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One Red Eye

Posted by Bobby Bass on July 30, 2015 at 12:50 PM Comments comments (0)

NOW THAT THERE is no doubt that summer is really here I guess I should be enjoying it. I say that because even though it is almost August there is always some lingering doubt that it could still snow. No real rain has fallen for while and all my rain barrels are empty, have had to haul water to the gardens and no rain is in Sunshine Ray's forecast. OK I guess summer is really here, now we will see if it will last more then a few weeks. Have been at the RESORT for the last few days, Went up last weekend came down to the grand daughter's birthday party and went right back up. Party was hot and wet but only because it was ninety in the shade and everyone was armed with super soakers or small purse size water pistols. I was attacked as soon as I pulled up by two year olds holding a garden hose and being encouraged by their parents.


Before I could get to the back of the Tahoe two of my nephews had already open the doors and stole the super soakers I had put there. They had me all figured out already. I did enjoy myself, ate some finger food and listen to how the daughter had to go to the big city to get watermelon, it seems we have a watermelon shortage in town that I was unaware of. The General Store and even Ma and Pa's were both sold out, another sign that summer is here I guess. There were sandwiches, small things rolled up that I could not identify what was inside of them, I think they were called wraps. I asked where the hot dogs and burgers were and I was told it was a two year olds party, they are more into wraps and grapes and berries. I started looking around to see where the bunny's were sitting as I felt like I was stealing their food.


Made small talk with the relatives, watched kids play and then it was gift opening time. Of course my two year old granddaughter was way more impressed with the wrapping paper and boxes then what was inside. I bought a pink castle that is like a small pop tent, that went over well as when I went to leave they were trying to see how many kids they could get inside it all at one time. Looked like one of them telephone booth stuffing memories of my youth. I made my good-byes and headed to the Tahoe, I was pretty much ignored as I went to the far side of the Tahoe and open the back side door. Underneath a blanket I had a laundry basket that looked like a big pile of colorful jelly beans. Only they were not jelly beans but water balloons that I had filled up at the RESORT and hid for just that moment.


I started off with the ones the size of baseballs and tossed them high in the air, at least high for me. The first couple landed with a splat right next to my mother in law and wife. I ducked behind the Tahoe but no one had a clue so I fired off a few more into the kids by the pool. I got a reaction there as they started reaching for super soakers figuring the water battle was back on. A few parents waved fingers telling kids not to shoot as they had just gotten dry. I moved up to the larger balloons and started chucking them as fast and as far as I could. Someone spotted a balloon I am guessing and looked back to where it came from, I was busted! I had just a few water balloons left and I held them in the crook of my arm as I slammed the side door closed and made my way to the driver's side. I toss the last of my ammo at some charging parents and the last balloon, a bright red one hit the mother in law square on the top of her straw hat, She did not look please as I saw her in the rear view mirror of the Tahoe standing in the driveway looking like the mother of the Terminator, one red eye glaring at me here at Lake Iwanttobethere


Posted by Bobby Bass on July 27, 2015 at 1:35 AM Comments comments (0)

WAS ON THE deck here at the RESORT this morning, my water shoes are still damp sitting on top of the wide rail of the deck. Duncan and I came up to the RESORT early yesterday afternoon and my neighbor Chuck had the same idea. I was pulling out of my driveway the same time he was pulling out of his. I followed him and a little while later we were parked side by side under one of the big maple trees. It seemed about ten degrees cooler there so I just sat for awhile and enjoyed the last of the cool air coming from the Tahoe's A/C I don't use the A/C much but it is sure nice to have when you need it, just like heated seats. Duncan wanted out so I got out and he jumped the seat and followed me. I don't think it was ten degrees cooler, the shade just made it look that way.


