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Posted by Bobby Bass on January 30, 2015 at 3:00 PM Comments comments (0)

HAVING ONE OF those kind of days today here at Lake Iwanttobethere. Like every home or cabin owner things break and usually they break when you need them. Woke up this morning to a cold cabin, but it took me awhile to find out it was cold as I was warm in bed with Duncan pressing up against me on one side and Barney on the other. I made my way out to the kitchen and no sooner did I get there then the wife told me the furnace was not running and she had already gone down and tried to reset it. Now my wife whose father was a master mechanic believes that her fathers magic has rubbed off on her and when things break she takes it on herself to fix them before telling me.


With no heat on in the cabin I asked if she had started a fire and she told me no she was waiting for me to get up. I asked how she was staying warm and she told me she was baking cookies and it was just fine in the kitchen. I sat down on a kitchen chair and tried to remain calm, I have learned in the past that I needed to question the wife on just what exactly she had done to the furnace in her attempt to restore heat. I do this because once a long time ago my wife told me there was a rattling sound in the dryer. I went to the laundry room and tore the dryer apart looking for the rattle when the wife appeared and told me she forgot to mention that she had removed a loose bolt that she found when taking out the clothes. I asked her if there was a chace that the loose bolt could have come from one of my pants pockets and she replied that it may just have. I put the dryer back together and guess what? It did not rattle at all.


I made my way down to the furnace room and did some troubleshooting, looks like the blower motor is going as it was not running till I gave it a couple of taps with a hammer. Something my father in law taught me, his words were that you only need two tools, one is a hammer and the other is a bigger hammer. I let the furnace run for a couple of minutes but the blower was not moving enough air so when it shut down I turned the power off and put in a call to Jeff the furnace guy. Of course he was not in the office so I got Lisa who ran me through about twenty questions that I am sure she was reading off a form. I then went and started a fire in the fireplace and sat down in the den to wait for Jeff to call me back.


Now have you ever noticed that when you are waiting for a call that people you have not talked to for awhile pick that time to just pick up the phone and call to chat with you? In the first hour I had three calls come in and the UPS guy shows up. I made the calls quick and went back to waiting, now a couple of hours later I get a call from Lisa telling me Jeff is pretty busy and will call me when he has a chance. I took my laptop to the living room and pulled the chair closer to the fire and jotted this all down. The wife asked me what I was doing and I told her just waiting on a call here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Fuel Adjustments

Posted by Bobby Bass on January 28, 2015 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (0)

AT THE LODGE today, decent weather out but it could be better if we had some sunshine. Fire going in the fireplace and the drapes are pulled back from the big deck windows. Some movement down on the ice as some of the retired guys are out fishing here in the middle of the day. Duncan rode into to town with me today, matter of fact he is sleeping over on the wicker couch in front of the TV. He is on his back with his feet sticking up in the air and sharing the couch with Elmer who does not seem to care. Been almost four months since Bud passed away and Duncan has taken over being the Alpha dog in the house. Of course Barney did not put up to much of a fight as he will be fifteen here in just a few months ( knock on wood ) Speaking of birthdays Duncan will be four here in just a few days, don't know where the time went it seems like it was just a few months ago that I brought him home as a pup.


A couple of inches of snow fell the other morning and that put some smiles on some faces around town. Mostly guys who have plows hanging off their trucks. Just enough snow fell that the guys had to go out and plow their contracts and actually see a payday this winter. Another round of smiles when they went to the Gas-N-Go and filled up for half of what they paid just a few months ago. I myself bought some gas yesterday and was talking to the manager who was telling me they are actually pumping more gas. With gas below two dollars they are starting to get some of the out of towners making weekend trips to their cabins again and a few tourists are coming through just to see Lake Iwanttobethere in the winter. I was thinking that myself as I have notice a few cabins lights on around the lake that I don't normally see here in the dead of winter.


