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Riding out the storm

Posted by Bobby Bass on June 26, 2015 at 1:35 AM Comments comments (0)

MY FLIP FLOPS made a slapping noise as I walked across the floor here in the Main Room of the RESORT. I came up yesterday between thunderstorms. Scattered across the booths and chairs was an assortment of rain gear. Boots were tipped over on the floor and the ceiling fan was wobbling on high. Hoods flapped a little and the smell of the lake was thick in the air. I reached down to pick up my right boot and saw that someone thought they were funny because a minnow was swimming in my boot. I carried the boot with the minnow back to the BAIT ROOM where I dumped the water and the minnow into the tank. The big Hamms wall clock was off a few hours as we had lost power for a while last night and I thought maybe I should reset it but I didn't know the time at the time.


We were sitting in the boat last night and we could see the dark clouds heading in our direction. Three across the bench seat we sat as we could just make out the warning siren from the town of Lake Iwanttobethere. Elmer sat on my right and Chuck on my left we all kind of cocked our ear to the sound of the wailing siren. Elmer was the first to speak asking if we should seek shelter. Chuck shook his head no and said this is the kind of stuff memories are made of, stories to tell grand kids or exchange for a beer at the Lodge. Elmer nodded his head in agreement and told us he was proud of us boys, it was his idea to get in the boat in the first place.


A few drops fell and they splattered on the floor of the boat like we were in a paint ball war. Big drops that left big marks. Elmer passed me his lighter and I put flame to my cigar before passing the lighter to Chuck. We would have a little contest to see who could keep their cigar lit the longest. The wind picked up and the waves started to build. Maple trees were having their seeds torn from the upper branches and they were reaching out all the way to us. I had my hood up and I could hear the seed pods bounce of the back of my head along with the drops of rain that were getting harder to pick out as there was now so many of them.


I was startled at the first bolt of lightning that tore open the sky right above our heads and the peal of thunder a second later shook the seat or maybe it was Chuck. Elmer leaned back in the bench seat making a point to show us how comfortable he was wearing his yellow rain slicker that he wore when he was in the merchant marines. The big hood covered his face and just the curl of smoke came out from under it. A steady stream of water ran down his slicker to fall off and land directly on the top of my right boot. We could no longer talk, the rain was too loud and now the thunder was a constant rumble. The sky was dark but flashes of light lit up the lake for as far as one could see. We could see the waves rolling in on us and perfectly timed we watched as a big big wave gathered itself and took shape. With each flash of lightning the wave top got closer and I will admit I was looking for something to grab onto but the shore broke the waves back and it collapsed on itself just short of us.


One by one our cigars went out, I was doing good till the wind caught the brim of Chuck's hat and tossed a pint of water directly into my face. I think it was planned but shortly there after his cigar went out to. A rain drop the size of a cruise missile took the red tip right off and I chuckled loudly enough for Chuck to hear me. We could not tell about Elmer's. We could not see his face under the yellow rain slickers hood. Actually now that I think of it I might just have seen his breath and no smoke at all. We sat in the boat for awhile longer and rode out the storm. Somewhere in there the power went out at the RESORT but we didn't even notice. Water sloshed deep on the floor and I thought maybe I should turn on the bilge pump but it did not really matter, my feet were soaking wet. With the lightning slowing and the rain letting up some I started humming Ghost Riders in the Sky. Chuck joined in and Elmer started to sing in his old man's raspy voice. Yup, I think we had a memory making moment, good thing we left the boat on the trailer here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Tyed Dyed Santa

Posted by Bobby Bass on June 24, 2015 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)

THUNDERSTORM ROLLING THROUGH here as I type this. Got myself caught in the rain as I just came back from town. I was down at the post office, had to mail a few things and I was out of stamps. I was lucky as I had just timed my visit to be at the post office just as Mark came back from lunch. Last couple of days we have finally had the sky open up and drop some water on us. I mowed the other day and once you gave the grass a haircut you could see the ground was pretty dry underneath. Rain barrels are full again and things are popping up in the gardens. Green house is all but empty, just some pepper plants in there that I am seeing how big I can grow. Tobacco plants are thriving but the ones in the rain gutter gardens are doing really well. Especially the ones that I planted in the shade. Been harvesting radishes and have been doing some weeding.