Arlo was there and he looked pretty comfortable, told Chuck and I he had spent the morning back off the trail on the little crick and it was cool and just about bug free. Chuck and I exchanged looks and without saying a word we headed to our rooms and got out the little spinning rods for chasing trout along with our wet shoes. My wet shoes are an old favorite that have a few holes in them, almost no tread and the wife thinks she threw them away. I have them here at the RESORT with a few other things she does not know about but thinking about that she probably does but just does not care. I can hear her talking in my head "Just as long as it is not in the cabin anymore I don't care" Next stop was the kitchen and Gus was way ahead of us, he was just stuffing a couple of sandwiches into a soft sided cooler and just said "I heard you might be going trout fishing, All I want is just one plump one for supper" I nodded my head and told him " I can't promise, you know I am going fishing with Chuck".


Chuck came out of the BAIT ROOM with a couple of Styrofoam cups. I popped off the lid and saw a nice crawler wiggling on top and said "Good enough" We gathered the bait, cooler and our rods and went out the back door. We stood for a moment looking at the trail, the deer jumping thermometer on the wall and the Ranger parked by the rain barrel. "Ranger" we both said at the same time. We drove back to the crick taking a few shortcuts which actually do not make the trip any shorter. Come to think of it walking would have got us back there faster, but I can also see where we would have been trenched in sweat and would probably have to sit for a spell and catch our breath, we are after all getting to be older men, not old mind you, just older.


First off Arlo lied to us, the skeeters were just nasty! But having known Arlo for many years we had both brought along bug spray and hat nets. The first pool was a wash, Duncan had tagged along behind us and I guess he was hot as when we came up to the first pool Duncan jumped from the bank and hit the middle of the pool like a cannonball. Chuck yelled at him to "Get on out of there" and Duncan half swam half ran to the bank and with his tongue hanging out he proceeded to shake a shower of water on us. Chuck just shrugged his shoulders and waded in but I first open the cooler and grabbed two Hamms. I followed Chuck into the pool and when he turned around I handed him a cold one and he looked at me and the beer and just said "I thought we were going fishing?" I popped the top, took a sip and told Chuck "Gus told me what Arlo was doing, fish ain't biting but the pool is a fine place to be on a summer afternoon here at Lake Iwanttobethere"

Peacock Update

Posted by Bobby Bass on July 25, 2015 at 4:05 PM Comments comments (0)

PEACOCK UPDATE HERE it seems I was right, there was a gang of Peacocks outside of the gates of the Zoo the other day and they were doing community time. My granddaughter talked to one of the Zoo keepers and she told her that the Peacocks from time to time spend time outside the gates of the Zoo. What they are doing is they go from car to car and peck out the dead bugs from the bumpers and grills and eat them, so it is community service in a way.


Another hot one today but I sure you already know that. Sunshine Ray is forecasting a heat wave for the next week and already the temperature here in the shade is over ninety. No rain till Tuesday maybe, but plenty of sunshine and no real cloud cover is expected. Yesterday we had a few showers that didn't add up to much. I checked my dry rain barrel and it was still dry. Had to water the tobacco plants in the rain gutter system by hand. They drank the water up quicker then free beer at a union picnic. I swear when I carried water past the corn the plants all leaned in my direction. Cats are all sprawled across the bed in the room with the A/C and do not look like they plan on moving anytime soon. Duncan has been in and out of the lake so many times I have lost count. Looking out at the bay here I do not see a single boat, too hot to fish in the middle of the day is my guess.


I heard some banging of a hammer this morning over at my neighbor Chuck's place but it is quiet now. I know the screen part of the new building is pretty much done so I am betting he is taking a nap. Thinking about going up to the RESORT for the next couple of days. With this heat I am not going to be doing anything on the To Do List. For now though I am sitting in the den with the fan on and a panting Duncan under the desk. Sipping on some cold Lake Iwanttobethere Root Beer and chewing on some beef jerky, too hot to be cooking lunch in the kitchen. Have the cabin to myself, daughter is working and the wife is at the other daughter's house. Birthday party tomorrow for number three granddaughter who will be turning two. Should be interesting with the hot weather and I am sure cranky babies. I plan on attending with a couple of super soakers, for sure there will be water involved in this outdoor birthday party.