This morning I had a few vendors coming through dropping off delivers and picking up orders. One of the guys who brings us our candy for the display case sat down and had lunch. I was looking over his slip as he ate and when the time came to give him his lunch bill I added a couple of quarters to the bill with a notation next to it saying it was a "fuel delivery adjustment" He looked over the bill as he was paying and asked about the "Adjustment" Told him it is the cost of doing business and then he said "Well how can that be when gas has fallen below two dollars a gallon." I pointed to my candy bill at the "Fuel adjustment line " and he just nodded his head and said "Point made"


Super Bowl Sunday and Duncan's birthday are on the same day this year, don't really know if I want to bring Duncan to the Lodge as he might think the Super Bowl party is all for him. The last Friday night of the month here is normally Gizzards night but I think Gus has ordered extra for the Super Bowl. Of course we will have chili and Coney's, hot wings, cold wings, fire wings and chips and dips and all the other salty foods that make it one of our best beer sales days. I don't care who wins but most of the guys will be here for the food and the commercials and of course the beer. It will also be the first of February which means winter is well on its way of being done with here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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COULD BE A better winter day but I am not complaining because it is after all still twenty-six above where as it could be twenty-six below out. Yesterday was a decent day, it got over forty out and the Curling Bonspiel had some problems with a little water on the ice. Since it is a fun event some guys replaced their brooms with squeegees and they cleaned up. A lot of people out on the ice as the turnout was bigger then expected. Some boot hockey was played and since there was hardly any snow on the ice a couple of the ice boats made an appearance on the lake. I think one of the boats is owned by Nytelyter but the boats did not stop, they just made a pass by chasing the wind on the ice of Lake Iwanttobethere


Even with the crowd of people on the ice fishing was reportedly pretty good. A lot of the shanties had fishermen in them and most had their doors open and spent time out side of their houses. Lawn chairs and overturned five gallon pails were common on the ice as were shouts of HIYA to neighbors. White smoke curled from stove pipe chimneys and the wind carried the smell of brats and beans and the occasional sound of a beer can being opened. Parking lot was full and the access held trailers not with boats on them but empty with their load of ATV's out on the ice or riding the access road that weaves around the lake.


The Masterbaiters Shop was open and Vicki was hard at work dipping minnows and selling waxies to customers. Mini Donuts was doing a brisk business as there was a line waiting to get a small bag of the tasty little donuts. Not much wind so there were guys holding white Styrofoam cups of coffee leaning against white salt covered pickup trucks. When they moved they would leave a clean spot on the side of the truck and their coats would have that white powered dust of salt on them. Some of the fire rings had fires in them and more people gathered around them. Laughter could be heard from time to time and the groups were kind of the same groups you would see at a town hall meeting. Farmers together talking about the upcoming season with ladies gathered around another fire talking about what ever it is they talk about. I don't know as every time I walk pass a group of ladies they get all quiet and I think they point at me when I pass, but that just could be me.


I made the rounds on the ice, talked with some farmers and fishermen and Lodge members. Got invited to play some boot hockey but declined. They just wanted me to be the goalie since I take up so much space. I did have a few mini donuts and a couple of cups of hot chocolate. Hot chocolate is made to be sipped hot and outside. I got a ride up the hill on the back of Hammering Hanks ATV and caught Elmer and Gus along with Marv coming in the back door with the pellet gun. Like a couple of school kids they were chuckling away and I knew before they even saw me they were out harassing the pigeons. I just said HIYA and went about my business and they headed to the kitchen like they had an important meeting to go to. I smiled to myself as just like my parents did to me and yours did to you, it is sometimes better to not let on what you know is going on here at Lake Iwanttobethere.


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WITH THE LACK of any real snow here at Lake Iwanttobethere this season we have been able to do a few different things at the Lodge. As a matter of fact this weekend we will be holding a Curling Bonspiel here on the ice at Lake Iwanttobethere. Normally by this time of winter there is to much snow on the ice, especially the past few seasons. Some decent weather for the weekend is forecasted and it did not take much to clear away what little snow we had. Sheets were laid out and painting yesterday by the FELLOWS who had nothing better to do and actually should get the credit for putting on the event. Rocks are being borrowed from the local curling club in the town next to us with the promise that we will try not to lose any.


