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Little h

Posted by Bobby Bass on February 27, 2015 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (0)

SOME GOOD NEWS here at Lake iwanttobethere to report today. Yesterday afternoon I became a grandpa for the seventh time! Little H was born yesterday afternoon and tipped the scale at 9 pounds 10 ounces. That extra week she took to come out seems to have been well spent. Of course little h is now the younger sister to big H and baby M is no longer the baby but is now the middle of my daughters three girl package. Daughter and son in law are glowing with so much pride you don't even have to have the lights on in the hospital room. Not to much of a story to tell on my part, got a call yesterday morning that the daughter was ready to go to the hospital and I had to tell the wife to just stop and take a breath. I could see her eyes rolling around her head like a slot machine as she was thinking about everything that needed to be done all at once.


I went out and started the Tahoe and the wife grabbed her GO bag and I drove her to the daughters house where her husband was already double parked outside. I followed the wife inside to find the daughter with baby M resting on her hip telling her ma stuff that needed to be done. My son in law was in a hurry to get his wife to the hospital but there did not seem to be all that much hurry in her. They finally left and I watched from the window as the daughter waddled out to the car and her husband helped her inside and then ran around to the driver's side, got in and zipped off. I left the wife with baby M and took the two dogs back with me to the cabin and started calling buddies and letting them know that the daughter was in the hospital. I then call the Lodge and put a dollar in the baby pool and picked 2 PM as baby time.


After that I was pretty much out of the loop, the wife had her cell phone with her and the house phone was quiet. As soon as the mother's network went active all the aunts and grandmothers and sisters were kept up to date. Us males just had to wait to hear what was happening. I got a text at 1:50 telling me it was a baby girl born at 1:35. I called the Lodge and guess what, I won the baby pool. This morning I took my winnings to Marv's cigar shop and bought stogies with the "Its a Girl" wrapper on them. I quickly passed them out and now I find myself back at the cabin with some peace and quiet and no one but the four dogs scattered around the floor. I am getting to be a pro at this, four of my own kids and now seven grand kids, I got the hang of being cool and calm. But between you and me it is always a relief to have a healthy baby, ( knock on wood )


Of course things have changed over the years, I can remember when my first son was born and he was two weeks late. We had a fishing trip planned up to the BWC of A I think it was about twelve hours after he was born that Chuck and I were in the Chevy with the camper and on the road. Five days later we got back home the same time the mother in law was bring the wife and son home. She never lets me forget that I left my wife to go fishing while the wife stayed four days in the hospital. To this day I still say there was nothing I could have done for her, she had a whole hospital to wait on her plus the mother in law didn't stray far. My father in law never let me regret it either and that is because I didn't ask him to go along fishing with us. Last text that I got from the daughter said she will be coming home this evening. Twenty-four hours is all they stay in the hospital now, hardly time to even get a good day trip of fishing in here at Lake Iwanttobethere


Posted by Bobby Bass on February 24, 2015 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)

I NEED TO go fishing, I know I have written a story in the past with the very same tittle but I really do need to go fishing. I was telling the wife that I so do miss making that walk from the Tahoe parked in the grass with water dripping off the trailer. The sound the rubber boots make as they flop against my legs. The short walk to the waters edge where I push against the side of the Puddle Humper then step inside as I move away from shore and leave everything behind for a couple of hours. Yesterday was just one of those days that don't happen very often but when they do they just snowball as bad things happen one after another after another.


I started the day off by getting the mail and the bill for the new furnace. I already knew what is was going to be but seeing it in ink made me let out a groan. I walked up the driveway with the bill in hand and told myself there is not much I could have done, got to have heat. That is when I looked up and saw the glass door of the greenhouse banging against the side of the greenhouse. Someone had forgotten to latch the door and when I got to it I saw the door closer was bent out of shape. Add that to the fix it list and I came in the cabin trying to figure who I could blame for the door and the only person I could come up with was me. That started a string of events taken one by one are nothing but inconveniences. Add them all up and they became a snowball rolling down the hill.


