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Posted by Bobby Bass on February 21, 2017 at 3:20 PM Comments comments (0)

44 IN THE BOAT HERE ON HIDDEN BAY. One thing you always can count on here at Lake Iwanttobethere is that after a lousy day there will be a nice day. Warmer, party cloudy skies and it is warm where I sit at my desk here in the den. The brown dog is at my feet, his paws on my right foot keeping tabs on me. Yesterday was a rain day and normally I look forward to rain days as they give me time to catch up on indoor projects. Rain days in the dead of winter however do nothing more then create work. Ground is frozen so all we have is runoff which here in the cabin means a wet floor in the basement. Overnight the water freezes and now we quickly go through the ice melt trying to get rid of the ice so it is safe to walk on the sidewalks.


Ranger Rick is reporting that his trail system at Samantha Lake is a mess. The rain and warm weather has eaten away at his trails. The short cut across Samantha Lake is not recommend to use as their is water on the ice and getting on and off the lake is unsafe at best. No fishermen on the lake yesterday but then again it rained more then a half an inch. Big hockey game on tonight the Wild against the Black Hawks. We will see if putting the seventy inch TV in will draw a beer drinking crowd. I would love to be there but have been under the weather the past few days and will be watching from home.


I have gotten a few e-mail's asking about Lake Iwanttobethere and it is a good time to be a little more clear about the Lake. The wife has never had her named mentioned in the eleven years I have been writing about the lake. She told me she did not want anyone to know her name so she is always refereed to as "The Wife" of my four kids only the boys names have been used as they own business in town, the daughters have never had their names mentioned except the one who paints is sometimes spoken about as at Christmas she paints store front windows. None of the eight grand kids names have been mentioned but they are often refereed to a granddaughter number two or grandson number three. The two ten year olds are spoken about often and are refereed to as "The Tenners"


Almost every one in town is based on someone I know. A few of them have passed on but I still write about them, kind of my tribute to them. I could still be writing about my old dogs Bud and Barney as they left me with a ton of stories untold but I shared my loss with you over them and have moved on. Now I leave it up to you how much the Lodge and Resort are. One of you called the Resort a bar and it is far more then that. The Lodge is a place for members to hang their hats. There are lockers in the basement for their stuff and a chair in the Main Room to sit and be left alone. Not everyone drinks, for example everyday Tom sits at the end of the bar with a cup of coffee every morning and does his crossword puzzle. I never mention him much because that is just what he does. The FELLOWS on the other hand seem to be doing something all the time that you may find interesting. The Resort is a place for the guys to get away from the Lodge if that makes any sense.


The Resort has become like our Lake Iwanttobethere old guys home. Marv, Elmer, DOC and Vic are the core and none of them are married and they are doing just fine thank you. Chuck, Hammering Hank, Skinny and I are the next wave, the in betweeners so to speak. Married but still looking for a hideaway. Where is Lake Iwanttobethere? I'll save that for another day.


Posted by Bobby Bass on February 17, 2017 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (0)

IT WAS 40 IN THE BOAT ON HIDDEN BAY today when I left to come to town. My neighbor Chuck was so kind to give me a ride in to go to the General Store. I was unable to get to town to buy valentine candy for all my girls so I made up for it today by picking up some clearance stuff. I have the wife, the daughters and of course the five granddaughters that I had to buy for. I of course bought an extra one for myself to taste and a bunch of them little ones to give to the staff here at the Lodge. Another busy week here, you would think it was slow but we are doing things getting ready for the up coming fishing season.


The big news at the Lodge that I forgot to mention is that we have gone ahead and installed a seventy inch big screen TV with surround sound. Elmer still as his TV in the corner with his wicker couch but I caught him today eyeing the big screen. We also installed satellite as we found out we have a couple of new Lodge members who could do the install saving the Lodge money. With the Wild doing so well we thought the big screen will pull in Lodge members to watch games and beer sales will go up to cover the cost of the TV. Also a lot of our members have found their way here from a ways a way and they want to watch some of their college teams play so that is why we added the satellite. We will still have the VHS hooked up to watch old fishing shows that you can get from the Lake Iwanttobethere library. Today I am hiding candy in my office and looking at a new floor plan for the Lodge that will allow the most members to watch the new TV and still have a clear path to the bar.