Mindy and Mandy will set up their root beer stand and the Mini Donut wagon will also be open. With no football this weekend the Bonspiel should draw a crowd. This morning it rained a little here and then it froze. Made driving into the Lodge a little interesting but now at lunch time things are pretty much back too normal. The lunch crowd is starting to come in and the coat pegs near the entrance are all filled with heavy jackets. State highway guys are sitting at one of the big tables, they not in any big hurry to get back on the road. But then their day started well before first light as they had to deal with the ice covered roads.


I have been making the rounds exchanging HIYA's and small talk with the locals and with a couple from Indiana who are sitting near the windows where they can get a good view of the lake. I got to admit that the FELLOWS Tourist Greeter just may be a hit. I heard INDIANA WANTS ME start to play on the jukebox and I looked at the door and watched the couple come in. I walked over and gave them a HIYA and said "You must be from Indiana" and the lady looked at her husband and back at me and said "Now how did you know that" I just gave her a knowing smile and a wink and showed them to a table by the window.


Some sun shinning through the clouds here and a little breeze making the tips of branches sway some. I took a bag of garbage out the back door to the dumpster and I looked up and I saw the blades of Windy the windmill turning steady. A couple of pigeons took to wing off the roof of the Lodge when I slammed the lid on the dumpster. As I made my way back to the Lodge I thought that maybe it is time to tell Elmer that he is not allowed to shoot at the pigeons with his pellet gun. I am pretty sure he will take the hint and he and Marv will be out there soon doing just what I told him not to do. Matter of fact a couple of the guys wanted to shoot a round of skeet and asked when I was going to open it up. As I stood holding the screen door open I looked back at the range and there is no real snow back there and I maybe I should see if any one is interested in a early shooting league.


Forty-four degrees out in the shade in the middle of January in the middle of winter. Been awhile since we have had some decent weather. Of course not everyone is happy, no snow so there are a lot of plows not getting used. Lots of snowmobiles sitting on trailers but those with ATV's are getting to use them still. Car wash is busy and the city sand pile is still looking good. Ice town has been busy as there are a lot of shanties on the ice and fishing has been kind of hit and miss but no one is really complaining too much. Town does not look to dirty as there are no real snow banks and no piles of sand along the curbs. Big Earl's General Store even has his outside displays set up. The postcard rack is out there right next to the shovel with the yellow tag hanging from the handle that declares it is the last one in stock. Christmas decorations are all down but a few store windows have big hearts painted on them for Valentines Day which is not really all that far away here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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SPENT A FEW days at the Resort for some well-needed R&R not that I have been overworked but more of a cold break. I left the laptop at home, actually I left it at home sitting right on my desk where I had forgotten to grab it. Never the less not having the laptop and not writing anything for a few days was OK as I was not really seeing anything or doing anything to write about. Everyone at the Resort has a cold in some manner of severity, coughing, sneering, running nose, chills, body aches. Thing is with just a bunch of guys at the Resort no one really cares about what the other guy has. You can whine all you want but it gets old real quick and no one cares. Also there is no one there to fluff your pillow or bring you chicken soup. Of course there is also no one there to tell you how many hot totties you can have before noon.


I did do a little ice fishing but the first time out on the ice was the hardest. I really didn't want to walk out to the shanty as I was chilled and the thought of being on the ice was not a warm one. Vic told me that he and Elmer would go ahead and warm the place up and just call me on one of the Resorts two way radios when it was good to come out. They went out and I took a nap and it was a while before Chuck shook my shoulder and said Vic has been hollering on the radio for me. I told Vic I would be out in a minute and Vic told me make sure I brought some ice out with me. I put on my parka and grabbed a bag of ice from the freezer and made the walk to the shanty. I arrived to see the shanty shimmering on the ice like one of them desert mirages you see in the movies or in a dream after having a few to many Wild Turkeys.


I put my hand on the handle of the door and it was warm to the touch, I opened the door and a wave of heat rolled out and enveloped me. I stepped in and told both Elmer and Vic that the place was like a sauna and in the corner the little wood stove was cherry hot. I hug my coat on a peg and sat down on the third stool. About ten minutes later I found myself feeding some sticks into the little wood stove as either the place had cooled down or I had gotten used to the heat. Having a cold will sure mess with your idea of what is hot and what is comfortable. After awhile we had to head back, we didn't catch any fish but we did run out of wood. The walk back to the Resort felt cold but that might have been because we had forgotten to put our parkas on.


