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Time Bandit

Posted by Bobby Bass on October 21, 2014 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

DEBATING ON CHANGING the lower unit oil on the Puddle Humper. I was in town today and stopped off at Dan's parts store and right as you come in the door there was a display of lower unit gear oil. I bought one for the Puddle Humper and a can of fogging oil. The tube of lube is sitting here on my desk and it would be an easy thing to walk out to the Puddle Humper and change the lower unit but if I did that I would be making a commitment that I am really done fishing for the year, can't pull that trigger just yet. Sunshine Ray is forecasting a little warm up and we may see a couple of days in the low sixty's here by the end of the week. I know the water is still cold and I am guessing it is still getting colder as I type this but.... I am still thinking there is a big northern out there waiting for me to throw something in his or her way.


On my way back to the cabin I gave a wave to Frank the plow driver. He was out plowing leaves here at Lake Iwanttobethere. Yes from time to time the leaves get so deep that we have to have them plowed into the ditches. Trouble there is sometimes the Leafers who stop in the middle of the road to take pictures walk off toward the woods and disappear into the deep leaf filled ditches. Town council a few years back approved some "DITCH LEAF FILLED" signs only to have most of them stolen that fall. They have since been replaced with "DANGER- DITCH" signs and had the FELLOWS were hired to install them. If there is anyone that can screw something up or on it is the FELLOWS.


When I was in town I also noticed a few of the locals starting to wear their blaze orange caps. Deer season is just around the corner so to speak and I did make a stop at Ma and Pa's grocery just to check in and to make sure we still have our freezer space for this season. As long as I was there I had Pa slice me up a couple of pounds of thick sliced bologna and he wrapped the six slices in white paper and chatted with me as he worked. I paid Ma for the cold cuts and headed out the door, the bell jingling over my head. No sooner did I hit the sidewalk then my nose picked up the smell of fresh bread and almost in a trance I turned and walked over to Amy's Bakery and found myself inside. Amy with a smile came out from behind the glass display cases with a glass of milk and a large portion of apple pie, not what I had on my mind but since she went through all that trouble I sat down and smacked my lips in anticipation.


I left Amy's with my cold cuts and a couple of loafs of thick sliced fresh warm bread. A loaf of wheat and a loaf of rye better known as the top and bottom to my bologna sandwiches. A few more HIYA's were spoken to locals as I made my way back to the Tahoe. I opened the door to find Duncan curled up on my seat, he stood up wagged his tail and pushed his nose into my coat pocket. There was no hiding the chunk of scrap that Pa had given me to give to him. With his treat secured he headed to the back seat and sprawled across it. With the widow down I headed back home and that is when I saw Frank the plow driver pushing leaves.


The rest of my afternoon was stolen by a Time Bandit that is what I refer to my grand kids as. This afternoon the daughter had a doctor's appointment and baby M was at the cabin when I got back. Baby M is now walking and one has to keep an eye on her. Duncan does a pretty good job of being a baby-sitter but once she is done dropping her cookie crumbs he losses interest. Before I knew it the daughter was back from the doctor and done visiting with her mother in the kitchen. Meanwhile Baby M was in the den with me stealing time as I don't know where time goes when you are with your granddaughter playing blocks and going through the toy box here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Leaf Plowing

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SPENT THE WEEKEND at the Resort had a list of things that needed to be done up there. We dug up the last of the tatters and pulled tomato plants out of the garden. I helped Vic as we hauled in loads of fallen leaves as there is no shortage of them around the Resort. The FELLOWS have a large shredder that we used to make mulch of the leaves and anything else that happen to get picked up. The compost pile was turned over using the tractor which is a lot easier then doing it with a pitch fork like I have to at home. Even thinking I will keep adding to the compost pile at the Resort and maybe I will be able to make enough extra to bring a load back to the garden at the cabin next spring.


