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Posted by Bobby Bass on August 31, 2014 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (0)

SO FAR A quiet holiday weekend here at Lake Iwanttobethere. Today I have my hat hanging a at the Lodge as I am filling in for Gus who has gone to the state fair. He did not go alone as all the FELLOWS went, along with Elmer, Marv and Dock Burriem. Yesterday they all left in Reeds bio-diesel RV and Big Earl and Junior followed in the support pick up truck. I did not go with as I did not think my back would be able to handle the ride sitting in a fold up aluminum chair. Instead I told the guys I would stay back and handle things here. The FELLOWS then put me in charge of bail money, you know just in case things get out of hand down at the Fair.


With a lot of stools empty in the Lodge yesterday was pretty slow. Did have some tourist come in from time to time and their kids would leave behind fingerprints on the glass case of the candy counter. With Gus gone I let Honey Sauce do the cooking and I sat back and watched Vinnie take care of customers. I did have some chats with a fishermen sending them out to different parts of Lake Iwanttobethere. I told them they have to come back to the Lodge and give me their fishing report. I have already found a few hot spots this way and also have eliminated some water that I was thinking about fishing. Have a small fire going in the fireplace, a lot of post it notes and telephone messages written on them yellow and pink slips. I just tossed in some that were dated June 22nd, I think they were birthday well wishes. Guess it has been awhile since I checked my mail here at the Lodge.


Already this morning I got two fishing reports and sent a couple of groups out with some hot spot information. I had to get a map out of the lake so I can mark down my fishing reports. I have it right here under the bar so I don't have to go far to add the good reports and mark off the bad spots. No breeze at all moving the leaves on the trees this morning, cloudy sky but no rain, yet. Lake looks pretty calm and there are a number of trailers down at the landing. No one in the fish cleaning house that I can see and the seagulls are just about done cleaning up the park. Campground does not seem to be as full as it should be. Still a mess of different colored tents can be seen from the Lodge and towels hang limp from clothes lines with no breeze to dry them.


Twitch and his dog Zap were in early this morning. Looking for a couple of conies to go. They were heading out fishing and wanted the conies for lunch. They like them cold especially Zap. I think Zap gets the bun and Twitch gets the hot-dog, nothing strange about that other then they are cold. Another reason why it was quiet yesterday is the ladies did not hold their Saturday meeting of the Ladies Auxiliary. The small meeting room was quiet and the double doors were wide open. I of course did not get my apple/blueberry/strawberry/rasberry pie but I guess it was a fair trade for the quiet.


Today I am looking for more of the same, quiet that is. Might find myself over on the wicker couch and sit in Elmer's spot and watch a little baseball. It is a good spot to watch the TV and still be able to look out the big windows of the Lodge. I expect that sooner or later the park will start getting busy and the boat launch will get crowded. Campground is already starting to stir as I write this and I can see some kids heading up the trail with dollars in their hands. Got a feeling I am going to have to stock the candy case today here at Lake Iwanttobethere.


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RAIN DROPS ARE falling here at the cabin on the shores of Lake Iwanttobethere, what a surprise! But I did get the grass mowed. Normally by this time of the summer I would not be worrying about mowing grass as the rain would be sparse and the grass growing season all but done. Not this year though, no lack of moisture falling from the sky and the swamps are full of water along with the roadside ditches. No complaints from anyone about having a hard time launching boats and even some of the pot holes that hardly ever get fished are seen now with a boat or two on them. Duck hunters are going to find a few new places to hunt or if you are an old hunter you will be able to hunt a few places you have not been on for awhile.


Need to go down to the General Store today and buy myself a frog net. Had an accident on the riding lawn tractor yesterday and I need to replace the net I had. Grand daughter number two is already back in school so I if I want to catch any frogs I was going to have to do it myself during the week. I was thinking of going to the Resort this weekend with her, at least that was and is still the plan. Yesterday I filled the lawn tractor with gas and I didn't get ten yards into the yard mowing when a big old frog hopped up in front of me and headed for the brush. I hopped off the tractor in pursuit but that was probably all in my mind as that frog was long gone before I even got out of the seat. I kicked the grass some but no frog. I returned to the garage and looked through the rafters in search of my frog catching net. Nothing more then one of those big aquarium nets attached to one of them pickers you use to grab stuff with.