The Ice House is full, we harvested ice last weekend and the house was cleaned and new ice cut and brought up. A couple of pickup loads of saw dust was needed to spread between the ice chunks. We thank the local saw mill for the free sawdust and for old McDonnell and his horses for helping us get the ice to the house. A couple of ice blocks were added to Graces pile in the corner in memory of Dan's dog. Grace was well known in these parts as the ice stealing Saint Bernard. We also had the keg of Hamms sitting on Grace's ice. Everyone who filled their cup for working on the harvest patted the ice like they were patting Grace.


Sunshine Ray is forecasting a few days well above average for us here. Already today we have a melt going on as they sun seems to me warmer then usual and we have puddle of water from snow melt in the parking lot. I fear we may lose the Luge run if the melt comes. Warnings out not to drive on the lake, ice might get a little weak and I see some of the bigger houses have been pulled off the lake. Still others are siting in little lakes of water. This is not good for fishin as it makes it hard not to get your house froze in. I must admit it is nice not to hear the furnace run and only the need for one fireplace going here in the middle of February at Lake Iwanttobethere

Caww, Caww

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36 IN THE BOAT HERE ON HIDDEN BAY today. Have the cabin rockin as the wife is in town doing errands. I mention to her that something with apple in it might be nice to bring back home. You know like apple turn overs or apple pie or apple crisp, we will see if she took the hint. I was sitting here in the quiet of the cabin. Looking out the windows here it looks like a nice surprise winter day. I was going to write but when I sat down at the desk the sun was covering my monitor so I could not see it. The wife was going out the door and the brown dog slipped under the desk to lay at my feet, one paw on my foot to let me know he was there and of course to let him know if I left.


Could not write so I did the next best thing, I put my hands behind my head and lean back in my chair and worked on getting my vitamin D for the day. I was thinking I would just enjoy the quiet but it was not quiet. I closed my eyes and I could hear the wind going through the trees. Earlier on the radio I listen as they talked about trucks going through the ice in another part of Fish County and how the wind will gust into the forties today. By the sound of it the forties might be on the low side. Wind chimes that were left out all year were not chiming they were banging together. Could hear the kid's swings hitting the poles and the sharp crack of the deck cracking. Couple of icicles fell and shattered on the bare ground just outside of the window. No birds, no crows squawking or warning other crows of danger.


O here is a joke my granddaughter told me.. Do you know why you never see a crow dead in the road? Because there is always another crow in a tree calling out "Cawww, Caww" she makes her Papa so proud sometimes...


The sun moved across the sky and I had to move the chair to stay in the rays. After a while I needed some noise so I turned on the stereo and I turned it up loud. Normally I don't get the chance but when the wife is gone the volume dial goes up. Had some foot tapping stuff playing and I don't sing along because I know I can't sing, I wish the wife would realize that, the part that she can't sing either. I have a CD in the player titled "When the wife is gone away" another copy is in the Tahoe. The wife played it once and does not understand. Jokingly I once told her each song is for an old girlfriend, the CD's keep disappearing from the truck for some reason.


Second wave of seed catalogs arrived yesterday and today. Good thing the brown dog has a big mouth to carry them all from Mark the mailman. I guess I should go through them and make my picks and send in my orders. I have the cigar leaf bins open caching some fresh air and the den smells good. Thinking maybe I will pull some leaf and roll a few cigars this afternoon. Have been meaning to start some tobacco seed for the past week but keep getting distracted, maybe today is the day. I also ordered some grow lights that should be here soon, going to give them a shot and see if they make any difference. Got to figure out a way to stay ahead of Vic at the Resort. Found some mini corn to order that is ready to harvest in thirty-five days, I got to stay out of the corn pages of the catalogs, my mouth just starts watering when I see that ripe corn looking back at me. From a sunny but very windy day here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Fishng Story

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41 IN THE BOAT HERE ON HIDDEN BAY today. Plenty of sunshine and water is running on the ground. Busy week this past week and I just did not get around to writing anything. The week was almost perfect till last night. I was feeling so good that I tossed everyone out of the kitchen and cooked up some BBQ ribs, baked potatoes split open and stuffed with butter and sweet onion. My rolls were just about done and I rolled over in the wheelchair to the plate cabinet, I set the brakes and stood up to get plates out. I set the plates down on the counter and made a mistake, I did not reach back to see where my wheelchair was but just instead sat down where it should have been. Did a "Get Smart" and "Missed it by that much" sat down hard on my behind, somehow pushed the wheelchair back and bounced my head off the floor into something sharp under the wheelchair and cut my forehead.


