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The Crane

Posted by Bobby Bass on July 22, 2014 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (0)

FEELS LIKE A hundred out as both Elmer and Vic told me that and they are old guys and have experienced enough hundred degree days in their lives that I tend to agree with them. Yesterday at the Lodge it got so hot that the A/C unit could not keep up so we went to the back up plan, we moved into the ice storage house. Don't take to long sitting on some sawdust over a stack of Lake Iwanttobethere Lake ice to cool you off. Matter of fact some guys had to step outside because they were getting the shakes from having their backsides frozen. We had a keg of Hamms out there on blocks of ice and the first few mugs went down pretty quickly. After that you learned to pace yourself and I was sitting near the door getting the proper amount of draft off the ice and the heat of the day from the open door.


Storm warning went up late afternoon as Sunshine Ray was on KCUM radio talking off a line of thunderstorms marching from the far side of the state heading this way. He was pretty sure we were going to get wet as the storm front was a couple of states wide. Hearing this the Fellows thought that they should head back to the Resort and take their crane down. With the threat of lightning they didn't want their crane to get struck. I might have mentioned the crane in the past but I don't remember. They got it last summer and we did some bartering so they could store it up at the Resort. Not really going to use it to do any building with just thought it would be a good idea to have one around. I must admit having your own crane is nice especially when you want to lift beds through the second floor windows of the Resort Clubhouse.


Last fall there was some talk of using the crane to support a deer stand but that proved to be unsuccessful as a single stand hanging from the crane tended to sway a lot in any kind of a breeze. Next idea was to just lift an entire ice shanty and use that as a deer shack in the air. That worked a little better wind wise but it would rotate still making it hard to shoot from. Fellows gave up on the hunting stand idea and the crane has been sitting till it started to get a little hot this summer. Now they have a rope tied to the hook and use it as a big swing out into our little bay. Fellows finished up their last couple of rounds of beer and went to the Resort and lowered the crane to the ground. From what Vic told me on the phone they did not have any problem getting it down, getting it up again is something else.


This morning finds me without telephone service and the lights were down for a while to. I slept right through the big storm that came through around three or so. I didn't think much of it as I went out to the garden to pick strawberries and the grass was already dry. Something ate one of the broccoli plants, I'm thinking a rabbit. The wife was none too happy when I told her. Picked my first ripe raspberry, about time. Rain is gone but the wind sure is blowing. About twenty degrees cooler then yesterday so it is doable weather to work on the playhouse today. I will have to wander over to Elmer's dock and see if he has any sucker minnows in his bait bucket. Maybe toss a line out and give Barney something to watch besides those bluegills under the dock here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Mail is here

Posted by Bobby Bass on July 21, 2014 at 12:40 PM Comments comments (0)

FORECAST IS CALLING for it to hit ninety in the shade and even higher then that if you are out in the middle of Lake Iwanttobethere in an aluminum boat at midday. Now maybe where you are ninety is no big deal but we don't get many days like that around here so we are never really prepared for them. A couple of feet of fresh snowfall and minus twenty temperatures, no big deal but hot weather, things come to a standstill around here. I have plans today and they do not involve any kind of work. I was up early and watered gardens and picked strawberries. Saw a few had parts missing, no doubt from the renegade chipmunks. Sprayed down the yard with the tick spray, not yet time for its scheduled treatment but the wife had a couple of ticks on her so I thought I would move up the application. I checked the dogs and they were OK so I figured the wife was just in the wrong place. I also had to move some metal roofing that I had stored away and they were covered in spiders. Don't know what it is about spiders but a lot of guys are not fond of them and you can include me in that group. Tick spray should take care of the spiders, I'll let the roofing sit a spell before I check.


