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Speaking Lab

Posted by Bobby Bass on May 20, 2015 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (0)

SPENT A LONG day working on the Honey Do List and only managed to check off a few things, kept getting side tracked. Don't ya just hate it when that happens. The wife came home from visiting her ma and all she saw was a few things checked off and asked me what I have been doing all day. I was going to start rattling things off to her but she was already out of the room and ear shot. Duncan sitting at my feet rested a paw on my foot and gave me one of his soft bark kind of howls which I interpreted to mean "It's OK I saw you were working all day" I am pretty sure that is what he says as I speak Lab. I reached down and patted his head and told him "Thanks, but I am still not going to give you an extra dog biscuit" He then got up and shook his head at me and headed to the kitchen to work the wife for a bone.


I started out pretty good, got all the plants watered in the cabin and the greenhouse then I made the mistake of sitting down and talking to the wife about planting. The plants in the cabin need to be moved to the greenhouse so they can harden off in time to get them in the ground by the end of the month. Trouble is I am out of shelf space but I do have room to add some more. The more I thought of it I figured I might as well go down to Big Earl's General Store and buy another eight foot section of wire shelf and some brackets. Going to use the wire shelf because later in the summer I will be able to hang my tobacco leaf from it to dry. I talked myself into it and so Duncan and I went to town and ended up buying some rain gutter and some fencing while we were at it. Was lunch time by then so I picked up a couple of cheeseburgers and split one with Duncan, if I didn't he would have told the wife I was eating out.


The metal shelf was put up the greenhouse after I spent a good twenty minutes trying to find my screw gun. I had used it in the shop to pre drill holes for the son the other day and it was not put back where it belongs. Instead I found it buried under a extension cord halfway under a cabinet, Had to call the son to ask where he put it and then spent another twenty minutes talking about his boat. With the shelf up I carried plants from inside the cabin to the greenhouse and then had to rearrange things. I figure the entire job took three hours or so and all I got to do was check off "Move plants to greenhouse" I won't get in to moving the wheel barrow and finding a flat tire or pulling the tiller out only to find another tire low on air and my gas can empty. Getting gas will be something for tomorrow's do list.


The wife came home like I said and after awhile she came back outside to of course find me sitting down. She sat on the swing and said this is nice, then cocking her head to one side she said "I think I hear a lawn mower, we should probably mow our grass to" I would like to point out the we is actually me and it was not on my do list, at least not for today. I pointed out I was out of gas and the lawn tractor probably needs to have the battery charged. The wife nodded her head and said I should add that to my list. I got up and went to the shop where the lawn tractor is stored for the winter, I didn't even check the tractor because I already know it will need the battery charged, lubed maybe an oil change and for sure the blades need to be sharpen. I know this because it was just that kind of a day here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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I AM IN a dilemma here this morning at Lake Iwanttobethere. Kind of like sitting at the cherry wood bar at the Lodge with two free beers in front of me, which one do I drink first? Why am I in a dilemma? Well for the first time in over a week the sun is shinning, no rain in the forecast for the next several days and I have so much stuff to do on the To Do List I don't know where to start. So I am like a mule between two bales of hay, a fishermen with two bobbers going down at the same time. I know all I have to do is just start but where do I start? At the top of the list? I could just have the wife pick something out for me but then I would think there is a reason why she would want me to do that thing and I would reject it as a trap. I could just do the granddaughter to do list, that one is all over the place as she does not plan anything. Normally I would avoid a problem like this by just going fishing, but I don't have the Puddle Humper together and that, putting the boat together is also on the list.


What to do what to do. I could go over to my neighbor Chuck and see what he is up to but I already know he is putting up insulation in the new building. I am pretty sure he does not want any company doing that. I think he wants to enjoy climbing up and down the ladder to the fourteen foot high ceiling, stapling a few times before having to come back down, move the ladder and climb back up again. All I could do is just offer encouragement to him and likely become a target for a few staples shot in my direction. Elmer is not home on the other side of me, he is up at the Resort and I am guessing he and Marv are out searching for crappies this time of day. I did talk to Gus yesterday and he told me it was snowing, Big flakes that melted when they hit the ground but never the less it was still snow. I did go out on the deck here just a little while ago. Sun is shinning, some wind is blowing and it is not as warm as it looked like from inside the cabin.


