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Hammer Time

Posted by Bobby Bass on April 18, 2015 at 1:10 AM Comments comments (0)

NOT A CLOUD in the sky this morning and you can clearly make out the turkey buzzards as they ride the thermals on this end of Lake Iwanttobethere. The brush pile is growing alongside the fire pit as I have been picking up the property and Duncan has been helping me. Barney has taken his position as porch dog as he sleeps the day away on the deck oblivious to what is going on around him. But then when you are a dog and you are just a few weeks away from your fifteenth birthday you deserve a few naps on a sun warmed deck. As the evening went on last night it got warmer and by sundown it was seventy out, something that both Sunshine Ray and Stormy Clearweather had missed in their forecasts. I did start a small fire in the metal fire ring but only big enough to set in a couple of piece of old 4x4 so I could rest the head of the sledge hammer on top and make a fire in between. It took about an hour or so and I had the old broken piece of handle burned out of the sledge hammer head.


This morning I looked over the list of things to do and the easiest one was to dig the sledge hammer head out of the ashes and pound in the new handle. With the hammer fixed I looked around for something to try it out on and found nothing. I carried the hammer down to the shop and tucked it away where it should have been stored all winter. Edd and Eddie the squirrels are running through the cedars chattering away and Duncan follows on the ground watching. No sound of roofing nailers today coming across the water, I think they are done. Today it is supposed to be in the seventies but rain is in the forecast. Will work a little in the garden maybe plant some onions but I think I will save that for when the granddaughter comes over tomorrow.


A late start to the hockey game last night so it was dark by the time I got down to the Lodge but I didn't miss anything. Our team won so we have at least four more games of hockey to watch. Baseball team even won a couple of games back to back which to some is a surprise. There had been some talk of taking Reed's bio-disel down for a game but that disappeared with the bad start the team had. Now there is some talk of maybe later in the season, depending on if they improve any. Bar was busy between periods but pretty quiet when the game was actually on. Gus made sure there were plenty of wings and rings and French fries with salt between periods to keep beer sales going.


When the game ended it was already kind of late for the guys who have to go to work in the morning but just the right time for us retired guys to pull up a chair and light a cigar out on the deck. One of those few times of the year when it is warm out and there are no bugs to bother you. I have a feeling that with the warm weather and the forecasted coming rain it will not be that long before we see or hear skeeters in these parts. So we sat out on the deck and took in the smell of spring and Gary's Lilac cigar. I asked him how many he had left of the cigars and he told me a whole box, at one a day he will be well into fishing season before he runs out here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Lilac in the air

Posted by Bobby Bass on April 15, 2015 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (0)

PRETTY TYPICAL PACE of life going on here at Lake Iwanttobethere. Someone on the lake is putting on a new roof as at seven this morning I could hear the sound of a roofing nailer coming from somewhere on the other side of the lake. Took me a little while to figure out exactly what it was but then the wind shifted a little and the sound became clear to me. Most of the ice has gone out here but some of the bays still hold big stretches. I was down at the Lodge last night, pulled a shift behind the bar after having not been down there for over a week. First thing I noticed when I came in was the faint smell of Lilac in the air. I know for fact that there are no Lilac anywhere close to blooming so my next thought is that Honey Sauce has added a woman's touch to the Lodge, I was wrong.


I came in the back door and exchanged HIYA's with Gus who got me updated and then headed off for home. Vinny was working in the kitchen so I just tied on an apron and found my stool behind the bar and started going through a pile of messages written in Gus's squiggle on the pink telephone message pad paper. That is when I started sniffing and could smell the Lilac in the air. I got up and walked around the bar and I didn't find any scented candles, not even any scented plastic garbage bags. Nothing by the popcorn machine and it was not till I came to the big round table where the FELLOWS were sitting that the smell got stronger. With my nose sniffing I walked around the table and stopped right behind Gary. "What are you smoking" I asked. Gary looked back over his shoulder and said "The usual" the other FELLOWS started to snicker some and I knew I had found the source of the Lilac. Tiny with a big grin on his face said "Go ahead and tell him what your wife did Gary"