I found the grabber/net and replaced the duct tape holding the net to the grabber. The tape had dried all out and was not doing much to hold everything together. Next was to get a gallon plastic square jug that I had borrowed from the wife's kitchen a few years back. I took the jug and with a bungee cord I secured it to the back of the garden tractor. With grabber/net in hand I mounted the garden tractor and was now ready to mow the lawn and catch frogs. I imagine I looked something like one of them guys on horseback with a lance, except I was riding a lawn tractor with a aquarium net attached with duct tape to a grabber. You may laff but this system actually does work, sometimes. It does work better on grass that has already been cut as then the grabber does not get hung up. I usually mow in a circle herding the frogs into the center of the yard as they avoid the tractor. Sometimes a frog will break away and try to escape to the tree line and this is when the race is on. The wife says I look like an idiot chasing down a frog with a garden tractor. I see myself as a knight in battle leaning down over the side of my steed with my lance, er I mean grabber in position to snatch up the fleeing frog from my kingdom.


On a good day I can catch a dozen frogs, yesterday was not a good day. I saw that one frog and did not see another till I was almost done mowing. The problem and I never remember it till I it comes frog catching time is what to do with the net/graber when it is not in my hand. I need to put hooks or something on the tractor to carry the grabber. Yesterday I kind of propped it alongside of me and kind of forgot it was there. I spotted a good size frog fleeing across cut grass and I was already thinking that it was a perfect size to be fishing off the dock with. I cranked the wheel and floored the tractor and I was zipping across the yard in hot pursuit, probably doing about six miles an hour. I pulled out the grabber and swung it ahead of me getting in position to make a graceful sweep and pickup when I hit a bump in the yard. The grabber dipped under the front wheel and was pulled from my hand and a split second later the blades of the mower chopped it up. I let off the gas to see the tattered net/grabber behind me and the frog escaping to the woods. So that is why I need to go to town today and buy myself a new net and a new grabber, it looks like frog jousting season is here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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WOKE UP THIS morning with Duncan in my face, well he was actually standing over me in bed holding my cell phone in his mouth which when seeing that I was awake he dropped on my chest. He then flopped down on the bed beside me and rolled over on his back stuck his four paws straight up in the air and gave out a loud sigh, kind of like a "This is the life sigh." Picking the phone off my chest I see I had missed a call and I called back. It was the wife, probably calling me to tell me she wants Duncan back and she misses the cookie thief. I was wrong, she was calling to remind me that the yard looks pretty ragged and I better come back and mow today, I started to protest saying that tomorrow is mowing day and she countered with I better check the forecast. I ended the call and Duncan and I got up and went downstairs. The smell of bacon and coffee was in the air and a sunny sky greeted me, then Vic told me about the rain coming for at least the next three days.


Ate breakfast and Duncan and I jumped into the Tahoe I had to run into town for a few things and I was surprised when I drove by Amy's Bakery and Sub Shop and I saw a grand opening banner hanging from the building. I know I have not been into town for awhile but this was a surprise to me so I had to stop and find out what was going on. I made my way into the Bakery and the first thing I noticed that there was a new archway between the bakery and the store next door which happen to be the twenty-four hour gym. The gym was no more, it had gone out of business and now Amy had taken over the space. The thing is all the exercise equipment was still in the gym and now Amy had moved in some tables and people were hanging out in the gym eating donuts and drinking coffee while leaning on weight equipment and treadmills. I found Amy and asked her what going on and she just smiled at me and waved her arms at all the customers. She told me she thinks she found a new fad as it is unreal how many people just hated the exercise equipment and sitting on a stack of weights eating a apple turnover is so much more rewarding. I left the Bakery and Amy's thinking that I might have just found a new reason to start going to the gym.


Made my way over to the General Store exchanged HIYA's with Big Earl outside the store and waved at Barb the cashier. Went back to Lawn and Garden and picked up a spool of line trimmer line and a bag of Kit Kat's. The Halloween candy is already out and I shook my head at the thought of Halloween already but nice to see the bags of candy that will restock the candy bowl for the grand kids. Paid for the string and candy bars and Barb of course gave me my discount and I was back on my way. Drove through the construction site on my way to the cabin, Waved at a few of the workers and spoke to the foreman, we are now on a first name basis. Parked alongside the garage and Duncan jumped out. Bud took his time walking over to me and I waited for him. Gave him a good ear rub and then the two of us walked to the cabin. Grass was still wet from morning dew so there will be no mowing till late this afternoon.