Since I was out in the yard I saw Mark the mailman coming up the shoreline. As you know during the summer most mail is delivered by boat. Normally I don't see much of Mark in the summer as he comes by early. I went down to the dock and stood alongside Barney who was already down there. I looked into the water and saw that Barney was watching a few blugills just in the shade of the dock and I watched as they just kind of stayed in one spot, nothing moving but their fins as they held their position. Mark glided up to the dock and I pushed the boat off with my foot before it could hit the dock. HIYA's were exchanged and some small talk. I noticed Mark was dressed for the hot day wearing his postal shorts and shirt half unbuttoned. Add the flip flops and the woven round top safari straw hat he looked rather comfortable. Mark told me he would like to chat longer but he needed to get off the water early today and with that I pushed him away from the dock and he headed down to Elmer's.


I brought the mail into the cabin and put it on the desk, nothing there that needed my attention. I pause a second to look at the outdoor magazine that came. It had a cover on it telling me it was my almost last warning that my subscription was about to end. I think I just renewed it two months ago. Barney stayed down at the dock, Buddy was sleeping in my bed but Duncan was up and about looking for something to do. Told the wife I was heading to the Lodge and Duncan hearing the word Lodge was out the door and waiting at the Tahoe for me. Climbed into the Tahoe started the engine and turned on the A/C don't have a clue if it works, will be the first time I used it this summer.


Arrived a short drive later going through the road construction without having to wait for any trucks or backhoes. Parked in my spot and came through a closed back door. Lodge was dark with not any of the drapes pulled open. Just the light from the bar and the yellow glow of the popcorn machine. I let my eyes adjust to the limited light and I could hear the sound of the chugging air conditioner and I could feel the welcomed cool hit my skin. As my eyes adjusted I saw that several of the stools at the bar were already filled with roofers and of course the big round table held the Fellows. Looks like I was not the only one planning to hang out in the air conditioning of the Lodge here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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REINFORCEMENTS ARRIVED YESTERDAY although they have probably been here the whole time, I just did not notice them. I am talking chipmunks! Yesterday afternoon I was working on the foundation for the grand kids play house and I was taking a water break. I was sitting on the deck and I watched as a chipmunk darted out from under the Tahoe and made a beeline right for the fence that protects my berry patch. The nerve of the little dude, in broad daylight it was running across the yard for what I am sure he thought was a free meal. Duncan was laying on the deck but as soon as he saw that I was interested in something he was up and looking for what I was looking at. A quick "Hunt em up" sent Duncan flying off the deck like he was diving in the lake and the chase was on.


The chipmunk saw Duncan coming and made a hard left turn and darted under the gate and into the garden. I had a surprise for him though. The plants are all big enough that Duncan is not going to step on anything and hurt them anymore. With the chipmunk chirping and hiding in the lettuce I open the gate and Duncan looked at me for the OK. "Hunt em up" and Duncan flew into the fenced in garden and with nose down the chase was on again. Down the lettuce row a right at the tomato plants and then another right and some zig zagging through the tatters. The chipmunk exited the garden by the squash and Duncan had to come back to the gate and run around the fence to continue his pursuit. To much time was lost and the chipmunk made it to the high grass and Duncan lost him. We spent the rest of the afternoon listening to the chirping of the chipmunk or I think chipmunks as they worked on a new raiding plan.


The day started off with the threat of rain and even though it got dark a few times nothing fell. Plants needed water so I went around to the rain barrels and filled the big water sprinkler thingie. While the bottle filled up with water I would take the hole and work on the weeds that seem to grow quicker then the plants. Now that I know that the bunnies have had a litter that is something else I have to watch in the garden for. Too bad the rabbits don't eat weeds, they would be welcomed in the garden. So I watered all the gardens and the flower pots scattered all over the yard and made sure the tobacco plants got a big drink. Last week I fertilizer them and they got a good soaking and I think they grew a foot since then, too bad I can't say the same for my corn.