I am on blood thinner so any kind of cut is a bad cut. I laid on my back for a couple of minutes figuring someone had to have heard me fall, no such luck. Duncan came in and saw me and then did his Lassie impression and went and got the wife who asked me of course a stupid question which was "What did you do?" Thinking more about supper then me I told her to take the rolls out of the oven. She yelled for the daughter to help me get up off the floor which was the only bright spot as I got up pretty easy. Just a good scrape, no need to see the DOC. The wife took everything out of the oven not just the rolls so the potatoes were just warm. BBQ was almost cold and the rolls had burned on the bottom as they had sat on the hot cookie sheet.


So there are days when I write a lot and I toss them in my spare file, the following story is something I wrote but just never got around to posting, I call it "A Fishing Story"


One of them nice August days, warm out and a lite rain falling at sundown. The fishing granddaughter was spending the weekend and we sat on the swing, swinging of course and watching the water come out of the rain gutter to run down the sidewalk. "Papa, are we going to go fishing tomorrow?" "I told her of course but we have to get some bait." Right away she turned to me and said "With all this rain there should be worms" I nodded my head in agreement and we continued to swing, waiting for darkness. Our roles have changed, I hold the can and now she bends down and picks the worms. We had a great night as worms were every where and she is getting better at pulling them out of their holes.


Her grandmother had projects for her during the morning but by late afternoon she was mine. She came down to the dock and I helped her into the old wood row boat. "We are not going to fish out of the Puddle Humper?" She asked. I climbed in and pushed away from the dock with an oar that could use a couple of coats of paint. I told her to put her life vest on as I put mine on. She looked around and said "We have to go back" "I asked why" and she said because you forgot your rods and there is no graph. I slipped the oar into the lock and wiggled down on the bench seat and gave my first test pull on the oars. I smiled at her and said, "Honey this is your fishing night out." She gave me a big smile and pointed ahead at the little point behind uncle Chuck's cabin. I nodded approval as that is where I was heading.


She showed me her setup, a number six hook with one split shot about six inches up. Three feet above that she had a one inch red and white float. She threaded a big fat crawler out of the coffee can on to the hook. Looked back to make sure she would not hit me with her cast she sailed the rig out into the calm waters of Lake Iwanttobethere. It landed with a plop and she mended her extra line and then we waited. "Teach me" I said and so she did. "If the bobber bounces with little rings it is most likely a thieving Perch stealing chucks of the crawler. If the bobber goes down but pops backup, then it is a thieving Gill. If the bobber starts making two foot runs and stops then we have a pretty Bass. If the bobber just disappears then we have a fish and it is time to set the hook hard enough to cross his eyes. O and if the bobber just disappears and you set the hook and nothing comes back it is one of them snot rocket northerns." I smiled my approval.


Some bumps then the bobber went down, she set the hook and missed. She reeled in and started digging in her pink tackle box. Hook was changed to a number four and bobber bigger to an inch and a half. A couple of casts later she had adjusted her depth and she started landing gills. I was busy being the bait boy. She did that for awhile and then the bite slowed. She said "Let's move, you pick the spot." "How about the big reed point." "Will we have time?" She asked I looked at the lowering sun and nodded yes. I turned the bow of the boat toward a big reed bank that points West. Putting my back into I rowed while she drank a soda and ate cheetoes. I had this all planned, there are some big fish to be caught off the reed point and she was all done getting her "Practice" in.


Ten minutes later and we were drifting off the point. I was looking forward to a soda and so I told her to rig up with a 1/0 hook and a two inch bobber. Her first cast was on it's way as I open my soda. I never got a chance to take a sip as the bobber hit the water and went straight down. I was thinking a bad bobber till she yelled out "I got a big one Papa" Next two minutes got kind of busy as you would think she had Jaws on the line. She got a nice bass along side and I reached over and pulled it out of the water for her. Big smile on her face and I think I had one to. I weighed it, three pounds one ounce, Took some pictures and she released it. I then heard the blow by blow story of the fight. I told her "We are not done yet, we still have fishing time."