I sat down next to Gary and said "Yes Gary tell me, I have time" Well to make a long story short Gary has always mentioned that he would like to have a humidor to store his smokes but he never has gotten one for a gift and he don't want to spend the money on one himself, to many FELLOW projects to pay for already. Anyway his wife for Christmas got a plastic case filled with bath salts and the other day she used up the last of the salts and transferred Gary's cigars from the box he just bought into the plastic box that held the Lilac scented bath salts. Seems she didn't really wash the box out all that well and it would not make much of a difference as the smell gets right in the plastic and cigars are really good at absorbing smells from around them. Gary now has a mess of Lilac smelling cigars. I shook my head at him and said "You know they busted that shop in the big city for selling bath salts last year, people were smoking them" Gary nodded his head and said "That is why I figured they were OK to smoke but I just do one a day" I shook my head some and asked how they smoke and Gary told me just fine, although he does feel a little lite headed.


Quiet night behind the bar, poured a few drinks but most guys were just nursing Hamms. No baseball on the radio but tomorrow night there will be hockey to watch. Expect a better crowd and Gus has ordered extra wings and onion rings. Our stretch of warm days continues and I am on day four of wearing shorts. Today here at the cabin I am going to turn the outside water on and start cleaning things up some. Might even take the power washer out but I think I will save that for a day when it gets above seventy. I did untie the clothes line that held the tarp down on the Puddle Humper, wife wanted it back. This morning there are already sheets flapping in the breeze on the line and the sound of air nailers in the air, here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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WE GOT SOME rain the other night and it started to fall at six-fifteen as I was sitting out on the deck here as I had just replaced the battery on the big wall clock that hangs on the side of the cabin. I moved from the table to the covered swing and Duncan came up from the yard to sit next to me and we watched the rain fall. Not much more then a shower and after about ten minutes it slowed then stopped. With the last drop hitting the table it was a cue for robins to suddenly swarm the yard as it was like someone had rang the dinner bell for them. The air was loud with chirping as the birds moved across the yard searching for food. Duncan just sat and watched, there were to many of them to just pick on one so he tried to watch them all.


Thunder rang out and soon there were flashes of lightning and the rain started back up. The rest of the evening the rain fell and the ground soaked it up and asked for more. Yesterday I took out the hay fork and cleared most of the straw off the strawberry patch. Even with the rain of the night before there was still frozen ground and the plants were not ready yet to let go off the landscaping fabric that I use as a blanket. Today I was back in the garden and the fabric was removed from the berries and they looked like they took winter well. I wandered around the garden with the pitch fork hitting spots and finding a lot of hard ground still.


Been moving around a little better everyday, taking baby steps but I am on the mend and should be fine by the time fishing opener arrives. With the warm weather of the past few days the cabin is being heated by the solar collector and a couple of windows have been cracked to let some fresh air into the cabin. I did spend a little time restacking the wood in the pile, came through the winter a lot better then in the past seasons. I almost kicked a log laying on the ground but thought better of it. Instead I went and got a sledge hammer that was leaning up against the side of the wood shed, guess I had forgotten to put it away last fall. A couple of whacks at the log told me it was still froze to the ground so I gave it a two handed whack and promptly broke the head of the hammer off the handle. No one around to hear me curse so I didn't bother. Duncan kind of cocked his head at me and I found myself talking to him about how we now have to go see Big Earl and buy a new handle.


The rain sure made a difference, little water in the ditches now and some grass is starting to turn green. Maples have a few buds and I checked my little apple trees but no sign of life yet. Zippy the chipmunk survived the winter as he ran across the driveway and Duncan saw him and gave chase. Seeing the chipmunk reminded me about buying some hardware screen to put around the berries to keep him and his family out, something else to add to my shopping list. I ended up at the boat house looking at the tarp that covers the Puddle Humper. I almost started to untie the ropes that hold the tarp on but decided to wait, still twenty-four days till opener and there are a lot of other things to tend to here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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FIRE DANGER IS HIGH here at Lake Iwanttobethere this weekend, rain in the forecast for tonight but... Stormy Clearweather has come out with her forecast which is much warmer then Sunshine Ray's forecast. Stormy may be right as it is already over seventy here this morning and she is calling for temps all week to be in the middle sixties. Today it is warm and windy and we are of course very dry. I am keeping my cell phone close in case I get a fire call, I am still a member of the Lake Iwanttobethere Volunteer Fire Department but I am down the list to be called. I do have the hundred gallon tank of water filled in the back of the old Dodge and I can help with small grass fires.