My neighbor Chuck was also at the Resort on Sunday, told me he had to get away from the cabin before anything else breaks on him. First it was the wheel bearing on his truck that he fixed and then the next day the power steering line blew. I told him if he stopped driving the truck he would stop breaking stuff on it. That is why I park the Dodge for seven months out of the year, I get great gas mileage that way to. Wood shop is pretty much clean and waiting for winter still have not sawed the big white pine logs yet but it is on the list of things to do. The fir has been cut and is stacked neatly drying, Chuck has a few projects in mind for the wood next spring.


Sunday was a surprise as it was much warmer then forecasted. We ran the antenna cable out on to the deck and moved the TV out there is watch the football game. Hammering Hank is not a big fan of the local football pro team and we had to listen to him all game long telling us how the home team was going to lose and sure enough on the last play of the game they did. Rather then listen to him patting himself on the back everyone who was on the deck scattered as we still had half of a nice Sunday afternoon. Vic and Dock Burriem made their way down to the mail boat and set off to drift in the small bay. The plan was to do some fishing but more likely they were having a few nips from Dock's flask and just enjoying the afternoon. Elmer and Marv not in a hurry to go anywhere just sat back in their chairs and tuned there hearing aids off and watched and smiled from time to time as Hammering Hank waved his hands in the air and said " I told you so"


At half-time I had gone over to the Tahoe and emptied out the back of the truck. I was thinking of doing a little bird hunting so I piled gear on top of a bale of straw and with the football game done I headed that way with Duncan close at my side. With Duncan's mentor Bud now gone almost three weeks Duncan has been a little lost, Actually we both have but we are getting better. I didn't think Duncan could spend any more time with me but I was wrong, he does not let me leave his sight unless he is at the cabin and the wife is baking cookies. I was holding Duncan collar in my hand and I saw him nuzzling the hunting vest and managed to snap a picture of him, caught in the act of trying to get a reward biscuit from the vest.


I changed boots put on my vest and Duncan and I took a walk down the trail that runs past the garden and goes back into the poppel. Trees are starting to get bare back there as the wet and windy weather had taken a lot of the leaves down. They make that crunching ruffle sound when you walk through them and the forest smells earthy. Duncan with his head down low and his tail up high plows through the fallen leaves like a vee plow going through a fresh snowfall. From time to time he will raise his head to snort leaves out of his nose and to check to see if I am still following him. I am, with a smile on my face and memories of how Bud would do the same thing here at Lake Iwanttobethere


Go South young man

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GO SOUTH YOUNG man go south is what Elmer told me when I related to him my fishing experience of the other day. The water is warmer that way and so that is what I did yesterday, I fished a lake to the south of Lake Iwanttobethere. Stormy Clearweather had forecasted that the winds would be calm and the further I would travel from Lake Iwanttobethere the warmer the air would get, she lied. When I left the cabin it was fifty out and foggy but I could see some light in the sky where the sun should be. Twenty miles away and the Tahoe thermometer was showing fifty-five and there was some sunshine. By the time I got to the boat landing it was fifty-seven and I was looking forward to the forecasted sixty-three by late afternoon. Two other trailers were sitting in the parking lot and I was not alone in thinking this might be a decent fishing day.


It went down hill shortly after I launched. I stayed dry but the wind instead of dying kept on building. I started off with a long sleeve shirt and a sweatshirt, shortly after being on the water the pull over golf wind jacket went on, half way down the shoreline the big heavy black hoodie went on and I traded my baseball cap for a stocking hat. Water was warmer then the northern lake of a few days ago as the graph was reading fifty-one. I guess no one was telling the fish it was warmer as I was not getting any bites. Some docks were still out so that was good to see but I must have picked the pontoon taking out day to fish. A steady stream of pontoons were making their way to the landing to be pulled out by pickups and four wheelers and a couple of farm tractors.


The local population of geese were busy as they kept flying overhead in flights of twenty birds or more. Flying low over the water they would not gain any height till they were almost on top of me. I was thinking they almost looked like bombers making practice runs. A few mallards kept pace with me I am sure looking for handouts, but after awhile they left me for the quiet water behind a big boat dock. I was thinking that in my journal that this trip was going to go down as a boat ride and not a fishing trip as after two hours I had not had even a tap that I could call a bite. The good shore line that I would have liked to fish was feeling the brunt of the wind and waves so I didn't even go there. Instead I headed towards the landing and fished a small bay figuring I would get off when there was a break in the pontoon loading.