In the next half hour we didn't get a bite, the bobber didn't even bounce and we moved a few times. I told her we should get going, she could tie on a daredevil and we would troll back. She put on a daredevil but forgot to put on a leader, I didn't say anything and she tossed it back behind the boat. I think I had rowed about twenty yards when she yelled out "FISH ON" I lifted the oars and sure enough she had a bend in her pole and she was putting her back into it. "What is it" I asked and through clenched teeth she said "I don't know but if I catch it, it is going on the wall!" I chuckled away as this is a common saying at the cabin. I watched with interest as her drag started to sing, the sweetest music as far as I am concern. I lowered the oars and started heading in the fish's direction telling her to start reeling.

Five minutes later and we were halfway down the reed point but not gaining any water on the big fish. Sun was getting lower in the sky and the granddaughter had a great look of determination on her face. I guess now we were really fighting Jaws. She turned to say something to me and it was done just like that. Her pole popped up and her line went limp. She might have sworn about then but I will not get her in trouble with her ma. She sat in the boat with her shoulders down and I got up to pat her on the back and tell her I was sorry it got away. Then she made me proud. She looked at me and said "I lost a fish, But what a great story about you and me and the ten, no twenty pounder That got away here at Lake Iwanttobethere."


I was reminded of this story when I heard the granddaughter telling her cousin about the twenty pounder she lost with Papa, fish go away but stories are always here to stay as long as someone tells them, Bobby

Bob the Builder

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16 IN THE BOAT HERE ON HIDDEN BAY today. Just enough snow fell over night to track a rabbit by. I got a call last night from Old McDonnell, he wanted to know if I would draw him up some plans for a storage building. Not acting to quickly I told him I would. Out here in the county most buildings are built on the fly because small buildings are built with material on hand. Of course Old McDonnell used up all his on hand material when he built his storage building chicken coop that caught on fire. I got a couple of char broiled chickens in that deal.


So not acting to interested I agreed to making some plans and a material list for a couple of steaks and some butter. I then asked if he wanted me to make the tresses which I offered to do for free as long as he brought the material here, he agreed. I love making tresses, when I was young I spent a summer building tresses at a lumber yard, tons of twenty-four footers for garages and my biggest ones were forty footers for a warehouse. Making tresses at the cabin from scratch with just a radio on by myself is almost as relaxing as fishing on a private pond.


So I went over to the file cabinet and pulled out plans for a storage building. Made a few adjustments and I was done with the plans. I already know that by the time Old McDonnell gets around to it the plans will change as Old McDonnell will shop for sale items and substitute clearance stuff to save money. If he shows up with the wood I will build the tresses and more likely I will teach the Tenners how to build tresses and pass on to them a lost skill. I hope he follow through because I found out late in life that I am Builder. I like building out buildings and greenhouses. I hope I have a few more left in me.


We did have the Lodge meeting and there are a few things of interest to pass on. The new pizza oven is a success and with the new revenue it was announced that all employees of the Lodge will be given a dollar and hour raise. Locker rates will not be increased nor will the price of tap beer. It was brought up that since the lake has seen a marked increase in tourism that maybe it will be time to start renting the rooms upstairs here at the Lodge. I have written before about the rooms that normally are only used for Lodge members who have had a few to many and need some place to sleep. The Lodge would have to hire some overnight help to staff the place so the idea was tabled till the next Lodge meeting in May.


Super bowl tomorrow so everyone is on the schedule to work at the Lodge. I will be there but only to sit behind the bar and pour beer on my rolling stool. I will of course have a clear look at the TV but to tell the truth I don't care about the game. I don't think I have seen either team play this year. Might make a few pizza's if we really get busy but I think Gus has enough kitchen help on hand. We are a couple of weeks away from the fishing and camping show in the big city. I live in a cabin and I have a boat so I doubt if I will be attending. I mention the fishing show because it is usually the same time that Cabin Fever hits. Lucky for me I have the tackle order at the Resort to put together here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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15 IN THE BOAT HERE ON HIDDEN BAY today. Sunshine is pouring through the den window for a second day in a row. I could almost be fooled it is so nice out till I look up and see it is only 15 in the boat. Just finished eating a bowl of sliced up radish, cucumbers and a couple of tomatoes all sprinkle with a little salt and pepper. The wife told me I had about five bucks in the bowl so I better enjoy it. I asked where the strawberries were and she said they were too expensive to buy. I have an order that I eat them in, hot radish first then a cooling cucumber slice then a hunk of tomato to chew on. The strawberry would have been next for that sweet taste. Five bucks the wife said. Last fall I would have a few pennies invested for the cucumber and tomato and spring would have been a nickel for the radish and strawberries, of course they all would have come out of my garden and would have for sure been fresh.


