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I lost my Buddy today



April 29th 2000 - October 1st 2014


Lost but never to be forgotten


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YESTERDAY I SPENT most of the day trying to stay out of the wife's way. She was canning and the kitchen was a busy place. Multi tasking she calls it as she was slicing up cucumbers for making pickles on one counter while she had canning jars soaking in the sink while other jars filled with tomatoes were taking a hot bath on the stove. A pot of tomato sauce was brewing on another burner and bread was rising for supper. All three dogs were also in the kitchen but they were tucked away under the table, once you get your tail stepped on you learn to keep it out of the way. I was just the assistant to the chief chef as I was sent out to gather cucumbers and tomatoes and bring in onions that are hanging out in the wood shop. Greenhouse trips were made to harvest dill and peppers that are growing out there in pots. I foolishly asked if she was going to have any time to make apple pie but was greeted with just a stare, I took that as a no.


I got a couple of bags of apples in a round about way. My trees are bare except for three apples that are hanging from one branch just out of reach. I did a little bartering and some trading and in return I got some pie making apples. The wife I think was hoping that there would be no pie making this fall but when I showed her the bags of apples she just told me they will have to wait their turn. Taking the stare as a clue that I was not needed I asked if there was anything I could do, her reply was to go into town and see about picking up another case of canning jars. I was going to offer a suggestion that there might be some more in the basement that she overlooked but decided against it, one can never have enough canning jars.


Duncan was up for a ride so we headed out to the Tahoe, he jumped in and I had to climb in, I called him a show off and patted him on the head then lowered a window so he could stick his head out on the drive. I took a round about way into town as figured the wife was in no real hurry for the canning jars. The strong winds and rain of the past few days have done a number on the leaves. A lot more down on the ground then last week. I had a stretch of road that was just carpeted in pine needles as the wind had even knocked them off trees. I had my window rolled down and the heater on even had the heated seat clicked on to low. About a forty degree difference in twenty-four hours and a lot of bird hunters are happy with the cooler temperature.


As I was driving past the Gulp-N-Go I saw that I could use a little gas myself. I pulled in and stuck the nozzle in and leaned up against the side of the Tahoe and waited. A couple of other guys were doing the same thing, waiting that is. Back in the old days the pumps did not seem to pump as fast as they do now and they were noisy. You could stick the nozzle in the fill pipe and listen to the tell tale click that the meter made when it pumped a gallon of gas. The real old pumps had a bell that would go off every time a gallon of high test was pumped. They were slow to, in the time it took to put ten gallons in the truck you could check your oil, and wash your windows. Now you don't even look at the gallons, you just watch the digital numbers flashing dollars back at you. Except here at the Gas-N-Go there are still old pumps, no digital they still have black numbers on a white back ground that chase each other as you pump gas. Gives one time to wash windows or just lean up against your truck and watch gas pump here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Leaf Blowing

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TO HOT TO fish, never thought I would be saying that in the last few days of September here at Lake Iwanttobethere. I was sitting on the back deck of the Clubhouse trying to find a reason to go fishing. I was having a hard time as it was in the low eighties, hardly a cloud in the sky and a brisk wind was making it hard for even the crows to fly where they wanted to. There was a lot of yelling coming from the FELLOWS campsite as they were watching a football game that neither team that was playing were local favorites, but it was a football game so they were still watching. Having spent most of the last week fishing I was content to just sit and take in the smell of pine and watch colorful leaves fly across the deck. Every now and then a gust of wind would take the leaves and turn it into a Leaf out, so thick you could not see past them.


I was not the only one who thought just sitting was a good option for the afternoon. Chuck was up working in the pole barn but he came down to get something to drink and sat down and just never got back up. He asked me about going fishing and I told him maybe when the wind dies down some and I heard that there was a chance of afternoon rain. He nodded his head and told me that sounds like a pretty good excuse not to leave the shade of the deck. I had a lemonade in a big glass and ice cubes that were melting, normally this time of the year ice cubes could pretty much stay being ice cubes for a couple of hours but not today, today they were melting away.


Marv came out and sat on the deck and right behind him Elmer came out and pulled up a chair. We made small talk but we also did a lot of just sitting and watching leaves fall and listen to the sound of the FELLOWS yelling or cheering, we could not figure out which. Guys don't have much problem just sitting and not saying much. Around campfires or hanging over the sides of pickups we don't really need to have someone talking all the time. Winds started to die down some, I could tell because leaves were starting to gather on the deck around our feet. I was thinking maybe I should go out and fish a few hours, could get it in before the rain was supposed to fall and the weather is going to get cool. I almost had myself convinced to get up when Vic came out the screen door dragging the TV with him. Hammering Hank was right behind him with a couple of loops of antenna cable. TV was set down on the table and turned on and Gee there was a football game just ready to start. So I decided to stay and watch the first half and see how the new rookie QB played.


