as it ran down the drive freezing as it went.


The water was soon turned off but the damage had already been done, at least that what they were calling it. To the kids of Lake Iwanttobethere it was the place to take your little red sled down. Ever since then every winter someone has open the hydrant at the top of Falcon Dive Drive. No one knows who does it and it is not done on any special day. There were times when just a few kids in town would show up to make a run or two but in the last several years it has somehow become a way to honor those who served. There have been days when almost every kid in town is on the hill. Some may jut run the last block where the water and ice ends up on the dry pavement. It also should be noted that the volunteer fire department takes awhile to come and turn the water off but some of the guys were friends of Robbie.


Now for the older kids of Lake Iwanttobethere they will start at the top and push off and some will make it all the way to the bottom but most tend to hit the curb and fly into the snow bank. Even braver ones will hold their red sled to their chest and then take a running start before tossing the sled on the ice and then their bodies on the sled to get an even faster start. Of course there are some there trying to impress their girlfriends and are to busy looking at the gf's then their sled and they miss the sled completely. Still others do not prepare properly, they don't file their runners, and I held up the flat file. Sharp runners means sharp control. My grandson asked me how I knew all of these things and I sat back in the kitchen chair and told them that I have ran Falcon's Dive Drive a few times and made it all the way to the bottom.

"So grandson when you are done with breakfast I think it is time to go sharpen your runners." The granddaughters stood up hands on hips and said "What about me, Papa" I smiled back and said "I already did yours" and I thought to myself there are just something's parents don't need to know. "Hey grandson, better bring that armor you made." I was pretty proud of my grandson, he made it all the way to the bottom, granted it took him five tries and I guess I should have told him what to expect when you run out of ice and start sliding on pavement and sand. But I must admit the light show he put up from the runners sending up sparks did get him a round of applause then he flipped. Good thing he was wearing his armor and just something else his ma does not have to know about here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Winter Armor

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19 IN THE BOAT HERE ON HIDDEN BAY today. A work day today as the Tenners are here and they brought their winter boots and bibs. Warmer out so right off they loaded the plastic sleds with fire wood and rode them from the big wood pile down the hill to the cabin. Along with Duncan's help they filled the wood rack on the deck and the one inside the cabin. Yesterday was cold and sunny the perfect conditions to make icicles on the cabin. We don't use the front door much and it is a prime icicle location as a couple of valleys meet there. The daughter had the new snow thrower out and widened sidewalks and the parking area. She is impressed with how far the new thrower tosses snow. Forty-five feet is her guess as she caught the Tenners on accident or maybe on purpose in showers of snow as they worked.


The daughter coming around the cabin to the front found that a huge icicle had formed, she came in to tell me it was just a few feet away from reaching the porch railing so that would make it somewhere around fifteen feet. I am house bound and I would have never let it grow so large. I told her to grab the camera and take a picture but before she could get outside there was a series of loud crashes. I rolled to the window to see the Tenners with two sections of the ice rake admiring their work. They had knocked the big icicle down. I could not yell at them as they were both standing there looking like a couple of Fish County employees wearing their hard hats and leaning on the sections of the roof rake.


Before I could get their attention they started loading up the broken icicle on their plastic sleds. A couple of pieces were as thick as they were. In a couple of minutes they were done and I yelled to the wife to make some hot cocoa for our hard working grand kids. I decided not to tell the wife what the Tenners had done. I was proud that they had gotten hard hats out of the old Dodge to wear though. I gave them a few minutes to finish then went to the deck door to call them in. The grand daughter showed up right away and I asked her where her partner was. She told me he was going to go around and knock the rest of the icicles off the cabin. I was going to tell the granddaughter to tell the grandson to forget it till I saw him come out of the garage.