The goal is to have the garden in by the end of the month, all the tobacco planted and the greenhouse pretty much emptied. Grass I am sure will need to be mowed by then and I also hope to have a few afternoons out on the water fishing. Oil changes need to be done on all the trucks and mowers and the tiller to. Wedding anniversary coming up in a few days so that will mean the mother in law will be over. By the way her surgery on her shoulder went well, she says she is on good pain meds and is doing fine. Six weeks before she can get her arm out of the sling so the wife is over there every day helping out. Makes it kind of quiet here for me and no one around to get me a cup of coffee when I need one. Who am I kidding, my wife don't fetch me coffee, she just suggest that I get up and get my own! Coming up on thirty-eight years of marriage, who would have thought that, not any of my sister in laws if you ask them.


I know I am not all alone here I am sure you have just as much work to get caught up on as I do. The rain that has been falling this past week has pretty much covered everybody around the Lake. At least the water level have gone up and will continue as the swamps are filled and the ditches are wet. Grass is green and with sunny days ahead the dandelions will be deep by the weekend. Chores will get done and the do list will get started, one thing will lead to another and I am sure the list will be added to as things get marked off. I hope we have seen the last of snow and summer will arrive here a few days early at least on my end of Lake Iwanttobethere


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NO SOONER DID I post a story yesterday then the rain started to fall here at Lake Iwanttobethere. A few cracks of lightning were heard and the rain pounded off the roof, filled the rain gutters and over ran them. The water gushed off the roof to fall to the deck and splatter upwards before falling again to run down between the cracks to the ground and then follow the rain drops before it down the hill to the lake. I didn't go out and sit on the covered swing, it was to cold out and the wind was blowing steady at twenty miles an hour with some gusts. It was one of those everything gets wet kind of rain as the wind blew water everywhere and there were no safe spots to avoid getting wet. I stood looking out the window watching and reminding myself that we need the rain but I am beginning to think that Mother Nature could ease up some now.


This morning everything is still wet and the ground is soaked. Robins are busy tweeting their heads off as worms are every where. Seagulls have already been through walking the grounds like they are working a buffet line on senior Tuesday. Dogs have already been outside and Barney moving slow did not wander too far off the deck. Duncan being Duncan of course ran down the deck and jumped off only to land to land with a spalsh in to a puddle of water hidden by grass. No problem with him, with ears flapping and tongue hanging out of his mouth he ran through the wet grass and water puddles like he was on his way to returning a kick off for the winning touchdown. He made a nice wide circle before coming up on to the deck, stopped and stood in front of me. I waited for the shake but Duncan being a lab could care less if he is wet. He just stood there with mud and pieces of grass hanging on him and gave me a lab smile. If I didn't know better I think he was telling me I should come for a run, the grass is just fine.


With the dogs wiped down they were let back in the cabin and I sat down in the kitchen with the radio on. Sunshine Ray was talking about the rain and I was not listening to hard till he said that the rain of yesterday was circling back around the lake and was going to hit us again today. I was thinking that a lot of stuff on my to do list was not going to get done when Sunshine Ray then said it was going to dry out tomorrow and we will have five sunny days in a row before the rain returns. I of course do not believe him but maybe I should make some plans to get the Puddle Humper ready to put in the water. I did listen up when I heard Sunshine Ray saying that it was going to get down to thirty tonight, will have to make sure I have heat on in the greenhouse.


From what I can gather fishing has been pretty slow. Guys who have gone out have caught fish but nothing really big or nothing to go into the Lodge and buy a round and brag over. Gardens are not doing anything, to cold and now with all of this rain I have heard some of the Ladies from the Woman's Auxiliary who like to be the first in everything are now worried their gardens will have to be replanted as they either washed away or the seed will rot. Peepers are loud in the evening as the ditches are filled with water and I imagine the swamps are full again. The little frogs have a lot to sing about. I have seen a few skeeters to, I am sure they are going to be out in force here in a few weeks. All in all the dry spring has now turned into a wet one and Mother Nature is doing her thing to balance everything out here at Lake Iwanttobethere.