Sat on the deck last night sipping a cool one and had the radio tuned into the baseball game. Every time I got up to go in the cabin to get something the home team hit a home run. Am hoping for the same kind of results tonight but I think I will be sitting at the RESORT so I will not miss anything. Was a warm night but I had the fan on outside pointed at me and the skeeters are just not good enough flyers to buck the wind. I had a beer, smoked a cigar and just smiled at the skeeters who were just waiting for a chance to get to me. Pretty clear night and the bright half moon shown above the waters of Lake Iwanttobethere For awhile there I thought I was going to get rained on as a big dark cloud moved in but it didn't drop a drop at least not on this end of the lake. Well, I suppose I should water everything and then get in the Tahoe and turn the A/C on high. I am sure that Duncan would like to take a ride and maybe we will stop off for an ice cream cone, only one scoop because it is so hot the second scoop would melt before you can lick it here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Town Bird

Posted by Bobby Bass on July 24, 2015 at 9:35 AM Comments comments (0)

PERFECT TIMING I was thinking this morning when I woke up. I rolled over and opened my eyes to find Duncan not inches away from my face looking back at me. I already knew why he was sitting at the side of the bed with his head on my mattresses, staring. He had to go outside. Now that I was awake I rolled on my side, put my feet on the floor and sat up. I stretched some and rolled my head on my neck to make sure it was still working and that is when I noticed the sound of rain falling over the sound of the chugging A/C. I stood up and walked to the window, moved the blinds and was greeted with a few beads of rain running down the window, perfect timing as just yesterday one of my rain barrels had gone dry.


I followed Duncan down the hall and I let him out the deck door. A few rain drops were not going to slow him down at all and he ran out the door across the deck and jumped into the new day. I followed and I think I missed the rain as all there was just drops coming off the roof to splat on the wet deck. I checked the red needle on the bass thermometer and it was just a nudge below seventy but with it wet out it felt pretty comfortable. I followed Duncan off the deck into the deep wet grass of the yard. I was suppose to mow yesterday but I just didn't get around to it. I think I was distracted by a book and the afternoon movie that I went to see. My shoes were wet in the first few steps and I took a tour of the gardens, Looks like enough rain fell that I will not have to water and I checked the empty rain barrow that had some sloshing in it when I tipped it but no where close to being full.


Duncan took care of his pressing needs and soon he was a step behind me as we walked the yard. I kind of felt like a foreman as I talked to Duncan as I inspected the strawberry patch and the flower pots. He would pause behind me and look where I looked and if he had a clipboard I would think he would be taking notes. I open the big gate and went in the garden, Duncan is allowed in there now as all the plants are big enough that he can't step on them any more. He quickly goes up and down the rows looking for chipmunks and rabbits and returns to me and gives me the" All Clear Boss" bark. I grab the hoe that is leaning up against the fence and walk the rows, chipping away at weeds that always just seem to pop up overnight. Does not take long and I am wet from the knees down, we got enough water to get everything wet and as I look at the raspberry bushes I think I should have brought out a bowl.


With the yard walked I let Duncan back inside the cabin and headed to the kitchen. I am thinking that a sandwich might be good for breakfast this morning. Unusual you might think but last night the wife was in town and she did not feel like cooking so she brought home the town bird for supper. OK we all know we have a state bird but Lake Iwanttobethere a long time ago declared that rotisserie chicken is the town bird. Was thinking a chicken sandwich just might hit the spot that is when I heard the wife yelling. As I open the fridge and reached for the bird I smiled to myself as I figured Duncan the wet brown dog had climbed in bed with the wife, Just perfect here at Lake Iwanttobethere


Posted by Bobby Bass on July 22, 2015 at 5:00 PM Comments comments (0)