Makes makes me think of meals around here from about the middle of summer on an especially fall. A lot of meals are harvested right here unlike all the store bought food the kids living in town have to buy. Salad and everything that goes in them is all grown here. Tomatoes and cucumber, radish if it is cool out. Bean and peas, squash bell peppers and of course hot peppers. Cherry tomatoes big sandwich tomatoes and onions. Carrots, broccoli and cauliflower and of course strawberries and raspberries and when the apples get ripe there will be pie. Put this all around home grown spuds and fresh fish or a couple of grouse and there is not much reason to go to town for groceries. Beef and butter from old man McDonnell and eggs from my neighbor Chuck one can get pretty spoiled here. Of course it does not hurt to have a wife who still loves to bake and you can't beat hot bread from the oven with this years fresh made jam.


I did not fail to mention my favorite which is sweet corn straight from the garden. I don't talk much about it because I hoard it for myself. Only when to much ripens at the same time do I share because the only worse thing then sharing is letting it go bad. It is time to start some seeds here. Going to grow some tobacco here, cigar tobacco to be specific. Figure why not I have learned how to do so I am going to grow a dozen plants and see what I get. Have already thought about putting a hot house in the garden to speed some things up, just another experiment for me. Will also start some peppers only because they are so hard to grow up here and I had some good luck last season starting them really early.


I do want to thank everyone who came by the Lodge for Duncan's birthday party.



Think this one is going to be a little short, with all this sunshine it is making me think I should take a nap! Here at Lake Iwanttobethere.


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7 IN THE BOAT HERE ON HIDDEN BAY today. Sunshine is pouring through the den window and I am hard at work making vitamin D. I spent last night tossing and turning in bed till I finally fell asleep around five. I was working my way through a minor bout of depression and the best place to do that is in bed where I can't follow through on some of the things I am thinking. Some ideas are good ideas and some are just rash decisions. One of the thoughts that ran through my head was pulling the plug on writing Lake Iwanttobethere. My readership has gone from thousands a day too just a few dozen. But what that did is make me think about the lake.


I have been writing about the lake for over eleven years and I along with my fishing buddies are eleven years older. I have even lost a few of my fishing friends to the big water in the great beyond. Losing my old dogs hit me hard and I think that is about the time I started writing more about me then the lake and I think I am kind of boring. Us older guys spend way more time sitting in a boat talking about retirement plans, 401 k's Medicare D plans and how many pills we have to take everyday. Twenty thousand dollar Ice Castles are not in our future we just can't afford them. We get a kick out of grand kids and our old dogs move at our pace. Remodeling jobs are done as being the last time we are going to paint a room or replace a facet. The jobs are either going to outlive us or we will be selling the place and down sizing.


But no sooner do I toss the idea about no longer writing and I come up with five stories that I want to share. This one here about getting old was one of them. I did decide on a few things that I want to change and one of them is writing about my battle with cancer. I think I am going to keep that to myself. I hope I will be able to post a final story and wrap the lake all together, I might even give Glen directions. I don't want the lake to end on a cliffhanger like a TV show or worse yet get canceled in mid season. My idea is to write a final story and I will have my daughter post it.


Of course I do get some good ideas and here are a couple of spoilers. Houseboat trip is not going to happen, just too hard to put together. I have been playing with the idea of buying a female chocolate lab but no longer. It would just be unfair to leave the wife with another dog after I am gone. Beside she has Duncan who will probably be at her side for another six to eight years. I am going to take the money I have saved and add it to the twenties I have hidden in the fishing reel box and buy the Tenners lifetime fishing licenses. The grandson and granddaughter are my favorites and they both fish so even though the odds are pretty good I am not going to be able to teach them how to back a boat trailer into the lake they will at least never have to buy a fishing license. With any luck maybe they will become life long fishing buddies with my youngest daughter who I bought a lifetime license ten years ago.