I won't go over the loaves of burnt bread or the leaking washing machine, the wrong size furnace filter or the mother in law who wanted me to drop everything and come over to her house at that very minute. I will tell you about taking the wife into town to pick up a few things and as she sat in the Tahoe she watched an old guy back his pickup truck into the side of the Tahoe. I came out of the store to find this guy taking pictures of my Tahoe and asking me as I was putting a bag in the back of the Tahoe if it was mine. Having no idea what had happen I just told him I just always go around putting groceries in stranger's trucks. He then said that he had just backed into this one. I said something under my breath like of course you did, it is just par for the day. I stood back and looked at the dirty Tahoe and I didn't see anything wrong, not even a clean spot where he said he hit me. He did tell me he hit me real slow as if that was going to make a difference. I chalked it up to just being the day, told him I think we are fine and shook his hand and sent him on his way.


I got in the truck and the wife sitting in the passenger seat just looked at me and didn't say anything. I asked her if she saw what happen and she told me she watched the old guy back into the Tahoe. I asked her "Did you think maybe leaning over and blowing the horn might have been an option" She looked surprised and said "No, I never even thought about that, I'll do it if it happens again" I started the truck put it in gear and just drove home on auto pilot. Thinking to myself I just need a few hours on the water, a warm breeze in my face a tug on my line and maybe a ham and Swiss on rye.That should have been the end of it but no I had one last thing to break. I reached into the fridge to get a vial of insulin and it fell out of the box and broke on the floor. They never break when they hit the floor but last night it did, two hundred and fifty bucks made a little puddle on the kitchen tile and I just smiled. I then yelled at the wife and asked her if she was pregnant, she yelled back "No, why would you ask such a thing?" Finally some good news to end the day here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Pinki Swear

Posted by Bobby Bass on February 21, 2015 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (0)

A CATCH UP day here at Lake Iwanttobethere and I got a lot done. My granddaughter spent the night last night and this morning after a breakfast of pancakes and sausage she was ready to go to work. The daughter had to go to work so the wife drove her into town and then was going to spend the afternoon shopping with her own mother. This left the granddaughter and myself alone till her dad came to pick her up after lunch. With my guidance she fed the dogs, vacuum the living room, dinning room, the theater and the den. Then she sorted though the toys in the toy box over in the "Kids Corner" Back in the den she picked up my tool bag and put it where it belongs and carried several small cardboard boxes out to her play house. The boxes she told me I had to save for the playhouse and when summer gets here she will turn the playhouse into a store. Every store needs boxes for carry out she told me as she balanced her load and went out the back door.


Back inside we put the basement stairwell back in order. I had to take all the shelves down when the new furnace was installed. Shelves went back up and tackle boxes found their shelves and rods were put back on their slots on the rod rack that hangs off the wall on the side of the stairs. There was just a few minutes left before her dad was to come and pick her up so we spent it in the dinning room just talking. The granddaughter likes coming over and working but it is a secret we keep from her ma and dad. If you listen to her parents they can't get her to clean her room let alone do any house work. With her back pack sitting on the floor next to her and both of us sipping on some juice she looked at me and told me she had next weekends project. I was trying to figure out what she was talking about, I didn't have any thing on my list that needed to be done. Seeds had already been started and last week she had dusted off all my duck decoys and my reel collection. I was going to ask her what she had in mind when she pointed at the wife's collection of porcelain bells on the archways. She then counted them out loud and came up with seventy-four and according to her they all needed to be washed.