Posted by Bobby Bass on May 17, 2015 at 12:35 PM Comments comments (0)

WELL AT LEAST it is not raining here at Lake Iwanttobethere, right now. Thunderstorms are in the forecast for the day and already I have heard of heavy rain falling to the west of the lake. Only a matter of time before the rain gets here. We do have thick fog and everything is wet from over night rains and I am thinking that the water level in the lakes has to be coming up some by now.


Yesterday the granddaughter was here and we dug up one of the two year old apple trees that did not make it through the past two winters and replaced it. I sat back in a chair and watched as the granddaughter tugged and dug and pulled and dug some more. I offered to help her with getting the dead apple tree out but it had become personal and I totally understand when a job becomes personal.


With the dead tree out of the ground she then dug out the hole some more and we added fresh dirt and set in the new tree. Stakes were pounded in the ground and we ran support line around the stakes to the tree. The old fencing was reused to go around the little tree to keep the rabbits away and then we stood back to admire our completed project. The granddaughter made the comment that replacing trees are much harder work then just putting a new one in. She then went to find Duncan who was last seen dragging away the old apple tree. When the granddaughter is here we are all over the place doing chores but they are done in the order she thinks they should be, nothing wrong with that as we do get a lot of stuff done. We were going to mow but the grass was still to wet and we did check out the garden but if you stepped off a path your shoe bottoms were soon coated in thick heavy mud.


We worked in the wood shop some and my son came over needing a few wooden braces made for his kitchen table. He brought me over a chunk of wood and asked if I could make some replacement supports. I knew I was getting conned but it was just easier for me to do it then to show him how. A few minutes with the table saw and then the miter saw and the angled blocks were made. He them asked if I could go ahead and pre drill the screw holes for him and I did that to. He said thanks dad and headed for the door. I called out his name and he turned and saw me holding up a broom. "Clean up" is all I said and he took the broom and shrugged his shoulders, he had tried to get out of doing anything. With the granddaughter holding the dust pan I left the two of them to sweep up. I know the granddaughter won't let him out of the shop until every corner is swept and no sawdust is left.


Spent time in the greenhouse not real warm in there as we have not had a whole lot of sunshine. Plants are still growing though and they still needed to be watered. We did go down to the boat house and checked on a few things. The granddaughter tried on her life vest and she needs a new one. I have been telling her all winter long that she is growing and the tight vest just proved it. She said she will tell her ma that they need to go shopping together so they can find a pretty one, she is still is such a girl I think to myself with a smile.


Later in the afternoon her ma came and picked her up and I was left alone with a pencil list of things that the granddaughter said I still needed to do. I put the list on top of my Honey Do List and decided I had worked enough already that day. I took a drive down to the Lodge and Duncan showed up at the Tahoe just as I was opening the door. The two of us drove down to the Lodge and tourist watched as we went. Not much going on at the Lodge, a few wet fishermen and the FELLOWS were gathered around the big round table. I did a head count and asked where Tiny was and Gary told me he has a new part time job on the weekends. I found this to be interesting and asked what would Tiny give up his weekend for. Gary said he is now working as a part-time Chicken Security Guard at Old McDonnell's farm. With the chicken egg shortage looming Old Man McDonnell decided he needed to protect his investments. I jokingly said "I bet Tiny is getting paid in eggs" and Gary said "How did you know that?" Because it would make eggsense here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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FISHING BINGE DISORDER that is what my wife says I have. Several times this week she has asked me if I have started to put the Puddle Humper together so it is ready for fishing. I have not yet even started to load it with tackle boxes or even make an effort to carry the batteries up from the basement. The wife rolls her eyes at me and keeps saying that I have Fishing Binge Disorder and I have heard her talking to Chuck's wife and they both nod their head in agreement. In my defense it has been raining for the most part the past week, matter of fact I can see rain clouds coming across the lake in my direction as I type this. When I do get to go fishing I will more then likely fish several days in a roll. It is not a disorder, I tell her I am just making up for lost fishing days, and maybe banking future fishing rain days.