Rain in the forecast for the holiday weekend, seems pretty fitting as this has been a wet summer and pretty cool as summers go. I am not complaining mind you I would rather have to add a sweatshirt then have to sit in front of the A/C because it is too hot to do anything. This time next week the lake will be quiet as most people think summer is over with. For us locals this is the time when we start fishing and get into the woods. Discounted rounds over at the golf course and the skeet league will be starting up at down at the Lodge. Just a great time of the year to live here at Lake Iwanttobethere.


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GOOD OLD FASHION soaker of a thunderstorm fell here just after dark last night. I am still at the Resort after making a brief trip to the cabin to pick up some clothes and exchanging Buddy for Duncan. No sooner did I get out of the Tahoe then the wife greeted me along with Duncan and the first thing she said was " Do you know what your dog did?" Why is it that whenever a dog does something wrong it then becomes your dog? While she was making her statement Duncan came trotting over to me and head bumped my knee. I cut the wife off and told her "How about Duncan goes back to the Resort with me?" She just turned and walked back into the cabin and Duncan looked up at me with his tail waving and gave me his "you and me " look.


A couple of hours later and Duncan was sitting in the car seat in the back of the Tahoe and I had a brown paper bag with a half a batch of peanut butter cookies, Seems a certain dog has taken a liking to peanut butter cookies and has learned how to open the cookie jar. I have gotten real comfortable at the Resort the past few days. Back is feeling better except when I roll over on it the wrong way. I asked Dock Burriem about that and he told me simply "Don't do that." Thursday night I watched the football game with the FELLOWS and we won, it was only a pre season game but a win is a win, they are always better then losses. I don't remember what I did on Friday, it was almost like being on vacation. O wait now that I think of it I did spend some time in Vic's boat tied off to the dock. Watched his bobber with him for awhile, smoked a fat cigar and traded stories while water dripped off the tarp over our heads.


Saturday evening I was pretty bored till I found Marv, Vic and Elmer in the main room watching TV. Actually they were watching some taped stuff. We have a small video library of DVD'S that we lend out to campers. Over the course of our first season the little collection has grown as guys have added to it and sometimes guests will donate to the shelf. When we cleaned up the Resort we found a couple of boxes of VHS tapes and the FELLOWS donated a couple of VCR's and now we have a couple of cardbaord boxes labeled SEEN and NOT SEEN. The guys were just started to watch one of the unseen tapes. What makes it interesting is the tapes are not labeled so you have no idea what you are going to be watching. Vic taped a lot of stuff and just never put labels on them so as I sat down with a bowl of popcorn I had no idea what I was going to be watching.


I got lucky, Roasanne followed by Tool Time then a Coach episode and a hour of Hill Street Blues. The guys and I sat and chatted during commercials and tried to figure out what year we were watching. I know we could have fast forwarded through the commercials but even the old commercials were entertaining. Matter of fact that is how we figured it out that we were watching shows from 1996 as there were movie trailers for THE ROCK and DRAGONHEART. The last thing we watched was the news, the opening story was about rising gas prices and what we can do. The screen then flashed on a gas station price sign and we just gasped at how high gas had gone up to back in 1996, the sign clearly showed prices had jumped to 119.9 We finished the tape and took it out of the player and put it in the SEEN box. We didn't label it instead it will be a surprise for someone else to watch on a rain day here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Yet Another Rain Day

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SITTING IN BOOTH number one here at the Resort. Water drops are chasing each other down the glass of the big window as it is a foggy morning. Matter of fact the fog is so thick I can't tell if there is some rain falling in the fog. A small fire is burning in the pot belly stove, nothing big just something to make some flickering light and a little heat, it makes the main room look cozy. It is Friday and like most resorts around Lake Iwanttobethere it is check in and check out day. We had a couple of cabins rented out and I feel a little bad for the tourist that spent a rainy week here. One was a young couple who I have a feeling didn't care about the weather as they were not seen out of their cabin to often. The other cabin was by an older couple, they did spend a lot of time apart the guy's name was Kent and he fished a lot off the dock. Didn't catch much but he said he had a great time, his day job is a banker in the big city and not having to put on a tie and fish in bare feet was a vacation all by itself. He even made friends with a few of the Fellows which might come back to haunt him later, him being a banker and the Fellows always having ideas that need money.


