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Posted by Bobby Bass on September 20, 2014 at 1:20 AM Comments comments (0)

I DISLIKE TOUCHUPS mainly because the lead to paint or stain jobs. After Baby M left the other day I went outside to check on the stain job on the deck. Was looking pretty good so I decided to go ahead and close up the can of stain until I saw I needed to do a little touch up around the gate which happens to be the same color stain as the deck. Yesterday I got the stain back out to finish up the last spot on the deck by the door and as long as the stain was out I put a second coat on the railings. While the railings were drying I went and checked the front porch which I had managed to talk the wife out of staining till next week when the weather is forecasted to be warmer and drier. I thought maybe I should touch up around the window so I went back to the shop and got out the paint can and before you know it I was going around the cabin touching up window trim and then down to the road to paint the mailbox. Won't be long here and Mark the mailman will be back to driving the road to deliver our mail so now was a good time to do it.


I was eyeing the wood gate but I was holding only a one inch paint brush in my hand and that was going to take way too long to do both sides so I put the can away, washed out the brush and marked several things off the do list but added painting the gate to it. Wind was still blowing strong and Buddy and Barney were both fast asleep taking up both ends of the couch. Duncan however was busy trying to get my attention. I let him out the deck door and he ran across the deck hit the grass and did not stop till he got to the back trail. Then he looked over his shoulder to see if I was following and I got the idea of what he wanted to do.


I found the orange vest right where I left in the front closet and putting it on I see it still fits, that is as long as I don't try and button it. I went to the den and open the gun cabinet and open the locked box and grabbed a few twenty gage shells and made a mental note I need to buy shells. I then remembered that I had made a mental note last year to buy shells so now I thought I will replace the old mental note with a new one. I also went over to the desk and wrote it down in case I misplace the mental note again. I took out the old single twenty gage from its resting place and broke it open. From habit I looked down the barrel and with the jingle of some shells in my pocket I grabbed my hat and followed Duncan out the door.


I made the walk across the yard and as I got to the edge I asked Duncan if he was ready to go. He dropped low on his front paws and gave me a couple of short whines. I dropped a shell in the chamber and snapped the gun closed and stepped on to the trail. Already Duncan's nose was sounding like a leaky vacuum as he sniffed and snorted at the grass along the trail. Trees are full of leaves and the grass is green and I was not expecting to see a bird, wait too early but Duncan wanted to go and I am not so dumb not to see if a dog wants to hunt you should follow. The trail breaks off to the left now where my neighbor Chuck has been spending the last two summer building trails. I followed Duncan as we crept on to Chucks property, Feeling like a kid raiding the neighbor apple tree I followed Duncan and was busy making up excuses and ways to blame Duncan when I heard a grouse get up and fly away, at least I think it was a grouse. Hard to tell in the thick cover and with the wind blowing. I looked down at Duncan and he was giving me his "Did you hear that look" and I took a step over to him and patted him on his head, I am thinking it might be an interesting bird season here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Speed Crawl

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SO FAR SO good the plan for fishing around working on the cabin is working. Yesterday I did have some doubts as I was just starting to stain the big deck and the sun was shinning and hardly a breath of wind. I was thinking maybe I should have stained the deck the day before and gone fishing today but three boards into the deck the sunshine was gone and the wind picked up. Halfway through the deck I had to go into the cabin and grab a sweatshirt as it was noticeable colder. The wife cranked open the den window and told me it was a good thing I went fishing the day before. Got the back deck all done except for a small section I leave so the dogs can get out to do their thing. Was going to stain the front porch but baby M was coming over and the wife didn't want the daughter to have to walk around the cabin to get in.


Funny how as I was staining leaves started to fall from trees and land no where in my yard but they did find there way to the deck. I was staining the deck almost a month earlier then I usually do just to avoid falling leaves but it did seem to make to much of a difference. My daughter and baby M arrived at the same time that I was putting the roller and brush away. I went inside and somehow got conned into watching her for just a few minutes. My pretty firm line about baby-sitting is the kid has to be out of diapers and talking before I will do it. The wife and daughter promise to be gone just for a little while and baby M flashed her eyes at me and held her arms out to be picked up and I took the bait, hook line and sinker.