He was wearing a hard hat and he had on my old football shoulders pads and somehow he had managed to get my hockey shin pads to stay on his arms. To finish it off he was even wearing safety glasses and he had a metal garbage can lid in the other hand. I figured I would let him have at it and then he saw me in the door way. I just gave him a thumbs up and closed the door, it is just something else grandma need not know. The granddaughter took her bibs off and headed to the kitchen, I put my finger to my lips and she knew it was a sign to be quiet with Nana. She sat down at the table and her grandmother poured her a mug of hot cocoa, The granddaughter unwrapped a couple of Rollos and dropped them in her cocoa to make it even more chocolatly tasting. Outside you could hear the breaking of icicle's as they hit the ground and a few clanked off the armor the grandson was wearing. You could also hear the cheering of one happy grandson in their destruction here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Sipping Brandy

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-9 IN THE BOAT HERE ON HIDDEN BAY as I write this, a lot better then the minus 19 it was here at breakfast time. Sun is shinning so that is good, I mean it looks warm out till you open the door. Duncan's trips outside are short, he does his thing and he is back at the door ringing the bell to come in. Too cold to be running around checking gates and looking for rabbits. Last night I had a good fire going in the fireplace and I sat on the couch under a heavy quilt. I ate popcorn and watched the Wild win 7-1 and listen to the east coast announcers finally having to eat their words and admit the Wild just might be a good team this season.


Watched Sunnyclear Weather give her forecast of a very cold night but we will warm up next week. Wife went to bed and it was just me and the brown dog on the couch. He tucked up tight next to me and I laid my hand on his back and petted him for a long time. Normally the brown dog would go to bed when the wife did but I think last night he was betting I was going to be the warmer choice. I dozed off and when I woke up the brown dog had worked his way under the quilt. The fire was coals so I got up and left the dog under the quilt and made my way to the fireplace. I moved the grill away and stirred the coals with the poker and got some small flames to shoot up. I added two split birch chunks to the fire but not till I peeled away the bark and put it in the wood kindling box for another fire.


With the flames already licking around the birch I added a nice round of maple to the center of the fire then put the grill back. I checked to make sure the ceiling fan was turning and the small box fan that was set on low was pushing the warm air down the hall. Reminded me of how it was when the kids were young and before we had a furnace installed. Someone, usually me would have to stay up late on the very cold winter nights to make sure the fire was burning and the heat was sent down the hall into the bedrooms. We don't have to do that now but I am retired and have nothing that needs to be done come morning.


Since I was up I headed to the kitchen and reaching behind the oatmeal in the baking cabinet I got out the bottle of brandy. Grabbed a tumbler and dropped in a couple of ice cubes then poured myself a nice double, OK maybe it was a weak triple. I turned to go back to the living room and Duncan was standing there. I paid him off with a dog biscuit or maybe it was two as he held out. A quick check of the fire and a walk to the big window to look out at the quiet night. Thermometer said seventeen below and nothing was moving in sight.


I thought about giving Vic a call at the Resort, I was betting he would be up tending the fire. Instead I sat back on the couch, pulled the quilt up over me and the brown dog who was still with me and took a sip of my brandy. The phone beside me rang just once and I waited for it to ring a second time, it did not. So I picked up the phone and called the Resort. It was picked up after the first ring. I said "Seventeen below" a voice on the other end said "Twenty-seven below" then Vic and I talked for awhile, sipping brandy and tending fires here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Creek Fishing

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9 IN THE BOAT HERE ON HIDDEN BAY thia afternoon,yesterday as planned Duncan and I went to the Lodge to work the afternoon shift, at least I did. Duncan would make his rounds of the main room then head back to the bar to be with me or so I thought. He would come around the bar to lie at my feet close to the cooler. He would soon be asleep and I found out why. The cooler of course exhausts warm air from a fan and where he was sleeping the fan was sending out a constant wave of warm air. I bent down to pet him and felt the warm breeze. I had Gus toss a rug down there and Duncan adjusted it to his liking and he slept most of the afternoon away.


Business was slow but that I think is because the ice fishermen were on the ice then as on Thursday it going to be a real cold one. Couple of guys were talking fishing so I rolled down on my stool and took a towel and started to dry beer mugs that were not wet. The guys were a couple of lodge members and they were fly fishermen and they were talking weight of lines and length of rods. I tried to remember the last time I went fly fishing and I could not remember when. I of course do remembered the last time I went fishing for trout though.


It was a hot summer afternoon three fishing seasons ago. The bass thermometer had its skinny red needle resting just above ninety. Too hot to mow, heck it was too hot to sit on the deck. I went to the garage and open the fridge, a couple of cold beers looked back at me but I reached way in the back where I had crawlers resting. I open the lid and a fat crawler ducked back under the cover of the moss. That was not going to save him as I took the box to the work bench and flipped the box over and let the moss and worms fall out. A quick count showed I had twenty lively worms and one dead one. Back in the box they went and I grabbed my canvas fishing bag hanging from the rafter in the back of the garage. I put the worms in the bag and as I passed the fridge I grabbed the two beers.