I didn't go fishing, the game got entertaining and a couple of beers appeared and Marv went in and cooked up some wings for lunch/halftime and then the FELLOWS came over because our TV was way bigger then their TV. I said that guys don't need to talk much when they are together but you put them in front of a TV with a couple of beers and everyone becomes a football analyst. Throw in wings and some pretzels and before you know it I had ran out of time to go fishing. Cheering and clapping, dogs barking wind blowing and leaves falling I could have spent a quiet afternoon out on the lake but sometimes perfect fall days are meant for watching football outside here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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MORNING DEW COVERED everything here at the Resort this morning. I was not up at the crack of dawn but several hours after. I took a glass of orange juice and a cherry turnover that Marv had made yesterday out on to the back deck of the Clubhouse. I found a wood chair that was not to wet and sat down to enjoy a little early morning peace and quiet, it was anything but that. A flight or a pod or a flock or I just call them a mess of grackles had taken rest in a pine tree and they were louder then the local grade school outside for morning recess. A few crows flew in acting like the local traffic cops and cawed to the grackles to move on, you don't belong here. From the roof of the wood shop I could hear the cooing of morning doves acting like spectators at a car crash making soft comments but not quite loud enough to understand. After awhile the grackles moved on, they left the tree in groups of five's and tens and suddenly the whole tree got a lot lighter as the entire group just took wing and went well I don't know where they went they just left. I always wonder who is the leader of them groups and why they land when they do and take off on a whim.


Now it was quiet out and I could hear the click of the orange juice glass when I set it down on the table in front of me. Like I was saying the morning dew covered everything and it was calm out and the deer jumping the log thermometer had its red needle just above sixty. It felt a little warmer then that. I looked at the tree tops and they were still and the water of the little bay was quiet. I was just thinking about maybe getting up and getting a second turnover when I heard a shot, then another then a third. Someone was out grouse hunting and from past experience one shot could mean either a bird or a miss, two shots most likely a bird and three shots, well there is a good chance that a bird is still flying.


Wood screen door slammed behind me and I heard Vic talking to himself about having to fix that one of these days. He came over and eyed the wet chairs and looking over his glasses at me said morning, I nodded and said morning back at him. Like me he had a glass of orange juice and a cherry turnover wrapped in a piece of paper towel. Not seeing much of a difference in the chairs in front of him he sat down in the one across from me and sets his OJ down but not till he took a sip. "Quiet out here this morning" he said and I just nodded yes.


Yesterday afternoon Vic and I shared some time in the mail boat along with granddaughter number two, fishing. Actually I spent a lot of time just leaning back in my seat with my hat down low over my eyes enjoying the rocking of the boat and watching. The granddaughter did all the fishing and Vic was the first mate doing all the baiting and undoing hooked fish and having a great time of it. I did try to help but Vic would have none of it saying it was his boat and his job. I just relaxed and watched the two of them fish. When we ran out of bait we headed back to shore, Granddaughter steering the boat and Vic close to put his hand on the tiller if needed. We tied up and Vic handed the small fish basket to me to carry up the trail. He and the granddaughter started up in front of me but not till Vic turned to me and said "Thanks" I nodded and just waved at the granddaughter and holding up the fish basket I said " She is going to make us look good inside" here at Lake Iwanttobethere

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Almost There

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THE THING ABOUT fishing or hunting for that matter is it is never the same every time you go. So having read that I am going to guess you are assuming that I went back to the same lake and did squat. Actually I did catch less fish then the day before but I still boated twenty-two fish and I will take that any fishing trip. Not as many fish as the day before but they were bigger this time around. Weather had changed, the water was still around sixty-two but I was fishing in shorts and just a tee short as it was a balmy seventy-six out with a warm south wind. I was not too happy about the wind but that is something you always seem to have with you when fall fishing.