Son called me told me he and one of his buddies were going to take their boats fishing, asked if I wanted to add my boat and we could have a little contest. I was outside when I was on the phone and I looked at the once again dark sky overhead and saw the tree tops were swaying pretty good and told him I would think about it. I kept working on the foundation and there were a few times when I thought I was going to have to put tools away but it never did rain. By five I was at the point where I needed to go to town and get some more wood and no sooner did I put the tools away then the wind stopped and I saw some blue sky. I am thinking if I had not watered the gardeins then it would have rained for sure. I ended up just sitting on the deck with my chair pointed at the vegetable garden and watching. Duncan was at my feet and he slept with one eye closed and the other staring at the garden. Might have been a good afternoon to go fishing but there is always another day here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Smokie Sunsets

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SATURDAY MORNING HERE at Lake Iwanttobethere and it looks like it is going to be a Skeeter kind of day. I was out checking the garden already this morning and I didn't even get pass the gate before I was attacked. Overcast and humid out, the forecast is calling for some showers and maybe even a few thunderstorms. I am thinking if the wind does not start blowing I just may go fishing. A couple of days ago the chipmunk who has been eating my strawberries was eliminated by the crack sniper team, this morning when I went to check my berries and I found a small rabbit in the lettuce. Rabbit saw me and took off zig zagging through the potatoes plants like he was being chased. I figure that the red fox that I have now seen twice in the past few days will make quick work of him.


Granddaughter two is now on vacation and I miss her already, she must have known that I would because I found an envelope on my desk with my name on it, Papa. I opened the envelope to find she had left me a work list written in purple crayon. It only had one thing for me to do and it was written big enough to cover the entire page. PLAYHOUSE is all it said. I am hoping with some luck and no rain that I will have it pretty much done before she returns. Yesterday I did level the area and put some blocks down for a foundation and spent the afternoon cutting a steel door down to playhouse size. That in itself is a long story but I don't want to relive. Today I have to go down to the Lumber yard and see Ms Luan about some 2x4's and some plywood for the floor.


Middle of summer here and Friday nights are not quiet, with all the humidity in the air the sound of stock car races from the county dirt track can be heard way over here. No sooner does the road construction crew shut down for the day then we can hear the sound of the stock cars. For a few minutes between races it actually gets quiet around here and you can hear birds which for some reason sound very loud when sitting on the deck. I suppose they to have to raise their voices in order to be heard. Duncan has been outside most of the day with me, acting like my guard dog he is not too far away as he is waiting for the chipmunk to return. He sits by the driveway and looks at me and then back to the section of gravel where the chipmunk would run by on its way to the garden. The old dogs Bud and Barney are enjoying retirement I think. Most of their day is spent sprawled in front of the door of the cabin where you have to step over them to get inside.


I have been busy though, it is not all about sitting on the deck and watching someone else do work. All the firewood has been cut and split for the season and it stacked to the roof of the wood shed. Even cut another cord just in case this winter is bad like the last two have been. I am hoping we are done with that and I will just have a head start on the following season's wood pile. Grass is green the trees are full of leaves, bugs and birds everywhere and no snow. Kind of like summer is supposed to be like. Sunsets are getting to be colorful as there is a fire well to the north of us that is pumping smoke into the air. I guess down in the big city they would call it smog but here it is just something for the sunlight to shine off of and reflect on the waters of Lake Iwanttobethere

The List

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BEEN A BUSY week and it is only half over with. Granddaughter two returned from her mini vacation with her parents down at Gramp Dave's cabin. The big event there is that she hooked and then lost a big bass right off the dock and under the boat lift. Story goes she was fighting the fish and yelling for someone to bring a net. Her aunt thought she was just joking and took her sweet time getting out of the lawn chair and getting a landing net. The granddaughter gave up on waiting and tried to pull the fish up onto the dock by using the line and of course the line broke and the fish slipped back into the water. Granddaughter had a melt down and her ma told her she was done fishing for the day. Thing is the granddaughter was not mad at her aunt or at even losing the fish but she lost her lure!


So the granddaughter was here for a few days before she sets of on yet another vacation, this is the big one as at the end of the week she is headed to Dollywood. Now I think you are thinking Dollywood is for old people and fans of country music but they also have one heck of a water park and the granddaughter lives to be in the water. I was told she will call me everyday, if she remembers and will keep me up to date. I know she is packing four swimsuits so I am not counting on getting to many telephone calls as they are going to be there for a week. The two days she spent here she made me work. She came over and asked if I had anything for her to do and I told here I had a million things that need to be done. She asked where the list was and I pointed at my head. She shook her head and told me I better start writing them down.