Been busy the past week. Staying away from the phone and off the Internet. I see I have not really missed too much, same stories just different names. Have not been home that much as I have been going to birthday parties which this time of the year means BBQ's My wife, my sister my own and in a few days the youngest daughter who is not so young anymore. I myself had what some call a big one, my sixty-two birthday. To me it is just my good old 744 month birthday. I did get a couple of gifts but I was not looking for them, what I was looking for and received a lot of HUGS. I prefer the hugs over ties or candy bars, both of which my wife says I don't need any more of. But hugs, I can always use a hug. But the best present I caught was from my granddaughter, she made me a tied dye shirt and it sure is an attention getter! Matter of fact I was wearing it the other day in town and a little girl pointed and me and I heard her tell her ma "Looks it's Santa on vacation !"


Duncan has been at my side this entire time, with the loss of Barney he now spends even more time hanging with me. That's OK I enjoy his company and he is becoming a good listener. We have spent time on the covered swing together and he has been busy standing watch over the gardens while I work on some of the smaller projects around the cabin. We spent a few days up at the Resort and more then once I found him sleeping on the big deck on his back with his feet pointing up in the air. I think he is really embracing the idea of being on vacation when he is up there. Not much out of the unusually going on at the RESORT. Bait Room has been busy, Arlo stops by looking for worms to go trout fishing with. Gus checks the mail and gets the paper every morning in the camp boat. The other day I saw one of the FELLOWS Gary working on his five horse Johnson. He had the little motored clamped onto the tailgate of his pick up truck and the lower unit in a five gallon bucket of water and the truck backed up against a tree so the bucket could not fall off the bumper. I exchanged HIYA's with him and went on my way.


Tiny's new and improved car wash venture at the RESORT is out of business. He was getting so busy there he was looking for ways of cutting corners and increasing his CWPH {Cars Washed Per Hour} he came up with the idea of using the tractor. He would run down to the lake and scoop up water in the bucket and then use that to rinse of his cars, saving time. Unfortunately dropping a ¾ yard bucket of water on a soft top convertible is not what the manufacture recommended. As soon as the car dries out Tiny says he will enjoy it since the owner insisted that he just bought it.


As for me I am going to continue my communications vacation. This weekend is Hollering Days here at Lake Iwanttobethere and I have been saving my voice and I expect to place in this years contest Next week is Whisper week as I will be recovering from Hollering. I still have not gone fishing, at least not in the Puddle Humper as of yet. I have been working on a few things around the cabin and I have been getting the boat and trailer ready so I will be out here soon. Just for some reason this year there is no real urge to get out on the water, I think Barney has had a little to do with that but I am getting better and so is the fishing here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Number 744

Posted by Bobby Bass on June 22, 2015 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Yup hit the 744th birthday today, for some it is a big one as it is the 62nd one if you are counting years. Was going to go fishing but of course it is raining out, that is just how it seems to work out....

Communications Vacation

Posted by Bobby Bass on June 18, 2015 at 1:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Communications Vacation Here at Lake Iwanttobethere starting today. I have been thinking about this for awhile and with things slow here this is a good time to take a Communications Vacation. I am going to unplug, unanswer turn off and just flat out ignore the world except what I can see and hear around me. I have several birthday parties to attend in the next week and I am way behind on fishing time. I am going to spend some summer having a vacation like my grand kids do No cell phones, no e-mail just communications the old fashion way. Talking face to face and maybe some hollering across the lake. Going to kick the can and walk with the dog. Fish from the bank and eat bologna sandwiches on home made bread. Sit in a swing for a spell go to bed late and sleep in even later. I got a few buddies who want to try it to, they are already signed up for a day or two but I plan on it last longer then that. Who knows I might even come up with a couple of stories or two if I remember them that is cuz I aint writing nothing down I just going to enjoy experiencing it, Bobby

Old Coke

Posted by Bobby Bass on June 14, 2015 at 12:35 PM Comments comments (0)

SILENT SUNDAY AND it is quiet here at the cabin on the shores of Lake Iwanttobethere. I got a lot of work done yesterday or I should say I got to check off a lot of things on the Honey Do List. With the big garden pretty much in I was free to work on some other projects and I quickly took care of some of the smaller things on the list. One of the things was to move the clay that I had dug up making Barney's grave and I figured it was probably a good idea to move the mound left over from last fall when I dug Bud's. A couple of shovel loads into the wheelbarrow and I thought a better idea was to go over and borrow Chuck's tractor for the job.