Her dad showed up and while he was busy petting Duncan and Barney I got a hug and a kiss good-bye from the granddaughter and had to pinkie swear not to say anything about the house cleaning. I of course made her swear that she would not tell her grandma that she helped me. The cabin was quiet after she left and the dogs found places to lay down and I headed to the den and decided to catch up on all the TV shows I had missed during the week. I watched stuff on the computer and did putts work during the commercials. Cleaned my desk up, sorted through a tackle box and smoked a cigar. Trouble with this time of the year is most of the shows I watch are ending in cliff hangers or killing off characters. A few shows are in their final final and will be missed.


The wife showed up with bags of goodies just as the sun was going down and I had watched the last episode of CSI. I helped put stuff away and then showed her all the work I had done around the cabin while she was gone. I know I never notice what she does around the place when I am gone so I figured I have to show her what I did otherwise she would not notice either. Time now to just sit back and listen to the hockey game on the radio, sometimes life is just so hard here at Lake Iwanttobethere


Posted by Bobby Bass on February 20, 2015 at 3:05 PM Comments comments (0)

MABEL'S STEAM AND Sauna, as soon as I heard my neighbor Chuck mention her name I was in. In a round about way Chuck is a distant relative of Mable and every year he gets a couple of free passes from her to come and take a steam and a dip in her pool. The passes get used in winter as we don't need them in the summer. I have a sauna here at the cabin and of course we have the lake just down the hill for our swimming pool. As soon as Chuck mentioned how good a soak would feel I told him I would drive and we were off to the steam house. It would seem we are not the only ones who thought that a steam was the thing to do on the coldest day of the winter. We had to park down the street a ways and walk back to the steam house. As we came up to the door a couple of guys were coming out and a cloud of steam rolled out of the building over their heads. It quickly formed a cloud that froze and fell back to the ground and shattered right at our feet, Yup it was still that cold.


I followed Chuck into the lobby and as the door clicked close behind me my eye glasses fogged over. I took them off, wiped them off and put them in my parka pocket. Chuck was talking to Mabel at the counter and she pushed a couple of big fluffy white terry cloth towels towards us with one hand as she reached to answer the ringing phone with the other. A quick change in the locker room and after a shower we stepped out into the main room and took in the heat and the view. Back in the old days it was either a men's day or a lady's day but now every day was a mixed day. Chuck was holding in his gut till he noticed there were no young ladies in the spa today and as we looked around all we saw was a couple of members from the Woman's Auxiliary lounging under the heat lamps, We headed in the other direction.


Choices to be made here, we had the steam room or the wet sauna or the dry sauna. Several guys were floating in the pool and no one was anywhere close to the cold plunge. I headed for the steam room while Chuck headed for the wet sauna. I spent time in the room slowing warming up till I was ready for a quick dip in the pool. I climbed out of the pool and headed next to the dry heat room where I cooked and dried off. When I figured I was just right I went over to the cold plunge and with everyone watching I stepped off the edge and sunk in the freezing water over my head. I was up quickly and stumbled my way up the steps made the walk to the pool and fell in. I rested my arms on the edge of the pool as the feeling came back in my arms and legs. My skin was tingling and I just nodded at a few of the guys who walked past me and called me crazy. A loud splash and a spray of water fell on me as Chuck hit the pool after coming out of the cold plunge. He surfaced next to me and just gave me his grin. I told him "Nice dive" and he looked around and leaning in to me he said that he had tripped he could not feel his legs.


Must have been ten minutes hanging on the side of the pool before the tingling stopped and we decided we would go back to the dry sauna and warm up and dry off. We spent some time in there and when we came out we found a couple of empty lounge chairs and sat back in them and just enjoyed being really really warm for a change. We made small talk and people watched. A couple of farmers sat over in the corner next to the potted palm trees, you could tell by their fading tan lines and tractor caps they were wearing. Couple of different groups of retired guys you can tell how old they are by how long or short their swimming trunks are. The newest retired guys are wearing shorts that end halfway down their calves while the guys in the nineties are wearing shorts mid thigh. You can also tell by what kind of canes they have at their side. The ones that have been coming here for a while have wood walking sticks or wood canes and the newer guys have the aluminum canes. Always entertaining watching a guy with a metal cane walk into a 200 degree sauna.


