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Posted by Bobby Bass on August 6, 2017 at 3:40 PM Comments comments (0)

76 HERE IN THE boat when I left to go up to the Resort this morning. Has been ten days since I got back home but I have been sick to my stomach for six of them. I talked to a nursing aid who I became friends with and she told me there was a stomach issue making the rounds in the nursing home. The nursing home kind of forgot to tell me about it. After we left the farmers market we drove in to town and made a stop at Ma and Pa's Grocery. No sooner had the wife gone through the front door and the bell stopped making that jingling sound then it started up again as Pa came out to the truck. He had a big onion in one hand and a white package in the other. He shuffled around to my door with a smile on his face and reached into the truck to hand me a porterhouse steak, I know this because it was written on the tape "Bobby's porterhouse steak" we chatted for a few minutes and I promised to come down to the shop and visit. The door jingled and the wife came out with Ma right behind her. I got a kiss on the cheek and then Ma and Pa went back into the shop.


The wife started the truck but then there was a thump on the roof of the truck and the passenger's door was opened from the outside. I turned to see Amy who reached in to give me a big hug and whispered something private in my ear. A big kiss on the lips and she pushed me back to arm's length and told me I look like hell but welcome back! she then pulled a white pie box off the roof of the Tahoe and put it on my lap. I know this is a pie because it said "Bobby's apple pie." She turned and walked back to her bakery and I closed the door and brushed flour off my shirt. I watched her walk away and the wife said something about Amy wearing Daisy Dukes at her age. I mumbled something about it being hot in a bakery and it is summer. Amy got to her door and gave me a wink and a wave, she knew I was watching the whole way.


We drove over the Mystery River on the way home, the river was up with all the rain that has been falling this summer. As we went over the bridge I looked down and saw a bunch of tubers floating down stream. a cooler with its own inner tube not too far out of reach. It looked very inviting but it will be quite awhile before I can get in the water. The infection left me with a hole in my calf the size of my hand and I have to go to open wound care in the big city twice a week for several more months. Another problem to over come before I can go fishing. Got home and I did not feel like having any supper, the corn and watermelon had filled me up. Instead I did sit on the deck and watched the sunset.


Today I went to the Resort, my neighbor Chuck took me up, told me he had a surprise and to grab a fishing rod. We got to the Resort and all the FELLOWS were there and they had this idea. They rolled my wheelchair with me in it on to a custom pallet that they had put a roof on and sides. The idea was they were going to pick me up with the crane and swing me out over the reed bank. Lower me down so I was just above the water and using the two way radio headsets I could direct Tiny who was operating the crane to where I wanted to fish on the reed bed. Sounded like a plan to me so I gave him the thumbs up signal and he hit the up lever a little hard and launched me up a little too quick. My stomach did not agree and I emptied it over the side. Surprising how all the FELLOWS have such weak stomachs. With some fine tuning I think we might get this idea of the FELLOWS to work here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Ride Home

Posted by Bobby Bass on July 31, 2017 at 6:10 PM Comments comments (3)

HIYA, IT HAS been awhile since I have written. I have been back a few days after spending over 90 days in the hospital and nursing home. The wife brought me home last Thursday and we took our time. Been quite awhile since I have rode any distance in the Tahoe and the wind in my face coming through the open window was welcomed. Just off the main road from the big city where you turn towards Lake Iwanttobethere is an area where in the winter Christmas trees are sold. In the summer watermelon and corn and other farmer market items find their way here as they ripen. Before I could say anything the wife hit the blinker and turned in to park in front of the corn stand, my lips were already smacking together.