WENT TO THE Zoo today, twice! First off, yes we do have a Zoo here at Lake Iwanttobethere, not like a big city Zoo but never the less it is still a Zoo. I was at the Zoo twice because the number 2 grand daughter is in Zoo camp this week. The daughter was having car problems so at seven this morning I got a call to see if I could run the grand daughter to and from the Zoo. I picked the grand daughter up and we made small talk on the way to the Zoo, she told me she got to watch when they fed the lions on Monday. She told me the big male gets twenty pounds of ground beef and I asked if it was a big cheese burger and got a "Look" in return. We parked near the entrance because all I had to do was check her in and I open the door of the Tahoe to find a Peacock about five feet away in the next parking space over. The bird was giving me a look like I just took his or her space.


The granddaughter said she was not too sure about this as we both got out of the truck under the watchful eye of the Peacock who was standing on one leg and leaning in our direction. For awhile there I though the bird was getting ready to deliver a superman punch at one of us. We walked around the truck and the bird went his way and we went ours. After I signed in the daughter I went back to the Tahoe and got in just as the Peacock came around from the next car over. I backed out and the Peacock walked right to my parking space and gave me the evil eye. I made a mental note not to park there when I return to pick up the granddaughter.


Since I had a few hours to kill I made my way over to the Lodge. Found my parking space open at the back and checked for Peacocks before I got out. Walked in from the bright sunshine to the darkness of the Lodge and the sound of coolers running and the welcomed cool breeze from the ceiling fans. Drapes were pulled across the big windows to block the sunshine and the TV was on in the corner, tuned to some news channel. I walked over to the popcorn machine and filled a bowl half full and headed around the bar to my office, well actually Gus's office in the summer time. Found the inbox with my name on it and a mess of outdated pink message slips along with a couple of bar tabs. Took a glance at the calendar and saw that it is my birthday today, yup I am 745 months old today. To me that sounds like a piece of apple pie on the house so I headed through the swinging doors into the kitchen.


Radio was on and I spotted Gus with a big mound of dough, he was rolling it out and as we chatted he used a beer mug to cut out big biscuits. I watched as he loaded up the cookie sheets and set the soon to be biscuits in the oven. Nothing new going on, Lodge has been pretty quiet. Lunch is always busy but after that no one really shows up till the sun goes down. Honey Sauce was scheduled to be in soon and I decided I was going to move on but told Gus to say HIYA to her for me. Went out the swinging screen door and left the cool of the Lodge for the humid morning. Got in the Tahoe and rolled the windows down and took a drive down along the access road. Few guys were already fishing or maybe they had been fishing overnight, was hard to tell if they were sleeping in their chairs or just had their hats down low to block out the sunlight coming off the slack water of Lake Iwanttobethere.


As I drove through town I got waved over a few times for a few conversations. Asked for directions twice by some tourists and some out of state SUV honked their horn at me, Don't know what I did so I waved most of my fingers back at him. Got back to the Zoo just as the granddaughter was coming out, didn't even have to park, just rolled up and she hopped in and I signed for her. Good thing to as I was just pulling away and not one but a gang of Peacocks appeared in my rearview mirror. I swear one of them was pointed a wing at me and it was easy to make believe they were talking about me being the guy who took their parking space this morning, here at Lake Iwanttobethere


Posted by Bobby Bass on July 21, 2015 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Fifty-Nine is the 1,100 story posted here at Lake Iwanttobethere


Posted by Bobby Bass on July 21, 2015 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (0)

WHEN IS FIFTY-NINE degrees cool? It sure feels cool after a week of temperatures in the eighties. I was up walking the gardens at seven this morning and fifty-nine degrees felt a little cool, almost cool enough to put on a sweat shirt but after walking a little I warmed up. I was thinking about this past winter and how fifty-nine degrees would have been a good excuse to be walking around in the snow in just a tee shirt and shorts. Fifty-nine degrees is a great sleeping temperature and the cabin cooled off nicely last night. It did get a little warmer then what Sunshine Ray was forecasting but I did not have anything planned for yesterday so I just relaxed and spent most of the day in the shade reading.