Wind was a little better so I dropped the trolling motor into the water and decided to throw a few casts while I waited. Gloves were on now making fishing a little more interesting but I was thinking this might be my last time out so I might as well keep a line wet. The idea of being skunked two trips in a row gets a guy thinking that fishing season might just be done. I felt a tap on my rod and a pull and a quick hook set had me with a fish on. Looking down into the clear water I watched as a pike went zipping by heading for under the boat and was trying hard to take my rod with it. I know I had a smile on my face as I was not going to be skunked and even though it was a Pike I could live with that. A couple of quick pictures and I lifted up a chubby four pounder into the Puddle Humper.


I eased the Pike back into the water and figured as long as I am here I could toss a few more casts and so I did. Five minutes later a bass hit and I did the same with him, a couple of pictures in the water then I eased him into the boat and released him with a thank you. Now I was ready to take the boat out of the water. By the time I started the Tahoe the thermometer was reading forty-seven, a far cry from the forecasted sixty-three. Good thing I got off the water, I was running out of jackets to put on here at Lake Iwanttobethere




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TOUGH CALL YESTERDAY, the red needle on the bass thermometer hanging on the siding here at the cabin was nudging sixty degrees and I had a decision to make. Fishing, golfing, bird hunting or raking leafs. Right off the bat raking leafs was ruled out, there are still way to many in the trees hanging on even in the brisk wind. I figured golfing would be nice but my neighbor Chuck was busy cursing and beating up his truck with a hammer as the night before his wheel bearing went out on his pickup. No golfing or fishing for him till it was fixed. A walk on the trails might be a good idea but there are still leaves up and it might be a tad warm to do to much walking. So that left fishing, o well I suppose I could go wet a line.


Raking leaves might have been a better choice. Loaded up the Puddle Humper and took off for what is usually a good fall lake only to arrive to fifteen plus mile winds and they were coming out of the North, not good on this lake as the lake runs North-South. I was having second thoughts even about launching but I have had days like this before and sometimes, not all the time you get surprised by the fishing so I launched. First mistake I stepped in a little too far and some water spilled over the top of my right boot. It was not warm and as I parked the Tahoe I had a little squishing going on in my boot and my toes confirmed that the water was cold. I pushed the Puddle Humper out into the lake and took my boots off, dried my feet with a towel I have on hand just for that reason and put my shoes on. I checked the graph and it was reading forty-seven degrees, yup the water was a little cool.


I worked by way up the shoreline going against the wind and tossing a big spinner bait at a few likely spots. Not ten minuets into fishing and a real nice bass was chasing down my bait nipping at the big purple trailer I had on it. In a split second I saw the fish, the fish saw me, we had a brief tug of war over my trailer and the fish darted off under the boat and was gone. I was thinking it might just be one of them days but in the next two hours that is all I saw or felt for fish. There was no dock pattern to fish as all the docks were pulled up and resting on green grass. In there place I spotted a couple of ice houses pulled down close to shore ready to be pushed onto ice which I hope is still a few months away. A couple of ducks quacking and the sound of someone sawing wood with a chain saw is all that broke up the quiet of the afternoon.


The wind was not looking like it was going to go away, it was blowing up waves on my favorite points and the big reed bank was like fishing in a wind tunnel. I tucked away behind a small island but even there the wind wanted to suck me back out. I ate a sandwich, and drank a little water. Started the big motor and rode on top of the waves to the other end of the lake and fished for a few minutes but doubt had already settled in. Figured I was just wasting my time so I headed back to the landing and found another trailer parked alongside mine. Never saw anyone on the lake so I don't know where they are hiding at. Took my time and got the Puddle Humper ready for the ride back home. Usually I am doing this in the dark so it was kind of nice to have daylight to see by. I ate my second sandwich and sipped on a soda leaning up against the side of the boat and looking out at the lake. I took in the deep smells of fall and watched leaves fall on the water of a lake near a lake near Lake Iwanttobethere