I don't have my legs under me yet so the wife helped me get out and using the walker I made my way over to the picnic table and sat down in the shade of a big brown tarp that was attached to the stand. An older gent wearing a white tee shirt and bibs with a John Deere cap got up from a stool and waited on the wife. He had a radio on and I could hear it from the picnic table, it sounded like the afternoon farm report from Lake Iwanttobethere's very own KCUM radio station. The wife held up two fingers and he took two ears of the grill and pulled down the husks. With a brush dipped in melted butter he coated the corn and pulled the husk back up. He then put them on a couple of paper plates and exchanged napkins for dollar bills. The wife brought the corn to the picnic table just as a station wagon pulled up to the stand and a husband and wife and four kids bailed out and ran up to the stand.


I pulled the husk off and reached for the salt shaker on the table, the wife shot me a look and I just said "It is just one ear of corn" she nodded her OK and I lightly added some salt on top of the melting, dripping butter. I sat the shaker down and the wife picked it up and said to me "It is just one ear of corn" with my mouth watering I held the ear with my left hand by the husk and I used my right hand to balancing it. I started on the husk side and nibbled away at a row working left to right doing my imitation of a typewriter. I didn't realize I had my eyes closed as I nibbled, I was to busy tasting the melted butter and corn as it ran down my chin into my beard. I paused and chewed and tried to remember the last time I had something this tasty. I set myself up for the second pass and looked across the table at the wife, she was eating her corn by staying in the same place and just rotating the corn.


Halfway done with my ear I set it down and cleaned my face and hands some. I told the wife you just have to love that early sweet corn from Iowa. She asked me how did I know that and I told her I know my corn. I finished my corn and was thinking of getting another, the wife gave me hers and told me to finish it, she then got up and walked away. I didn't know where she had gone till she came back with two slices of chilled watermelon, this day can't get much better I thought. Now as much as I enjoy corn the wife demolished her slice of watermelon. The two of us sat licking fingers and watched the station wagon family go back for seconds on the corn.


The wife got up and headed to the corn stand, I gave her a look and she said " I think I'll get a couple of ears for home, I nodded my approval and watched as she picked out six ears from the pickup truck parked behind the stand. Some conversation and money was exchanged and the wife came back to the table. "Your right, it is Iowa corn, how did ya know?" I just smiled and pointed at the trucks license plate. Good to be back here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Back home

Posted by Bobby Bass on July 30, 2017 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (1)

HIYA, after 93 days in the hospital and nursing home I am finally back home sitting at my desk looking out on the calm waters of Lake Iwanttobethere. Looking forward to catching up on what is going on here at the board and passing on to you what we have missed here at the lake, The Resort and of course the Lodge. To make avery long stoey ahort I had an infection/blister on my calf that grew to the size of my hand. When it popped I was left with a crater in my leg that ate away the muscle tissue. I now go to a wound care clinic and it will be months befor it closes up. I almost died in the hospital because of the infection and high temp that I had, I do not remember about 21 days in the hospital, I am very lucky to be alive. But I hope that is all behind me now. Thank you for checking up on me nd I hope to post a story here soon..


Posted by Bobby Bass on April 4, 2017 at 9:05 AM Comments comments (1)

40 HERE IN THE boat on Hidden Bay, been a busy week here at the cabin. There are a lot of things that the wife does around here but the there are a lot of things that she does not. As we all know when you own something sooner or later it needs some attention. The grandson spent the weekend here and was game for anything to do so I got out the Honey Do List and we went to work. Spent several hours transplanting flowers, peppers and tomatoes from their starter beds into the small hydro cups. Glued up legs on a end table, put a back on book case. Finally got the tobacco in the shop that has been hanging for two years. Grandson had to climb the tresses which he thought was great fun. Taught him how to do some muding as I have been beating the heck out of the plaster corners in the cabin with my wheelchair, and of course we made pizza, had a fire in the pit and did marshmallows, not a bad way to spend a weekend.


Spent time on the deck with my neighbors who were attracted to the smell of smoke. Chuck and Elmer came over sat down and we talked about all the stuff that needs to be done outside. It always seems to take so much longer to put stuff out then to put it away. Might be because the snow comes and hides half of what needs to be done. So instead of doing anything we talked about our plans to do it. The wife hung the wind chimes that she had put away for winter and now as I write this there is a breeze and the chimes are banging away outside the den window. The robins returned in mass last week and it is not really all that quiet here at seven in the morning.