Yesterday the Department was called out three times but caught the grass fries early and made quick work of them. With guys scattered all over our response time is pretty good especially when a lot of us show up with a hundred gallons of water and a sprayer in the back of our pick up trucks. I spent the afternoon enjoying being outside in the warm weather waiting for a call that never came. I did spend time sitting on my dock, sun was warm and the wind was blowing the right direction, from the shore out. I had Duncan with me and he was on the hill rolling on his back with his feet pointing up at the sky, reminded me of Bud till he got up and didn't shake off. He came walking out on the dock covered in small twigs and brown grass and just stood there next to me. I reached down and brushed the grass off his back and I think it was all his plan as he got a free rub out of the deal.


Of course the afternoon was not wasted as I did spend time on the deck and I had the garage doors and shop doors wide open. Time to let out that cold winter air and exchange some warm fresh stuff for the stale stuff. My neighbor Elmer came over to check up on me, he was on his way up to the Resort for the weekend. We did have time to chat some and Elmer tried out one of my cigars. He took the small cigar and rolled it around in his fingers before clipping the end off and then he lit the wrong end. I didn't say anything as he does this all the time. According to Elmer if you smoke a cigar backwards you go gain time back. If you do it while fishing you get twice as much time back. I think it works as he is getting to be a pretty old guy and he fishes and smokes cigars a lot.


After Elmer left I sat in my chair and Duncan was laying on the deck next to me, his head resting on my foot. I made a few calls and got a few in return and I got to thinking about something. Actually that was what I was thinking about, something. One of the guys I called told me he could not talk because he was right in the middle of something. I told him to call me back when he was done with something which made me think that a lot of people tell people that they are doing something, but I don't really know what something is. I know I have told people that I am doing something when I am not really doing anything but then again I have been in the middle of something and told people that and they never ask just what I am doing but just say OK. I got a call from Big Earl this morning and I told him I could not talk as I was right in the middle of something and that it involved a Do Hickie. Big Earl could not get off the phone quick enough, I guess if you are doing something with a Do Hickie you should not stop, here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Mister Bass

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SUNSHINE RAY SAYS we are going to see highs in the upper fifties and rising to the mid sixties in some bays of Lake Iwanttobethere this upcoming week. I am taking him at his word and today when I got up I open the bottom drawer of the dresser and pulled out a pair of shorts! Yesterday afternoon I took my new/old walking stick for a walk on Main Street here in our fair city. I am calling it a walking stick even though it is not really a stick but I have already started to train Duncan to retrieve the walking stick for me. I was sitting on the deck tossing the cane out into the yard and calling for Duncan to retrieve it. Dang that dog is smart as he started bring it back up to me. The wife just came out and shook her head at me and told me it was not a good idea, something bad is going to happen. So far so good nothing has happen as of yet.


So yesterday I was strolling down Main Street taking my sweet time as the ankle is much better but if I lengthening my stride it, the ankle gives me a little tinge to remind me not to do that. I passed a few guys from the Lodge and they exchanging HIYA's with me but they called me Mister Bass. It took awhile but I think because I am walking with the stick I have suddenly gained full name status, or they think I am old. I was just not taking a walk, well actually I was I wanted to see how the ankle was feeling but I did have a destination in mind. Burt and Bart's Barbershop has a special winter beard trim sale going on and I figured with temps in the sixties it was time to trim the beard.