I was out and about yesterday as I went down to Big Earl's General Store and bought some oil to top off the Puddle Humpers lower unit. Also bought a new bow stop roller since I did notice that the one I had was showing a little wear. I figure I am doing really good as there is not much I need to replace or repair on the Puddle Humper this year. When the rains finally stop I will take an afternoon and load the boat and I will be ready to fish. Always seems to take much much longer to get the boat ready for fishing then it does to get it ready for the long winter. Once the boat gets wet the first time it then becomes so much easier to just drop the trailer on the hitch and go. This year I won't have to worry about any road construction and getting in and out of my place. That is all done and now I have a nice new blacktop road to travel on.


On the way back from Big Earl's I stopped off at my daughter's house and I already knew she was not home but I was there to chat with the son in law. I knocked on the door and he was sitting in the living room watching cartoons with the twenty-two month old while holding on to the two month old. Before he could say anything I told him I was here for a fishing story and I sat down and the two dogs came over for their pats and ear rubs. He told me they spent five days camping, they got in a half day of fishing, he read two books and his dad got skunked. It rained the entire time and all he did was kept adding layers of clothing to stay warm. He did not get skunked as he caught two fish, both of them smallmouth. One about three pounds and the other was twenty and a half inches and over five pounds. He caught it on a lure he had just bought and one that his dad said would not catch anything. No pictures as they are on his dad's phone but he will send it to me when he gets it. His new personal best in the smallmouth category and it made the rain and cold just something to add to what should be a good fishing story once he tells it a few times.


We talked for over an hour and then I headed out. I left him behind me back on the couch with the two dogs and two kids under two years old and shook my head at the thought of going through that all again. He got away for five days of fishing and my daughter was letting him off easy just watching the kids while she went shopping. I drove home and took the lake road, saw a few boats on the water. Fishermen with hoods up and rods over the sides trying to stay dry. I parked the Tahoe and walked past the covered Puddle Humper, gave her side a pat and told her we will be out soon enough here at Lake Iwanttobethere

More Rain Coming

Posted by Bobby Bass on May 13, 2015 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (0)

BACK AT THE cabin, came home yesterday. The place is empty except for me, the dogs and the cats. The mother in law had shoulder surgery yesterday morning so the wife is over at her house cleaning. I figured I would mention the mother in law's surgery just on the off chance that you have not heard she was having surgery. In the last month I think my eight-one year old mother in law has told every person in town and all the tourist that have passed through about her upcoming shoulder surgery. Of course in the days leading up to her going in she proceeded to wash all the inside walls of her house. Reason being once she gets out of the hospital she will be on the mend for a couple of months and won't be able to wash her walls then, go figure.


Except for a few sprinkles the rain stopped for most of yesterday. Also the wind died and I saw boats on trailers driving on the access road here at the lake. Didn't see anyone out on the water but I am sure there were people out fishing. Son in law returned from his canoe trip late last night. I have not talked to him yet so I don't know what kind of story he has to tell. The daughter said he came in the house gave her a kiss, checked on the girls and then hit the shower and ran it out of hot water. Last I heard he was under the electric blanket still trying to get warm. I came home to a list of things that needed to be done. Branches to pick up and tossed in the fire pit and trim on the front storm door that somehow had lost some of its screws. Duncan has not left my side and I have already been chewed out twice by him for leaving him alone with the wife. He has been really working me for dog biscuits, I think he is trying to convince me that the wife didn't give him any while I was at the Resort.