I checked in with Gus at the Lodge and opening day of baseball was well received. A lot of Lodge members were there watching the game and even though it was an afternoon game some beer was sold. Hockey tonight and the playoffs here soon. We are always looking for a way to keep the Lodge members happy and I guess making the move to a big TV was long over due. Hammering Hanks wife Tess is sewing a big curtain for us so we can cover the TV when not in use. That will bring the Lodge somewhat back looking like it has for decades. I don't want us to miss the log walls and yellow butter stained glass of the popcorn machine. The fire in the fireplace and old wood chairs that shoud get refinished but more then likely never will. The cherry bar in the low light and the mugs with round bottoms on square coasters.


Old fish mounts on the walls donated by Lodge members. The black board with the current big fish listed. The old couch in the corner and scattered rugs where dogs have laid after hunting with their masters. Tourist kids with a dollar bill looking over the candy case. The view from the deck at Lake Iwanttobethere of Root Beer Island, the boat landing and park. The sound of church league softball on a Sunday afternoon and of course the tourist taking it all in and trying to remember how they found this place. We are quiet now, still six weeks from fishing but that does not mean guys are not working on boats and making plans. I have not seen the FELLOWS for a while but I am sure if they have a money making idea that will find me and show me. Actually Vic told me they were trying to get the mortar out of the swamp but it is still frozen in. They do think they can put a big magnet on the crane and dip it in the lake to find my anvil that they used, we will see how that comes out.


Sunshine Ray is forecasting that it is going to keep getting warmer, I think he is really stepping out on a limb there. I hear guys on the other side of the lake are already planting their gardens, my raised beds are still frozen here and Vic has not even looked at the big garden at the Resort yet. Warm weather will come and it will get here when it gets here. For now we work on the Honey Do List so we have time to enjoy summer here at Lake Iwanttobethere


Posted by Bobby Bass on March 28, 2017 at 10:35 PM Comments comments (2)

56 HERE IN THE boat on Hidden Bay, let me repeat that 56 as in above zero! That kind of number in the fall would be a for sure an afternoon in the Puddle Humper working some late green patch of weeds down a shoreline in search of that late fall bass bite. I would have a rod with a buzz bait handy and when I would come up on some down green I would fling that buzz bait across the top and pump it back to the boat. There would be a good chance for a bass to bust it or more likely as not a northen would try to impress me with a splash and a swirl. The rod would bend some and I would work the fish back to the Puddle Humper. With the northern thrashing at the side of the boat like a toddler trying to get away from his mother at the grocery store I would wait for him to settle down. With years of practice I would grab the northern by his shoulders if fish really had shoulders. I would be able to gage if it was a keeper or not just by how wide I would have to spread my fingers for a good grip.


Lifting the fish out of the water drops would fall back and I would be face to face with a fish that always seem to have that attitude about him. I would pull the hook from the corner of his mouth and give him the fish a look over. Twenty inches, not bad but it was too early in the afternoon to be thinking about supper. I would tell the fish thanks for the action then let him slide from my hand back into the water. The fish of course would do nothing for a second or two then dart off to rejoin his buddies. Taking his position he would brag about how no fishermen could hold him. Back in the boat I would pick up one of the wife's new fluffy kitchen towels that I had borrowed to dry my hands and work a little heat back in my fingers. I would stay on the shoreline tossing a spinner bait and staying were the sun was shinning and with the luck be out of the wind because 56 is still 56, yup that is what I would be doing.