Towels were hanging from the clothes line so I grabbed one and rolled the beers up in it. I then tossed it in my bag and the bag went in the Tahoe. In the cabin I went and the old ultra light rod came off the rack and a small tackle box marked TROUT were carried to the kitchen. I left a note for the wife, went in the fridge and took out the brown paper lunch bag then asked all three dogs if they wanted to take a ride. Duncan was waiting at the Tahoe and Bud and Barney took their time walking slow to the truck.


Rod in the truck and tackle box and lunch in the fishing bag. Duncan hopped up in the truck and I had to help Barney in and Bud of course rode shotgun. I cracked the windows open but turn the a/c on high and we headed off to a little honey hole I know in a creek not too far away. When we arrived the a/c was blasting out cold air and Barney did not want to leave the back seat. Duncan was out and running in the tall green grass like a kid his age would. I open the door for Bud and had to coax him out by saying he could go swimming. He then got out, sniffed the air and headed to the creek which was short walk away. I left the back door cracked open some so if Barney wanted to come he could get out. I grabbed my gear put a hat on and off to the creek I went.

I waded in the cool water and lost almost all my worms to chubs, I caught one rainbow but he was too small to keep. When the worms were gone I sat up on the bank and cracked a beer open. It went down so fast I don't think I even tasted it. The second beer I sipped then I laid with sleeping damp dogs. The buzz of honey bees and red winged blackbirds telling us we were trespassing surrounded us. I was watching Duncan when one of Duncan's eyes open up and he was looking behind me. A moment later Barney appeared and he bumped me on his way to the creek water. He went in as far as his knees and then he laid down in the cool water. I could almost hear him sigh as the water caressed his old bones. I watched Barney as he laid in the water, eyes half open or half closed depending on how you were looking. A doe came down to drink on the other side of the creek and everyone looked at each other but no one bother to bother each other, it was just too hot.


I know we stayed there for awhile. I went in and out of the water a few times. No need for the towel as the heat of the afternoon dried me off in just a few minutes. I shared my lunch with the dogs and drank the bottle of water in the brown bag. Thinking back I think that was the last time that me and all three dogs went some place together. We should have done it more and I should have taken the time to remember what we did. If I am so lucky to get out this summer I will think of Barney as I am looking forward to wading in the creek and feeling the cool water on my knees, I hope I sigh like Barney did as he took his time to get to the creek and then took the time to enjoy the water. I am going to make the time to take the time to stop and smell the roses here at Lake Iwanttobethere.

The Nest

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7 IN THE BOAT HERE ON HIDDEN BAY this afternoon. The FELLOWS just left here.They had yet another business idea they wanted me to get in on the ground floor with. Today's it was part time Internet so after my coffee pot was drained we sat around the kitchen table and they told me their idea. They would offer me part time Internet at a part time price. Say I got the Internet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and my neighbor Chuck would get Internet Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. My first question "Was who gets the Internet on Sunday?" "Well of course we do" said Tiny. I nodded my head "And me and Chuck pay for it?, no thanks" gave them a good luck and sent them off. Part time Internet, did kind of make a little sense though, who is on the Internet all the time...


Got a little cold out last night and I was sleeping hard when the call of nature made a visit. My two heavy quilts were in the wash so I was sleeping with four small blankets which are the perfect size for the grand kids but are short for me. I had built myself a nest by having one blanket cover my lower legs another covering my shoulders and the other two covering the seam. I had not moved since I laid down and the mattress under me was warm to the touch and the pillow was the perfect shape for my head. The call was persisted and I tried to avoid it but finally I had to crawl out of my nest and my feet hit the cold floor and I made my way to the bathroom. I return to bed fully awake and climbed back into my cold nest.


I put blankets back the way I had them but the mattress was cold and the blankets did not fit as well as before. I had to pound on the pillow some before I could get it in a shape to fit my head again. I know that makes no sense, my head had not changed shape in the few minutes I was gone but I still had to reform the pillow. Finally everything was in place so then I laid there trying to go back to sleep. A few hours later I woke up again to that feeling, a nice warm nest around me and I had that urge to go again.