Baby M also known as granddaughter number three is still working on the walking thing. She is just a little over one and does fine as long as she can grab on to a finger or hold onto a coffee table. She will take a few steps and then stand still before doing the flop on her butt. She will then crawl at the speed of light to something she can climb up on and do it all again. Duncan is very curious about anything smaller then him and especially anything that moves and holds cookies at his mouth level. The wife gave Baby M a cookie before they left and Duncan had a lot of interest in the cookie. I came around the corner and Baby M had a firm grip on Duncan's tail and the two of them were walking toward the den at a very leisurely pace. I stood and watched and the thought came that this was a good photo moment. I went to the den and got my camera but by the time I came out Baby M was heading in a speed crawl back to the coffee table and Duncan was licking his lips of cookie crumbs. I don't know if a theft had occurred or if it was just payment for the walk support.


A few more cookies later and the wife and daughter were back from there rummage sale jaunt and I was relieved of baby duty. Of course baby M first had to pass inspection and somehow I got a "That was not so hard was it" comment and Duncan got another cookie. I stepped out to check the deck and the now roaring wind was doing a fine job of making quick work drying the deck. Matter of fact only a few leaves were on it and as I watched a gust of wind cleaned them right off. As I write this right now the wind is blowing some and the sun is trying to come out from behind the clouds, cool out and I do have it on the schedule to go fish this afternoon. I am thinking maybe I will get the porch stained and work on a few other things. I saw Sunshine Rays forecast and it is calling for rain this weekend but then a nice stretch of sunny sixty plus degree days for next week. Might have to tell the wife I am working today so I can fish a lot next week here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Open Seat

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A PLEASANT DAY yesterday with ample sunshine and winds blowing through the tree tops at ten to fifteen miles per hour with a few gusts in there that made the flag snap on the flag pole. The deck was powered washed the day before and all the furniture is now resting on the grass. Yep a perfect day to stain the deck so I went fishing instead. To tell the truth there are a lot of perfect days to stain stuff but not so many days this time of the year to go fishing. I gave the wife the story on how after power washing the deck needs a good day to dry out and she just handed me the brown paper bag lunch from the fridge and said just go fishing, so I did.


I had a plan to go fishing on Lake Iwanttobethere but with the wind kicking up I went to plan B and I headed to a small backup lake to get out of the wind. It was a drive so I had to dig into my stash of cigars as it was just a little over an hours drive away. You know you are getting away from people when I lost our local radio station KCUM and had to turn off the static. Not many cars travel where I was going and I was still twenty minutes away from the little lake when I saw the last truck going by heading in the opposite direction. By two- fifteen I was on the water and by two-thirty I had caught my first bass, a chunky fifteen incher and I was not going to be skunked today. Always a priority is catching that first fish of the day and with the bass caught I then worked down the West bank of the small lake tucked away from the wind and I caught a few northerns. Three and four pounds they tugged at the line and made me think they were nice bass till they broke the surface.


With the wind kind of at my back I only needed the trolling motor to change direction and when I got to the big Lilly pad covered end of the lake a seventeen and half inch bass ate up my spinnerbait and came to the top to do a dance across the surface. Always fun to be fighting a fish and running out of water as the wind was pushing me toward shore. Boated the fish and turned back out to open water. Flipped my hat around on my head and started the big motor and ran the length of the little lake back to the calm water where I started from. Decided to take a lunch break and dug in the cooler where the bag lunch was. Kicked back in the chair and sipped on some Lake Iwanttobethere root beer and ate a bologna sandwich on a Kaiser roll from Amy's Bakery. A handful of cookies followed and I dusted off my beard of crumbs and went back to fishing.


Wind had shifted and I was not going to get away from it. I tossed the buzz bait a few times but no hits so I went back to the spinnerbait which was getting hits. Boated a few more smaller northerns till a larger one smack me hard so I smacked her hard back. My reward was a battered spinnerbait that fell apart on the deck of the Puddle Humper when I got it back. Had to tie on a new bait and made a mental note I need to make up a few more of these ones with the double skirts and blue blades. Hit a good stretch of water and five chunky bass came over the side in about twenty minutes. Sun was getting low so I had a decision to make. Normally I would head to the Lilly pad field and end the evening there throwing top water in the calm water but I have had some success throwing buzz baits in a little cove close to the landing. I decided to hit the cove and I started up the big motor and headed that way.