My neighbor Elmer spends a lot of his time in what he calls the Squirrel Cage. It is a screen house that he has on his back deck and people in the city would call it a three season porch. He has a big table in there with several easy chairs and a fridge. He also has a ceiling fan and drapes that he opens and closes depending on where the sun is and how much wind is coming off the lake. He calls it the squirrel cage as he feels like a squirrel in there trapped but cozy. Elmer spends a lot of time just sitting in there and reading and now as I get older I find myself doing the same thing, just sitting outside kicked back and reading. Yesterday I spent time on the deck reading after an afternoon of shopping with my two daughters. The wife took the grand kids under her wing and the daughters convinced me to be their chauffeur as they when shopping. I drove them to the main doors of several stores, dropped them off and then picked them up when they were done. So much easier to hit a lot of stores that way.


I didn't mind I had a baseball game on the radio to listen to and a cigar to smoke. While I was waiting at one store I cleaned out my phone of pictures and I found a video that I had completely forgotten about. It was of Bud walking into the den and barking at me. I played it back several times and that annoying loud bark of his made me smile and reminded me how much I missed him. When the girls came back to the Tahoe I played the video for them and they watched it a couple of times, we drove to the next store talking of Bud and his annoying loud bark. I am kind of a middle of the road tech kind of a guy. I have a cell phone but nothing really special, nothing like my kids that they carry around and have their whole lives on. I have GPS and a pretty decent graph on the Puddle Humper but a lot of time I don't even turn it on. But yesterday I was glad I had video on my phone and I had found a memory of Bud.


I always say that the best time of the year is in middle of September, the weather is dry for the most part and all you need is a sweatshirt and you can still wear shorts. Fishing is good and bird hunting season has just started. Skeeters are gone as well as the biting flies. Lakes are quiet and there is no problem finding parking at the landing. Supper is fresh fish and veggies from the garden and apple pie is not too far away as the trees are full of ripening apples. Grass no longer has to be mowed every week and there is a hint of color on the leaves on the trees. A good time of the year to be out and about but this time is not so bad either. I spent the late afternoon sitting on the deck sipping lemonade and I would look around me when I got to the end of a chapter in the book I was reading.


A soft breeze made the wind chimes ring just a little, robins singing, bees buzzing by being busy. Yellow blossoms on the tomato plants in the big deck planters and the cucumbers climbing the trellis. Small cucumbers already growing the size of my little finger and it looks like there is going to be a lot of them. Out past the railing I can see the big garden and the corn is starting to get tall enough so that the wind makes the tops shake some. Duncan laying in the grass in the middle of the yard on his back with his feet pointing at white clouds floating by and his tongue hanging out of his mouth totally content just to be where he is. Sound of small waves lapping against the dock and the sound of the old wood row boat creaking as wood rubs against wood. A distant cow mooing from Old McDonnell's farm and a single curse word coming from my neighbors Chuck's place. I think he messed up on something as he is putting the roof trim on his new building. I sit and listen for a follow up curse but it must not have been that bad and all is quiet here on the hidden bay of Lake Iwanttobethere


Posted by Bobby Bass on July 19, 2015 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (0)

SITTING INSIDE THE cabin with a glass of lemonade and a panting brown dog on the floor alongside of me. We had a huge mayfly hatch here and I just came in from a half hour of using the leaf blower trying to clear the deck and driveway. I suppose the floodlights attracted the invasion of mayflies as they are everywhere. I first noticed them this morning when there were dozens of them resting on top of the skylight. I let Duncan outside and he ran across the deck to the grass trying to figure out what he was walking on. I got the leaf blower out and blew away hundreds if not thousands off the big deck and the path to the dock. Somewhat of a losing battle as no sooner did I blow the dock off then the path back to the cabin was covered again. I was thinking about fishing today but I can't compete with all of them mayflies on the water. The sound of gills snapping up the mayflies off the surface sounds like the Ladies Auxiliary at a free buffet line.