Call from Ranger Rick this morning, trails are all groomed on the Samantha Lake trail system. Maple syrup Chuck has joined him in opening up some of the more interesting trails which include Lost College Students and Dead Battery GPS trail. They hope to open up Porcupine Ridge trail and the Good Luck Swamp trail. The big pine is still down but all other trails are open to skiing, 4v4 traffic and of course dog sleds. There is now fourteen inches of ice on Samantha Lake and with temperatures to bottom out tomorrow night below twenty below the ice will be even thicker. Day time highs may not reach five below o so it is advised to stay off the trails for a day and find a fireplace to sit in front of.


Heading down to the Lodge this afternoon, going to work the afternoon shift behind the bar. Will be taking Duncan down. He is running low on dog biscuits and the Lodge guys always give him some. What we do is order dog biscuits and then sell them to who ever wants them for a quarter. Duncan collects the biscuit and puts them in the office to eat later. Now if we could figure away for Duncan to put them back in the jar on the bar we might just have a business plan that the FELLOWS could run with here at Lake Iwanttobethere.


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19 IN THE BOAT HERE ON HIDDEN BAY this afternoon. The Tenners were here this last weekend and we got a lot done around the cabin. Wood was brought down to fill the racks both inside and outside. Duncan got played with a lot and even Diego spent some time with the kids but he still refuses to talk when around them. The case of cracker jacks is missing several boxes and the bottle of popcorn seed is going to need to be refilled. Watched a couple of hockey games and spent a few quiet hours in the shanti.


Snow fell everyday and the kids did shovel some but I think it is time to haul the new snow thrower out to push back banks. I mention that to the daughter this morning as another four inches of snow fell over night. Blowing her nose she asked if it was done snowing for today and I told her no, "She said wake me when it is done" and headed back to bed, blanket in tow. I would say we have twelve inches of new snow here at the cabin and I went with Chuck to the Resort and there is eighteen inches of fresh powder there. Skinny had just finished plowing and we had no problem getting in.


Chuck helped me in and I was warmly greeted by both Vic and Marv. I sat down by the pot belly stove and unbutton my coat and took in the heat. Vic brought me over some hot apple cider with a cinnamon stick in it and I took a testing sip before taking a gulp. Could feel the hot cider run down my throat into my empty stomach. I held the mug in my hands and could feel myself warming up. I got right into small talk with Vic as I asked how his and DOC's crappie spot was doing and he told me..... Well I can't tell you as Vic told me I could not share. Just about then Marv slid a sandwich in front of me, home made bread with a slab of crappie and homemade tarter sauce. Guess the fishing spot is doing just fine.


Licked my fingers and drank the last gulp of cider. Marv said "Bobby, come here I want to show you something" I got up on my walker and followed him to the back of the Resort that faces out towards the big garden. Marv pointed out the window at the garden and I followed his finger to see a covey of grouse working the garden. I said "How Long" Marv said "They showed up right after deer season, this time every day "And you said nothing" I asked. Marv watching the grouse next to me said "Well we thought they were kind of cute" I stood and watched, and he was right, they were kind of cute I was also thinking how it would look to see Duncan kicking them up.


Just then a line of snowmobiles came in on the trail and Vic and Marv got busy for awhile. I sat down in booth three and watched them work. Egg sailed sandwiches and a couple of pizza's were served but no beer. The hot cider was a hit though. An hour later and the place was quiet and there was some fresh money in the till. Couple of fishermen parked in the lot and Vic went back with them to the Bait Room, I could hear the cash register ring up a sale and a smile went across my face. This place is turning out to be a good investment. Figured I should help out here some so I used my walker to go over to the pot belly stove. I stirred the fire and tossed in a couple of chunks of maple and sat back down in the closest chair to the stove. We have snow, we have customers and we have crisp new dollars in the till here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Inch Worm

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3 ABOVE IN THE BOAT HERE ON HIDDEN BAY this afternoon, we are having a heat wave! Running late today as I went to bed early last night then got up in the middle of the night to watch hockey that I had recorded. Very good game as the local team scored five times in the third to win it. Between 2nd and third periods I rolled out to the kitchen and made myself a dagwood sandwich and brought it back to the living room. I had the sandwich a handful of cheese nips and the last of the pop in mountain dew bottle. I sat in the darkness with just the light from the TV and a blanket over my shoulder. I had the heat coming off the fireplace and some more flickering light.I had tossed some birch on and it was just like old days for me.