Yesterday I made an appearance at the Lodge, Gus didn't want me around, afraid I was going to give him my cold. I checked messages and the FELLOWS were there working out some of the kinks on their latest invention. Since I had not been around for most of the week they wanted to surprise me with their new Tourist greeter. I don't want to get too deep into how this works but what the FELLOWS did is with the help of a cousin that works in traffic in the big city they managed to get their hands on a license plate scanner. Their idea is that they take the license plate scanner and they set it up to monitor traffic that enters the Lodges parking lot. The scanner is hooked up to the Lodges jukebox. The scanner sees a tourist car enter the parking lot, it reads the license plate sends the information to the jukebox which then loads a record that is a favorite in the state the tourist hails from so when they walk into the Lodge they get to hear their song!


They have been working on putting a song in for all fifty states including Hawaii. I was going through my pink telephone messages while Jim from the FELLOWS was explaining this all to me. I looked up and asked him "When was the last time you saw a car with Hawaii license plates here?" Before he could answer I heard the Jukebox start playing TINY BUBBLES and Jim with a smile on his face said that "Is our default song" sounds to me like it is all their de fault here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Closets in my mind

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SUN IS PEEKING through some snow clouds here at Lake Iwanttobethere this morning. I know they are snow clouds as just a few minutes ago some big snow flakes were floating down from them. Just enough snow fell to cover the deck and railings but I am not going to do anything about the acclimation. I figure the wind will show up here sooner or later and just blow the snow away. The wife went down with Duncan and brought the mail up, a spring fishing catalog and some bills. I am glad the fishing catalog came as I am running low on new reading material in the bathroom.


Not much to report on the cold it is still here and as a matter of fact I don't even think I am going to mention it anymore. I might write something when it is gone and from what I hear that won't be for several weeks. I did find a stash of candy canes in the kitchen that I have been sucking on. Told the wife they are working better than the cough drops so she is letting me eat them. I do have one comment to make about feeling a little weak and ache with this cold and that is if beer bottle caps were put on as secure as apple juice bottle caps there would be a lot less beer drank. I went this morning to open a jug of apple juice and you would think they had poison or something in that bottle. I was thinking about getting a vise grip when it finally, the cap gave loose. It must be that I am getting older but some of the package things come in nowadays are way too hard to get into. A store bought pack of bologna comes to mind. You have to grip both ends of the plastic container and then just about tear a chest muscle to get the thing open, just another reason that I buy my bologna from Ma and Pa's as he still wraps his cold cuts in white paper with some masking tape to seal them.


Elmer came over last night and we chatted for a while. We sat at the kitchen table and sipped on some hot cocoa and Elmer was hinting about how some banana cream pie would sure taste good. I agreed that it would except my neighbors seem to have gotten all the pie that the wife had made. Elmer responded with that he can take a hint and will bring the pie pan back. I asked Elmer if he was worried about caching my cold and Elmer just replied he does not have any time to have a cold but he was going to stay on his side of the table just the same. I didn't bring it up that just last week he was drinking with Vic trying to shake a cold but more then likely Elmer had forgotten he even had a cold. I find myself from time to time forgetting things to but I don't admit it, instead I just like to think that I have lost a few keys to the closets in my mind where I keep stuff stored. If I wait long enough I'll remember where the key is.


Well, the sun is gone, that didn't last long. Just a glow up in the clouds where the sun should be now. Bass thermometer on the side of the cabin says it is twenty-six out and the calendar in front of me says that is January 16 that makes it less then four months before fishing season starts. I was sitting back in my chair enjoying the brief sunshine and I was looking at the apple tree, I now count four apples hanging on, I must have missed a few yesterday as I am pretty sure no one is sticking any back on the tree. But then again you can never tell about my neighbors here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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SITTING IN MY chair at my desk in the den. I have a space heater on the floor blowing warm air under my chair and desk. I got some kind of flannel throw on my shoulders and a box of the extra soft tissues close at hand. Partly cloudy sky can be seen out the triple den window and last night we got a dusting of new snow. Thirty-six degrees out and the new snow is melting on the roof as I can see the water drops coming off the eve outside my window. I still have leaves on my apple trees and I can still see two small apples hanging from a couple of branches. The brown leaves just hang there waiting maybe even pleading for the right wind to finally blow them off.