Another small bass was caught but no big northerns, I did have a couple of misses but they were not the big girl kind that I was looking to dance with. With some light left I loaded the Puddle Humper on the trailer and headed down the dirt road that would lead me to the asphalt that would take me to the road back home. Eight bass and seven northerns came over the side of the Puddle Humper, not a bad fall afternoon of fishing. Water is cooling as it was only fifty-eight degrees when I pulled the boat out but the lake had finally gone calm as the wind died and no bugs to be found. I still had a stump of a cigar left so I put flame to it and drove slow down the road, I was in no great hurry to get back home here at Lake Iwanttobethere



Too bad you could not go fishing with me, I had an open seat !


Fall Cleanup

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SILENT SUNDAY AND I think it is going to be one. I have my day all planed out already and there is no talking scheduled. Football game at noon and then I am going to spend the rest of the day in a marathon watching the last three shows of True Detective. Yesterday was a busy day as I spent it working on the Honey Do List. The greenhouse was cleaned and all the pepper plants that are in pots were brought inside along with a couple of tomato plants and some herbs that the wife is growing. The citrus plants that have been growing on the deck all summer were pruned and brought inside and put on small rolling carts. They are now too big to be just set on the floor. About half of the tobacco has been harvested and are hanging in the greenhouse and you add the smell of pepper plants, herbs and tobacco and it smells like one of them shops that the Ladies Auxiliary goes to buy their mushroom tea bags at.


The threat of frost has made working in the garden a top priority, a lot of tomatoes were harvested and now find themselves inside glass canning jars awaiting their fate at a later date in spaghetti sauce or chili. Another batch of pickles were canned and some spuds were dug up also. Part of the yard was mowed down tight for winter but where leaves are known to fall I will let go for now. The last brush pile was cleared away to make room for a new brush pile as I will work on clearing trees of branches around the big garden as soon as the trees lose their leaves. I even have a plan for next week as I have the OK from the wife to work on the decks. The plan is to clear off the decks and power wash. The next day I will go fishing the day after I will stain and then the following day I will go fishing again. The weather forecast by Sunshine Ray looks like it will match up with my work schedule.


As I write this the sun is out and suddenly fifty degrees with sunshine is way better than fifty degrees and no sunshine. The only trouble is the wind is back and it is making waves on the lake. I figure I am almost a month ahead on my fall do list which is unheard of. I might just be able to pull off this working around the cabin and fishing on nice days. As far as the cabin getting stained that is on the back burner yet again. I am really going to have to make an effort and stain the place next summer and not wait till I run out of days or count on a dry spell. Speaking of dry spells it rained last night, I could hear it as I still have the bedroom window open to let in the fresh air.


Puddle Humper is clean and waiting, batteries are charged and I have changed over some of the lures on the rods to bigger ones that I favor for fall fishing. Warmer clothes are packed in the Tahoe and the knee high boots are there for launching. I think the days of wading are just about over. The banged up aluminum thermos is now resting on the kitchen counter. It will be filled with hot chocolate or hot apple cider for fishing trips. Not to much need for the cooler to keep things cold in the boat but instead it will be there to keep things warm. A couple of towels in a plastic bag under the seat and some hand warmers and gloves. A bag of Kit Kats just in case I need some energy or to munch on while I move from one fishing spot to another. A few fishing days in the seventies will be welcomed but I am getting ready for some cool time out on the water. Funny how catching a few nice fish can warm you right up though here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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THERE IS A chill in the air this morning, unfortunately the chill is inside the cabin. I told the wife we should have added a few sticks to the fire last night but she said it was warm enough in the cabin. This morning the fireplace was cold and so was the floor when I got out of bed. Not to much teasing this year from Mother Nature. She must be upset about something and just dropped fall on us ten days early. I talked to Vic up at the Resort this morning and he said there was frost he was certain of it as it was down right cold taking the boat out to get the morning paper and the mail. While I chatted on the phone I started a fire in the fireplace, nothing big just some kindling and a few pieces of slab wood. Soon the flame was licking around the wood and heat was coming out. Don't want too big a fire as it looks like we might get some sunshine and the place will warm up as I uncovered the solar collector yesterday. By the time I hung the phone up in the kitchen all three dogs were laying in front of the fireplace, stealing the heat.