So for all the faithful readers of Lake Iwanttobethere here is a little hint of where the lake is.


Your trolling motor blade is barely turning over as you come out of the narrows into a small hidden bay. A couple of red wing blackbirds hanging sideways on coon tails scold you as you glide by. You feel it before you see it and you turn around in your seat just in time to see an Eagle leap from a dead tree top to catch air with her big wings, The top of the tree sways and you look at the eagle who with just a few beats is already on the other side of the hidden bay. You eyes drop downward to see a couple of nervous ducks swimming along the far bank and then you spot a heron standing still in the reeds watching you watching it. You take your foot of the pedal and the boat starts to slow, vee waves from the bow caress the dead calm water before being absorbed. Lots of places to toss a lure here, a reed bed some Lilly pads a few old docks. One of them has a statue of a tired looking lab, you watch it for some reason and then you see the statue blink and you realize it is a live dog staring into the water.


Your eyes go down the bank and then you see him. A portly gent sitting on a weathered green bench wearing bibs and a green tee shirt underneath. He has a blue baseball cap on covering fading red hair and his face is covered in a gray beard, one hand holds a cigar resting on the arm of the bench and the other hand holds a Hamms. A handsome chocolate lab sits alongside of him pressed against his side his gaze locked on you. Another old lab lies at the old mans feet, sleeping. As you get closer the old man says "Hiya" you respond with a "Hello" It comes out louder then you wanted and it echoes in the hidden bay, twice.


The old guy takes a sip of his beer and then a puff of his cigar, you feel like he is sizing you up. "Hows the fishing" he asks and you pause and try to come up with a good come back but you have nuttin so you just say "I just started, matter of fact I am looking for a place called Lake Iwanttobethere, ever hear of it?" The old man takes another puff from his cigar and blows a smoke ring and then follows it up with several more. "See that point?" And his arm points down the shoreline.Your eyes follow and you nod your head yes. "The lake entrance is right around the point, just take your boat and push the little bog out of the way and you are home free"


You then ask the old guy how the fishing is here in hidden bay and the old guy tells you to try tossing a top water off those reeds and then points at a reed patch. He tells you that Ernie is probably hungry about now, give him a try as long as you releasee him. You say thanks and head to the reeds, Your first cast is smashed and Ernie gives you a battle before breaking your line. You turn in the boat to ask the old man if he saw the fight but he is gone and so are his dogs. You cast a few more times but nothing. Around the point you go and as the old man says there is a bog in the way. You push it with the boat and the bog moves to the side and you are clear. The bog closes behind you and the hidden bay is gone and in front of you lays Lake Iwanttobethere

Ying and Yang

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13 In the boat here on hidden bay. Ying and Yang up and down, push and pull. Last night my daughter made me a grand pa for the eighth time ! She had a baby girl and now the girls lead the boys five to three. Monday afternoon at the Drs. office I found out that my cancer has returned. I am happy and sad at the same time here at Lake Iwanttobethere.


Happy Birthday Duncan, hard to believe the brown dog is six today.

Town Hall Meeting

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19 IN THE BOAT HERE ON HIDDEN BAY today. Cloudy sky with fine snow falling. Not the big flakes but the little tiny sand of snow falling. The kind of snow that with a little wind go everywhere. As I look out the den window here at the cabin the tree branches are not moving an inch. Town Hall meeting at the Lodge tonight, it has been awhile since we have had our last one. As you know Town Hall Meetings are held on the fifth Monday of the month and Lodge Meetings are held on the fifth Tuesday. These days only come up maybe four times a year. I pretty much already know what will be discussed tonight.


The town had a good fall, lots of bird hunters came through and a lot of Leafers to check out the French trees and of course the Maples. Deer season was a little down but hunters still came and spent money. Winter has been warm and we had yet another year when the ice was not safe to have our Ice House Fling. We have been making up for it by adding a few more weekend ice fishing contests which have been well attended. I am looking forward to seeing how many pizza's we sell during and after the meeting. Just kind of threw that thought out there because I hope we get our cheese order in today. Frank the plow driver overtime is with in the budget and we have a mountain of sand for our streets.