Went to bed around four and slept in past noon, wife kept trying to wake me up till I told her what I did then she left me alone. Yesterday was a good day as I told the wife I had a hankering for some steak and to my surprise she agreed. She went to Ma and Pa's and Pa had T-bones on sale at half price, she bought three and also bought a case of cracker jacks. OK story here when she came into the grocery Pa and Ma were arguing about a case of cracker jacks that were close to being expired and had not made it to the shelf. The wife said she would take them off their hands at a reduce rate of course. She ended up buying them for eighteen cents a box, I see an endless amount of cracker jacks in my future and the visiting grand kids.


Cold snap to continue according to both Sunshine Ray and a tanned Stormy Clearweather who is just back from vacation. Grand kids are coming over tomorrow which is good timing as the wood racks are getting low. Duncan did bring down some maple this morning so that helped. Found out when Diego is cold he just puts his head under his wing and pretends to sleep. I find that if I turn around in my chair I can have staring contest with him but he always wins. Heck I have not looked, he might not even have any eye lids! OK I looked he does have eye lids. So as you might have guessed I have not had a lot of interaction with Diego, I was after all hopeing for a puppy instead. Duncan and the wife like him so I guess that is something.


Wife told me when she was in town it was hard telling who was who. Everyone is bundled up tight against the cold. Christmas gifts of scarfs and fur line bomber hats are everywhere. She saw a couple of them nylon parkas that go all the way to the ground and make you look like an inch worm, she thought them gals would be in big trouble if they fell, how would they get up? Men all dressed in there brown outfits sporting choppers and wearing face masks. Then of course there were the teenager wearing hoodies and shaking way like lost lambs acting cool, which I am sure they were. Not to worry soon the cold will be gone the snow melted and warm breezes will drift across the decks. The furnace will be quiet and the ash will lay still in the fireplaces. Instead of taking wood from the wood pile we will be adding to it. Ground will go from white to green and the water of the lake from hard to soft. Gloves will go from insulated to jersey brown and the sunsets from five till almost ten here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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-14 IN THE BOAT HERE ON HIDDEN BAY this morning when I got up. I let Duncan outside to do his thing and it only took about thrifty seconds for him to do the cold paw dance. For some reason watching Duncan I thought of the malamute that I owned forty years ago. His name was Bandit and he was a huge bundle of fur and dog. I was working at a gas station at the time and a guy would come in with his dogs all the time. We got to talking and I told him I would love to have one of his dogs. Come spring he sold me bandit who was a puppy for one hundred dollars. A lot of money back in the early seventies for a single guy


He told me Bandits parents were draft dogs raised to haul freight not to race. He also told me Bandit is or was consider to be an upbreed dog which means he was going to be big. Didn't matter to me I was renting a house with a fenced in yard. I gave him the money and took Bandit home with me. At six months he was ninety pounds at two years we took him to a grain mill to get weighed, he was one hundred and sixty pounds. I could not find a collar for him so we put a chain around his twenty-four inch neck. He ate a bag of dog food a week and at two years old he still thought he was a puppy and demanded a lot of attention.


For the kids in the neighborhood he was a draw and they would climb over the fence to play with him. I would have to yell at the kids because they were like a hundred pounds to his one-sixty and he would maul them. Parents do not like kids coming home covered in dog slobber. On days like today he was at his best, cold? Not for him. With that hairy coat of his he would roll around in the snow or stand at the window trying to get me to come out and play. He would sleep coverd in snow drifts not going in his dog house.


When he was three I had to move to a apartment and I put in a kennel for him and my mothers dog that I was watching. I was there for about six months when I came home from work and found the kennel door standing open and both dogs gone. Spent the next two weeks calling the pound and searching for the dogs but I never did see Bandit again. After all of these years I have convinced myself that Bandit found himself a family with kids and he enjoyed the rest of his life. Every once in a while I come to think of him and today I dug into my old box of pictures and found a picture of him as a puppy, I grinned for awhile at him as he always had that effect on me then slid the picture under the plastic that protects my desk top. He joins fishing pictures and grand kid pictures and other dogs that make me smile here at Lake Iwanttobethere.


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