Looks like several warm days are going to take up most of the week with no real rain forecasted. Of course Sunshine Ray will take the credit if it does pan out that way. I have been pretty lazy the past few days, red needle on the bass thermometer has been nudging the bottom of ninety and if it was not for the wind it would be uncomfortable just sitting out on the deck in the shade doing nothing. The wife has been attending her high school reunion events in town. I have been left with Duncan which is just fine for the both of us. The wife has an old high school girlfriend staying with us and it is like the two of them are back in school again. Lot of whispering going on and smiles at me when I walk by. I am four years older then my wife so I don't really know any of her high school friends or classmates. Of course this does not stop me from pulling a few chains when I have been in town.


Last night I made a trip to the Lodge for awhile and when I drove by the high school they were having a mixer. I drove by slowly and waved and honked at people and it is funny how when someone honks the first thing you do is throw up your hand to wave back. I smiled and chuckled some to myself as I drove by and they stood there waving their hands back at me trying to figure out who the heck I was. Later at the Lodge I found out I was not the only one messing with the class of 1976 as some of the FELLOWS attended the mixer and they didn't even go to the school but they had heard there was a free bar.


So I have been in and out of the cabin today, started writing this early this morning then got distracted a few times. Just came in now from checking the gardens and watering some of the potted plants which when it is hot and windy out tend to dry up quickly. Big deck is in the shade so I sat a spell and just took in the breeze and watched as the Mayflies just kind of disappeared. Guess they had somewhere to go and in there place I now have some dragon flies buzzing the place along with the welcomed bees. Some horseflies the size of small bombers have started showing up. And if it was not for the strong winds skeeters would be joining me in the shade. We do have a hummingbird that has put my flower pots on his or her daily fly by. Well the wife is back from seeing her old girl friend off and now I will have to lit a cigar and sit in the shade and act interested in hearing all that she has to say about the past weekend. I will make sure that I face the water here so I can at least watch the bluegills feast on the Mayflies here at Lake Iwanttobethere


Posted by Bobby Bass on July 17, 2015 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (0)

SUMMER HAS REACHED its halfway point here at Lake Iwanttobethere. Has been a wet one so far which is good or bad depending on how you look at it. The lake was down since we did not have much snow to melt but now with the rains it has come up some. I only just the other day put the a/c unit in the window of the cabin and have only turned it on twice this week. A few thunderstorms have come through but it seems the real heavy rain and wind has gone around the lake so no damage or trees down around here. I got my roof on the boat house and even the trim has been installed. Yesterday I put ladders and saws and tools all away and took a step back and looked at the finished boat house, good to go for another twenty years I hope. Over at my neighbors Chuck's place he to got his metal roof on his new building, still has trim to do but then he had a lot bigger roof to do then I did.


Gardens are doing good and I am pleased with the rain gutter gardens that I am experimenting with this summer. I am already making plans to expanded them next year. Tobacco is starting to grow and on some plants you can see the difference from day to day. Yard is all mowed and even trimmed but with all the rain it is a weekly chore, normally by this time of summer it slows down but not this year. Every morning now I make a walk of the gardens and pick strawberries for breakfast. Raspberries are starting to ripen also so I have a choice for what I want to put in the blender. Number three granddaughter who turns two the end of the month has discovered she loves raspberries and at her height she gets to pick all the low ones on the bushes. She has not figured out the part about putting the berries in the bowl they instead seem to end up in her mouth.


With the boat house repairs made and now cleaned up and the Jeep back running I can turn my attention to fishing myself. Normally I would be out a few times by now but this season I have been nursing a shoulder and I think after putting the roof on the shoulder is working OK. I have lost a few trips fishing but I did get stuff done around the cabin which I hope will mean a few extra makeup fishing trips later this summer and fall. I much prefer middle of August till late October for fishing and while everyone else is watching football I will be with Chuck alone on Lake Iwanttobethere catching fish, I hope. Of course I do keep an ear open for fishing reports and most of what I have been hearing this summer so far as that fishing has not been all that great. Sure people are catching fish but not many big ones and they are sometimes having to work for a meal on some days. The steady dose of thunderstorms have a way of keeping people off the water. Arlo though has been having a good trout summer, all the rains are keeping his creeks wet from bank to bank.