Leafers, Lost in the back forty

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MY PLAN FOR not having a plan went well yesterday, it was so good that I am going to do the same thing today as yesterday and that is not have a plan. Yesterday I spent time with the granddaughter and I watched some football, don't know why I watched football as the home team lost yet again and they could not hear me yelling at them from way up here. I should have gone and done some fishing but I was sitting on the deck in one of the old wood chairs and I had a cigar burning. I get but one cigar a week to smoke these days and to be truthful sometimes I don't even smoke that one during the week. Anyway I was sitting on the deck and it was calm out, the red needle on the Bass thermometer was resting just above sixty degrees in the shade and I was thinking I might be wasting a fishing day. A few minutes later and the wind reappeared and I was back to thinking that just sitting was the better choice.


The daughter was out with the granddaughter as they had gone over to McDonnell's farm to walk the corn maze. They came back with a story to tell as the daughter told me they had some Leafers up taking pictures and a couple of them went and took a walk in the corn maze. Seems that one of the Leafers walked out of the corn maze and across the dirt road to the corn field where he got lost. McDonnell was just about ready to call the Lake Iwanttobethere volunteer fire department to help search for the lost Leafer ( tourist ) when a grouse hunter and his dog found him and escorted him back out and across the road. The Leafer said he was just fine and he would have found his way out by himself if the battery on his phone had not died so he could not use his GPS app. McDonnell was about to tell him all he had to do was look up and he would have seen the windmill but decided to say nothing and told him he owed an extra five dollars for trampling his corn.


The granddaughter came out of the cabin with some milk and a slice of pumpkin pie and sat down at the table alongside of me. I put my cigar out and listen to her version of the lost Leafer story as she ate pie and slurped milk. We then had chores to do as the granddaughter has her own list of things that need to be done. First off we headed to the garden where we cut down stalks of corn and put them in the red wagon. I had to pull the wagon down to the mailbox where we then stood them up and tied them to the post holding the mailbox. I was informed we were doing it because we needed to decorate the mail box for Halloween. With the stalks secured I went to pull the wagon back up the hill but not till she got in for a free ride, I think the ride was also on her list of things for me to do.


This afternoon finds an overcast sky overhead and calm winds. I have been in an out of the cabin and a few drops of rain have fallen but nothing that would get you wet if you were caught under them. I took the tarp off the Puddle Humper and cleaned some leafs off the carpet, changed lures on a couple of rods and checked to see how much gas I have in the tank. Battery charger is humming just to make sure the trolling battery is ready and tomorrow I am going fishing. Sixty in the shade is the battle cry and I can't very well be sitting at home if it is that warm in the middle of October here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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SILENT SUNDAY HERE at Lake Iwanttobethere and I am sitting in the den with the radio tuned into KCUM and some soft music playing. I can hear the wife emptying the dishwasher in the kitchen, the sound of spoons and forks making soft clanking noises as they find their spots in the drawer. Duncan is under the desk at my feet and Barney is over in the corner, snoring. I have not seen any of the cats yet this morning, usually by this time they will have appeared and will jump up on the desk to get in my way or as in the case of Smokie the big tom will flop on my keyboard demanding attention.


The granddaughter is still asleep she had a long day yesterday as she was at a couple of Halloween parties and then came over here for the night. I am thinking about fishing this afternoon and I needed to go to the Masterbaiters shop for a few plastic lures that I was running low on. I have a few but you never know, I might run into a good bite and run out. I asked the granddaughter if she would like to stay home with grandma or go shopping with me. She asked where we were going and as soon as I said the bait shop she was in. Now normally I would just walk into the Masterbaiters Shop head over to the wall where all the plastic baits are hanging on the pegboard and grab what I needed and be back out the door. Shopping with a seven year old is a tad different and one should shop from time to time like one. We took our time and looked at colors and shapes and not prices. We looked at stuff we never have tried and put them back on the hooks and moved on.