Just a few miles north of here the over night temperature dipped down and hovered for awhile at forty-one below. Pretty much anywhere you go when it goes below forty below you will remember that. On the evening news I watched as weather guys out east talked of the bone chilling five below they were forecasting. I think as part of going to school to be a meteorologist that you should have to come up here and actually feel what cold is. Five below, heck that would feel like a balmy day here, for some that is even short wearing weather here at Lake Iwanttobethere


Posted by Bobby Bass on February 19, 2015 at 12:45 PM Comments comments (0)

I AM HOPING that last night was or will be the coldest night of the winter. It was cold and it still is out. I went out to start the Tahoe this morning and when I turned the key all I heard was NooooooNooooo. My neighbor Chuck was out at the same time I was and he told me that it was so cold last night that his electricity froze in the line. It was so cold last night that when I got up this morning Duncan the dog was wearing Buff the cat around his neck like a shawl. Old McDonnell the farmer called me and told me it was so cold this morning that when he milked his cows he got Ice Cream. It was so cold this morning that I broke a piece of my beard off. It was so cold that we had to salt the hallway in the cabin. I heard it was so cold in town that the wind froze. This morning the city cleaned Main Street with a zamboni! Was so cold this morning I had to preheat the fireplace before I could start a fire. So cold this morning that the wife had to fry my eggs in 5w30. Was so cold that the FELLOWS were tasering each other to stay warm and last but not least I went over to Elmers and played some checkers, we used lit tea candles as checkers. I guess I am saying it got a little cold up here at Lake Iwanttobethere last night.


This morning I have gotten a few telephone calls and of course some e-mail from friends and relatives. They send me e-mail to tell me how cold it is here at the Lake. I don't know why, I mean I live on the lake and I already know how cold it is. Of course they do make a point to tell me how WARM it is where they live. These are the same people who tell me how dry it is there when it is raining here. Of course now that I think of it I might be returning the favor to them when I tell them about how good fishing has been and when the ten o'clock freight is not blowing its horn it is pretty quiet here on the shores of Lake Iwanttobethere. I tell them of the smell of cedar and pines in the air and try and describe the noise the old wood row boat makes as it rubs against the dock when the small waves of the lake move it. Bees flying low like bombers and dragonflies hovering looking like helicopters as they search for places to land. Hummingbirds dipping into flower tops and deer grazing in the deep grass along the shoreline where the old goose and his mate lead the way for their off spring.


Mayfly hatch and rising bass the snapping noise gills make in the reeds. Muskrats swimming close to shore and beaver slapping tails in the quiet of the bay I live on. The crash landings of loons and bets made on loons trying to take off before running out of water. The rising of a full moon and the howl of a wolf pack under a sky filled with twinkling stars. Duncan the lab walking close with his nose down on a clover covered trail edged in knee high brown grass. The explosive sound of a grouse taking to wing and the boom of a shotgun and the call of Fetch yelled out on a once again quiet trail. Picking wild berries and borrowing eggs from the neighbor's chickens. Maple syrup and harvested honey, hay rides, boat rides, county fairs and demolition derbies. Golf with no carts and sail boat races. Apple pie cooling on window sills and red checkerboard table clothes. Hot buttered sweet corn and dripping chilled slices of watermelon. Blister wieners cooked on an open fire and potato salad with root beer on ice. The distant mooing of a cow as the sun starts to set. OK maybe I do deserve a few emails telling me when it is cold up here or even when it is raining. But all I am doing is reminding them of what they are missing here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Big Sock Day

Posted by Bobby Bass on February 18, 2015 at 5:30 PM Comments comments (0)