The plan was to skip all the water where I didn't catch any fish the day before and head right to the big reed point where I did so good. I caught a few fish but it was pretty wind swept and boat control was an issue. I did catch a nice fat thirty-one inch northern that I dipped with the net and then had the fish trash the net and get himself so caught up in it that I was considering taking the clippers to it. I was shooting some video or so I thought but I had turned the camera off instead of on and then when I turned the camera off I really turned the camera on. This left me with seventy minutes of video of the floor of the Puddle Humper and a dead battery. So not many pictures of yesterdays fishing except I did get a picture of the nice bass I caught just shy of nineteen inches. Five bass came over the side of the Puddle Humper and the smallest one was sixteen inches and two and half pounds. No little bass at all but then I am throwing a big spinner bait with a big chunk of plastic that seems to be well liked by the bass and the pike this fall.


This morning I put the Puddle Humper's battery on charge and headed into town, needed to go to the Masterbaiters shop for some more plastic as I have gone through the three bags that I had on hand. While I was in town I took the opportunity to hit the car wash and turn the dust covered Tahoe white again. As I drove by the Lodge I saw the lot was pretty empty which is a surprise for a Saturday but then I saw that the landing was just about full of trucks and wet trailers. This may be the last chance for some to go fishing and it seems that a lot of guys are taking advantage of what is forecasted to be a very warm day. Still lots of leaves up and it is to warm to take the dogs out bird hunting so fishing or a round of golf is what it appears the Lodge members are doing today.


I also got a call this morning from granddaughter number two who told me she had the afternoon free. Soccer is done and no birthday parties to attend as she asked me if I would like to go fishing with her. I chuckled on the phone and told her I did have plans to head to the Resort and fish for crappies with Vic. She told me that was OK Vic can come to. I called Vic and asked if it was OK if the granddaughter came fishing with us and he grumbled some and finally said OK, I asked the wife to pack a third brown paper bag lunch and told her the granddaughter was going fishing with me and Vic this afternoon. Told her that Vic had given his OK but not with out a little complaining, "Why is that" the wife asked and I told her the last time we all went together the granddaughter out fished both of us, here at Lake Iwanttobethere


So the talley so far is 410 miles driven, one new boat battery, 2 smashed spinnerbaits a trip to the bait shop for more big blue trailers and a fish total of 80 which breaks down to 28 bass, 52 pike with a 31 inch northern and a 19.5 bass as the big fish. I am a good afternoon of fishing away from my modest goal of catching a 100 fish on my fall fishing vacation here at Lake Iwanttobethere


I know just another nice fat fall bass picture.

Pike Bite

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HAD A GOOD day fishing yesterday but I had a feeling I was going too as soon as I got out of bed. Forecast was calling for an overcast day and temps in the sixties with almost no wind. In the past a fall day like what was forecasted called for buzzbaits and as I got the Puddle Humper ready for the road I tied on a buzzbait with a big clacker on it. Chuck was supposed to go with but had to bail so I was hoping for a good day just so I could rub it into him later. Actually was on the road right on schedule and as I drove north the overcast sky was above me all the way. Just before I made the last turn on the dirt road to the access I saw a grouse staring at me trying to figure out what I was at the same time I was trying to figure out if it was a grouse or not. As I drove slowly the grouse finally did his road runner imitation and ran across the gravel road and into the forest.


I parked the Tahoe and got out, made my inspection of the landing and saw deer prints in the sand, another good sign. I like fishing when there is some movement in the local wildlife. I never seem to do very good when it is quiet. Yesterday I saw a grouse, a deer on the shore some geese overhead and a lot of ducks, all good signs for me. The first hour of fishing was not so good, I was tossing the big buzzbait and I had only boated one pike and lost a football size bass. I was getting hits but mostly misses. I was thinking the buzz bait was not what they were looking for. By three I was on the base of a long reed point that sticks out into the lake I was fishing. I must have hit the buffet line as in the next hour I caught only one nice bass but did catch eleven pike. I went back down the other side and caught eight more fish. Twenty-one fish in just a couple of hours had me smiling that and the fact that I figured out they wanted a spinnerbait.


Next stop was a cove where I do good on bass and I was not disappointed as four bass all over sixteen inches fell for the big spinnerbait with the blue blades that I like to throw in the fall. With maybe twenty minutes of light to fish by I had to make a decision so I pulled up the trolling motor and went to fire the big motor up and nothing. Not good I had just replaced the battery and I was having problems. Easy fix though, somehow the motor was in gear, I took it out and turn the key and it started right up and I was on my way to the tip of the reed point. Five minutes after I was there I was admiring a three pound bass that fell for the blue spinnerbait and I had another decision to make. In the past there is a little hot spot on the lake that I have pulled fish out in the fall. I could either stay on the point or have enough light to fish the spot. I sat down started the motor and headed to it with the light failing.