So this morning with the cabin pretty quiet I got to thinking about writing stories here at Lake Iwanttobethere. The title is fishing reports but looking back there are not really that many fishing reports. Lake Iwanttobethere has become more about weather reports and fishing and hunting and mowing grass. Tales of past adventures and passing thoughts about life and raising kids and especially dogs. Eight years of Bud and Barney and I hope many many years of Duncan. Winter snow storms and Summer rains Spring thaws and Fall colors. I hope I am letting you in on a little slice of what is going on around here. Not many places like Lake Iwanttobethere not many towns have the FELLOWS and Dock Burriem or Lodges for everyone to gather and exchange stories and learn from them. A good mix of old stuff and new stuff of old values and some plain common sense.


I never know what to write about and I tend to be all over the place, kind of like life I guess. Thing is everyone has stories to tell, and you may not think your life is interesting but it is. If you hunt or fish or have a dog you have a story to tell. Got kids and grand kids you have a wealth of stuff. I am just sharing a slice of life here and if it rings a bell with you then I figure it is all worth it. I should not write on quiet Sunday mornings, Gets me thinking and as the FELLOWS will tell you thinking can sometimes get you in trouble, Sometimes it is best just to do things as planning can just get in the way. Today I am going to spend some time with the granddaughter, maybe watch some football and maybe even go fishing, but I am not going to really plan anything for the day here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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SO I HAVE a new boss here at the cabin on the shores of Lake Iwanttobethere. I am not counting the wife or daughters or even my seven year old granddaughter who has grown into being a pretty good boss. Nope I am talking about Duncan the pup who is no longer a pup but a grown dog and I guess he thinks my master. I say this because Duncan would not take no yesterday afternoon and we went and did some bird hunting. I was taking a break from pushing the lawnmower around getting to places that the riding mower could not reach. Duncan sat on the wood deck and watched me work and from time to time he would sit up and bark to get my attention. I felt he was pointing out spots with his nose that I had missed mowing. After I was done mowing I took the leaf blower out and cleaned off the wood deck and steps and made a few passes across the drive to blow leaves off to the side.


With the push mower put away and the blower hanging from its hook I was thinking about getting on the garden tractor and taking it for a spin. As I started to walk to the shed Duncan started barking and would not stop when I yelled at him to be quiet. I figured something was up, either Ed or Eddie the squirrels were making a raid on the bird feeders or maybe the raccoon that has been hitting the garbage cans at night was making a daylight raid. Nope I was set up, what I did find was my single shot twenty gage leaning up against the deck railing and hanging over the rail was my orange bird vest and Bud's old bell was sitting on top of my hat. I went up the stairs and I spotted the wife looking out the glass of the deck door waving for me to get off her deck. Duncan was wagging his tail so hard his head had to go in the opposite direction so he would not fall over.


I took Bud's bell in my hand and it rang softly, I reached down and took Duncan's collar off and slipped the loop of the bell on to the collar and then snapped it back on around Duncan's neck. The bell rang softly as Duncan continued to wag his tail and I spoke quietly to him telling him fine we will go. My vest went on over my sweatshirt and I cradled the shotgun in my arm and followed Duncan across the yard to the trail. Reaching in my vest I felt for shells and the wife had made sure I had several. Either she was expecting me to shoot a lot of birds or miss a lot, I can never tell with her.


We never saw a bird at least not a grouse but in a way I knew that was not what the wife had in mind when she put the gun and vest out on the deck. It was time to get back up on the horse so to speak and for me that meant it was time to take Duncan into the woods. I knew that and as I walked down the trail behind Duncan I watched him work like Bud had shown him. The pace was a little quicker I didn't have to stop and let Bud catch up but to be fair Duncan did spend a little extra time here and there letting me catch up to him.