Duncan followed me over as he had already tired out the daughters two city dogs. They were sleeping on the deck and would not be moving for awhile. So Duncan and I took the path over to Chuck's and I found him inside the new sauna/greenhouse/guest house looking at a stack of sheet rock. HIYA'S were exchanged and I made mention that I saw the sheet rock and the steel for the roof has arrived. Chuck nodding his head said he was waiting on his son to come over and help him with it. I asked about the tractor and he said no problem, and if I wanted I could dump the clay out back. With business done we both thought that maybe we should sit for awhile and enjoy a break, I agreed. I took my seat out on the screen porch of the sauna/greenhouse/guest house and Chuck yelled out to me if I wanted a coke. I yelled back sure and then he yelled back out to me "New coke or old coke?" I said "Old of course" He then came out with two cans of coke one open and one not. He open his can and gave me the old one.


After awhile I got up and started the tractor and took it over to my place. Scooped up the mound of clay and took it back to Chuck's where I dumped it out back. I parked the tractor and took the path back to my place. With the ground clear I put the concrete slab down and spread a couple of bags of mulch on the boys graves. A couple of sweeps with the broom and the concrete was clean and I picked up the empty bags and told the boys I will talk to them later. Duncan who had been sitting and watching fell into step along side of me and we put the bags in the garbage and went up on the deck to wake the city dogs up.


This morning the city dogs are still asleep when Duncan and I went into town. I needed some gas and so I went to the Gulp-N-Go to fill up a can and top off the Tahoe tank. I could tell right away that Kenny was working as he has recently gone through a divorce and I could hear the country music over the loudspeakers of the gas station when I drove up. I got my gas and a Kit Kat bar and a piece of beef jerky that I split with Duncan, I got the bigger piece. I was heading back through town towards home when I was stuck behind a tourist. You can usually tell by the out of state license plates and the fact that they drive down the center of our two lane main street. Now Lake Iwanttobethere only has but one stop light and it does peeve me when I see a tourist drive right through it. I mean I do to but the locals all know that you can change the light by using your garage door opener.


For awhile there was some talk of putting in a second signal street light but the vote was against it. It was argued that if we had two street light then we would not have a center of town anymore but we would have an uptown and a downtown. That would change the way business advertised as in Big Earl's General Store where he advertises on the local feed report on radio station KCUM as being located in the center of Lake Iwanttobethere. There was also the fact that we would then have to have timed signal lights and would have to get into traffic patterns and flow charts and it was just decided we would stick with the one signal light and just make the yellow light stay on for a long time. I was thinking about all of this as I came up on the red light. I reached up and hit the garage door opener and the light changed to green and I drove on through, on my way home here at Lake Iwanttobethere


Posted by Bobby Bass on June 13, 2015 at 12:30 PM Comments comments (0)

WELL THE BIG garden is in, finally. I do have some stuff that needs to be transplanted but the spuds are finally in the ground which was the big thing. Of course they have been growing in boxes so I don't think I lost all that much by putting them in so late. Container garden has been planted for over a week and is doing good and the double row of tobacco is standing up tall and I am looking forward to it taking off here. Of course now that I want it to rain there is none in the forecast but why should I be surprised. I figure the best way to get some rain is I will get the Puddle Humper ready for fishing and the day I plan to go out it will rain.


This morning I was down at the lumber yard, needed to pick up a piece of cedar decking to replace a section that split on my big deck. Not looking forward to trying to unscrew screws that have been there for twenty years but who knows I may get lucky. I also had to pick up a concrete sidewalk slab that I will use to put over the top of Barney's grave as a marker. I loaded that up on a shopping cart and checked out. One of the Luan's grandsons was working and offered to put the concrete in the Tahoe for me. I told him to go ahead and knock himself out. Having a beard that is going white in summer seems to make everyone thing I am an old man, might as well take advantage of it I say.


Speaking of getting old I think I know why Ma and Pa's grocery does such a bang up business with the older folks. Yesterday I had a hankering for a bologna sandwich and all I had in the fridge was some of the packaged stuff. You got to be working out with the Jack Lalane forearm work out tape in order to have arms big enough to pull the packaging open. There is a lot to be said for just going to see Pa and order your cold cuts cut the way you want and then wrapped in some white paper held together with a piece of masking tape, so much easier.