Yesterday was a typical bad fall day, not one of those fuzzy feel good fall days that writers write about in the outdoors section of the Sunday paper. You know the kind. The soft warm breeze and the colorful leaves falling to the ground, the rich smell of earth as you walk along the trampled brown grass path in search of grouse with your trusty bird dog. The sun low in the sky making shafts of light through the branches of the trees as it filters it way to the ground. No yesterday was overcast and windy. From time to time the sun would break through and tease you a little and then just as quickly the clouds would block it out. From time to time a few rain drops would fall and not the warm drops of summer these are the cold drops of fall. I spent the afternoon stacking firewood and cleaning out a spot to put the work trailer away for the winter. Somehow the parking space got to be a resting spot for things that are not supposed to be there. At one point while I was taking a breather the wife told me I should just chuck it all and go fishing. She threw a change up at me and I of course stop working to look her in the eye and ask her why did she want me gone.


I did return to work because now I was figuring she wanted me away from the cabin because she was going to start a project that I was going to have to finish or she had other reasons. Of course there is always the chance she was telling me to leave so that I would stay. Either way I didn't go fishing because I had a granddaughter's soccer game to go to and that comes before fishing. At least for two more games then the season is done for her. The weather was not all that bad, as long as you kept moving around you stayed warm enough. A few times I had to duck into the wood shop and once under the overhang of the play house to avoid a shower. No sense in getting wet when you don't have to.


By supper time I was done for the day, went inside and had dinner then off to the soccer game. I dressed a little warmer as I was going to be standing on the sidelines and the daughter's game was the last of the evenings. I arrived just in time to walk her to the field from the parking lot. I have told you before the field is in the softball outfield and we had to cut across the infield to get there. The geese have been doing their thing on the infield dirt. We had to walk around turds to get to the grass. I was thinking the ground's keepers can't be to happy but softball season is pretty much done for. I stood on the side line and watched the game. Seven year old boys and girls having a blast running on the fresh cut wet grass. A few showers fell during the game and parents and grandparents huddled under umbrellas or pulled up hoods along the sidelines while kids played on. The game was stopped for a few minutes as in the second half a rainbow appeared and all the kids stopped to jump up and down and point at it. Once again Mother Nature had to show off here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Yet more rain

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SO WHEN IT rains it pours is the old saying and I would have to agree that the saying is true. Yet another night of pouring ran here at Lake Iwanttobethere. The sky was bright as lightning flashed out over the lake as the storm made it to my side of the lake. This morning the wind is still blowing and everything is soaked. I checked the outbuildings for damage and roofs are intact and the new playhouse is dry. More branches down to feed the fire pit and what little corn I had growing in the garden is down on the ground. Not a fishing day that is for sure. Wind is still stirring the waters of the lake and a few ducks are out just past Elmer's dock but they look like they would rather be somewhere else.


Not to much of any doubt that fall has arrived. I don't see any linger summer hanging on. Of course this was not much of a summer heat wise, I am not complaining I am not a big fan of the heat and the A/C hardly got used this summer. Of course there is a trade off to be made as what we lacked in heat we more then made up for in the abundance of black flies and mosquitoes. Yesterday before the wind started to pick up and the rain fell I got to mark a few more things of the Honey Do List. The play house is officially done as I finally hung the door. The granddaughter and other granddads will now have to finish up the inside. No doubt with art work, rocks, shells, bird nests, stashes of pop and what ever else they think needs to be stored in the play house.


Had a fire in the pit during the afternoon and just when I thought I was done burning brush the overnight wind has dropped me a few more branches. Wind was still blowing so I left the branches where they fell and me and Duncan took a ride to the Resort to see what was happening up there. On the drive in I see we have some standing water in a few potholes, will have to get the tractor out and fill them in. Place looked pretty quiet when I drove up and parked. Not even any of the FELLOWS were around. I could hear the radio from up at the wood shop and Duncan and I took the path to it and found Chuck tinkering with the saw mill. He was changing the blade getting ready to cut the big white pine. We or I should say he took a break and we sat just inside the big double doors that were open and listen to the wind going through the tree tops. Duncan sat on my foot and pretended to be interested in what we were talking about.