Had a feeling I should give the buzzbait a try and sure enough the second long cast disappeared into a boil and a jumping fat three pound bass fought all the way to the boat. I took a picture and eased her over the side and decided that was as good as any way to call it an evening. This morning finds me a little sore as catching all them fish can be tiring. Will take a walk with Duncan over to Chuck's and let him know just what he missed by not going fishing. The battery is already charging on the Puddle Humper and I already told the wife I am going fishing today. Think I am heading back to the same little lake, might be a few fish there I didn't catch.


So the talley so far is 300 miles driven, one new battery, 2 smashed spinnerbaits 23 bass, 35 pike with a 28 inch northern and a 19.5 bass as the big fish. I am halfway to my modest goal of catching a 100 fish on my vacation here at Lake Iwanttobethere


Tape Job

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RAIN DAY HERE at Lake Iwanttobethere, every vacation should have a few rain days just so you have an excuse to get out of the boat and fix things. As I get older I seem to be the one that needs the break for fixings. Night before last I forgot to mention that I had brought home a couple of fish for dinner. I was getting the first one ready for the frying pan when I slipped with the knife and took a chunk off the tip of my thumb. Bled pretty good there for awhile so I ended up putting a carpenters bandage on it. That is where you put a band aid over the cut and then wrap the whole mess up with some duct tape. Yesterday before I went fishing the wife insisted on putting a more professional dressing on it but as soon as I left the cabin I wrapped it up with some green painters tape because I knew her professional bandage was going to come off when I was out in the Puddle Humper.


The new battery took care of the starting problems of the big motor which was good as I needed to run the motor several times fishing yesterday. I met up with my neighbor Chuck and we fished a lake that I had tried to get to earlier in the summer but was driven away from the landing by a swarm of wasps. Since it was a new lake to both of us so we brought two boats and Chuck took the North end and I took the South end. Chuck did much better then I did. After an hour all I had caught was one seventeen inch bass but did see the granddaddy of all bald eagles. It took off from a point just as I came around it and she was huge. I see eagles all the time but this girl was by far the biggest bird I have seen in a long time. The little lake we were fishing is shaped like an hour glass with a channel in the middle. The wind was coming right down it and the channel was a little choppy. I met up with Chuck just past the channel and we exchanged scouting reports, he had boated six bass and two pike to my one fish.


Chuck did have a good Pike beat him up, biggest pike he has seen for awhile and he said he had it up to the boat and was staring it eye ball to eye ball when the pike straighten the clasp on his leader and left him with a splash. He gave me the general area where he had hooked the big fish and then we traded ends of the lake. I did a little better throwing the spinnerbait in the upper end of the lake catching a couple of bass and a pike. Chuck did nothing on the lower end just like I did and he came back to the upper end of the lake to join me. At dusk the wind died and we started throwing buzz baits and I quickly boated two more seventeen inch fish and Chuck caught one. Snapped a few pictures and called it a night and we loaded the boats back on the trailers. Of course after we hauled the boats out of the water we leaned against the truck and talked till it got dark making plans for Thursday nights fishing.


Today a few rain drops have already fallen and some more showers are in the forecast. I have the battery in the Puddle Humper on charge and I need to do a little boat cleaning. Tomorrow we will head out to another lake and do it all again. I like this vacation fishing as the wife asked me about doing a few chores today and I simply pointed to the calendar where it is written in big bold letters VACATION. So the talley so far is 200 miles driven, one new battery, 14 bass , 9 pike with a 28 inch northern and a 19.5 bass as the big fish I have a modest goal of catching a 100 fish on my vacation here at Lake Iwanttobethere


Tape Job

Last Summer Day

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TODAY IS THE first day of Autumn and if it is like the last day of summer it should be interesting. The day went as planned for the most part. I was on the road by one in the afternoon and was pulling a fish over the side of the Puddle Humper by two-thirty. The forecast of seven to fifteen mile an hour winds was a tad off as I think the fifteen was the low side with a couple of twenty mile an hour gusts pretty common. Not to worry I have fished this lake in the wind many times before and I just let the wind take me down the shore with a couple of course adjustments with the bow trolling motor. I fished around a small island and got a hit from a northern, I eased the fish up to the boat and decided to just hop her up over the side till I found out the northern was a little bigger then I had thought. Twenty-eight inches of thrashing northern soon greeted me and I figured the bite was on.