So today the day looks like what Sunshine Ray is forecasting. Cool with a breeze off the lake and some clouds. I started the day off in tee shirt and shorts but I am going to change into some pants and a sweatshirt. Gardens all need to be watered and I will get Barney's concrete marker set down and I have a coupe of bags of mulch that I want to spread around to make it look good. Have to add his name to the wood marker along side Bud's name to. Wife says the yard needs a mowing but it is the weekend and we here at Lake Iwanttobethere do have that law against mowing on the weekends. Will just have to wait till Monday but I might be fishing that day so who knows when I will get around to it. One thing about grass it is not going anywhere and it is not like someone else is going to come and cut it.


Last evening with the garden pretty much all done I sat on the covered swing and put flame to a cigar. I was not there twenty seconds when Duncan jumped up and snuggled along side of me. With the cigar in one hand I stroked his back with the other and the daughters two dogs came over and laid down at my feet. The old swing creaked some as I pushed it with my foot and I turned the little radio on to a baseball game. I heard a call of a loon on the lake and a honk of a couple of geese. The sound of someone banging something in a boat across the bay and the smell of a wood fire. Only thing missing was Barney and Bud but they will always be here, with me at Lake Iwanttobethere

Step a way

Posted by Bobby Bass on June 11, 2015 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)

BIG GARDEN IS still not done, it has become a project. Today Sunshine Ray was calling for an overcast sky and temperatures to only reach the mid sixties. Perfect weather to work in the garden but guess what, it is sunny and seventy-eight. Not a breath of wind and I am going to wait till this evening before I go out there and start digging. I did drag the hose around and watered everything that is in and I have enough projects to do that the afternoon will not be lost. I spent an hour on the phone talking to my neighbor Chuck. I could see him sitting in his garage well at least I could see his legs anyway. He is waiting on a delivery of sheet rock and roofing steel for his sauna/guest house that is being built out back. I sat under the cover of my swing and we both just chatted about how in this calm wind day we should be fishing.


Yesterday was not a good day as I laid Barney the lab to rest next to his brother and mother in the shade of the cedars. He has been getting a lot of attention the past few weeks as I knew his health was failing and the time had come when the bad days were more then the good days. Kind of have writers block here as there is a lot I would like to say about my porch dog as we called Barney but just too hard to do it. I am still waiting for a good time to write about Bud and he passed eight months ago. Now I have the brothers back together again and I have a hole in my heart that they both filled.


This morning my daughter and her husband and the three granddaughters set off on a camping trip. Their two dogs are here as I am the dog sitter and it is pretty good timing. Duncan knew something was up yesterday when we carried Barney out to the Jeep and with the two other dogs here for the weekend he will be distracted. I made the comment last night to the wife that this is the first time in almost thirty years that we have had only one dog. The three cats were all lying on Barneys bed, no doubt claming it and they looked like they did not have a problem with just one dog around the cabin.


Had to step away from the desk here for a while, Dogs were all barking outside and Duncan was chasing something along the garden fence line. The two city dogs didn't want to have anything to do with the chase but they were good at barking away and standing a safe distance away on the deck. I could hear loud chirping and Duncan was on one side of the garden fence and something big was moving on the other side of the fence where the wife had stacked some brush. I bent down to see what it was and could make out the eye of a woodchuck staring me back. I walked over to the wood shop and got out the .22 that is kept there just for this reason. I was thinking that Elmer has not gotten rid of his woodchuck problem, it seems one of them was relocating to my place. A minute later and the problem was taken care of and I was thinking about leaving Elmer a present. Of course I would never hear the end of it if I did. So Duncan has taken over the position of the Alpha dog and I patted him on the back and told him he is now in charge of garden pests. He wagged his tail and looked up at me and I knew he didn't have a clue what I was talking about but he figured he had done something right here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Barney is at peace

Posted by Bobby Bass on June 10, 2015 at 4:20 PM Comments comments (0)

This afternoon I laid my lab Barney to rest alongside his brother. He was a 182 months old. He now joins his brother Bud who passed last October. The two can now run again together and scout the trail ahead of me. Losing another wingman just nine months apart is tearing me up.


Posted by Bobby Bass on June 8, 2015 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (0)

HOT AND HUMID here at Lake Iwanttobethere yesterday, matter of fact the entire weekend was a roller coaster of weather. Cold for awhile and the winds changed and we got some showers and then the sun came out and went away only to be replaced with some thunderstorms. Had great plans to get all the gardens done and this morning finds me still having that on my to do list. I did get all of the gutter gardens in and I mixed up just a little over a thousand pounds of potting mix. Needless to say my shoulders are a little sore and my fingers are to from breaking up the manure/compost mix.