I was thinking flu but it looks like I just have a cold. I suppose that is good but never the less it is a middle of the winter cold and I was so hoping to make it through with out one. I actually don't feel all that bad, that is until I do something. Have still had to run into town for a few things, figure the ride and drive would do me good. Yesterday I was down at the Feed Store, they have a bandage called Vetgrip which works really good keeping the dressing on Barneys leg. The open wound is getting better but it is still pretty nasty looking. Twice a day he goes up on the table and we change the dressing, he is such a champ. Today as long as he was up on the table he got his ears clean out to. Duncan patiently waiting his turn as when Barney was done we put Duncan on the table and gave him a good look over, checked his nails and cleaned his ears even though they looked good. I find it is good to start him young so when he gets older like Barney it is not something new to him.


Last night granddaughter's number two and three were over for supper. The wife watched the youngest one and I took number two into the kitchen. We had fish for dinner and the granddaughter is now old enough at eight that she can do a lot of the prep work herself. She selected potatoes from the potato bin to be sliced up for American fries and she had to inspect them one by one. Since she is the one who picked most of the potatoes this past fall she had a story to tell me about each and every potato. As I peeled potatoes she got the fish out and rinse it off and then took a sleeve of crackers and reduced them to crumbs. Into the bowl they went along with a couple mountain size tablespoons of flour and then making sure grandma could not hear or see us she added our secret seasonings to the mix.


With oil hot in the big cast iron pan we added the potatoes and started to add fish to the dry mix. But first she had to break an egg which is something she is still working on to master. Second pan for fish was heated up and the potatoes were turned several times. Timer went off and rolls were done in the oven and I took them out and set them on the counter. She took a spoonful of butter and went across the top of the rolls letting the melting butter run down the sides and giving the rolls a golden glow. I cooked the fish and the granddaughter went to work on making a salad. A few minutes later and we were all gathered at the table and the youngest granddaughter had already abandoned her baby spoon and was scooping fish into her mouth using both of her small hands.


Of course there was banana bread for dessert, we had nut banana bread and we had raisin banana bread and we had rasin/nut banana bread. We even had a couple of banana cream pies but somehow they, the pies found there way to my neighbors, Elmer and Chuck. Speaking of Chuck I saw him yesterday. I was out on my deck and I could see him through the brush that separates his place from mine. He was out on his deck and we both caught each other's eye and we gave each other a series of Lake Iwanttobethere HIYA waves followed by the Lodge wave followed by the man wave. No words were exchanged as we covered all the basic information needed with those three waves. Let me break it down for you, the three waves and there order meant that yes, I to have a cold, no I am not going to come over and make small talk with you because you may have a different cold then I do and I don't want yours. We will talk more later when we both feel better, see ya later. I went back inside the cabin and did not tell the wife I saw Chuck because then she would ask me what we talked about. So for right now I am just sitting in my chair at my desk in the den. I have a space heater on the floor blowing warm air under my chair and desk. I got some kind of flannel throw on my shoulders and a box of the extra soft tissues close at hand here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Ice Cream

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WRITING STORIES ABOUT Lake Iwanttobethere can be hit and miss sometimes. There are days when I could write pages on the stuff that is going on here. Then of course there are days where nothing happens at all. Very seldom do I sit down to just write a story because it is time to. I must admit that a lot of times most stories just write themselves. Of course being able to just ramble is in writing a good quality to have. I proof read my stories mostly to Duncan who is always at my feet and wags his tail when I read out loud. I am pretty sure he thinks I am talking to him. My wife and daughter tend to avoid the den when I am writing as they don't need to hear me read them stories of the Lake as they are living on it.