I entered the shop and hung my hat on the coat tree and took a seat on the bench, Burt and Bart were both clipping away and had their backs to me. I figured they were clipping beards and I was right as they worked they way around to the back of the chairs and they both saw me and gave me a HIYA. We exchanged some banter and it was soon my turn and the first thing I said to Bart was "No matter what the wife said on the phone I just want a trimmed, don't cut it all off "Bart holding his hands in the air with a clipper in one hand and his scissors in the other just said "I don't know what you are talking about, she talked to Burt" and we all chuckled and I shook the stick in my hand at him and he just nodded that he understood. With the beard trimmed I paid the man, put on my hat and headed back out on to Main Street.


A couple of ladies from the Woman's Auxiliary walked past me and I tipped my hat and they just said "Mr Bass" and kept walking. I reached the curb and waited for a couple of truck's to pass. As I stood there I tried to twirl my stick but dropped it to the pavement. I was going to bend down and pick it up when a kid on one of them little scooters zipped by, picked up my stick, handed it to me and said "Here ya go Mister Bass" and before I could say anything he was gone. I crossed the street and tossed the stick into the back of the Tahoe before heading into the Middle of the Block Cafe. I was greeted with HIYA's and how is it going Bobby as I made my way to the counter. I sat down and ordered lunch and got to thinking that maybe I should get me a top hat to go along with that cane here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Baby Steps

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WOKE UP TO some frost on the skylight window this morning. Several things ran through my head first being it was not snow and second it was cold enough for frost but not so cold that the skylight was crystal clear. Next was the sound of the furnace turning on and as I washed my hands the cold water was just that, cold. Made my way through a quiet cabin as everyone was still sleeping but they would be up soon enough. Yesterday was a busy day, the number two granddaughter is here for a couple of days as she is on Easter or spring break, I can't remember which. Any way she had me penciled in for a couple of days and she didn't come here to just sit around, she had her own Honey Do List.


The same granddaughter that my daughter says she can't get to clean her room came to her grand parents house with a list of things she wanted to clean. I don't say anything to the daughter I just keep it our little secret that she likes to clean stuff here. I actually got off pretty good yesterday as number one on the list for the granddaughter was to clean the wife's collection of porcelain bells. I sat back and watched as the granddaughter climbed the ladder and handed down to her grandmother the fifty plus bells and together they hauled them to the sink and washed them off and then set them on the counter to dry. I think it is an excuse for the granddaughter to inspect the bells and get grandma to tell her stories about where they all came from.


My neighbor Chuck came over and we chatted for awhile, he needed to borrow the muding tools and I told him where they were stored. His wife has him knocking a hole in one of the cabin walls and putting in a niche so they can store nick nacks. Never is enough space or shelves as you get older to store them little trinkets. As Chuck left he saw the rows of bells drying and asked where I had them hid, told them they are stored on the big archway on that little shelf between the living room and dining room. "Hmm guess I never noticed" Chuck said. As Chuck walked out with the pail of muding tools Elmer my other neighbor walked in with a paper bag and a cane. HIYA, HIYA, HIYA the three of us exchanged and then Chuck left and Elmer came in.


I shuffled over to the kitchen table and sat down at the first chair, Elmer followed me and stuck the cane out to me. "What's this" I asked. Elmer replied "The first in your collection" Elmer then went on to tell me he heard the ankle was bothering me and figured I was ready for a walking cane and you know I didn't say no because I didn't need the sticks but a cane might come in handy. I looked over the battered wood cane, well maybe not battered maybe well used or seasoned as Elmer calls his well used stuff and said "Thanks, so does the top come off" I asked. "What ever for" Elmer replied. I tugged on the top of the cane and said "You know, is there a hidden sword or a shot gun in here or maybe a couple of shots of Wild Turkey like Dock Burriem has in his cane." Elmer just shook his head at me and said "You have to take little steps first Bobby."