GOT THE BIG woolly socks on today here at the cabin. Even with the furnace on and the fireplace loaded there are still drafts on the floor. I was sitting in the living room looking over seed catalogs and I had the big chair at an angle so I could catch all of the sunshine coming in through the south windows. Cats kept climbing up on my lap as I was in their spot and they were not going to give it up without at least making an attempt to annoy me. Both Duncan and Barney just scooted across the wood floor laying on their sides and they stayed in the sunshine and just napped. If there is a constat thing to write about I always have the weather to fall back on. Not much going on around here and I blame the weather for that. Windy out and the day has never gotten above zero. Last night it was so cold I didn't even have to look at the thermometer to know it was cold. I made my way out to the Tahoe this morning and I got maybe ten feet off the deck when I swear I heard the hair of my beard just make this frozen crunching sound from the cold.


Had to run into town and pick up some things from Ma and Pa's grocery. Wife made sure I brought the freezer bags with. Not to keep things cold but to make sure stuff didn't freeze on the way back to the cabin. The ride into town was rough as when it gets this cold the tires feel like they are square. I didn't notice to many cabin around the lake that have someone in them not have any smoke curling out from the chimneys. I did pass a few other people out on the road and I am pretty sure they gave me the Lake Iwanttobethere finger wave but it was hard to tell as everyone looked like they were wearing choppers. Hats were pulled down over ears and no one had their windows down.


Not looking good for the next ten days weather wise, Sunshine Ray before he left for Florida in his last weather forecast just said "Good Luck" I see this morning it is only thirty-eight there, jokes on him. Sun is shinning out so that is good, we went a long time with nothing but cloudy days so having sun almost makes the cold bearable. I have seeds in growing trays started and hopefully in a couple of days I will see the first green. I look at the garden through the window here and all I see is snow, always a surprise that in three months I will have stuff planed and growing out there. Of course the Puddle Humper looks pretty cold out there covered in her tarp with snow drifts up around the tires. Three months before the boat gets wet and I will feel a warm breeze in my face. Matter of fact I got off the phone with my neighbor Chuck a little while ago and he said he was outside and he could feel the warmth of the sunshine on his face, I told him he should have his wife check him for frostbite.


Tonight's forecast is for below twenty something and the wind will be blowing. When it gets this cold it does not really matter what the thermometer says. Dogs go out long enough to do their thing and they are quickly ushered back in the cabin before they can freeze their paws. Will be a week of baking in the kitchen and every night will be a roast or turkey or some all day long cooked soup or chili. Tahoe will be plugged in just in case there is a need to go someplace but right about now I would rather be on vacation down south. I have heard a rumor there is a twin Lake Iwanttobethere where they don't have snow and fires are only used to make smores with. Right now it is hard for me to even imagine someone asking for ice in their drink here at Lake Iwanttobethere

General Store

Posted by Bobby Bass on February 15, 2015 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (0)

CHALK BOARD AT the General Store this morning...



Ducts or Ducks

Posted by Bobby Bass on February 15, 2015 at 1:00 AM Comments comments (0)

SUN IS SHINNING and the wind is whistling through the pines. Cedars are twisting in the wind and the smoke from the chimney is being whipped away before it can turn into a cloud. The bass jumping on the wall thermometer on the outside wall of the cabin is frozen right at minus two and winter is not yet done here at Lake Iwanttobethere. Good fire burning in the fireplace but when it is this windy and cold it needs a little help heating the cabin so the new furnace is blowing some warm air from time to time. Spent time in the basement yesterday afternoon cleaning ducts off and wondering if I should give the FELLOWS a call. One of their many money making ideas is a duct cleaning service. Of course it is not your normal way of doing it with the brushes and big vacuum truck, no they use remote controlled trucks.


Actually they have a couple of different ways of cleaning your ducts, they mainly do cold air returns as they have a couple of radio controlled miniature street cleaners. They mount cameras and lights on them and send them into the cold air returns and they brush up the ducts pretty good. They also have a couple of them automatic round hardwood floor cleaners that you can rent and clean your own ducts. You just put them in the ducts and close the vent behind them and they go through the ducts bumping they way around till they find there way back to the beginning. A little unnerving for the cats though as they hear the little sweepers running though the duct and they want to find out what is making all the noise. After mentioned the idea to the wife and getting "The Look" I just went ahead and used the shop vacuum and a long wand.