This weekend the house is full of dogs and it feels good. My daughter and her husband and the number two and three granddaughters went to the big city to have a get away. This means a hotel with a pool and a breakfast that is mostly cream filled donuts. While they are away I get to dog sit their two dogs, add in Barney and Duncan and I have four dogs and three cats in the cabin and there is no such thing as peace and quiet, just the way I like it. The young female Austrian shepherd and Duncan play wrestle and fight with each other from one room to the next and only stop when they are yelled at by the wife. The two of then pause and look at each other and you can almost hear one say to the other "Lets get ice cream" then they are off to another room to start all over again. The two old dogs just get on the couch and each takes an end and they are content to just nap in the sunshine coming in through the window.


The sun was out again so I spent time outside with all the dogs. With a broom in hand I made an inspection of the yard and swept snow off railings and steps and tarps covering the Puddle Humper and the son's boat, AKA "The Barge". The snow that fell the other day was "Sweeper Snow" as my ma use to say. Don't need a shovel, all you need to clear it away is a good stiff corn broom and that is probably why I still have one around. I checked the bass thermometer hanging on the wall of the cabin and the red needle was parked on fourteen above. Didn't feel that cold at all with no wind and sun shinning. Of course we have had a couple of weeks of cold weather now and I might be acclimated again to a Lake Iwanttobethere winter.


Making foot prints in the yard following the four dogs around is a good thing. I was just talking with the daughter about Barney and how in just a few months he is going to be having his fifteenth birthday. Talk of what we are going to do when we lose him and Duncan finds himself alone. Good thing the wife does not read my tales as the daughter and I are starting to do a little scheming. The daughter is leaning towards bring a yellow lab home as it would be her dog not mine. I have promised the wife I would bring no more dogs home but the daughter never made that promise. Of course I am hinting at another chocolate lab would be nice but a yellow lab would fit in here at the cabin at Lake Iwanttobethere



IT ARRIVED SOMETIME after dark. It made its way past the outer most sentries, breached the wall and under the cover of darkness secured a foothold. In the quiet of the night it sent out runners to the far corners of the kingdom. They under the blanket of silence that is the night secured positions and dug in. When morning arrived it was too late, the cold and its partner the flu had arrived! I awoke this morning to stiff joints and a runny nose, I should have noticed the increased coughing during the night but I was thinking I was safe having made it this far with out being overwhelmed by the brutal cold/flu that was making its way through neighboring kingdoms. This morning as I type this it pains my one finger and I know I am sick as something the FELLOWS said almost makes sense. They told me I should not write so I don't infect others. I will keep this short then just in case there may be truth in their words. I go to do battle with the cold/flu but Dock Burriem says that the battle may be long and drawn out here on the shores of Lake Iwanttobethere


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THERE IS NO such thing as a bad hat when it gets down to zero and the wind is blowing. Today I had to run to the Al-Mart store and I was waiting outside in the running Tahoe with the heater on high and parked in the sunshine. The wife was inside buying some stuff that she needed for baking. The wife had made a deal with Ma from Ma and Pa Grocery for a case of old bananas. The bananas are used for making banana bread and the older and riper they are the better they are, so I have been told. The wife told me that if she is going to be baking bread she was going to be baking a lot of it so I sat in the Tahoe while she shopped.


I had the heater on high and my seat on high to. The onboard thermometer said it was seven outside the glass but that does not take in the wind that was shaking the five thousand pound truck from time to time. Since I was sitting I was people watching and dividing people into categories. Dividing men and women was a challenge today as everyone was bundled up tight. You could not tell someone by the hat they were wearing as when it gets cold anything goes. I think I sat waiting for a good fifteen minutes and I don't think I saw the same hat twice. Scarfs were a give away for the women as they wore them tied around their head covering their ears. Collars were pulled up high and the hats ranged from fur to baseball. Every color was present and some combinations that must only make sense to the owners.