We worked on the list, at least the first few dozen of things that needed to get done. Yesterday when her mother came to pick her up we got in a little bit of trouble because she, the granddaughter was standing with one foot on top off the green house roof and the other on top of the ladder jamming the garden hose down the down spout clearing out maple seed pods that were blocking it. Her mother came around the corner and looked up to see her daughter a little wet and water spraying everywhere. The daughter gave me a look and I just shrugged my shoulders and told her it was on the list. We also stacked firewood and mowed the lawn, chased the chipmunk out of the strawberry patch a few times and saw a red fox running from Chuck's next door. Didn't see any chicken in his mouth but we called Chuck and told him he better count his birds just to make sure.


It was not all work as we need restock her fishing tackle box for her and I found a couple of replacements for the fishing lure she lost to the big bass. According to her the fish was longer then her arm and its mouth was bigger then a Miracle Whip jar. I was impressed and told her so. We then put new line on her rod so it will not happen again, her losing the fish. We picked strawberries and pulled up radishes. She planted yet more flowers with her grandma and we watched a couple of movies. Honey I Shrunk the Kids and E.T. I was surprised that she had not seen either one before. I must admit it has been twenty years since I have seen them so there were like new to me. This morning I have already been out in the garden, plucked some strawberries for breakfast and pulled some radishes for supper. I have it down on the calendar as a fishing day but the granddaughter left me a list of things I am suppose to do. Never seems to be enough time on nice days here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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SO GLAD IT is summer and not the dead of winter here at Lake Iwanttobethere. It rained yet again overnight here. If this was winter the snow would have been deep and we would all be complaining. Since it was just rain there are some puddles to step over or through but the rest has disappeared into the ground and the old saying of out of sight out of mind applies. Silent Sunday here at the resort and one sure fired way to keep grown men quiet is to make sure they are well fed. Sun is showing itself from time to time between clouds that look like they could hold some rain. The rain is not in the forecast but Mother Nature never does what she is suppose to do but just does what she wants. There is enough of a threat of rain that most of the guys have their truck windows rolled up.


I was sitting out on the screen porch with some of the Fellows, relaxing and just swirling the last few spoonfuls of strawberry malt in the bottom of my glass. A tourist walked in with I am guessing his wife in tow. We all looked up and he said "Hello" we all replied with various versions of "HIYA" the man went on to say that he was told he can get a genuine throwback BBQ meal here, is that true?" Before answering I looked around the table and the plates and I had to pause and think about what the man said. Before me just a few minutes ago sat hamburgers and hot dogs and bottle soda. The hamburgers were made from ground hamburger and hand formed into patties and placed on the grill over wrist size maple sticks that had been reduced to red coals. The hot dogs were hand stuffed at Ma and Pa's grocery and were unwrapped from white butcher paper. Connected in links they had to be separated before they could be placed on the grill.


Ketsup and mustard sat on the table in glass bottles and a bowl held the home made pickle relish. Onions came from the garden and they to were diced or in big round rings and in a bowl. A canning jar held pickles for the hamburgers and if you wanted cheese on your burger you would take the wood handled knife and cut a slice off the block of cheese that farmer McDonnell's wife makes. Hot dog buns and the hamburger buns came from our very own kitchen and they were fresh baked just this morning. One of the Fellows, Steve had loaded up his hot dog bun with onions and relish and ketsup and mustard and was telling everyone who would listen that these are the best hot dog's money can buy. Elmer pointed out to him that they would be even better if he had remembered to put the hot dog in the bun.