Grouse season is short enough without making excuses not to go. I walked behind Duncan and I enjoyed a nice fall walk, brown grass under foot and falling orange leaves tumbling down. Every turn on the trail made both Duncan and myself slow down and peer around it and look down the next stretch of trail like little kids peeking around the corner on Christmas Eve expecting to see Santa. Bud's bell rang softly in the quiet and it looked good hanging on Duncan's collar here on a grouse trail at Lake Iwanttobethere


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THE PAST WEEK zipped on by here at Lake Iwanttobethere. Had a few days of sunshine and even though it did not warm up much time was spent outside working in the gardens and on the never ending fall to do list. I had broken the pitch fork digging up tatters with the granddaughter and I went down to buy another one at the General Store, Earl showed me a couple of different ones and of course they were the last ones he had in stock. I decided to just buy a replacement handle as that was the third of the cost of a new pitch fork and brought it home. I sat out on the deck with my drill and worked at getting the fork out of the old handle that was protected by metal and what should have been a easy job was becoming a chore. But the afternoon was sunny and I was out of the wind and I was not in any great hurry to get it done.


I was leaning back in my deck chair taking a break watching some leaves fall when Elmer made his way over to my place from his place. He sat down across from me and we exchanged HIYA's and just looked at each other for a spell. I knew he wanted to say "Fixen the pitchfork" but I knew he was not going to say anything because I would have called him out on stating the obvious, just like he would have done to me. So we chatted for awhile but neither one of us brought up the pitchfork between us on the table. After awhile Elmer got up to leave and we bid each other good day, Elmer turned to walk away when he looked back at me and said "Would be a lot quicker if ya just put it in a fire "So I started a fire in the pit and stacked wood around the pitchfork and after awhile the metal got red hot and I pulled it from the fire gave it a tap and the fork fell right out of the wood handle that was wrapped in metal. I let it sit there and cool and moved on to other projects.


Yesterday it was safe to be back outside as the massive flight of songbirds has abated. It is now safe to walk outside with out the chance of being hit by a flying bird. Duncan has been busy though as some of the small songbirds did not survive hitting the widows of the cabin. Duncan would find them on the ground and nose them to see if they were alive and if they were not he would bring them to me. I set them down on the edge of the deck and after awhile Duncan would just bypass me and bring the birds to the deck. Since the ground was soft where I had made Bud's grave I just buried them there, I figured Bud would have been OK with that.


Puddle Humper sits on its trailer with the tarp covering it. Have not emptied it for winter yet as Sunshine Ray is forecasting a few days next week where it might hit sixty. I am thinking there may be a few more days of fishing still left so I have the tarp on to keep the leaves out. Speaking of leaves here on the shores of Lake Iwanttobethere for the most part they are still green but some yellow is showing up. Away from the lake the leaves are pretty much done changing color and are filling up the low spots on the ground. Have not done any bird hunting this week, just don't have the urge even though Duncan has been nosing the gun cabinet and trying to get my attention. Too windy and to many little birds, maybe tomorrow I will go and take a walk down a few of my buddy Chuck's trails. A couple of weeks of some sunshine and no rain with warmer temperatures could sure do a lot into changing this into a normal fall here at Lake Iwanttobethere {

The Birds!

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I DIDN'T WANT to say anything till I was sure but people the sun is shinning here at Lake Iwanttobethere. Of course the wind is blowing at about twenty-five miles an hour and you have to be careful when you are outside so you don't get hit by a bird. I will explain, the very brisk winds of the past few days has helped along thousands if not hundreds of thousands of songbirds from Canada on their journey to the warmer weather of the southern U.S.of A. In a conversation I had with Sunshine Ray he told me that the birds will not fly across Lake Iwanttobethere because the cooling waters do not provide enough lift for the wings of the little guys. This means the birds follow the shore till they get to this end of the lake and then they go around the lake and continue on their journey.


Normally we don't notice the groups of birds as they come through but with the winds of the past few days they are coming in a mass. Poor Duncan does not know what to do as everywhere he looks there are birds to pursue. He is trying his darnest to keep them away from the garden but when there are hundreds at a time he can't be everywhere. Barney is no help, he just lays in the sunshine on the deck and sleeps and since he is deaf he can't hear all the tweeting. The wife says she won't go outside till they are all gone, but then she is not a fan of Alfred Hitchcocks The Birds and it does kind of look like that around here. I will say one thing, there is not a speck of seed lying on the ground anywhere here at Lake Iwanttobethere. Finally the birds have gotten all the seed from the feeders before Ed and Eddie the squirrels could.