By late afternoon yesterday I was feeling pretty good. So I walked up to the wood shop and checked in on Chuck and the saw mill. Wood is stacked high and soon as it stops raining the tractor will be brought around and the stacks of wood will be moved over to our makeshift drying area. I moved about two boards before I reached to far and felt a sharp jab in the ribs. Dropped the board and Chuck had a brief look of concern on his face. He then saw that the board was OK and asked me if I was OK to. Decided I should take a walk and Bud was feeling good enough that he joined me. A slow trip was made over to the garden and then back to the Club House taking the trail where we would run the water tank up to the garden. The trail was pretty overgrown as there has been no need to haul water to the garden this summer. I did notice a lot of frogs and I am too old and to slow to catch any of them but I figure the granddaughter would be quick enough. Made a note to myself to bring the granddaughter up for a frog hunt. Frogs make a great fall bait here on Lake Iwanttobethere


Dock Burriem came in to pick up some Raspberry tarts that Marv had made yesterday. As Marv went back to get the tarts Dock came over to the booth and asked about my ribs. I gave him a little white lie and told him I was on the mend. He looked at me over the top of his trifocals and said "That is not what I heard, do I have to put you on a lifting restriction?" I shook my head no and promised to be a good boy. Dock then said I should have a beer with lunch, for the pain and walked over to Marv to get his tarts. Sometimes Dock is OK but now I have to wai for lunch time.


Looking out the big window the fog is lifting but it is raining, nothing heavy but everything is soaking wet and the falling rain is just making puddles and dripping off the roof and railings. The lake is calm but I don't see anyone out fishing in our little bay. Except for Vic who is sitting in his boat that is tied up along side the dock. Hammering Hank and Skinny have hung a couple of lines out and now the mail boat as we call it is protected from the rain with a big tarp that is hanging from the lines. Next year we are going to put in a covered boat lift in and Vic will not have to get into a wt boat anymore to go get the mail. Now I can see him in the boat and can just make out a bobber floating off the stern. From time to time I see a puff of smoke so he must have a cigar burning. Actually that sounds like a pretty good idea and I think I might just wander down to the boat and see if I can get invited on board. If I can't do any work I might as well be doing some bobber watching here on Lake Iwanttobethere


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TODAY'S UPDATE IS coming to you from the Resort where I decided to hang my hat for a few days to recuperate in peace and quiet. I brought Bud with me as we are both moving at the same pace, nice and slow. Since it is nothing but a bunch of old guys here the lights are out by ten and everyone is up by six, except me who slept in because I am recuperating. Dock Burriem gave me a couple of pokes in the side last night and told me it looks like I may have bruised my ribs some but I should mend. Of course being an old guy it might take some time if I was young I would have just fallen and bounced back up and went back to work. I must admit I do feel a lot better this morning so I will chalk it off as something I don't want to do again. Speaking from a management point of view I did go out and buy a small sticker at the General Store that says SLIPPERY WHEN WET, and stuck it on the door by the wood planks to remind me that the planks do get slippery when wet.


Here at the Resort the wind is blowing briskly and the wind chimes are banging. The red needle on the jumping deer thermometer is bouncing right at sixty and it actually feels pretty comfortable out. Overcast sky and a few rain drops every now and then but I would rather have this then ninety degrees in the shade. Vic told me it was a little wet on the morning boat ride to pick up the mail and paper but it has been the best day of the past week as it has been raining everyday. I think I wrote just last week that we are having two of the very best weeks of summer. We are now paying for those nice days. Grass needs to be mowed but to wet, lots of standing water and mushrooms have popped up everywhere. Fellows have been holding slugs races as there are no shortage of them. Arlo has not been in the Bait Room this week as night crawlers are laying out on the ground free for the picking.


I decided to stay a few days at the Resort because if I stayed at the cabin I would start working on some project and go ahead and strain myself. Here at the Resort there is plenty to do but there are enough guys around that we can all get together and decide to do the work later. Not many campers here but all the cabins are full and of course the Fellows are here off and on and Dock Burriem is here along with Vic, Gus and Elmer. I heard the saw mill running this morning so Chuck must have come while I was sleeping in late. Pretty good stack of wood already cut and there is a big mound of sawdust outside of the wood shop. Just like back at the cabin the strawberries are done here but the wild raspberries bushes are full. I took a bowl out and picked just from the tops so I would not have to bend over and the bowled filled up pretty quickly. I brought the berries back to the Main Room and Marv seeing them told me he could have some tarts made up by this afternoon and I agreed and gave him the bowl. Actually I was hoping that is exactly what he would do with the berries.