After as few minutes I saw Hank in the tractor with a bucket full of class five heading for the potholes. Not much for me to do around here I can't even make up chores for myself. I waved at Hank and got a wave back. Told Chuck I will talk to him later and Duncan and I headed for the Clubhouse. Open the door to hear the sound of music and Vic dancing with the carpet cleaner. I watched for a moment then thought better of interrupting him. He was cleaning the entrance carpet and I figured that is one less chore for me to do. Matter of fact this morning was becoming a day for getting out of chores, if the wind was not blowing so hard I should just go fishing here at Lake Iwanttobethere


Here is a shot of the Play House and of course Duncan inspecting.

super moon

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HUM OF THE battery charger can be heard here at Lake Iwanttobethere. Last night I went fishing in the wind and waves and today my back feels like I was stuck on the twenty-five cent bucking horse ride in front of the drug store. Time of the year when we can't be too picky on the weather as there are not that many good days left to fish so what is a little wind. Got to the access to see some small white caps but still fishable water. Not five minutes into fishing I already had landed a bass and had a northern miss me at the boat. I let the wind drive me down the shoreline till I thought it might be better to go find some slack water as I was getting wet from the spray coming over the side. Started up the big motor and headed to the other side where the wind was coming from and after a few minutes the ride got better as the wind didn't have so much time to build the waves. I did have to wipe my glasses off a few times and I had a passing thought that those eye glasses with the build in wipers might not be such a bad idea.


I went down the shoreline and was kind of tucked out of the wind, but if I ventured out too far the wind would catch me and pull me away from shore. The trolling motor got a work out as I used it to hold my position when fishing a few good spots. Spinnerbait was the lure of choice for the day, I would have liked to fished a few other things but just to much wind and the waves were too big. I did find a few calm spots and I dropped a fake frog in some pockets and got a few hits but did not land anything. Buzz bait did catch a few small northerns and a carpet of Lilly pads produced the big bass of the day. A fat seventeen inch fish that tipped the scales at three and half pounds. Catching a nice fish in wind is always a memory maker as trying to land the fish, steer the boat and fight the wind all while catching it on video by yourself will do that.


I was looking forward to the wind dying down and maybe staying on the water after dark for awhile. A super moon was in store for the night but just around six the clouds started to roll in and the wind kept blowing. I made a command decision to run up to the beginning of the lake on the blowing side and figured I would let the wind drive me down to the access and maybe pick up a few more fish. The plan worked as no sooner did I start coming down the wind blown side of the lake then a nice northern smacked my spinnerbait and the fish made a run that pulled line on me. I didn't see the fish right away and I was hoping for it to be a monster bass but then a nice northern came up to the surface to splash me before diving down and pulling more line. I managed to turn the fish and not wanting to play around with the boat bouncing in the waves I pulled out the landing net and made a scoop to net the fish all in one motion. Good plan except the net was caught on a screw in the handle and would not open. Now I was stuck trying to get the fish into a net that was not open in a bouncing boat with the wind driving me towards shore, fun eh!


Well I did get the fish in the net, managed to turn the boat back into the wind and pull away from shore. Fish measured out at thirty-one inches and tipped the scale at seven pounds even. I eased her over the side and for my reward she splashed water in my face. I sat in my chair and tried to find something dry to wipe my glasses and I noticed it got dark out. I figured that was as good as any way to end the night so I set my rod down on the deck and turn the trolling motor on high and with the wind at my back I headed down the shoreline to the access and the waiting Tahoe. Surprisingly getting the Puddle Humper up on the trailer was not a problem and the wind kept any mosquitoes who any ideas about bothering me at bay. I drove back to the cabin with the CD player on and the super moon lighting the way. Of course the clouds had parted letting the super moon be seen as soon as I was driving here at Lake Iwanttobethere



Bobber Watchng

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REAL GOOD DAY here at Lake Iwanttobethere, just got done watching the football game and for a change the states professional team won! This morning was spent cleaning the Puddle Humper of worm bedding in the carpet and putting stuff back in its places. Yesterday I did get out fishing with my youngest daughter and my number two granddaughter. The day almost went as planned as we were on the road only fifteen minutes after we had planned. First stop was the Masterbaiters Shop and the granddaughter looked at all of the lures hanging from the pegboard hooks and then tried her hand at dipping some sucker minnows. When she was done we picked up a couple of dozen night crawlers from the fridge, paid for them and were back in the Tahoe where the youngest daughter had already called shotgun.