So I am sitting in the cabin, I have the den window cracked open and I can smell the outdoors. The cabin is breathing a little and I think it to is enjoying getting some fresh air to exchange with the stuff that has been here all winter. A few clouds in the sky but lots of sunshine coming in all the south windows. Wife is out on the deck with the brown dog, she has a soapy bucket of water and is wiping down deck furniture. Duncan is touring the grounds taking his time and walking slow, his nose deep into the old brown grass. I can't see them but I can hear a few birds making noise. The wife comes over to the window to tell me she just saw three bees. Does not surprise me as the neighbor down the road has a hive, I am guessing bees get cabin fever to! Told her go to the greenhouse and grab the screen for the den window, don't need bees in the cabin.


Sunshine Ray was forecasting mid fifties this weekend but today is a surprise, I was not ready for it. Not much ice on Lake Iwanttobethere and this will put a dent on what is left. Grabbing a jacket I made my way out to the deck and sat down on a chair in the full sun shine. It was just like a day like today should feel like. I lean back in the chair and closed my eyes and took a good listen. Some birds, a chain saw, which put a smile on my face that someone was using a day like today to do chain saw work. I am betting they are thinking winter is not done yet and filling the wood box might not be that bad of an idea. I took a moment to check our wood rack which was half full and decided we are good to go. Then I heard it, and you can't mistake it for anything else. Someone had started their outboard, what lovely sound!


Well the wife went in the cabin and came out with a quilt and covered me up. I had no problem tugging it around me, I pulled my cap down low over my eye and the brown dog came over and laid down at my feet. Sleeping especially good sleep is hard for me to come by these days so I don't need much of an excuse to close my eyes and think of buzz baits, lapping water and northerns who think they are something here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Interesting Fellows

Posted by Bobby Bass on March 24, 2017 at 5:55 PM Comments comments (0)

39 HERE IN THE boat on Hidden Bay, yesterday we had sleet and snow and the furnace was running when I got home, things I do not want to see hear towards the end of March. Was in the big city yesterday at the clinic, Thursdays are chemo days so I was hooked up to an IV for most of the day. However I did spend most of my day chatting up the guy who was sitting next to me. Interesting fellow he was before retiring the CEO of a hospital and spent a lot of his down time on a northern lake that is on my bucket list to fish. What better way to learn a lake then by someone who has fished it for the past forty years. I am hoping to share a chair alongside of him next Thursday. When I was getting blood drawn I sat next to yet another interesting guy. He to was retired but I was to find out that he worked at Cape Canaveral for thirty years where he was a jig and fitting's guy. His job was to take an idea and make it real for the rockets they launched there. Another guy was sitting behind us ease dropping and he pitched in that he new a guy who lived in a small town up the shore who was also retired and his job was to fly a helicopter and pull the astronauts out of the ocean when they landed. Funny where local guys land up and what jobs they acquire. I gave all three of them Lodge business cards, would be interesting future Lodge members.


So the good and bad part of doing chemo is last week was a great week, Since I was last in the hospital I took on a huge amount of water weight. Last week I lost twenty-one pounds I was a very happy camper when I got off the scale, Hope to repeat it again this week, now the bad part is I am back on steroids and I have to take them for three days running after every treatment, the side effect is insomnia. Last night I only slept two hours and then I was wide awake, So at five this morning I made big batch of chili and took my time dicing everything by hand. Should be done here soon and I already called Elmer and Chuck to come over for late lunch.


Even though it is cloudy out you can tell the sun is up longer and higher in the sky, my seedlings in the South window are finally starting to grow and even the tobacco is becoming bigger then dots. Only a month before stuff should go out to the greenhouse and two months before we start planting in what was looking to be an early spring, now I am not so sure. I did roll a few cigars an I am getting better at it, I am surprise at how much tobacco leaf I am using up on a single cigar. I may have to plant more then I was planing this summer.