According to the wife the old dog Barney was pretty lazy while I was gone and pretty much just slept on his bed on the living room floor. He can't get up on the couch anymore and the wife said it took fifteen years for her to finally get that dog off her furniture. Then I caught her helping him up onto his favorite chair in front of the big window when the sun came out briefly. Barney has slowed down a lot here these past few months and I have danced around the subject a few times about bring him down to see Mike the Vet for the last time. He is just getting old and moving slow and it took forever to heal his back leg. Now he is favoring his front leg and we try and keep him off the stairs but he refuses to stay downstairs when we all go to bed. He is like the little engine that could as he walks up the stairs and has to stop and gather himself a few times. The wife keeps hinting it may be time but I am hanging on to my time with him, besides I point out to the wife that there are days when I take my time going up the stairs to.


Was thinking maybe I should work on the Puddle Humper today and get it ready for fishing. Had the radio on and heard Stormy Clearweather talking of rain and a good chance for a thunderstorm this afternoon. Temperatures are supposed to start climbing back up but rain is still in the forecast for a few more days. I did go in the garden and checked on my onions and radishes and some are coming up so they all didn't get washed out of the beds. Rain barrels are full but I have broken leaf buds everywhere. Hoping the deck dries off enough I can get the leaf blower out and blow them all towards Elmer's yard. Matter of fact I have to take a walk down and see if Elmer has bought any sucker minnows for his bait bucket, might have to borrow one and toss it under a float out off the dock. Well, I suppose I should go out and try and get something done before this next batch of rain comes in. Can always write inside when it is raining outside here at Lake Iwanttobethere

We really do

Posted by Bobby Bass on May 11, 2015 at 3:00 PM Comments comments (0)

MORE OF THE same here at the Resort tucked away from most of the wind here on Lake Iwanttobethere. I am of course talking about the rain and the wind that has not stopped now for a couple of days. Trees are taking a beating as we are seeing winds so strong they are taking the buds right off the trees and the deck is covered in them. If you are standing just right and you get hit with a blast of flying buds they can sting when they hit you in the face. Rain barrels are full here as are the fire rings and new puddles have formed in the drives. Grass is growing before our eyes as I think it was holding out waiting for the rain. Vic took the boat out to go to the point and pickup the mail, he came back wet. No one fishing off the dock this afternoon and no boats tied up either. All the boats are resting on their trailers with their covers on or tarped. Not so much to keep the rain off but to keep the falling buds out.


The tent campers pulled out this morning, they were wet and on the radio this morning Sunshine Ray was saying this is going to continue for the rest of the week, he even mentioned snow again and that was enough for them. I am pretty happy that Hammering Hank fixed the stove pipe on the potbelly stove in the Bait Room. It is being put to good use today as the guys are in there sprawled on the chairs we hauled in and just relaxing around the hot stove. The door is open as we are on the lee side and no rain is coming in but we get to hear the sound of it. The wind has been a constant howl in the background that I don't hear unless I am listening for it.


This has been an interesting spring so far, got teased with some warm weather and no rain making us think an early summer was in store. Now we are looking at a week of rain and cool temperatures and anything we gained has been lost. At home I have radish and onions planted and I am hoping they don't get washed out by all of this rain. The Puddle Humper sits under its winter cover still and now I am in no hurry to get it out. A good time to have a cold I guess, don't feel bad at all about taking time to sit with my feet up reading a book and doing nothing. The wife of course thinks I am up here working away on projects but that is not the case. Up here the projects will get done when they get done and today there is noting that is going to get done. I should have brought Duncan up with me though, I find myself putting my hand down to pet him but he is not there.


Son in law is with his dad on a canoe trip up north, an annual thing they do with a couple of other guys. They are not due back till Thursday and I can't wait to hear how the son in law's dad is going to put a good spin on their trip. I checked in with Gus at the Lodge and he told me they had to put Windy the Windmill into free spin, they are having wind gusts down there up to sixty miles an hour. White caps on the lake and the campground is just about empty. Except for a few trailers and fishermen who are here for a week long vacation everyone else pulled out Sunday night. Business at the Lodge has been steady, lots of guys just sitting around nursing beers and playing cribbage. Gus did say he is sick of hearing "You know we really do need the rain" but the thing is... We really do need the rain here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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EGG DAY HERE at Lake Iwanttobethere, in the past the second day of fishing opener has been reported by the local eating establishments to be the biggest day for egg sales. Today I think is going to be no different. I woke up early this morning to the sound of wind chimes banging loudly against the wall of the Clubhouse here at the Resort. Got out of bed and the floor was cold and made my way to the window to see a gray sky and tree branches with the small green buds of leaves swaying from side to side. Does not look all that nice out I was thinking as I got dressed and made my way to the Main Room.