We talked canes for awhile as the wife and grand daughter put the now dry bells back up on the narrow shelf over the arch way. With the last one put away the granddaughter came out to the kitchen and asked Elmer "Did ya bring em?" And Elmer handed over the paper bag. The granddaughter then filled the sink with water again and I said nothing just watched and waited to see what she was up to now. A couple of minutes later with the sink full of water she disappeared into the back hallway and came back with her tackle box. She opened the box and with her back to me I could hear something falling into the water. Then she turned and picked up Elmer's bag and dumped the contents into the water. She stood on the chair and watched and I had to get up and using the new/old cane I made my way to the sink and saw that it had several bobbers in several sizes floating in the water. I then heard Elmer say "Time of the year to check your bobbers here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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HAD MY FIRST reminder that summer is just around the corner but not a reminder that you would like to share. Back in my softball days, about thirty years ago I played ball for the Lake Iwanttobethere traveling softball/fishing team. I was playing in a game down the road in the town of Charter which we all know is at the End of the Line. Normally I would walk the outfield before games to check the lay of the land so to speak. On that day they started the game fifteen minutes early and I was in the bar. I had just enough time to jump the outfield fence and get into position as the batter stepped into the batters box. As luck would have it the batter smacked the first pitch right out to me in center and I had to make a run to get to it, Didn't make it as I hit a hole and rolled my ankle good. My outfield partner said it looked like a stock car wreck at the county fair race track with the grass and dirt I flung up.


I crawled off the field and ended up in the big city hospital where they told me I was a borderline surgical candidate. I declined and about five years ago the ankle after all of this time started to act up on me. I had good insurance at the time so I went back to the big city and had one of them MRI's done on the ankle and a big name DOC read it and told me that my ankle was a mess and there was a lot of debri floating around in the joints. He said he could go in and do an exploratory but was not guaranteeing if he would find anything to take out that would make much of a difference. A little while later I over heard him on the phone making plans for a fly fishing trip to Colorado and decided I was not going to be paying for it and declined the surgery. Easter I was reminded of the softball injury as I was leaving the Mother In Laws house and my foot went out from under me on some loose gravel and by the next morning I could not put any weight on foot or even think of getting out of bed.


I called for the wife to find my sticks, crutches as they are usually called and she told me that she had borrowed them to my nephew awhile back. Told her to get him on the phone cuz I needed my sticks back. Well the sticks got borrowed to someone else and I never did get them till they showed up this morning. So for the last few days I have been bed bound and the wife has been waiting on me. Foot swelled up and DOC Burriem made a house call, he knows all about the history of the ankle and just told me to stay off it and the swelling will go down after the chip that was dislodged finds a new niche to settle in to. This morning the swelling was way down and I could walk again and I moved around the cabin slowly and carefully.


Duncan was always close at hand except for the one time when I scared both him and me. Duncan likes to lay next to me in bed and rests his head on my knee but for some reason on Monday he jumped in bed and plopped down across my ankle. The yell from me scared him and surprised me and then it turned into a laugh. If I didn't laugh then I was going to cry. The wife came in and looked and me and at Duncan and just shook her head and left both of us on the bed. Took a moment but Duncan came back and laid down next to me, staying away from my ankle. So this afternoon I am hobbling along taking baby steps and Duncan is glad to see that I am up moving around. I know this because every time I walk by the shelf where the dog biscuits are kept he makes like he has not gotten a single biscuits since Easter. This is not the first time I have had the ankle do this but it seems to take a little longer each time before I am feeling a 100% again. Of course it is not all bad as I just told the wife this morning I just don't see how I am going to be able to go to those dance classes at the Lake Iwanttobethere Community Club

Maitre D

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WOKE UP TO snow on the deck this morning, made me scratch my head some as I thought we were past that by now. I didn't touch it with my snow shovel, because I don't have a snow shovel. They are all hanging in the back of the shed and rakes have taken their place leaning against the siding of the cabin. Duncan of course had to race out the door and make tracks in it. I think there is something unwritten that a yard may not have undisturbed snow in it if you have a dog or in my case four dogs this weekend. The oldest daughter has taken her family up to a cozy little cabin get away up the shore for the weekend and I am baby or I should say dog sitting their dogs. They will be back in time for Easter dinner at the mother in laws but the dogs are mine till then. Yesterday the wife spent the day with her mother grocery shopping and what ever they do together. This morning I was out working on the Tahoe trying to figure out why my dome lights won't come on and the wife walked past me and got into her Jeep. I looked at here with the Tahoe manual in my hand and all she said was "Going to mothers" I turned to see all four dogs sitting, waiting to see what I was going to do next.