Bacon for the burgers was hand smoked over hickory or we also had some smoked over Maple. Some guys can tell the difference in taste and like to mix some of each on their burgers. French fries are hand cut and deep fried to order. Cut from home grown garden potatoes you can hold them out and they don't sag. Lake Iwanttobethere Root Beer in frosted mugs sat on the table and Vic was still nursing a Bupple Up soda from his private stash. Marv had come out with his cart of ice cream and the green malt maker. Scoops of vanilla ice cream were dropped into the mugs of Lake Iwanttobethere Root Beer but I opted for a strawberry shake. Marv scooped ice cream into the metal shaker and added malt and just the right amount of milk. I produced some strawberries from my berry patch and a few minutes later Marv was handing me a malt with whipped cream and two cherries on top. I was trying to spear the second cherry in the bottom of my glass and I was thinking to myself what the guy had said, "Throwback BBQ" we eat like this every summer here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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THIS END OF Lake Iwanttobethere is like flower pot that someone held a watering can over and just forgot to move on. Last night just after supper a thunderstorm came over and just parked right over the cabin and it rained hard for about twenty minutes. I would say we received over a half an inch of rain in that time span as I watched a bowl sitting on the deck fill with water. I of course was sitting on the covered swing watching the rain and not making any effort to get into the cabin. From my vantage point I noticed that I should make a few adjustments to the placement of rain barrels as even though they are full they could be moved a tad to catch more water in them. Of course first off they would have to be empty for me to move them and that has not happen this summer. We are at no loss for rain as we have overcast sky again here today and no rain in the forecast but that is what Sunshine Ray said yesterday to.


Received a fishing update from the granddaughter, Gramp Dave has not put her on fish but she has found her own fish hiding under the dock in the shade of the pontoon lift. At last report she has caught eight including a small bass and is now showing gramp Dave the fine art of dock fishing. She told my she is having fun but I am going to need to restock her tackle box on her return. Yard is soaked and garden is getting muddy. Have lost yet another big strawberry to what I am thinking is the chipmunk. Bad enough that he or she sneaks in the garden to pluck the biggest strawberries but then it leaves half of it uneaten on the bricks that are stacked by the berry bed. It is almost like he or she is showing me what she or he has done. I am thinking I might put a call into the sniper team of Elmer and Vic and have them come down and take out the chipmunk with extreme prejudice.


Already the middle of summer as I see it is July 12th today. Halfway through July already and I don't remember much about June. Grass is deep and the trees are heavy with leaves, what is missing is my apple trees are bare of fruit and it does not look good for the second year in a row for apple pies. Garden has turned green this last week, the combination of rain and some heat is done more in the last week then the last month. Grass needs to be mowed again but not till it dries out. Lake is still up and the water is warming, can hear the jet ski's running n the afternoon. The Friday evening gathering of pontoons in the lake is growing in size. Last night I counted over fifteen of them tied together out in the lake. Kind of like a floating bar out there complete with lights and you can hear the music floating across the water.


At the Resort things are quiet, Vic has the place under control and the little bay has become a place for guys to come and hideout when the weather gets a little ruff on the big lake. We might actually turn a little profit this summer as the Bait Room is doing pretty well and the grill has been just busy enough that Marv still likes it. With the Fellows doing the mowing I can kind of sit back in the wood shop when I feel like it and relax. I think I am finally going to get around and make me some chairs up there. Sometime this week Chuck is going to haul is portable saw mill up and we are going to cut some logs up, Of course saying it is a portable saw mill is just a marketing ploy as the thing is a beast to get on the trailer, but that is what tractors are for here at Lake Iwanttobethere

#2's Fishing Report

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THE RAIN IS done, at least that is what I am hearing on the radio here at Lake Iwanttobethere. A pretty good batch of thunderstorms moved by overnight but we here at the lake just caught the outside edge. Still from what I have seen so far this morning enough rain fell to fill the rain barrels and get your feet wet when you walk through the grass. Garden is muddy but I was thinking ahead when I put mulch down around the raised beds. I let the dogs out this morning to do their thing and I headed to the garden and the strawberry bed. With the mulch pathway I stayed clean as I collected enough fresh strawberries for breakfast. As I picked berries Bud had his face up against the fence and I could hear him whining quietly. In the past he has hit the strawberries before anyone else could get to them, but now they are fenced in and he can't get to them. I closed the gate behind me and headed to the cabin, Buddy on my heels. Halfway there I gave in and I took a berry from the bowl and gave it to him. I swear I could hear him smacking his lips behind me as I walked the rest of the way to the cabin.