My neighbor Chuck has been having a busy summer also, he just dropped a mess of trees that are infested with pine beetle and another big bonfire is scheduled in the pasture later this week. Terrible to see all that wood go to waste but nothing can be done. He to is hoping to finish up his big projects so he can join me fishing this fall, of course we will also have to fit some hunting days in here with Duncan, going to be a busy fall I think here at Lake Iwanttobethere

The Service

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DON'T FORGET CHUCK'S service the wife said. I was sitting in my chair in the den looking out the big window with Duncan at my side, I was not really listening till she said Chuck's Service. I know I have been on a communications vacation but I think I would have heard about my neighbor Chuck's service. I gravely asked "I don't have to dress up, do I?" The wife answer was "Of course not, it's Chuck, not a big deal" and with that she gave me a wave and left the cabin. I patted Duncan on his side and since no one was around I had a one side conversation with him. " What is she talking about, a service, I just saw Chuck yesterday when he was coming up his drive in his pickup, Hmm he did have a big box in the back and I had not even given that a second thought, A coffin perhaps. That may seem strange to you reading this but that kind of stuff happens all the time here at Lake Iwanttobethere.


I decided I would just walk over to Chuck's and see what was going on, better to be early for a service rather then late I figured. I took the path and got a little wet, over night we had a thunderstorm and the leaves and branches were still wet. I would bump a branch and get a mini shower for a reward. No extra cars in the driveway so I must be early I thought. I went to knock on the back door but heard Chuck call my name from behind me back in the garage. I followed Duncan over to the garage and walked in, first thing I saw was Chuck standing like a bad dream price is right model in front of a new freezer. That would answer the question about the big box in the back of the pickup. Before I could say anything Chuck waved his hand down the new freezer and started talking about it being an energy star model, frost free and only forty-five bucks a year to run it and he got it on sale from Big Earl. I just shook my head at him and said "When did you get old?" Then I checked out the extra capacity baskets and the "Quick" freeze feature inside the freezer.


So I leaned back in my chair with a cold Hamms in my hand, a few more were in the "Quick Freeze section" of the freezer, we were checking the freezer out and just chatting. Topic came up about the service and it made sense to me. Chuck was having a service for the old freezer. The plan was to dig a grave in the pasture and just bury the old freezer since you can't get nothing for it from Mike down at the scrap yard and the FELLOWS no longer will just haul it away for free. The FELLOWS like most handy men would haul scrap away for free when scrap was worth something or charge you a small fee when scrap was down. What ends up happening is they don't make a trip to the scrap yard for just one appliance so they bring them home and toss them out back till they get enough for "A Load" of course the money is spent for hauling the appliance away so what happens is the FELLOWS never get around to getting rid of the scrap till Sheriff Tim threatens them with a blight ticket.


The FELLOWS are out of business doing scrap as none of their wives or girlfriends will let them stock pile scrap anymore. Of course there is or was the incident with the microwaves that really was the last straw so to speak. Microwaves you have to pay to get rid of and the FELLOWS made some pretty good beer money hauling them away. Of course when they got a pretty good pile at Tiny's house Sheriff Tim took notice and told them they had to get them out of the front yard. Tiny found out how much it cost to get rid of them and instead he came up with another idea. When Sheriff Tim wrote Tiny the blight ticket he fought it claming the microwaves stacked on top of each other were not junk but a "Microwave Tower" when that didn't work he then claimed the tower as "Art" The ticket was dropped when a couple of tourist were seen in town asking for directions to the "Microwave Tower" here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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