We made a game of counting boats on the highway and then started counting ATV's on trailers to, a lot of both for a first Saturday in September. Arrived at the out of the way landing and as I worked on getting the Puddle Humper ready to launch the girls headed to the high grass alongside the landing in search of frogs. They saw a few but only managed to catch one which was put inside a foam coffee cup that had a lid. A little more wind then forecasted by Stormy Clearweather so we headed to a protected spot out of the breeze and soon the girls were fishing with worms and I was reduced to being the bait boy. Granddaughter number two was soon swinging sunnies over the side and the daughter had to relearn the fine art of bobber fishing.


Of course a boat ride was in order and we went out of the shelter of the small bay and ran the motor hard across the wave tops. Much better then the fair grounds rides I heard the granddaughter yell as she held onto her ball cap and grinned away every time her aunt got hit with spray from a waved jumped. We found another spot with a little deeper water and some shade out of the wind and Team Papa soon had a big lead over Team Auntie. That is when the daughter starting to pitch a spinner bait and turned the worm box to her niece. Not five minutes later the daughter held up her line with no spinner bait attached. In a solemn voice she announced that something big had just bit her off and she had lost her lure. I then reminded her she just lost my lure and she smiled at me and just said "Right, sorry" and dug into the spinner bait box for a replacement.


At dusk we put the frog on the hook and pitched it to a dock with deep water on one side. The frog made a few kicks before it was swallowed and the granddaughter's line and her rod tipped downwards as something big pulled it. I was trying to get some pictures of the short battle as the line got hung up in some Lilly pads and when she got the hook back out it was frog less and fish less. We headed to the landing and the daughter helped me put the Puddle Humper on the trailer and the granddaughter searched the cooler for cookies and fruit punch box. We drove home to the sound of old music on the radio and the heater on. The daughter and granddaughter were soon asleep from the afternoon of fishing and of course the warm truck and the sound of tires humming on the highway. My girls, twenty-seven and seven are still both just kids when it comes to fishing here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Peace and Quiet

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WOKE UP TO a taste of fall this morning here at Lake Iwanttobethere. Overcast sky, windy and the red needle on the bass thermometer is stuck on fifty-five. Stepped out on the deck and wearing shorts might not be such a good idea today. But I just went back in the cabin and slipped on a hoodie and I was dressed for the weather then. Getting the Puddle Humper ready to take daughter number two and grand daughter number two out fishing tomorrow. Batteries are charged and I switched up fishing rods. I just have a couple of rods in there as I was making room for the daughters poles and I need a little extra room for the lunch/snack cooler. Already made a trip down to the Gas-N-Go and fueled up the Tahoe and put some more gas in the boat tank so I will not have to stop tomorrow. Looking forward to taking the girls out as I am not planning on fishing much but I am going to bring along the video camera and see if I can get enough action to make a short movie.


Yesterday was a little warmer then today, some wind but also some sunshine. Got the yard mowed and a few other chores out of the way. Had a fire going in the fire pit all day and pretty much burned up all the scrap wood left over from building the playhouse. I still have that door to hang and maybe today I will get around to doing it but it is nice not to have the door in the way when going in and out as I am putting in shelf's and hooks. Was cooking at the same time as I had a slow cooker going filled with chili makings. Had some bread rising and daughter number one and her husband were coming over for dinner and Elmer was following his nose at lunch time and invited himself for supper. The long do list of fall is now sitting on the desk and just like every other year I try and get an early start on it but get distracted with fall fishing and a few last rounds of golf and then the leaves start falling and it is time to take a walk with Bud and Duncan in the woods with the old twenty gage in the crook of my arm.