Yesterday time was spent up on the roof realigning the antenna, the strong winds of the past week had moved it a tad and the wife was complaining she was missing a few channels. I don't watch any TV in the summer so I didn't miss out on anything. Fixing the antenna was uneventful, didn't fall off the roof, ladder didn't fall over leaving me stranded for hours, pretty unusually for Lake Iwanttobethere. Got the ladder out, no robin's nests on it, carried it over to the deck, missed all the hanging flower pots. Leaned it up against the cabin, climbed up to the antenna. Loosen the set screw, turned it a little to the West, retighten the screw. Climbed down the ladder and checked the TV. Everything working just fine. I then went out and sat on the deck waiting for something bad to happen. After thirty minutes I figured I was all clear so I went and put the ladder back and decided I would call it a day work wise, didn't want to press my luck.


Granddaughter number two called me on the phone, she is down south with her parents fishing at the in law's cabin. She called to give me a fishing report as my fishing spotters all are over the county. I sat down on the deck and listen as the seven year old complained about her other grandpa not putting her on any fish. I chuckled some and told her gramp Dave just needs to find some fish and she will do OK, we ended our conversation with a promise she will send me a fish picture if Grampa Dave ever finds any. I walked over to the Puddle Humper and inspected the broken rod from the day before. Took the reel off and looked over the rod, might be able to make a handle for it and turn it into a nice ice fishing rod but as an open water rod it was done for. When the wife was hanging clothes out on the line I snuck the broken rod into the cabin and stood it up with the ice fishing gear.


Today as long is it is overcast and wet out I will begin the search for a new fishing rod. Getting to be that part of summer when the dock bite starts to pick up and I can't very well be fishing docks without a worm rod. I already went through all the rods I have in my mind and I can't figure out how I can reconfigure any for worm fishing. I just need to go out and replace the broken worm rod. Of course this is kind of sudden, most rod shopping takes place over a long winter with several trips to the Masterbaiters Shop or to the General Store and maybe a couple of trips to Al-Mart, one should also spend time looking over catalogs and do some price shopping. I was going to be rushing it if I was going to get a rod before the next time I go fishing. I can only hope for some more bad weather to give me enough time to find a proper replacement here at Lake Iwanttobethere.

Good Fishing Day

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NEVER A GOOD day when you break a fishing rod no matter how many fish you catch. Yesterday it was like a perfect day to go fishing, wind was just right, partly cloudy sky and temperatures a steady seventy-two. Packed a lunch, added some extra chocolate chip cookies and was on my way fishing by two in the afternoon. Arrived at the bay and no one was at the access, launched the Puddle Humper and took the best parking space for the Tahoe and trailer. Pushed the boat out from shore and uncovered the rods of their protective travel sleeves and promptly lost one. I can only figure it must have fallen over the side of the boat and sunk, not a good way to start the afternoon of fishing.


Looked like a top water day so I started of buzzing my way down the shore line. A couple of snake northerns around the pads but no matter what I tossed over the top of the pond weed nothing was biting. I headed to a big bank of reeds and the bites picked up as soon as I got a hundred yards or so in. Black flies were going after my ankles and chewing me up! I got out of the reed/pond weeds but it cost me. I had the new worm rod on the front deck and a reed caught the tip and before I could do anything the front third of the rod got caught behind the bow cleat and it snapped. No sense in swearing as I was all alone so I just muttered some to myself and held the two pieces of a one piece rod in my hand. I got out of the reed bank carrying a bunch of stowaways as the boat was buzzing with flies. I did have a smile on my face when I reached under the seat and pulled out a can of yard guard and sprayed the boat and flies down. Dozens of them fell into the water and I was not about to throw them any life rings.