I did have to go down to the General Store and buy some furnace filters. The new furnace has a much better blower then the old one did and some dust bunnies were loosen and soon found their way to the filter. Only bought a couple of filters as I only need to change one instead of two at a time now. Valentine's candy was already on clearance so I bought several boxes of hearts for all the girls. Also bought a couple of bags of Kit Kats as they are wrapped in red which makes them an automatic Valentine's candy. When I got back to the cabin I found my neighbor Chuck blowing out snow along side the work trailer. To make a long story short Chuck was done waiting on his part for his broken tractor and he went down to see Big Earl at the General Store and bought his last thirty inch snow thrower and he had already cleared his place and still had gas so he came over and did me, I may yet get out of this winter with out having to buy a snow thrower.


Granddaughters were going to come over today but plans got changed and they are coming over tomorrow instead. Better tomorrow anyway as I brought in a couple of bags of potting mix and the bags are frozen solid, matter of fact they remined me of frozen beaver tails. Might be till tomorrow before they are thawed out and warm enough to dig into. I do have my seeds, three different tomato and a couple of peppers will be started. Not going to do any tobacco this year, the growing part of the experiment is over. I am still drying leaf from last season but it is just much easier to buy some leaf already dry and make my own cigars. This year I am going to try some rain gutter gardening and also grow some corn in bags. Build a few more raised beds and see if I can get my onions even bigger then last year. Three months from fishing opener and I am looking for ways to keep me busy here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Good Reminder

Posted by Bobby Bass on February 11, 2015 at 3:00 PM Comments comments (0)

TAKING A BEAK here at the cabin on the shores of Lake Iwanttobethere. Late yesterday afternoon it started to snow and when it was done there was six inches of the whitest snow I have seen in a long time. This afternoon finds the sun higher in the sky and with no clouds it is actually almost too bright to be outside without sunglasses. The bright sun light reflecting off the pure white snow is hard on the eyes. Temperature is only in the middle teens as there is a trade to be made for sunshine and that is cold. Wind is whipping things around to as it is blowing the snow on the ice and building drifts. Already the quiet of the bay I live on has been disturbed by the howling of a couple of snow machines out on the new snow covering the ice here. Just like in summer when the jet skis come in to the bay to stir up the water in the winter the sleds coming in to tear up the virgin snow. Been a long snow less winter so I just watch them and hope they don't hit a hidden pressure ridge out there.


My neighbor Chuck was here with the big truck with the big plow but only so much you can do with it. The tractor is broken down and he is waiting on a part and I am still without a snow thrower so that leaves me with a shovel. I have been pretty spoiled with the lack of snow so far this year so it is going to take me a couple of sessions to clear up the six inches we got yesterday. It's not all bad though because with the clear sky and bright sunshine it is warm out in the greenhouse. I have taken a few breaks getting out of the wind and I ducked into the calm warm air of the greenhouse. The smell of dirt is in the air there and sun on my face and being really warm for a change feels great. Of course I do have to go back outside and the shock of leaving ninety degree calm air to wind-chill air is eye watering.


Valentine's Dinner will be held down at the Lodge on Saturday, I will not be attending as I am going to be watching granddaughter's number two and three at the cabin. Their mother my daughter and her husband will be going out on a date and the wife and I agreed we would watch kids so they can have quality time together. Of course my daughter is also one week a way from her due date so I don't know how long they will be staying out. Yup grand kid number seven is due to make an appearance here in a week and we are all excited to find out what it will be. I have three grandsons and three granddaughters so this will tip the balance of grand kid power either way here. I hinted to the wife that I might have to build another play house for the boys but I was met with a stare and a brief conversation about the playhouse I built last year for the girls.