Chuck came over to borrow my leaf blower, told him it was a losing cause but his broke and he wanted to clean out his boat. He forgot to put the cover on and it has filled with fallen leaves. I have been pretty lucky so far, most of the leaves have just blown right through my yard into Elmer's. Today I am well into the fall to do list, not checking many things off just mostly adding to it. I did empty the rain barrels and they still need to get washed out. I did one the other day and then set it on the play house deck to dry. My granddaughter when she was here on Friday asked me with her hands on her hips why there was a rain barrel on her deck. I told her I was going to store it there for the winter and she told me, very firmly I might add that she will be using her deck during the winter and I should find somewhere else. I just nodded and did not tell her that I have two more to put on the deck hoping she will forget.


Not too bad out this afternoon, amazing how sunny and fifty can feel pretty good as long as you are out of the wind. Not fishing weather for me at least not in a boat, to much wind. Saturday looks like it might be a boat day though. Temps in the fifties, sunny and wind a manageable 10 mph of course that is Sunshine Rays forecast and anything can change between now and then. I will try and get out though, need to clear the fuel lines of gas and then bring the Puddle Humper to the car wash and give it a good rinse before emptying it and wrapping it up for winter. Long range forecast does not show any signs of an Indian Summer so Saturday might just be the last time I get out in a boat. Will have to shift over to bird hunting with Duncan, here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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A QUIET SUNDAY here at the cabin on the shore of Lake Iwanttobethere. Has been a long week with the loss of Bud my old friend. But like everyone says it is getting better, I am starting to talk about the old man and not choke up. Stories are starting to be told about him as my friends share with me their memories. Duncan is at my side and yesterday I spent most of the afternoon outside working in the garden with my number two granddaughter. We dug for tatters and broke the pitch fork, will have to go down to the General Store tomorrow and buy another. Picked the last of the acorn squash and harvested the sunflowers. The granddaughter pulled some carrots because only she knows how to find the big ones and we got seeds from the tobacco plant to save for next year.


Duncan was busy chasing the little birds that seem to be everywhere. Not the best day for being outside, windy and everything was wet. A few snow flakes may have fallen but we could not agree on it being snow or just really cold rain drops. The wife was inside canning the last of the ripe tomatoes, there are a still some left on a couple of plants in the greenhouse but I will eat them on sandwiches this week. Fire going in the fireplace, not a big one but we needed something to take the chill out of the place. Having almost a week of cool damp windy weather has pretty much shut down any thought of fishing. I guess my fishing vacation has ended unless we get a sunny day this week with no wind.


Mark the mailman has returned to his motor route as has Jessie the paperboy. Duncan has taken over the job of barking when Mark's mail van stops at the end of the drive. Last night for the first time in a long time Barney climbed into my bed and took Bud's spot. Felt good to have that part of the bed filled with dog. So I am getting better, Was having second thoughts about writing actually was thinking about taking a break. Didn't want it, the stories be just me writing about Bud and I have made mention of him some in this one but I would be lying if I was to say he is not on my mind. I think after fourteen years and almost a quarter of my life he should get some face time. But life goes on and things have a way of balancing out.


Friday night something happen that put a big smile on my face. The granddaughter was having a sleep over and she crawled into bed with me and we talked about Bud. I asked her if I could tell her a secret, she is very good at keeping secrets. She said yes and I told her that I am thinking I need to get myself a puppy because no way was I could to have more cats (three) then dogs in the cabin. Real quiet like she whispered to me, "Can I tell you a secret?" I whispered back "Of course you can" she then made a big deal of looking from right to left making sure that no one could hear her and asked me when is my birthday. I told her June 22nd, she nodded and said "I overheard my mama and auntie talking about getting you a puppy for your birthday" I chuckled softy and had a big grin on my face in the dark. You see I had made a promise to the wife that I would not buy any more dogs, but if I was to get one as a present, well he or she would have to stay here. I am thinking Holly would be a nice name for a female lab here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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