From there fishing got only worse. Bites were few and far between and I beat up the calm water with a buzz bait and then a frog and even a prop bait. A few days earlier I had banged by wrist against a door and now with all of the casting that was starting to bite me from time to time. I was thinking maybe I would be pulling out early when I had the passing thought of fishing where they ain't. I was fishing a fall pattern and we are only in the second week of July. I headed to the other side of the bay where there are no reeds and no pond weed and starting throwing a spinner bait down the shore line. Ninety minutes later and I had boated sixteen fish and was feeling a lot better. No real big ones, a couple of sixteen inch bass took honors and a couple more northerns went over three pounds, but everyone bent the rod and that is what I had gone fishing for.


I tossed the spinner bait till I was at the landing, hoping for a big one to give me a last cast bite, but it didn't happen. Skeeters were not too bad at the landing, maybe because I had the can of yard guard at the ready. Puddle Humper went on the trailer and I was all secure and headed back to the cabin munching on chocolate chip cookies and listening to a baseball game on the radio. The home team was even ahead in the score so even that was working out. Arrived home well after dark and left the trailer hooked up. Was greeted by dogs and a wave from the wife. Heading for the kitchen and made myself a roast beef sandwich. With the sandwich in one hand and a glass of milk in the other I stepped outside onto the deck and looked at a bright moon and a calm Lake Iwanttobethere, sometimes there are some really good days, even if you do break a fishing rod here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Cabin Update

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COOLER TODAY BUT the trade off it is raining some from time to time. According to Sunshine Ray we are suppose to get some strong winds again this afternoon with the occasional pop up thunderstorms. I am thinking it might be better to fish off the dock then take the Puddle Humper out. This time of the year rain is always welcomed by someone, mostly farmers and gardeners but not so much by parents who would rather like to see their kids outside then inside. Has gotten to be that time of the summer that every time I walk into the gardens to check on progress I pick up a hoe. Still working on hilling tatter plants and cleaning up weeds around the corn and in between the rows of vegetable plants. I did eat the first radish and picked the first strawberry the other day. Have been keeping that a secret from the wife as I figure if I am out there doing the weeding so I should reap the benefits. This is the second year that all the strawberries are inside the fence and in raised beds. I no longer have to share them with Bud who would get to them before I could.


The wife is calling me a profiler lately, and I admit I have become one. I have been profiling robins and everyone that fly's by I'm watching to see where they are heading. Dang birds are still trying to build nests around the property and I have no problem with them in trees but just stay away from the boat house and my ladders. Mayfly hatch is in full swing and some of them guys are really c-130 size. Add the dragon flies that are showing up in flights and it is best to walk around outside the cabin with your mouth shut. Elmer says fishing off his dock has been poor with all the bugs but then Elmer does not really put to much effort fishing off the dock. Just the other day I had to remind him that he is running low on sucker minnows.


Skeeters are another matter the big ones that you can spot heading in your direction from yards away have been replaced with what I call darters. The small tiny little skeeters that throw themselves at you like darts. No messing around looking for a patch of bare skin they just dive bomb in and hope to hit a bare spot. I think their bite is worse then the big guys or I guess I should say gals. Ticks have not been seen which is a tad strange but the spiders are starting to appear. Can't walk into the wood shop without have a few silk strands to go through. Of course not as bad as last year, there was a time there where I had a spider hatch in the shop and I was not in there for a week or so. It was like being in an Indiana Jones movie when I did go in, webs and spider line everywhere.


As I sit here in the den and I am looking at falling rain out one window while I see the steaming roof of the greenhouse out another. A brief shower just fell and has now moved out over the lake. I did have on my to do list today to go and look through my wood pile and see what I have on hand. The granddaughter is going away on vacation here soon for a week and it would be nice if I could build the tree house while she and her sister are gone. Speaking of sisters I just found out the other day that the girls are going to be big sisters, that is how I found out from my granddaughter that she is going to have a little brother or sister and I and the wife are going to be grand parents once again! Come spring I will have someone else I can write about here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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