It was nice to go to the big city though, I have been locked away in the cabin most of the winter and the fresh air is good for me. The wife is none too happy as I am building a pretty good Honey Do List of my own! for her her at Lake Iwanttobethere

Mr. Fergenson

Posted by Bobby Bass on March 22, 2017 at 9:20 PM Comments comments (2)

32 HERE IN THE boat on Hidden Bay, some sunshine but it looks a lot warmer then it is. Back at the cabin after running a few errands in town. Had to go down to the Lake Iwanttobethere Bank where I slipped into Mr. Fergenson office, the bank president to approve some town transactions. I do this from time to time but never mention it but now that you know I am working in the background helping the town out I thought I would share a little of what is being done around here to keep looking good. Today I approved a pink paint job on the fish cleaning station down by the access and also one of the docks is in need of replanking so that to will get done before fishing season starts. A check was sent out to the street cleaning company and the flag on the pole in the center of town will be replaced.


A donation was made to the Ladies Auxiliary to pay for their rental and we talked about the request to resod the softball field in time for the church league season. The big check was for ten thousand walleye fingerlings to be hauled into the lake under the cover of darkness to keep them walleye guys happy. Another donation to the volunteer fire dept. And my favorite thing Mrs. Gleason to her surprise will find out that she won a contest at the bank which just happens to be enough to pay off her mortgage. Money was donated to the Lodge to pay for six membership and they will be drawn for in a contest that Gus will come up with, his job now as the manager.


A couple of new bike racks for around town, and a fresh coat of paint on the two parking spaces and a good cleaning of the meter where DOC Burriem still ties his car to when he is in town. An envelope with a couple of dollars to the Smith kid to keep helping out Ma and Pa after school with sweeping their sidewalk. An order confirming Diggers flowers for all the town's planters and a new planter out on the road leading the way to Lake Iwanttobethere and maybe touching up the sign. Next month I will have to look at the grass contract and there was talk that the boat landing needs to be dug out some. A few fire rings may have to be ordered for the park. I enjoy being the little birdy listening to what we need done around the town as I sit behind the bar wiping out mugs with my towel. Have been doing this for a long time and I enjoy spending bucks. Makes me happy to put a smile on someone's face. Now it is not all me the town does bring in money I just help Mr. Fergenson out when the town is a little short or I see where I can help the town out.


I have always backed the Lodge as a place where guys can go and put their feet up, not a place where people go to get money for stuff. My me donating we keep the fishing contests going. I do donate a lot to the school for things because I want our kids to enjoy being kids not having to learn how to be salesmen in the second grade trying to earn money for field trips. Of course there I have a price tag and that is they get at least one ice fishing trip and one summer trip. If they don't have rods Masterbaiters seems to find a check for them. Now this is not a total secret, of course Mr. Fergenson knows about me and the town along with Elmer and Big Earl and Vicki at the bait shop, they also help donate or at they get the town stuff at cost. There are a lot of people out there who love to donate and a kid's smile is all they want in return. I find that smile means a lot to me these days. My 765 birthday today, everyone now is kind of special and you might have figured it out, my birthday is the day I go see Mr. Fergenson here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Spring !

Posted by Bobby Bass on March 21, 2017 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (3)

36 HERE IN THE boat on Hidden Bay well after dark. First day of Spring and it was a busy one. Slept in late trying to catch up on my sleep then ended going outside to take in a cloudy yet warm fifty plus degree day. Been a long time since I could just sit out on the deck and take in some fresh air. The wife came out and it was so nice out that she could not just sit and do nothing but instead started to pick stuff up around the yard. No matter how well you clean things up in the fall things have a way of showing up come spring. I sat on the deck with a clipboard and a yellow legal pad and started jotting down things that needed to be done. My neighbor Chuck came over and pulled out a chair and we sat and chatted. After awhile the sun came out which was not in Sunshine Ray's forecast which made it even harder to go back inside the cabin.


Wife went inside and opening the window asked if we had any gas for the BBQ, we did and I told her so. A few minutes later she was back out with a couple of steaks and Chuck fired up the grill and invited himself for lunch. The smell of sizzling steaks was soon in the air and who comes wandering over but Elmer, with his own steak no less. We ate steak and moved our chairs around the table to stay in the sunlight. Of course conversation soon turned to fishing and plans for the summer. Before you know it most of the afternoon was gone. Elmer went back to his place and Chuck to his. I sat on the deck and the wife brought out a big heavy quilt and tossed it on my lap. I snuggled under it and dang if I didn't take my first spring nap.