I watched the wife drive away and closed the door on the Tahoe. Fuse was good and half the things on the circuit were working but some lights were not. I just decided to walk away as the Tahoe always has had some quirky things electrical wise with it. I just figured I would let it heal itself, it has worked in the past. Headed back to the cabin leading a wagon train of dogs behind me. You would think I was in a mine field as each one was walking in the footsteps of the one in front of it. They all waited at the door as I got rags from the rag box and wiped off paws. With the last one done I handed out dog biscuits and only then did they scatter to different rooms of the cabin. I sat down at my desk, kicked my feet up and decided maybe me and the dogs needed another day to ourselves.


Now even if I am sitting at my desk I am still working. At any minute the phone could ring and who knows who could be on the other end and what problem they might have for me to solve. Matter of fact I am also charging up some AAA batteries in a new charger that I bought from Big Earl at the General Store. Since it is a new charger I think it is a smart idea that I should be close by to keep an eye on it. Then there is the seedlings in the big windows here in the den, sun is shinning and I should keep an eye on them to make sure they get rotated. Matter of fact I should water them and I will as soon as I get around to it. I have a couple of catalogs that came in the mail that I should look through and I have them close at hand. Matter of fact they are sitting right on top of the Honey Do List, a good reason why I can't find the list.


Sun is higher in the sky, just a few weeks ago I would have to lean back in my desk chair to keep my eyes out of the sunshine, now I don't have to. I was thinking about going down to the Lodge but bring all four dogs would be two to many. I did put a call in and things are running just fine. We have promoted Honey Sauce to a day supervisor which means she can now open. This allows both Gus and myself to sleep in. Vinny has also been promoted as he was needed to take the place of Honey in the evenings. He wanted a title but we really don't have one till I came up with a great idea and gave him a name tag that said Maitre D it was from a foreign exchange student who worked here one summer. Vinny things it means something as he is taking classes at the junior college in business. He is now wearing a towel on his arm and trying to get the FELLOWS to sample wine from our wine list, I didn't know we had one here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Good Friday

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A ROLLER COASTER ride is how I would describe spring so far here at Lake Iwanttobethere. A couple of days in the sixties followed by some in the forties then some rain and then some unforecasted sunshine from out of no where. The wind shifts and the temperature goes up or down twenty degrees depending on if the wind is coming off the lake or heading to it. Sunshine Ray's forecast calls for rain but the sun is out instead, he then forecasts a partly cloudy sky and instead it snows half dollar size snowflakes that cover the deck. The ground is frozen solid in some places where just a few feet away it is mud and running water. Snow is all gone till you move a tarp and find a foot of ice beneath it.


Easter on Sunday and I don't think the grand kids will find any bunny tracks that morning. Will have to work a little harder hiding the eggs outside as the bright plastic eggs the wife bought will stand out against the brown grass. She won't let me camouflage them this year as she was still finding them late last summer. Actually Duncan would just appear on the deck with a plastic egg in his mouth. I told her we should just number them it would be easier to find them after the kids are done. The family will meet up for supper at the mother in law's house, a couple of turkeys are on the menu along with a ham. One turkey will be roasted inside and the other will be deep fried outside. If the weather is decent most of the brother in laws will be outside cooking while sipping on Hamms out of sight of ma.


I'll end up inside with the knife carving the ham and the turkeys and slicing bread as the brother in laws may be a little unsteady by the time supper comes around. No doubt I will get stuck in the corner at the main table but that is OK as all the ladies will be waiting on me as I cut up the birds while them no good husbands are outside drinking beer and having a good time. Of course I know for a fact that the little glasses or coffee cups that the ladies have don't all have tea in them but might contain a few splashes of cooking sherry in them. One of the brother in laws is trying to convince ma that we should have a dinner with Saki, kind of a break with tradition. I know that Hammering Hank sold him two cases of the stuff that he got in a barter working over at the Chinese eatery and now the brother in law is trying to get rid of it.