The one common thing that I noticed was that there was not very much skin to be seen. Maybe the flash of a cheekbone or a hand before it was tucked deep into a coat pocket. No bare legs to be seen and toes were all buried deep in mukluks or sorrel boots. The occasional guy dressed in a dirty snowmobile suit walking like a sasquatch in some home video. Railroad guys wearing bright orange coats and them canvas gloves. Highway crew in the brighter chartreuse safety vests pulled tight over brown carhart coats. A few older ladies with no hats on at all, their permed gray hair fashioned just right and sprayed down with so much hairspray that nothing could get through the helmet of hair anyway. I did see a couple of older ladies wearing them green down coats that button all the way down past their knees. They have the high collars that cover their face and from behind they look like up right caterpillars as they slowly shuffle along.


With the Tahoe warming back up after the wife open the door and let all the heat out we drove out the parking lot weaving our way through abandoned shopping carts stuck in the snow. Shopping cart wrangler in the dead of winter is another job you can add to my list of jobs I am glad I never have had as I drove past a few carts in a snow bank a couple of blocks from the store. Made me think of that part time job I had working at the brewery loading beer trucks. But then it reminded me of the free beer at lunch and now I don't remember that job being so cold anymore. Parked the Tahoe and helped the wife with her bags and the box of bananas, the back of the Tahoe smells like Bananas now. Took the shovel and pushed some of the light snow around and Duncan and Barney came out to greet me. Sun is setting and you can almost feel the temperature falling with the sun here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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BEEN DANCIN WITH a cold just like everyone else in town it seems the past few days. Not doing much of any thing just hunkering down deep in the couch cushions catching up on some TV but mostly just napping. Napping is good and you won't get any arguments from dog's cats and babies on the subject. Cold has not really arrived for me, got some sniffles and some body aches but I find that the couch seems to take care of the symptoms. Of course it is also a good place to hideout from the wife and the winter to do list.


Have had to run to town a few times as life goes on. The other morning when it was really cold out, I think minus 16 driving on Main Street was like being in a ghost town. As I drove town the street I didn't see anyone walking and only a few cars parked in front of stores. A tumbling tumbleweed would have fit right in as long as it was white and made out of snow. The only place that was busy was the D&D Drugstore. I had to stop in as I was running low on some gauze and tape for Barney's leg. I parked in an open spot out front and just left the Tahoe running, with gas cheap again I can afford to keep the truck warm. Inside both of the brothers who own D&D Drugstore were working. Dave gave me a wave as I headed to the bandage aisle and his brother Dave gave me a wave from the counter at the back of the store.


I didn't bring Duncan into town he has learned how to step up on the window controls of the Tahoe and lower his window. That may be fine for the summer but in the middle of winter he lets out the warm air out of the Tahoe. I knew I was going to be in and out of the truck so I left him at the cabin. The Lodge is quiet not even any of the roofers come in for lunch. They have all taken vacation and are down in Mexico. School was closed for one day, they did it because of the wind chill. I talked to the granddaughter who could not understand why they could not go to school, they are inside she told me. Times are a little different, back in my youth I don't remember ever not going to school because it was too cold. Of course I don't ever remember not going to school because it was too hot either.


Ten above here at the cabin as I write this, some snow has been trying to fall since ten this morning. I don't mind it is the nice light snow that they use in truck commercials. You know where they show the new 4x4 what ever pushing piles of snow with a fancy new plow or running through two feet of it. Normally virgin snow where no other 4x4 would dare to go. Looking out the window here we might have two inches of the stuff on the railing. Just enough to make everything look clean and white. Not good snow for banking up around the ice shanty's as it is so light that not much more then a breath of wind on the ice would blow it away. Speaking of ice, no problem having ice here on Lake Iwanttobethere. A week of sub zero weather is a good ice maker.


Of course with it snowing out there is no sunshine. I don't keep track of the days we don't have sunshine but this winter seems to be setting a record for sunless days. Thing there is if it cloudy all the time you think we would be getting some snow but that is not the case. I was thinking about that when I drove by the golf course on my way back home today and you can see the blue tarps protecting the greens and the orange snow fence is not holding any snow back. This winter is starting to look like one of them bad winters for the fishermen. Cabin Fever I think is going to arrive early and stay long. No snow on the ground and no sun in the sky and seed catalogs already arriving in the mail can test ones patience here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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