A couple of the Fellows came in the Club House for lunch and I saw they had a cardboard box with them that they set it down on the big table. Being a little curious I got up from the booth and made my way over. The box was marked County Fair and when I asked what was in the box Steve told me they had a box of extension cords that they had made to sell at the fair but they did not sell as well as planned. I said I might be interested as I am always short on extension cords and Steve went right into his sales pitch and said " Have you ever been in the position when you are just a little short on your extension cord and you don't want to have to go back to the shop and get a big one? Well here is the perfect solution for when you are short three inches." He then open the box and showed me the Fellows answer to being short a few inches here at Lake Iwanttobethere.

Stuntman Wanted

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THIS MORNING I woke up and laid in bed for awhile thinking that it sure would be nice if we all had stunt doubles. I'll tell you why as you read on. The past four days I have had the pleasure of having my number two granddaughter here. She is my little fishing buddy and the plan was for us to go out on the Puddle Humper and get some last of summer fishing in before school starts next week. She had a break between soccer games so she convinced her parents that she needed some cabin time with Papa. Saturday we were going to spend the day at the county fair but we got rained out. Sunday was going to be a fishing day, but we got rained out. She stayed an extra day and fishing was planned for Monday, but we got rained out. Yesterday she had to go home but the morning was still busy as we found some projects to do on her playhouse, between rain showers.


I made the mistake of taking the granddaughter up on a challenge, the challenge was to see who gets hurt more. The granddaughter is not having the best of summer having fallen off her bike a few times and skinning up her knees and elbows. I give her a hard time about her bruises and she tells me they are signs that she is busy and not sitting on her butt, I agreed. Last week she was with her dad and slipped off a long board, which is just a big skate board and took some skin off her knee. I called her a klutz and she made the challenge that I get hurt more than she does. She may be right or I think she just jinxed me. Yesterday morning with some light rain falling we went into the garden to pick raspberries for breakfast. I was leaning in picking berries and I stepped in closer and put my foot down on the rake that the wife had leaned up against the fence but not in the correct position. The rake as you might have already guessed smacked me squarely between the eyes and I was up one to nothing on the injury scoreboard. To make it worse the granddaughter pointed and me and said "Classic" I question what she meant by that and she said getting the rake between the eyes was a classic Tom and Jerry.


With rain showers still falling later in the day I was working on making shutters for the playhouse, I was in and out of the wood shop going up a couple of planks that serve as a ramp through the big roll up door. I had just told the granddaughter to be very careful of the wood planks as they are slippery and she better go around and use the stairs. Not listening to myself I went out the roll up door with a tape measure in my hand and took one step before my feet flew out from under me and I landed hard on my back and bounced off the planks to land on my side on the wet grass. The granddaughter hearing me hit the planks and then the ground came around the side of the shop and asked me if I was OK, I told her no and she replied with ""I'll go get help."


With the help of the wife I was sitting on the deck a few minutes later. Nothing was broke and I didn't hit my head. I was pretty muddy but the lite rain was washing me off and I didn't really want to go inside the cabin. I was to busy checking out fingers and wrists and my neck to see if anything else was going to be hurting besides my back and ribs. The granddaughter was close at hand and she asked me if I was OK and if I needed anything, told her I will be fine and that is when the wife made a comment about her giving me the peace sign, I knew what she was really doing, the fall was Number Two. So this morning I figured I was either going to be feeling fine and bounce out of bed or would be so sore I could not move at all. I am feeling somewhere in between and that is why I thought it would be so nice to have a stunt double. I am getting to old to be falling on the ground, I just don't bounce like I used to here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Wait For It

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WAIT FOR IT that is what I am thinking here at Lake Iwanttobethere this morning. I was up early and out on the deck in time to catch the calm of day break. Most people think that early in the morning it is pretty quiet out but if you take a seat and look around it is actually a pretty busy time of the day. I sat down on one of the wood chairs on the deck and I was alone, dog wise. The dogs were all still sleeping in the cabin and it was one of those rare times when I was alone. Right off the bat a couple of crows flew low overhead, they were so low I could see their eyes as they looked me over as a possible breakfast opportunity. The air was still and the waters of Lake Iwanttobethere were dead calm, not even a ripple and the old wood row boat sat tied to the wood dock and was so still in the water that the dock and boat looked like they were a painting and not the real thing.