Woke up to the sound of number two grand son on his new bike, I pretended be asleep but he knew I wasn't. He wanted to borrow the computer to do some school work so I followed him into the cabin. I was a little stiff as a spring nap is nothing like a middle of the summer nap. So much for the plans I had for the day, was going to make some cigars and do a little transplanting of seedlings, but they will still be there tomorrow. A few telephone calls later and it was supper time, where does a day go.


A birthday week here at the Lake as my neighbor Chuck, and Nytelyter will be having theirs in a few days and LegalMusky just had his big 780 month one. Special shout out to LegalMusky as he always seems to say something to me when my sprits are a little low. Matter of fact I have forgotten to mention that last weekend the Ladies Auxiliary had made a couple of birthday cakes for the guys. unfortunately they also ate most of the two cakes during their Saturday morning meeting. But I guess they had good thoughts and no one I know wanted to question them about the cakes.


If you guys swing by the Lodge I am good for a couple of beers on the house that is if I can find them drink tickets I had printed up. Weather to change to rain showers for the rest of the week. Should have figured that we were just going to get a tease of spring and not the real thing, at least not yet here at Lake Iwanttobethere


Posted by Bobby Bass on March 19, 2017 at 9:45 AM Comments comments (0)

27 HERE IN THEboat at Hidden Bay here at Lake Iwanttobethere. As I sit down to write today's jottings Sunshine Ray was just on KCUM radio with a forecasted high today of near fifty, I guess that is his way of hedging his forecast. A nice sunrise this morning and that is a sign of spring and I hope an everyday event of the upcoming summer. I have infusion therapy now every Thursday for the next eight weeks. Part of this is I will be receiving steroids which leaves me with insomnia for about four days afterwards so I am up all night and most of the day. It would be great if I could get a lot of work done but it does not work that way. Good thing there are a lot of fishing shows I can record and hockey games to watch in the dead of night.



Yesterday was the grandson's birthday and he got a tricked out bike from Wheels n Spokes. He rode it here to the cabin to show me. Getting a new bike when you are eleven is a lot like a grownup getting a new four wheeler or snowmobile. Made me think of my first fancy bike, a ten speed with skinny tires painted candy apple green, I had to special order the color and those extra few weeks felt like it was half the summer before I got it. Skinny tires were not the best for riding the dirt roads to the fishing hole with my buddies and lots of times I was last as they were still ridding their bikes with the knobby wheels and banana seats. But once we got up on the black top and I shifted through my ten gears they were far behind me and I would go so fast I would have to take my hat off so I would not lose it. I think I rode that bike into pieces in two summers but I still remember it fifty years later. I am thinking the grandson will have the same kind of memories with his new bike as we both looked it over.


We went inside and I gave him his cooler and he shook it like most kids do to their presents, right away he was guessing tackle mostly because that is what he had asked for. I did surprise him though as he took off the top and found out how much was inside. For a few moments there he forgot about his new bike and his eyes lit up with the color of fishing lures and sharp hooks. I got a big hug and a thank you and he told me he would be back later to fill his tackle box but he had to get back home before dark and with that he jumped on his new bike and headed home. I made it to the couch for a short nap and it was a good day for both of us.


Silently Sunday today and the cabin is quiet at this time. Will do a little watering on my garden plants that I have started, maybe some reading and will try to get some sleep in. Hockey game this afternoon that I will try and watch and maybe the Wild will reward me with a win, it has been awhile for them. Have to do my exercises working on my legs and maybe spend some time on the Lake Finder looking for that special new lake to fish this summer off the beaten path. Still looking at maybe finding a cabin to rent late this summer, my neighbor Chuck is still game for it and it just might be what the dr. order for me. I am hoping I will be well enough that it would be worth my wild to reward myself with some serious quiet fishing time just sitting in the Puddle Humper and drifting and fishing easy like.