Number three grand son was here both Saturday and Sunday afternoons. The wife promised she was going to keep an eye on him but I ended up being the one trying to keep him out of the pots of newly filled potting mix. He thought it was his job to pull hand fulls of the mix and put it back on the ground. The greenhouse has some space in it and now I have moved even more plants from inside the cabin out to the greenhouse to harden off. The big garden is on the top of the list of things to do today and I will get on it here shortly. The grand daughter was here to help me on Saturday but she was busy on Sunday. She had a fishing clinic to attend and she rubbed it in that she was going to be fishing before I am. I just told her I hope she gets rained on and she laughed at me when she called me last night to tell me she had a perfect day for fishing.


I did manage to get down to the Lodge on Saturday night and watch the hockey game. I have a couple of wagers on the game and I thought I should be there to gloat some if my chosen team won. Normally I am not following hockey here in the first week of June but I am so far off schedule it just seemed right. I was not alone as there were several Lodge members in attendance. I see some of the guys who had already spent the day golfing were now in the Lodge dressed in their golfing attire watching hockey. When I came in I saw Wellesy in the group and we exchanged HIYA's he is a college hockey fan having gone to school on the other side of the lake but now spends his summers back here.


My dog Barney has taken a turn for the worse, I was hoping this warmer weather would make him feel a little younger but instead he is not doing so well. I talked to Mike our vet and as much as I hate to say it I think the time has come to give the old guy some peace. Very hard for me to do and I am dragging my feet but It has to be done and I know it. Not much more to write about that topic as I am thinking maybe I should work on digging a grave this morning and getting a spot ready along side Bud.


So with that thought out of the way, my do list is short, get the gardens in and get some fishing in here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Lake Iamgoingbackthere

Posted by Bobby Bass on June 5, 2015 at 9:40 AM Comments comments (0)

I TURNED A few heads when I went into the Lodge late yesterday afternoon. I was there to check my mail and pick up a bag of onion rings. I had spent the afternoon working on my rain gutter garden setup and I had three sections all leveled and I was now mixing up my potting mix for the five gallon buckets. I was using cow manure in my mix and on the drive over to the Lodge it had started to mist some. By the time I parked it had turned into a light rain and I got wet going from the Tahoe into the back door of the Lodge. I guess the rain had activated the manure and I was smelling kind of ripe. I myself could not smell it but a couple of members who owned horses turn their noses up at me while the guys with cows just took it in and smiled.


Last couple of days it has been raining off an on and still pretty cool at night. I think we have gone from spring to summer and summer is not starting to look to good so far. Onions and radish are doing well in the cooler weather but the greenhouse is so full it is hard to walk around without knocking something over. I am hoping to till my big garden this weekend and get everything from the greenhouse into the garden and into the five gallon containers. The granddaughter has a half day of school today which also happens to be her last day of school. She is coming over for the weekend and will be planting the garden for me. With luck I will be done with the gardens and then can start fishing as Sunshine Ray says summer is on its way here.


Grass is green and weeds are growing good. Apple trees are covered in blossoms and it looks like that cold snap did not effect them. I am looking forward to more then eight apples on the big tree this year. Grass will of course have to be mowed when it dries out but after that I see some fishing in my future. Not fishing off the dock or in the mail boat either but some fishing out of the Puddle Humper. One of the Lodge members took me aside last night and looking over my shoulder and then back over his checking to be sure no one could hear us he told me he has been doing real good on a local lake. Lake Iamgoingbackthere has been pretty Lacy as of late. Now Lacy is a secret word here at the Lodge, it is the code word for HOT as there was once this girl who went on to be a movie star from these parts and she was pretty hot in her day, of course her name was LACY


I nodded and listened as he told me about Lake Iamgoingbackthere and when Tiny walked by we both went quiet and just smiled and nodded our heads at Tiny. The guy told me he can't wait till muskie season starts as he hopes to fish a bay on Lake Iamgoingbackthere that has been good in the past. I thought he was going to tell me which bay when he took a step back and said he had to get going. I asked him what about the muskie fishing and he told me he would get back to me, but right now he had to get going and he could no longer handle the smell coming off of me. I shrugged and told him thanks and then looked to see if there was an open chair at the FELLOWS table. My plan was to see if they could smell me to here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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