Every thing might have been so still because the air was so heavy. The sky was overcast and it was giving that threat of pending rain. I sat on the deck chair and leaned back against the wood slats and waited. Edd and Eddie the squirrels were the next to arrive. They bounced across the grass one following the other without a care in the world. Big busy tails following them as they searched for what ever it is they search for. They were distracted by a couple of chipmunks that zipped across their path. The chipmunks seem to only have two speeds, the o so slow to tease Duncan speed and the hyper light speed that leaves them as a blur. They were in hyper light speed mode and I looked back the way they had come to see if something was chasing them. Nothing appeared so I just figured the chipmunks were being chipmunks.


Seagulls drifted by, these I know were heading down to the softball field to do their morning scavenger hunt. A hummingbird just appeared out of no where and checked the feeder for a second before elevating and heading in Elmer's cabin's direction. The calm heavy air carried sounds from a distance as I heard the barking of a dog from across the lake and as I sat in the chair from time to time I would hear the moo of a cow. The silence was broken as the storm door behind me slammed and Duncan appeared. He walked over to me and stretched and then allowed me to pat him on his head before he slow walked to the edge of the deck and then gathered himself and jumped into a new day.


The moment was gone as Bud and Barney were next out the door and they to came to me for a quick good morning before stepping down off the deck and on to the grass. Ed and Eddie were gone at the sound of the storm door and Duncan was already where they were, nose down and sniffing. I got up out of the chair and the cracking of my knees added to the sounds of the morning and I walked off the deck and on to the grass. I took the path down to the lake and just around the high grass of the bank I spotted a dozen geese. The past week the geese have appeared. Don't know if they are passing through or they are from the other side of the lake and have found something to keep them interested over here now. Duncan seeing me came flying down the hill only to put on the brakes when he saw the geese.


He tossed out a few of his big dog barks and the geese just looked at him and a couple flared their wings and stood tall. Must be lake geese as normally the wild ones take wing but these guys were not giving up any ground. Matter of fact a few of them were heading in my direction acting like winged bullies. I figured Duncan needed some back up so I yelled for the boys. Buddy came down the hill, not running but he had some seriousness about him. Barney saw his brother heading down the hill and followed. Duncan with some reinforcements barked a few more of his big dog barks and the geese answered with a barrage of honks, we had the beginnings of a conflict. That was until Bud put his head down and charged into the geese sending the ones on shore back into the water and Duncan and Bud followed right behind him for support.


With the geese all now swimming out past the dock Duncan ran up on to the dock and gave them a few of his "Don't come back here barks" Barney took up his position on the dock and Bud panting some started the walk back up the hill. He had that look of his on that he gives Duncan when he is teaching him something. I to turned to walk up the hill and the calm was gone. As I started the walk up the tree tops started to sway and I could hear the sound of wind arriving. The leaves made that rustling noise when wind blows through them and then the wind hit my face. I figured I would just go back to the deck and sit in my chair and wait for the rain to start here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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TAKING A BREAK from staining and painting outside. Other day I got the sprayer out and spent ten minutes spraying the siding of the playhouse and then thirty minutes cleaning up the sprayer. I sided the playhouse in rough pine siding and the sprayer was the way to go, I would still be out there with a brush if I did it that way. So today I am brushing all the trim on the ground. It is all cut but needs to be stained then when it dries I will go ahead and nail it up. While I was at it I had some corners that needed to be done for the shed and shop that I had not gotten around to so what should have been an easy job became a chore. I was all set up with the saw horses and had the wood all laid out when the sun decided to appear and I was soon sweating away and a pleasant task became work. I hate work.


Now I am waiting for the sun to slide around to the other side of the cabin and I will have shade to work in. The time was not a loss though as I had lunch, wife cooked up some polish and I followed it up with a nice slab of ice cold watermelon that I bought last night out at the produce stand on the highway. I bought the watermelon, the whole thing not just a slab. The melon has been sitting in the fridge overnight and has chilled to the proper temperature. Granddaughter had another soccer game last night, better outcome as her team won 7-2 after being down 2-0 I took the round about way back to the cabin as it was a nice night and I was in no big hurry. I saw Clive was still manning his stand and I pulled into to chat some and check on his produce.