Already two of the three booths we have were shoulder to shoulder with fishermen and all the stools were taken. A fire was going and the place was not exactly cozy warm but it looked better then what was outside the windows. Vic was in the kitchen with Marv and they were frying and scrambling orders of eggs, bacon and pancakes. A few of the six egg omelets were on plates as some of the FELLOWS were working on them along with the dinner plate size ham slices. Yesterday was of course opener and there is no such thing as a bad opener. Fish were of course caught and last night we had a fish fry. This morning guys are not so much in a hurry to go out. Yesterday did not get as warm as forecasted and by mid afternoon the wind arrived and that was enough to get guys to clear the big lake and head into the bays.


Those who packed stocking caps and brought gloves seem to last the longest out on the water. This morning guys took their time eating breakfast and hot coffee mugs lingering in their hands as they made plans for fishing. I heard a few guys saying they were going to wait till afternoon to go out and let things warm up some and when told rain was in the forecast they said they would take that chance. I didn't cast a line yesterday, being a bass guy I like the weather warmer and never have been a fan of cold water and blowing wind. Usually I get the Puddle Humper wet the Monday or Tuesday after opener but Sunshine Ray is forecasting rain most of the week and winds are not going away. I did spend some time working in the garden here and even with gloves on I got cold quick. Having a cold seems to rob me of staying warm so I didn't last long outside.


I sat at down at the third booth and moved the Sunday paper out of the way. I didn't have to say anything and Vic appeared with a plate of French bread sliced up and made into French toast, A couple of strips of bacon and a jug of Lake Iwanttobethere forty weight Maple Syrup were set down in front of me and before I could say anything Vic said "Your wife called, she said to make sure you eat" I nodded my head and told him thanks. I had the booth to myself as no one wants to get my cold and I munched on the bacon and picked up the sports page. Nothing of any interest to me so I set it back down and looked out the window. A few seagulls fighting the wind dipped by and some where out of sight a robin was singing away like a broken record. Wind was whipping the water and it did not look warm at all. A few boats were tied to the docks and they bobbed up and down in the waves. Someone was on the dock casting and I ate my French toast and as I chewed I watched. Don't know who was fishing, could be anyone buried under the green parka and rain pants. He or maybe a she made a cast that the wind caught and tossed back at him or her and it landed behind him or her. I cut some French toast and thought that today is not the best day for fishing here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Just a drop

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SOME RAIN FELL over night here at Lake Iwanttobethere, well some drops fell. I know this as when I got up this morning and went into the bathroom there were water drops on the skylight. Finally I thought to myself as I made my way to the back door to let the dogs out and saw that the big deck was wet. A quick glass of juice and I was on my way, had a lot of running around to do this morning and I wanted to beat the rush of fishermen that usually start coming into town for fishing opener. I walked past one of the rain barrels and gave it a little push, Hardly any water in it at all as I could just make out a little sloshing sound. I got into the Tahoe and I hit the window wash and nothing came out. The little water that was on the glass just mixed with the dust and made a slimy mess when the wiper blades dragged across the glass.


Back out of the Tahoe I headed to the garage and let myself in. Made my way to the work bench and reached for the red and white bobber that hangs from the string that pulls the florescent light on. The light flickered on and I reached into the cabinet and found a half full or hall empty plastic bottle of window wash. I once again found the red and white bobber and gave a tug on it and it danced from side to side. With the window wash poured into the tank I cleaned the windows and headed into town. Barely enough water had fallen over night to keep the dust down on the dirt road. Sunshine Ray keeps forecasting rain to fall and yet nothing happens. Gets to be a disappointment after awhile. Today is supposed to be the warm day for the next week. By the weekend we will only have highs in the forties and by mid week there is a chance of snow. Of course it is not going to happen but the tourist like to think they will see snow when they are fishing.