The wife came out and moved the Tahoe so I can clear the snow away from around it. I thought she was just being nice till she kept backing out, turned around and just left. Of course the Tahoe was cleared of snow while her Jeep sits covered in it. I thought briefly about clearing the snow off the Jeep but instead made the command decision to take a break and go back in the cabin and put my feet up and sit for awhile. Getting to be that time to start some seeds in the cabin so I added that to my buy list here on the desk. Figure I can have the granddaughters help plant seeds when they are here on the weekend. They have just the right size little fingers to pick up seeds and carefully put them in the mini greenhouse starters. Starting seeds means it is only three months away from fishing season, a good reminder. Now I just have to get back outside and shovel some more snow and hope that this snow fall was just a fluke and we are not going to get a couple of months of real winter here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Dirty Puck

Posted by Bobby Bass on February 10, 2015 at 12:25 PM Comments comments (0)

I THOUGHT I saw the first sign of spring when I drove past the outdoor hockey rink yesterday. I spotted two young lads tossing a dirty baseball back and forth and they were wearing gloves. It was perfect timing as I was listening to KCUM radio and they were talking about spring training starting down south. As I got closer to the boys I noticed it was not a baseball they were throwing back and forth but a hockey puck, still close enough I guess. For awhile there the sun was out and the streets were wet as the temperature was in the middle thirties. Today it is back to overcast and Sunshine Ray is forecasting snow is to start falling this afternoon and as much as six inches may cover the ground before tomorrow morning.


With the new furnace in at the cabin the basement is a mess and going to get worse. As long as things have been moved the wife now wants to do some serious spring cleaning and even hinted at painting. I just want to put stuff back where it was but the wife seeing the cleared out space is coming up with ideas as to what can go in the newly cleared area. Her thoughts being the stuff in boxes can just stay in the boxes. Right now I am at a disadvantage as my cold has mounted yet another attack and I feel like I got beat up with a bag of oranges. I decided to come down to the Lodge as I can't be working at home if I am down here. On my way to the Lodge I suddenly got hungry, I was close to the Sizzle Barn and there was an open parking spot right at the front door. I made my way in and found a table close to the door and sat down and ordered a 2.5 ham and cheese with a little onion omelet. The 2.5 omelet is two and half eggs, advertised as when two is not enough and three is to many. I always laughed at it but this morning a 2.5 omelet was really all that I wanted. Of course there is always a side of bacon at the Sizzle Barn and I ordered a large glass of orange juice to wash it all down. I got back in the Tahoe and had second thoughts about the omelet, maybe I should have gone with the 1.5


I drove to the Lodge and parked out back, sat in the Tahoe for a little while because I could. The heated seat was pretty comfortable and I had a view of the trap range and a couple of pigeons that were flying circles overhead. Windy the windmill was turning over and I watched for a few minutes and relaxed as the heated seat cooled. If there was some sunshine I bet I could have taken a nice nap as I am finding a new appreciation and excuses for them. But after a few minutes the seat was cool and I got a chill so I went in and exchanged a few HIYA's with fellow Lodge members and checked the messages on my desk. The lunch crowd was starting to come in and I was not on the schedule to work so I was not needed. I poured some more orange juice and made the rounds so to speak. Listening in on conversations and joining a few of them.


Depending on the table the topics were different. There were on going discussions about tax refunds starting to come in and what was being done with the savings with gas being just a few pennies over two dollars at the Gas-N-Go. Another table had guys talking about spring turkey season while another table was talking ice fishing off Root Beer Island. A few guys stood by the big deck windows looking out at Lake Iwanttobethere not saying much, I could almost read their minds though as I have spent a lot of time looking out the same windows. Today I looked out the window with a glass of orange juice in my hand and thought, I really don't want six inches of snow to fall, I don't want to have to shovel here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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