No doubt it will be a full house, with the two latest babies Ma now has a total of 51 grand and great grand children. Add in all her kids, son in laws and daughter in-laws and you better be there early if ya want to have both ham and turkey on your plate. Of course the best part is the pies, all the sisters in laws bring a couple each and the wife brings over four or five. I will have several different kinds of apple to try and I will do my best to sample them all before the day is done. Today I need to go down to the General Store and pick out a few Easter Baskets and then over to Diggers for an Easter Lilly for the wife and one for the Mother in law. Seems the ladies always get yet another gift on Easter while the menfolk end up paying for them. Big Earl just smiles and nods his head in agreement that it is just not fair as Barb rings up the baskets and the bag of Kit Kat's that some how got added. But with Easter soon to be marked off the calendar it is clear sailing now to the fishing opener here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Meeting Time

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SOUNDS LIKE SPRING this morning as I was out on the deck with the dogs Barney and Duncan this morning. Yesterday I had moved the table to the center of the deck and brought a couple of chairs out of storage. Today I was going to bring my juice out and sit on the deck officially opening it for the season but it had rained over night and everything was wet. Just a patch of snow/ice in the yard otherwise there is nothing but brown grass to see. A couple of pigeons have found their way to the point here where I live. They make the rounds from my rooftops to Elmers and then over to Chuck's. They are not welcomed at any of their stops and I am thinking it will not be too long before Elmer gets his pellet rifle out and takes a few shots.


Actually in the past few day's things have come alive out here on the point. Wife says she saw four small bunnies the other afternoon so there must already have been a couple of rabbits busy. I did not see but heard the honking of geese yesterday afternoon and this morning I heard a couple of robins dueling it out. Ten o'clock freight rumbled by a minute late and that just added to the racket outside. Well digger was over at Chuck's this morning he is talking about putting in a new well, Have not heard the estimate yet but it is not going to be cheap. Last night in town we had the Town Hall Meeting. Not much to report on there, the minutes were read and the mayor reported that we had enough sand to make it through winter and the county reported that they are going to be spending more time with the street sweepers in town. With the low snowfall this past winter they have money in the fund for more road work.


Lodge Meeting tonight as the Lodge has been a busy place these past few days. Fishing reports from Mystery River are saying that the ice is all but gone, water is low and steelhead are biting. I have heard from the FELLOWS who set up camp on the river that they have landed a few over the twenty-six inch keeper mark. At the Lodge meeting tonight Arlo is going to have a presentation on steelhead fishing so the beer will be flowing along with the stories. Our next Town Hall meeting and Lodge meeting will not be till June and by then we will be well into summer. Tonight will also be a volunteer fire department meeting as we forgot to get the drill in this month so we are going to have one at eleven-fifty. We should be able to cover this months drill and next months at the same time then.


Sixty degree weekend did not happen and Sunshine Ray is no where to be found today. It is fifty-two here in the shade at the cabin this morning and no clouds in the sky. I don't think it will hit sixty but I do have the deck chairs out. I took a trip to the garden but it is a mess. Couple of inches of mud on the top from the melted snow and rain. I kicked at the straw over one of the raised beds and the ground is still frozen, it is after all still March for a a half a day. While the dogs wandered around the yard smelling and pawing things I did the same. Went over to the son's boat and shook his tarp some getting the water that pooled off. Had my keys on me and since I was close to the Dodge I decided to see if it would start. Put the key in and it cranked for about two seconds and started. Patted the dash and told the old truck she was a good girl. I let here run for a little while but not too long, she was burning some of that three dollar and fifty cent gas from last fall. Barney seeing that I had the Dodge running came over and I help him up into the passenger side. I rolled the window down and he sat with his head out taking in the smell of spring and thinking maybe he was going to take a ride here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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