Air was seventy out and the water here on this little lake was sixty-six could be less wind but I was soon to find out I was going to have to deal with it. I say that because as I came around the other side of the island it was time to move and my big motor did not want to turn over. Back to the protection of the island and I worked on getting the motor started till I gave up and figured somehow the battery was dead. The rest of the afternoon was spent fishing with just the trolling motor but I had a plan and as long as I ended up on a certain bay at dusk I would be OK. I got fish but it was slow going. Of course I was throwing a big willow blade with a pretty big chunk of plastic on it. I was not looking for little fish but I was in search for something that would put a nice bow on my rod.


There is a dock on this little lake that always has a fish or two on it. We call it the frog dock as I have taught all my kids and a few of the grand kids how to fish a live frog around it. It is off a little point with deep water close and it is a pretty big dock with several sections to it. I came up on it and hit the corners with the spinnerbait but no takers. I would have tossed a worm but just too windy. As I was going by I shot one last cast deep down the side and was rewarded with a wrist jarring hit. It actually hurt my wrist it was so quick and hard. Matter of fact the last time I felt a pain like that on my hand was the last time a nun in grade school slapped me with a ruler. I figured it must have been a northern it was so quick and slashing. My next thought was I wished the big motor was running so I would come back at dusk and give it another try.


I did end up in my little bay just at the right time, the wind died and I pulled out the buzz bait rod and started to catch fish. A couple of northern and then two sixteen's, two seventeen's and with the sun setting a nineteen and a half inch bass decided to hit my buzzbait for supper. Pretty much made my day as I held her up for a photo with the sunset in the background. This morning I was down at Dan's Auto Shop, I bought a new starting battery for the Puddle Humper. The old battery was so old it did not even have the sticker where you mark down the date you bought it for the warranty. It is in the boat and the trolling battery is on the charger, will be going out again this afternoon, fishing the first day of Autumn here at Lake Iwanttobethere


Last of Summer

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TODAY IS THE last day of summer so I am all set to go fishing, yes I know all the calendars say today is the first day of autumn but autumn does not officially arrive till around ten thirty tonight. By then I should have the Puddle Humper back under the roof of the boat house and the trolling battery will be plugged into the charger. Fish should be all clean and supper plates will be in the dishwasher. I will be headed for bed to get up and do it all over again tomorrow. This morning I was up early and in town running errands. Filled the Tahoe up at the Gas-N-Go right up to the cap. Didn't even flinch when the clerk told me how much I spent. Next stop was Amy's Bakery where I bought some Kaiser rolls and a few donuts. Ma and Pa's grocery was the next stop, some thick sliced bologna for sandwiches and a couple of bags of Kit Kats for munching. I also bought a bag of Mcintosh apples, normally I would be chewing on apples from my own trees but I am apple poor again this year.


Forecast for this week is outstanding for staining and getting the cabin ready for winter so that also makes it an excellent forecast to go fishing, Yard is mowed, garden is in good shape. Deck is stained and the front porch needs a second coat on the stairs but that is a job that can be done in a few minutes not hours. No rain in the forecast and there will be some wind but not anything that can't be fished in. I have my calendar penciled in with where I want to go fish at. Mostly a bunch of smaller lakes around Lake Iwanttobethere that will turn over before the big lake does. I am going out by myself this afternoon but will be out with my neighbor Chuck tomorrow who is going to take the day off from working just to get some fishing in. I'll take the single shot twenty gage with me and store it under the seat. Some of these little lakes are kind of out of the way and early in the fall like this I may get lucky and spot some grouse on the drive in and get a shot off.


Duncan will have to stay at home and I put the shotgun in the Tahoe last night when the wife had him distracted in the kitchen. It is best he does not know I am getting out with out him. Later in the week I have both Elmer and Vic penciled in to go fishing. I will go and fish from the Resort those two days as I am hoping Vic will set me up on top of them crappies that he and Dock have been chasing all summer. Elmer and I will go chase northerns in the places where Elmer has been chasing them for years. In the past we have caught a few and lost a lot or so it seems as time and Elmer's stories have it.


Yesterday I spent the day watching football and going through tackle boxes. I was stocking them and retying lures on to rods and checking air in boat tires and shooting grease into hubs. Boat tank is full and batteries are all charged up. Dry clothes in the Tahoe along with gloves and towels and some bottled water. Rain gear to but the forecast is calling for temps in the seventies and mild wind. But this time of the year as soon as the sun hits the treetops it cools quickly out. Some of the best time of the year to be out fishing and also a great time of the year to have a heated truck seat to sit in at the end of a day of fishing. Yup this week I am going to be retired and on vacation here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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