Clive and I exchanged HIYA's and we made small talk, the usual stuff, wife, kids, grand kids. Been out fishing much where ya been catching them at. A few little fishermen lies were exchanged and Clive went to help a little old lady who was picking through his sweet corn and dropping the ears back on the table after tearing the husk back and poking the kernels with her finger nail. I heard her say to Clive that she can buy better corn then this down the road, and cheaper to! I then heard Clive tell her she better be on her way and get there before they close. I chuckled some to myself as Clive came back to me and we both watched the lady make a scene for another couple who were looking over the tomatoes. Clive started to clap his approval and to my surprise the family joined in and so did I. The lady left in a huff and Clive said to me, "Sometimes I do so love having my on business"


The young family waved at Clive and he went over and put fourteen ears of corn into a paper bag and then charged them for six. The family left with a promise that they would be back. A few more minutes of chit chat and I told Clive I needed him to pick me out a good watermelon and he reached under the table and held one up for me to see. "I was going to bring this one home for myself, but its all yours for five dollars even." Clive looked at me and I smiled and replied, "You know down the road I can get that same melon for four dollars, BUT I think I would rather have yours instead." Money was exchanged and I headed back to the cabin, the watermelon sitting in the granddaughter's car seat behind me. Would not be a proper day for staining unless it was sunny and I had chilled watermelon here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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CHANGE IS COMING I can feel it in the air, this morning as I sat out on the deck with my first glass of orange juice of the day I could feel just a little nip in the air. It might be because the deck chair I was sitting on was damp from the surprise rain that fell last night just at dusk. It was not supposed to rain at least it was not in Stormy Clearweathers forecast but that does not mean that it could not happen. I was at the granddaughter soccer game and I saw the dark clouds coming in over the tree tops and I had a feeling it was going to get wet. The youth soccer games are held in the outfield of the softball field. A large portion of the crowd that comes and watches these games are grandparents and for most of us we have not stepped on the grass of an outfield of a softball field for decades. For us old folks who were not smart enough to bring a fold up chair we sat on the ground and watched the game. When it was over we helped each other get up off the grass and no excuses were made about bad knees or sore hips. We were old and it just takes a little help getting up off the ground these days.


The long finger of civilization is getting a little closer to the cabin here at Lake Iwanttobethere. On my ride back home I saw they were getting closer to paving a section of the road that goes by the point where I have my cabin. It will be nice to be that much closer to pavement but then again having pavement that close takes away some of the country out of living out on the point. When I got back home last night Duncan ran out to greet me and did his normal jumping and running around the Tahoe. Buddy still recovering from being sick took his time walking out to meet me halfway. I reached down and gave him a pat on his side and he head bumped my knee before the two of us walked to the cabin taking our time. Barney just sat on the deck and gave me his "What's up look" before lying back down on the deck and going back to the nap I am sure I interrupted.


This morning I am a little sore and moving a little slower, might be why I am thinking there is a change coming. Of course yesterday I hauled a load of wood down to the high school football field. School is starting up here soon and already the call went out for wood for the homecoming bonfire. I had a mess of plywood from the old shed and a couple of stumps that I donated. Made the wife happy about getting rid of the wood as if it stays around long enough she knows I will build something out of it. Told her that when I finished siding the playhouse that I would clean house so I hauled all the wood scraps down to the field. A couple of the football players helped unload the Dodge so that was good. They were holding a captains practice and were using the field. Of course they are not supposed to be on the field but somehow this time of the year the lock on the gate is gone and instead there is a big chain that hangs loosely from the gate to the pole. Funny how there is enough slack in the chain to let people enter the field now.


County fair starts up this weekend and the week after that the kids are headed back to school, where did summer go? Seems like it was just last week and the kids were jumping off the dock to go swimming for the first time. I am already noticing less lights on the lake at dusk, seems like some people have already started to stay home and not come up to the lake. Another three weeks and the lake will go quiet and I will be fishing alone. Best time if you ask me, no jet ski's and no waiting at the launch. Trouble is then you have to decide between working on the cabin, fishing or going to take a walk in the woods with Duncan, What a terrible problem to have here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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