Speaking of doing well I took the Tenners up to the Resort on Friday night and Saturday they spent most of the day exploring rooms on the third floor. Business has been so good that Vic is going to open another room for rental on the second floor. Skinny is just about done painting it and sometime this week the new mattresses will be in. Hammering Hank already cleaned up a dresser and a desk and chair set and a big four post bed. The Tenners in their exploring found a mirror which will be perfect for the room decor. The granddaughter over dinner said that maybe it is time to hire a maid. We tossed that around over a crappie and fried potato dinner and it might be a good idea. "Maybe some one part time just on the weekends" I said and the grand daughter said "That she will almost be eleven and might be looking for work." "I laughed and said I would talk to her ma, my daughter about it." The grandson chimed in that he would like to help but you know he has the worm business."


The Resort has been doing pretty good. Even though we are off the beaten track so to speak come winter there is not to many places that a snowmobile can't take ya. Marv's cooking is getting out and his homemade breads and donuts are something special. Add to that all the fresh stuff coming out of the garden in mid summer to late fall and we have times where there is no where to sit. We are also one of the few places on Lake Iwanttobethere that will cook your catch for you. We are surprised how many ice fishermen that has been bring in. This place was suppose to be for us guys and we were looking to raise just enough money to pay for stuff and we might have actually made money this year. Won't really know till I do the books and make sure I get paid for my wood roof and my new anvil here at Lake Iwanttobethere.

Dog Days

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31 IN THE BOAT HERE ON HIDDEN BAY today. Sunny sky with a little wind moving branches around some and in the case of the apple tree that still is holding on to leaves the branches are swaying a little more. Just got done with my taxes and for the first time in many years I actually did mine before anyone else's. Beware of the so called "free" tax sites as they offer the federal for free then try and charge you as much as forty bucks for the state. Reed the Realtor will of course be open to help you with your taxes if you need help. The warm weather has left me with a clean and dry deck and all my sidewalks are also clear of snow. I will have to come up with something else for the Tenners to do this weekend at the cabin or maybe I will take them up to the Resort, the Bait Room could use a good cleaning.


Have been tossing around the idea of renting a houseboat late this next summer. Approached the daughter about coming with but she figured out right off the bat that I was looking for someone to cook and do dishes and baby-sit me and my neighbor Chuck. Then we started looking at the prices and we figured maybe a cabin on a bass lake might be a better idea. Have lots of time to kick the can so to speak so we will see. Funny how people come here to fish and we go where they live to fish. I have done it in the past where staying home and fishing saves you a lot of money and you catch more fish, we call it "Playing tourist."


A little on edge here the past few days as my Drs. appointment in the big city to review my tests was postponed till next Monday. This is my sixty day test to tell me if I am still cancer free and I get a little antsy waiting to hear the results. Also grand kid number eight is over due so that is something else I am waiting on. Made doing taxes easy, no stress at all there. Going to be a doggie day at the Lodge on the first. It just so happens to be Duncan's birthday, number six and also my oldest daughter's dog Buster B's birthday. I think he will be thirteen, as it would have it if the daughter does not have her baby they will induce the same day, should be easy day to remember the birthday. Town Hall meeting coming up on Monday and Lodge meeting on Tuesday. For those of you who have not paid your locker in the basement rental fee either one of those days would be a good day to pay.


Since it will be a doggie birthday all Lodge members are encouraged to bring their buddies to the Lodge. We always welcome dogs and most of their owners to the Lodge year round. The day has grown to not only celebrate Duncan's and Buster's birthday but to also celebrate the lives of dogs who have gone on to check out the trail before us. My own two old guys Buddy and Barney and of course Dan's big old slobbering Saint Bernard Grace. Who was well know in these parts for the amount of ice she could steal and eat. Matter of fact she has a pile of ice in the ice house with her name on it and as far as I am concern that pile will always be there in her name. Which brings up the ice harvest this year, I think we will be sawing lake ice a little early to take advantage of the warmer weather which is easier on us and on Old McDonnell's horses and wagon.


Next to the last ice fishing contest this weekend. Weather looks to be good so I hope there is a good turn out. I don't know if I will be there as Big Earl is running this weekend. Well maybe that is the wrong choice of words as Big Earl has not run any since he ran down that shop lifter in his store. But no one runs off with one of Big Earl's fruit cakes here at Lake Iwanttobethere.


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