I did manage to mark off a few things on the list yesterday but they were replaced with some more things that got added to the list. I stayed busy all day but today I don't remember what I was doing. With the sun setting a few minutes earlier everyday we seem to lose day light a lot quicker. Mosquitoes are still around though, little sob's are out in the middle of the day and along with the black fly's summer is still hanging on a little. A lot of crickets in the evening for some reason and I guess now that I think of it the crickets have replace the sound of frogs as the sun goes down. Last night we did sit around the fire pit as I added some real wood to it and we ate chili along with chucks of hot bread and Elmer brought over some bourbon to sip on. Not a kid's meal but sometimes us older guys enjoy sitting around the fire and sipping.


The wife was inside canning stuff from the garden and I saw the lights of Chuck's pickup come up his drive, he saw the flickering of the campfire and came over to join us. He missed out on the chili but he found a empty canning jar sitting out on the table and a few inches of bourbon was splashed in the jar. A minute later and he was stretched out on a wood chair with his boots pointed toward the fire and we all just kind of got caught up without doing any talking. Guys seem to be able to do that better then the ladies do, peace and quiet here at Lake Iwanttobethere

State Record!

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THAT TIME OF the year that I only have time to wtite fishing reports is when it is raining out. Guess what, it is raining out. Well actually it is just dripping now. For the past several hours a mess of thunderstorms moved over this end of the lake and I was woken up by a close lightning strike and of course the cabin rattling from the boom of thunder that followed. I open my eyes to see Duncan sitting on the edge of the bed looking out the window at the falling rain. Dog has no problem with loud noises and being a lab he could be the poster dog for his love of having any excuse to be wet.


Yesterday afternoon the threat of rain was with us just about all day and heavy rain did fall on the other side of the lake. A few sprinkles here just enough to make me put tools away. The playhouse is completed all except the door which I need to hang but every time I get around to it the rain comes. Already granddaughter number two is declaring it hers and is starting to decorate inside. Told her she will have to share it with her cousins when they come to visit but she just shrugs her shoulders and asks me if I think she should have grandma make curtains.


School is back in session and the cabin is quiet without grand kids around during the week. Means I have to water the gardens and pick up after the dogs myself. Have been turning over a few of the tatter mounds and this year's crop is much better than last years. Tomatoes are turning red which is way better then last year and onions and spinach have been harvested. Still some raspberries to pick in the morning but the corn is a failure. Might get stalks big enough to do some Halloween decorating but if I want any to eat I am going to have to go out and see Clive at the roadside produce stand.


Fellows made it back from the state fair with no incidents to report. Some of them were sporting state fair, I SET THE RECORD tee shirts as the fair set an attendance record. The Fellows are saying that they were the ones who put the fair over the top and are proud of the attendance record. First good attendance record they have ever set although they have other attendance records at the Lake Iwanttobethere high school that are still talked about. Reed likes to bring his Bio diesel down to the fair on the last weekend as he usually scores pretty good on the last day picking up cooking oil. This year as soon as the RV rolled into the fair grounds they were granted permission to just go ahead and pull right into grounds. The security guard at the gate smelling the RV thought they were just another food truck. Talking with Reed yesterday he mentioned that the fuel he is brewing in his garage has a different smell to it, might be because of all the different kind of food they deep fry at the fair.


Around the cabin here I have been busy, picking in the garden and cleaning up around the place. Making a big effort to get things put away early so winter don't catch me and I plan on fishing here as soon as the rain stops. Matter of fact I had to double pinkie swear with the granddaughter that I would get her out fishing one more time. Saturday I am going out with the daughter and the granddaughter and we are going to make a day of it. Down to the Gas-N-Go to fuel up and pick up snacks then over to visit Vicki at the Masterbaiters where we will buy some crawlers and check out fishing tackle. Then the ride to a quiet access that should be out of the forecasted wind. We will do some fishing and take a boat ride and on the way home we will stop for ice cream. I hope the day will end with us having a fish dinner and maybe spend some time out by the fire pit and watch the stars. Some crickets should add to the background noise as we listen to the popping wood and no doubt we will have to put our flannel jackets on here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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