I should roll up some cigars, easier to do with the light coming through the window so I can see what I am doing I also have to make a fishing tackle bag up for the grand daughter to, Her birthday is not till November but she should have a full tackle box for the summer to. Has been awhile since she has been over, everyone is sick over at her house and I can't be around sick people, my immune system is suppressed right now, kind of makes it hard to be around people so I spend a lot of time on the phone bothering people that way, good thing I don't have your number here at Lake Iwanttobethere.


Posted by Bobby Bass on March 18, 2017 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (3)

34 HERE IN THEboat at Hidden Bay here at Lake Iwanttobethere. Today is the grandson also know as one of the Tenners birthday. Even though he will be turning eleven he still wants to be know as a Tenner so I guess the name is going to stick to him and his female cousin. I have already been to the Lodge this morning as we had a Lodge meeting amongst employees. The Ladies Auxiliary of course meets in the small meeting room and their gathering tends to keep Lodge members away till after their gathering is over. This gives us a perfect time to conduct Lodge business. Now I am sure that some of you have figured out that over the years I have a certain amount of control of this place we call Lake Iwanttobethere. Truth be told I think this is the first time it has been mentioned that I actually own the town and it has been in my family for years.


The Lodge is one of the things I own and run with a light touch. Things are going to change a little here due to my illness and I am in the position to make some changes. This morning at our meeting the first such change was made. Since I will be unavailable for any work on Thursdays for the next several months I am once again stepping back. Gus will now be promoted to full time Lodge manager and as a reward Honey Sauce has been promoted from head waitress to assistant manager of the Lodge. Vinnie will now be promote to head server.


The town will continue to grow and in the months ahead we will focus on some of the businesses in town and of course introduce you to the owners and some of the summer residents that live on the lake. Also with summer coming we will be featuring several new Lodge members. We will also revisit Lodge members and keep you up to date on what is going on around town. Between the county fair and Fourth of July doings, weekend fishing contests and the upcoming garden season, camping outings and fishing trips there is a lot of places where the lake stories will take us this summer.


I would like the lake stories to continue after I am gone. I am hoping maybe the Tenners will pick up where I leave off and maybe we will take a look at what the town looks like in the eyes of some youngsters. Maybe a step back in our past or maybe it will be a step forward in our future. Duncan of course will be a story line as the brown dog is always doing something. Mother in law will make an appearance as she is getting older every day and is starting to slip a little. Death and birth is part of the lake as is my health and the old lady who we don't talk about a lot but I am going to as she bugs the heck out of me as much as my own wife does.


Grand kids and old dogs and son in laws and thunderstorms and mowing grass. Geese and northerns and lost bass and buzzing bees. Lemonade and swings on decks, birthdays and funerals and parades. Mooing cows and snorting pigs, sweet corn and BBQ's ripe tomatoes ate from the vine and home made cigars lit with wood matches. Fire pits and sparks climbing up in to pitch black night sky. Moon so bright you can read by. Quaking ducks and crash landing loons, frogs croaking and fireflies flying. Dragonflies like hueys coming in low. Those dang wasps and delicious ice cold watermelon. Clouds that look like lions floating across the sky. Crows cawing Grouse drumming. Deer in the garden, ripe strawberries being stolen by chipmunks and groundhogs digging. Flipping rocks looking for fishing bait, skipping rocks into the lake. Wading streams in summer heat. Soccer games and church beer ball games. Weddings and go carts races, hay rides. Bluegills cleaning your tangling toes off the dock, sucker fishing with borrowed suckers. Fish frys, root beer floats, apple pie. Shooting skeet and lazy naps.The best bologna sandwiches ever eaten on the banks of a creek. There will still be a lot to write about here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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