Trees are budding up nicely and the drive along the shore reveals docks in the water and a lot of pontoons already wet. I got a few waves from people out in their driveways or yards and I returned them as I drove with one eye on the road and the other on the lake. The closer I got to town I started to notice some out of state license plates. They seem to show up in town earlier and earlier. I drove past the Three Sheets Motel and half the parking lot was filled. Made my way down Main Street and guys were walking on the sidewalk wearing hoodies and shorts, white legs sticking out of sandals. Big Earl broom in hand was at the front door of his store, Post card rack alongside a metal trash can filled with smelt nets. He was giving directions I am guessing to a older couple. He was pointing one way while the old guy was pointing in another. Of course Big Earl has lived here all his life but I am sure the older gent is telling him he is wrong.


Could be the last hockey game of the season tonight. The home team is one game away from elimination and if they lose they are done and even though hockey season will continue it will be done for us here. It would be nice if they won but fishing starts on Saturday and it is time to move on. I pulled into the Lodge parking lot and found an Illinois plate on the back of a Jeep parked in my space. "This should be interesting" I thought to myself. Who would park in my parking spot here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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BACK AT THE cabin doing work on my own Honey Do List. Made a stop at the DMV yesterday and I was a little lighter in the wallet when I left. Got new plates for the Dodge, boat stickers for the Puddle Humper and my fishing license. Just in the cabin now taking a little break from installing all my goodies from the DMV. Fishing and boat card are tucked away in my wallet and the old ones are tucked under the plastic desk cover on my desk. Spent some time with an exato knife cleaning off the old registration off the hull of the Puddle Humper and then polished it up nice and clean with some aluminum wheel cleaner before putting the new decals on. Turned the key in the Dodge and it started right up. I let it run burning up some of that expensive gas that I bought last fall. Got new license plates so the screw gun came out and I zipped the old plates off and put on the new ones. Old plates were screwed into the wall inside the grand kid's playhouse, for some reason the kids get a kick out of them. Matter of fact Elmer has a wall in his garage covered in old license plates.


Of course it all did not get done that easy, I was sidetracked a few times by looking for the right nut driver for the screw gun and as long as I moved the Dodge I checked the oil and added what was left of a jug of window wash into the tank. Had to go look for the wheel cleaner it was not where I thought I had left it and of course the phone rang a few times. UPS driver dropped off a package and my neighbor Chuck came over driving his new old jeep that he just bought for the wife. I noted it had a trailer hitch and Chuck said he noticed that to. Also notice a few drops of lower unit oil on the ground under the Puddle Humpers motor, went and got a screwdriver and sure enough it was not as snug as it should have been. Added buying some oil to my never ending list so I can top it off just to make sure it is good to go.


Of course during all of this I was taking breaks, I have one nasty spring cold going and between the runny nose and the coughing I feel just a little better then miserable. But I figured I must be at least halfway done with it by now and should be feeling better. Wife keeps threating to take me in to see DOC in a few days if I am not better, looks over her glasses at me and says we should get you checked out to make sure you are not coming down with anything more serious. I tell her I don't feel that bad (knock on wood) but I am not pushing myself around the cabin much.


Got all the plants in the cabin watered and next on the list is to go out to the greenhouse and water out there. All the tobacco is out of the hydra pots and are now in pots with dirt and are doing fine. I do have stuff inside the cabin that is ready to be transplanted so it is on my list. The shopping list keeps growing and when I feel up to it I will take the Dodge into town and fill it up with peat moss and mulch and more pails. But not today, the rest of the day I am going to take it easy here and stay at the cabin and watch the hockey game on TV and call it an early night. Maybe put some line on a few reels that need to be changed and check the weather forecast between periods. Last I looked we are forecasted to get some rain but that is what Sunshine Ray said for last Sunday and we never saw a drop here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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